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[OPEN] Sweet Dreams

What: the sweet dreams nightmare plot!
When: Day 246-248 (April 8-12)
Where: everywhere!
Rating: PG-13. Please take anything higher than that to the R-rated log, and mind your warnings!

[ Late at night, amidst the crackling of thunder and the flash of lightning cutting across the sky, a bit of unwieldy magic will be coming down upon the city alongside the pouring rain. It is soundless and sudden, unbidden and without warning. By all outward appearances, everything is exactly as it should be. But at its core, the inner turmoil of Asgard will be unravelling to take a firm hold on its occupants and its grasp will not be easily broken.

Sleep lightly and tread carefully; no place in heaven or Hell is quite as dangerous as one's imagination. ]

[ ooc note: more information regarding this curse can be found here. Please be sure to include your character's location(s) and [OPEN/CLOSED] in the subject line, along with any possible trigger warnings. Remember that anything higher than PG-13 should be taken to the R-rated log, and feel free to use the mod post to plot out individual threads.

As a side-note, we did opt to let canon abilities work for this event, but only inside the dreams. No canon abilities will affect anything in the "real world" in any way, shape or form. Please be respectful to your fellow players and play fairly. Let us know if you have any questions or need any help! Thanks!

Edit: To keep the main "aggregate" post from getting lost, it has been temporarily stickied this instead of the APRIL INTRO MINGLE, which is open all month! Don't forget to hit it up too! :)

Edit v2.0: Due to an unexpectedly overwhelming number of separate logs for this event flooding the comm, we have decided to set up a second one for heavier content at player request. Please move all private logs into a top-level comment here. If your logs already have a significant number of tag-ins, they're fine to stay, but we do ask that any with none or few tags move their dreams here in an effort to keep the log comm a little bit cleaner. Alternatively, if you want to take your private log into your character journals, we will accept those as well when AC comes around. Whatever works for you guys. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your cooperation in this as we stumble our way through figuring out what works for events of this nature. Thank you! ]
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The Eighth Doctor | Open | Psychological trauma and death, but no actual blood

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((Gonna go with prose for this one, because brackets throw me off in long entries. Not quite used to them yet.))

Eight found himself pacing the grounds of Sigyn House on his first night there, the excitement of the day making it difficult to lie down despite how tired -- very strangely tired -- he was. It probably wasn't a good idea either, with thunder rumbling above his head, but since when did the Doctor know the concept of "this isn't a good idea"?


A peal of thunder vibrated the air around him and he spun, blue eyes wide as he heard the wailing voice of his granddaughter calling for her son. In the blink of an eye, he found himself inside a room full of Daleks. His knees buckled and he hit the cold, metal floor with a jolt of pain.


There was another peal of thunder -- wait, no, that was a Dalek gun going off -- and he heard a boy's screams down the hallway. Alex. His great-grandson, gunned down in front of his mother's eyes.

"This didn't have to happen you know," a voice soothed in his ear as he gasped for air. It was a very familiar voice; his voice, except not quite. There was a fizz of malevolent energy behind it that could only come from one being.


A man bearing his face from before, with long, curling chestnut hair and his old green velvet and silk cravat, leaned his face in next to Eight's, blue eyes icy. "I could have made sure none of this ever happened, if you had only let me in. With the power of Anti-Time, you and I could have wiped out the Daleks with a snap of our fingers. Then your precious pets would be alive now."

" they wouldn't," Eight said, shaking his head firmly, "You would have ended their lives as well. Besides, you weren't here. Get out of my mind!"

Susan was dragged to him and he clung to his granddaughter, trying to soothe her as she wailed for her dead child into his shoulder. "Oh, Susan, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry."

"You know you want the power to make them pay, don't you, Doctor?" Zagreus grinned.

Eight was silent for a long moment, then croaked out a pained, "Yes."

As his companion Lucie's voice came over the intercom from the Dalek saucer she had commandeered, demanding to be able to see the Doctor on the screen, Eight stared over Susan's shoulder at the wickedly grinning copy of his self. I could end everything. he thought, I could make the Daleks suffer for what they've done to the people I love.

"Doctor, I know what you'll be saying," Lucie's voice echoed through the room from the intercom, "I know you'll be saying, 'Don't do it, Lucie. We can find another way.' Am I right? Am I? I bet I am...

But I think we both know...there isn't another way, is there? I'm betting you can hear me. Just nod if there's another way you can think of."

"There is another way, isn't there? Let me in, Doctor," Zagreus purred.

Eight simply stared blankly, clinging to his granddaughter, knowing what was to come.

"Just nod. Just one nod..."


"Grandfather, you can't just let her--"

Eight snapped his eyes back to Zagreus. This had to stop. He can't lose anymore. He can't lose them again.

"Help me," he whispered.

((Anyone can either be a part of it or merely a spectator. I figured I'd end it there to let people participate. Some of this is pulled directly from the story where this memory comes from, but only some. Eight is on his knees in the yard outside Sigyn House, staring at nothing.))
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Moments ago Jamie had been approaching a man who had seemed to have fallen to his knees - a man who was staring off at nothing, which was odd. And maybe he shouldn't have touched him, but there'd been something about that stare that bothered him deep down. More than it should've, really. But he'd thought if only he could snap the man out of whatever was bothering him it'd be alright, so he'd reached out, and now...

Now he was in a corridor, looking around wildly. Somewhere further down the hall came an all too familiar demand for someone not to move, an inhuman, high-pitched voice. And then, a few seconds later, the sound of Dalek guns as whoever it was was cut down, the noise of the lethal beam echoing down the hallway. There was no way of telling if they'd be coming after him next, and he wasn't about to stand around and find out.

Jamie ran, away from the noise, down the corridor and over to the next, where he spotted a door - a possible means of escape. He ducked through it, only to stop dead at what he saw. There was a man there, the one he'd seen in the courtyard, and a woman, sobbing into the man's shoulder. And Daleks. Lots of Daleks, their guns trained on the man and the woman. They hadn't spotted him yet, giving him just enough time to duck behind cover and hide. Or hide as best as he could. Only the man and the woman might be able to see him, should they happen to look in that direction.

He hoped they had some sort of plan, at any rate. Whatever was going on here wasn't good, and Jamie had no idea what was going to happen next.
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Eight stared at Jamie in utter shock. But he'd gone home a long time before this. How...? he thought to himself, then turned blazing eyes to Zagreus.

"What have you done? This wasn't how it happened."

Zagreus raised his hands, "Oh, no, Doctor. This wasn't me. You have new tormentors now. Well, I gave you a chance. Now you'll just have to watch them die all over again. With laddie buck over there being a new victim. Enjoy." And with that, Zagreus disappeared.

"YOU WILL LAND YOUR CRAFT AND SURRENDER!" the Dalek Time Controller shrieked through the intercom at Lucie above them in the saucer.

"Jamie! You can't stay here!" Eight called out to Jamie, "I don't know how or why you're here, but you have to run while they're distracted."
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From where he was hiding, Jamie saw the look of shock - but not whoever it was that the man turned and was talking to. He could hear the Dalek Time Controller, though, and he craned his head to try and see if he could get a better fix on that when the man turned back and called his name.

It was Jamie's turn to stare for a moment, because that was the second time in so many days that someone had seemed to know who he was without him having a clue who the other person had been in return. And maybe the man was right and the Daleks were distracted, but he needed to try and get some answers while he had the chance.

"Look, what's going on here? How do ye know who I am?"
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"Because you and I used to travel together. I don't know how you're here, but enough friends are going to die today, and I don't need you to be one of them."

Time seemed to drag on, the sounds becoming a bit warped and the edges of everything started bleeding together.

Eight looked around, trying to make sense of something where there was no sense. "A time loop, maybe? A trap, to drive me mad?"
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"Och, not this again. Next you'll be telling me you're the Doctor too."

Even as he said it, part of him wondered if that wasn't true. Between what's happened after he'd arrived, what that man had just said and the fact they were in some sort of place full of Daleks...well, a part of him wouldn't be surprised.

The walls looked almost as if they were softening, the edges almost melting while the sounds around them warped and buckled, and Jamie looked up uneasily, shifting away from the edges as quickly as he could. It felt as though it was taking longer than it should, and that made him uneasy as well. But if that man was the Doctor, then it'd be all right in the end. He'd come up with a plan and a way to get them out of here...if it was the Doctor.

"Well, then? Are ye?"
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"Yes, Jamie. I am the Doctor," he said, his voice tinged with weariness and grief, "for my sins."

The scene warped and buckled around them, as a dream is wont to do, and the Doctor found himself standing in the middle of a semi-circle of bodies covered in white sheets. The Daleks had disappeared, Susan had disappeared, and there was an eerie silence that filled the void that was once taken up by the shrieks of enraged monsters.

Eight looked up at Jamie, who was on the other side of the line of corpses. "You shouldn't be here. You were home. You were safe."
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Well, it made about as much sense as anything else around here. Although now that he knew about the Doctor's ability to change faces, it made it a bit easier to believe what Eight had said. So, rather than argue the point Jamie simply nodded, accepting it like he had so many other things before.

However, he wasn't quite sure where the Doctor was getting this bit about him being home and safe from, considering where they'd been the last time he'd seen the Doctor - that is to say, the last time he'd seen his Doctor.

"Och, what are ye on about, Doctor? I've not been home in years. Unless ye mean to tell me this place is Scotland, but if that's true, it's no Scotland I know."

The surroundings and the pristine sheets on the covered corpses were enough to convince him of that. He looked at them solemnly for a moment before stepping out from what had been his hiding place and moving to join the Doctor in the semi-circle, glancing around the room as he did so. Without the Daleks there, he was marginally more relaxed, and his study of the room was a slightly slower one for all he wasn't sure what else was coming just yet.

"Where are we, anyway?"
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Eight finds himself transfixed by the sight of the bodies in front of him. Four. Four people who were supposed to be directly under his protection, but were dead anyway. The first three he knew were from the nightmare vision before: Tamsin, Lucie, and his great-grandson, Alex.

The last...C'rizz. He'd died long ago, when Charley was still with him, but still, it was another person who died while he stood helpless. Poor C'rizz. He wasn't even meant to be in this universe, but he'd followed Eight and Charley anyway, convinced that there was nothing left for him at home.

And what did the Doctor do for him? Let him die so very far away from everything he knew.

Eight blinks and finally looks up at Jamie. "No, this isn't Scotland, but it's not too far off. It's still Earth -- America to be exact -- but in your future. Or, it was..." He looks around at the blank, white surroundings in confusion.

"I'm not sure where we are now. Maybe my own personal hell."
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For a moment, it had almost sounded like the The Doctor was saying his personal hell was in America, and Jamie turned a baffled look towards the Time Lord before deciding on his own that that made no sense. He shook his head, stepping up just shy of one of the corpses and looking down at them with a faint frown.

"But how did we get here? There were Daleks a moment ago, and that woman who was crying on your shoulder, and now..." He made a noise in the back of his throat. "None of this makes any sense."

Not that everything did when he was with the Doctor, but this made even less sense that usual. He lifted his head, meaning to step away and see if maybe there was some sort of way out of here, but the look on the Doctor's face stopped him.

"These know them, don't you? What happened to them?"
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"I don't know, Jamie. I just don't know."

Eight drags his eyes away from the corpses in front of him to Jamie again, looking haunted and guilt-ridden. "Yes, I know them."

He points to each body in turn as he speaks, but he leaves them covered.

"This was C'rizz. He left a whole other universe to travel with Charley and I. He was the first of this incarnation's companions to die right in front of me. I tried to shut my feelings down when he died. Move on, don't look back. Charley never forgave me for that, and left me soon after.

This was Tamsin. She was not with me long. Tamsin had high ideals that I couldn't live up to, and so she left me to travel with another Time Lord, who had convinced her that he would change the timeline for the better where I wouldn't. And for her troubles, a Dalek shot her down because she wasn't necessary to their plans anymore.

This...was Lucie. She didn't like me at first, thought me a bit of a "ponce", as she used to say. In the end, she became a dear friend, who I let down. That was her voice over the intercom, begging for reassurance that I couldn't give her. She sacrificed her life to save the Earth. I was so tempted to break every Law of Time to bring her back to life.

And this..."

He pauses and swallows.

"This was my great-grandson, Alex. The woman who was crying on my shoulder was his mother, my granddaughter, Susan. I barely knew him. He didn't even know his heritage when we first met. I suppose Susan didn't want to make things difficult for him, with Earth still reeling from the first Dalek invasion. A half-alien among people who were terrified of aliens. Alex and Lucie had become friends and were traveling around the world together when the second Dalek invasion hit. He died while helping Lucie get to the ship.

And all of them are people I should have protected."
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As the Doctor pointed at each body with a finger, Jamie's eyes moved from corpse to corpse, but he kept his hands to himself, leaving the sheets in place. The Doctor clearly didn't think it was necessary to move them, and Jamie didn't really see any reason to do otherwise - at least not right now.

He was quiet, too, although he was tempted to say something about the "ponce" comment. How Lucie'd gotten that notion, he had no idea, as the Doctor certainly didn't look like a ponce dressed the way he was. Maybe he'd been in disguise or something when she'd first met him, though, and he thought nothing more of it just then.

It wasn't until the Doctor mentioned Alex that Jamie responded more noticeably, blinking in surprise. Great-grandson? He hadn't been there for the conversation the Doctor had had with Victoria about his family, and even though she'd mentioned something later on he hadn't thought much about that, too. But now that he knew, he looked at the last body with a more solemn expression - then reached out to grip the Doctor's arm for a moment.

"Look, it's no much in the way of comfort, ye remember Alexander? Back when we first met. He'd gone out to try and draw the Redcoats off, and they'd cut him down. He was like a brother to me, like all my clansmen. And if I'd stayed, and married Kirsty, maybe...aye, well, he would've been a brother in truth."

Which was a little beside the point, perhaps, but he got back on track quickly enough. "He died so we'd have a chance to be safe. Like Lucie did. And aye, your Alex, too. If he'd not helped her get to the ship, maybe she'd not have had that chance to save everyone else. And as for Tamsin...aye, well, if she'd already left when that happened, I don't see how ye could've protected her from that. It'd be like if I'd gone home when ye told Zoe and that the Time Lords were going to send us back with the others. If I'd done that and run into a Redcoat right off, how would you've stopped it?"
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Eight was about to tell him about what happened with Tamsin and the Monk, and how the Monk had been working with the Daleks with Tamsin being his unwitting accomplice who had no idea what the Monk was doing behind the scenes, is a long story, and he is so very tired. Telling the stories of each of his dead friends, one-by-one, had been cathartic, but exhausting.

Instead, he listens quietly to Jamie, looking fondly at the dear friend he'd lost ages ago. When the young Scotsman finishes, silence fills the empty, white space as he ponders Jamie's words.

"Jamie, my did such a young man as you become so wise?"
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"Me?" Perhaps not all too surprisingly, Jamie turned a somewhat baffled expression towards the Doctor. Him, wise? He wasn't sure he saw that, and he shook his head.

"All I'm saying is that there's some things that'll happen some ways no matter how much you'd wish they'd happen otherwise. Grieve for your friends and family? Aye. They were good people, and they deserve that. But ye shouldn't doubt yourself because ye weren't able to protect them, Doctor. Besides, aren't ye the one that's always telling me time is relative?"

He'd said it often enough, after all. And Jamie still wasn't entirely sure as he understood the idea behind it, not fully - but he tried to put it into words the best he could.

"Maybe you'll not be able to see them again, but wouldn't that mean they're still out there somewhere even so?"

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It reminds her of a cave, but only because she has nothing else to compare to the inside of a bunker. And considering caves look nothing like bunkers Euri is confused as fuck. She's pretty sure she was just outside one of the god houses - Odin or Sigyn, maybe Loki - definitely not anywhere near ugly-looking metal golem-things. Fortunately, they aren't focused on her.

She flattens against a wall of the bunker, lost and staying silent for once. As she glances around to get her bearings she catches sight of the other non-golems in the room. One she recognizes after a moment, the second she... also recognizes? The woman is a mystery to her, though, and she still doesn't understand what's going on, but the conversation in front of her tells her it's nothing good.

It isn't until after the mention of the saucer, and granfather? What? That Euri works up the nerve to speak up. Her voice is a little on the squeaky side, she really wishes she had a knife or her stupid lead pipe, anything. "Doctor?"
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Dreams rarely made any sense. Events and people would blend together incongruously, scenery could change in an instant, or time could zip ahead or slow down to a crawl. They were only dreams after all.

If only Eight knew he was in a dream.

The appearance of Euri in the room full of Daleks when she not only was't there, but couldn't have been there, as he'd only met her that day, disoriented him. Time also seemed to warp, where mere moments were stretching out to several minutes. Surely the explosion should have happened by now.

He looked up at her and gaped, his words tumbling out in a jumble of confusion. "Euri, You - you have to get to safety. You can't be here. I don't understand. You shouldn't be here."
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[personal profile] occulthymns 2013-04-11 05:12 am (UTC)(link)
She isn't sure she wants to be here, especially with im acting so frantic. Staying against the wall, her eyes dart around again, searching for anything she could use as a weapon.

"Why?? What the fuck is going on here?? What are those things??" She gives the Daleks a tiny, reluctant wave, as if doing more might attract their attention despite her voice being on the verge of shrieky.
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[personal profile] beforethewar 2013-04-12 07:37 pm (UTC)(link)
"It's a Dalek, and not something you want to wave at!"

Eight reached out and snatched her wrist, and the nightmare jerked, seeming to fling them ahead...or out. Nothing was certain.

They stood in a field -- just the two of them -- watching a massive plume of smoke and flames rise from the remains of a massive metal saucer half-buried in the ground. The ground around it was ripped apart and scarred by scorch marks, looking as if the saucer had plunged straight into it without even attempting to slow down, let alone stop.

Eight looked around, confused. "I don't remember being here..."
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After being so confused Euri was more than happy to stick near Eight. At least he seemed to have a better idea of what was going on, though she really wanted to stop and ask him what the hell was a Dalek?

The change in scenery was jarring and she scooted closer, latching onto his arm. The trees and nature were wonderful, but that hideous metal thing had her on her toes in an instant. She had never seen anything like it and, frankly, it scared her a little.

"What is that thing...?"
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He pats the hand on her arm gently, trying to let her know he doesn't mind it's presence, and to give her some sort of comfort from her fear. As much as he could with a girl he barely knows, at least. She seems fairly high strung, so he doesn't want to make any movement that would make her jump out of her skin and run off.

"That," he says, nodding in the direction of the smoking hulk in the distance, "is a space ship, belonging to those creatures you encountered before. My friend...commandeered it and used it to destroy them. My fault. I should have--"

Eight pauses, swallowing down the emotion welling up inside him.

"I don't know why I'm being forced to watch this again. Maybe it's my penance. I sat there, helpless, while she gave her life. Poor Lucie. The Time Lords should have never left her in my care. Look what it did to her."
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[personal profile] occulthymns 2013-04-15 04:42 am (UTC)(link)
She hasn't seen a space ship before, but the two words together are explanation enough. It doesn't look much like a ship to her, though, more like a big ugly hunk of metal.

Just another thing she doesn't understand. At least it's something she doesn't have to focus on, she's glancing up at the Doctor, recognizing that very familiar attempt at suppressing despair.

"It... it couldn't have been your fault." He, like the other Doctor, might be over the top, but they didn't seem like bad people. "If you were helpless...."
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[personal profile] beforethewar 2013-04-16 01:01 am (UTC)(link)
"I feel like I shouldn't have been. That I should have known something was going to happen and stopped it before it got this bad."

Eight opens his mouth to say more, but decides against it, letting out a deep, weary sigh.

"Thank you, Euri."
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[personal profile] occulthymns 2013-04-16 02:43 am (UTC)(link)
She gives him a tiny smile, not sure else how she can help but wanting to regardless. "You're only one person. You're not a god. There's only so much one person can do."
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[personal profile] beforethewar 2013-04-16 06:29 am (UTC)(link)
"Not that the gods seem to be much better at it, either."

He grins slightly and, while he looks exhausted, he seems to be doing alright. Then he turns away from the wreckage and holds out his arm.

"C'mon, lets find a way out of here..."
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[personal profile] occulthymns 2013-04-18 12:44 am (UTC)(link)
Euri is more than happy to latch onto him. She doesn't feel particularly comfortable around that spaceship thing... it seemed creepy and unnatural to her. "Okay! Which way?"