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[OPEN] Sweet Dreams

What: the sweet dreams nightmare plot!
When: Day 246-248 (April 8-12)
Where: everywhere!
Rating: PG-13. Please take anything higher than that to the R-rated log, and mind your warnings!

[ Late at night, amidst the crackling of thunder and the flash of lightning cutting across the sky, a bit of unwieldy magic will be coming down upon the city alongside the pouring rain. It is soundless and sudden, unbidden and without warning. By all outward appearances, everything is exactly as it should be. But at its core, the inner turmoil of Asgard will be unravelling to take a firm hold on its occupants and its grasp will not be easily broken.

Sleep lightly and tread carefully; no place in heaven or Hell is quite as dangerous as one's imagination. ]

[ ooc note: more information regarding this curse can be found here. Please be sure to include your character's location(s) and [OPEN/CLOSED] in the subject line, along with any possible trigger warnings. Remember that anything higher than PG-13 should be taken to the R-rated log, and feel free to use the mod post to plot out individual threads.

As a side-note, we did opt to let canon abilities work for this event, but only inside the dreams. No canon abilities will affect anything in the "real world" in any way, shape or form. Please be respectful to your fellow players and play fairly. Let us know if you have any questions or need any help! Thanks!

Edit: To keep the main "aggregate" post from getting lost, it has been temporarily stickied this instead of the APRIL INTRO MINGLE, which is open all month! Don't forget to hit it up too! :)

Edit v2.0: Due to an unexpectedly overwhelming number of separate logs for this event flooding the comm, we have decided to set up a second one for heavier content at player request. Please move all private logs into a top-level comment here. If your logs already have a significant number of tag-ins, they're fine to stay, but we do ask that any with none or few tags move their dreams here in an effort to keep the log comm a little bit cleaner. Alternatively, if you want to take your private log into your character journals, we will accept those as well when AC comes around. Whatever works for you guys. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your cooperation in this as we stumble our way through figuring out what works for events of this nature. Thank you! ]
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ota | anywhere | cw: reality collapse, genocide

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[She sleeps and dreams of dark and storms, wakes without truly waking, wandering in a daze throughout the city, yet always returning to rest every hour on the dot. And these dark dreams or mares, full of shivering cold and emptiness, of burning light so bright it hurts the eyes, pours into them and makes her turn away.

Be it a dreamer, a watcher or a guest, it doesn't matter. Time passes like a trickle, over and over, pulsing and repeating in the corner of your eyes, never quite there when you turn to look.

In one dream, she's young again. Youth in her face, in her eyes, her clothing- this is not the Rose Tyler of Asgard that people have met. She's a child, despite the protest that may come with teenage years. A child wielding something dangerous. Forcing her way into a beautiful machine that shouldn't be opened, not like this. Tearing open and then everything burns, bursts into light, brighter and brighter, hotter and hotter...

It's frightening, terrifying. A child pulling out a soul, swallowing it whole and turning herself into a god. A god that stares at you, tears streaming down her face despite the unchanged expression. Eyes that burn into your very being, seeing every crevice of your insides, your life, your story, your pastpresentfuture. The terror that plagues the dream, the atmosphere, every atom and cell of this world- it spreads across, through and past you, burning with rage and a vicious protectiveness. A world before you, of hatehatehate, death and ruin. And with one word, one sway of a hand, and they turn to dust. Dust to atoms, and atoms to nothing... Destroyed. An entire race, obliterated and erased from existence in this very instant.

Death and life and pain, so much pain, building and building, no longer something anyone can ignore. So bright it burns the pages of this dream, curls the paper at the edges inward, brings further tears to her eyes. Death is near.

And later, a second dream. One of those same creatures of hate and metal, glowing blue eye and anger so vile it tastes like acid in the air. But they're not the focus this time.

This time it's a night sky, storming on the peripherals, yet clear as crystal in the immediate vision. Stars that fill the inky blackness beyond imagine. ... And all of them, one by one, beginning to blink out. The darkness comes quicker, fading out, suffocating the light from the world, so unlike the burning brightness of nightmares past. So dark, so thick, it seems to push down your throat, crawl into your pores and scrape you away from existence.

Or so it feels.

Reality is leaving. Turning to dust, to atoms, to nothing. Time is running out. The walls of the worlds collapsing, leaving gaps, bridges, cracked beams where one could walk across. But there's no telling where you may end up. The desperation grows, and Rose is there again, as she was when she first arrived in Asgard. But there's a lingering sadness in her eyes. Something dark and cold that wasn't there in the waking world. She searched for something. Yearned for something so out of reach it caused physical pain.

But who had ever turned down walking through broken glass to find the one they searched for. The one they yearned for.

She turns to the intruder as she stands in the darkness, no ground, no surroundings, no light. Just her, and you.]

I'm sorry.
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Re: ota | anywhere | cw: reality collapse, genocide

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[Eight has been little more than an observer for most of the time, looking oddly calm, despite the shrieking of Daleks around him and the stars beginning to wink out like snuffed candles. These things just happened in his life. Nothing was certain in life except death, taxes...and Daleks.

He stares at the woman that seems to be at the center of everything and slowly approaches her, uncertain if she's even real. When she turns, he hesitates, startled briefly by her addressing him.]

Sorry? What could you possibly be sorry for? You're never responsible for what the Daleks do. They exist to destroy. Trust me, I know.
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[In dreams, it's somehow easier to tell who a person is. Or maybe it's the lingering cells of the Bad Wolf that she sometimes liked to imagine she had, hinting to her subconscious mind of who this person might be.

Or perhaps it was just an assumption, a guess. Whatever the case, she seems to both relax, and draw into herself all the more. It was him, and yet it wasn't. So her expression is tight, restricted, as she shakes her head.]

Not for them. But I did things- stuff I shouldn't've. Travel between worlds is impossible.

[The last line is said like a quote, a smirk finding her lips, despite the lack of amusement.]
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[He regards her for a moment, looking as if he finds it completely out of the question.]

You don't have the look of someone who do anything horrible without a very good reason.

[Eight then gives her a gentle smile and tries to make himself someone worth confiding in.]

I have a feeling you're going to demand that I "just don't understand", so...make me understand.
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[He won't have to try too hard, really. She'll confide in him, no matter what face he has. Dreams are where she can express herself. Nightmares are where she turns to him to keep her safe. Nightmares are where Doctor means protection. Reality... well. Reality was a different story.]

Oh, I had a great reason.

[The darkness is creeping in again, waving at the edges of the image, of her and him, as if watching ink soak into parchment paper.]

It's kind of your fault, too, though. First time I mucked up, you let me do it. Second time, you were the one in trouble. Third time... Well, you weren't doin' it. Suppose someone had to, or you'd be caught off guard.


[Accusing as her tone is, it's not mean. Even if her voice is wavering from things that aren't emotion. It's the reality of it. As if she's fading in an out. Like a ghost on a beach.

The Daleks are there again. Bleeding out of the Darkness, out of their ships, their Crucible. Protected from the Reality Bomb, from the destruction of worlds. Rose's hand reaches out just slightly, index finger extended to brush against an unseen barrier, the touch bursting and shimmering up around her, showing the casing. He'd find the same sort of imprisonment around himself if he tried.]

Kind of don't really care anymore, though. What I do, or what happens. Killed 'em off once. Guess I could do it again if I really wanted.

[No she couldn't. She's just being ... something.]
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[Eight eyes the Daleks and the encroaching darkness with a frown, trying to step closer to the woman protectively. He's had just about enough of watching people get hurt as he watched. His frown deepens as he finds his way to her barred.

After a moment, he looks back up at her.]

My fault. Yes, I bet it is.

[He doesn't bother to question that. His time line is all a muddle as it is. For all he knew he does it after he finds his way out of Asgard.

When she mentions destroying them -- which he assumes she means the Daleks -- he doesn't balk at the idea. Who was he to criticize her intent when he had so recently wished he hadn't stayed his hands when Davros created them?]

So, if this is partly my fault anyway -- and something to do with the Daleks tends to be my fault -- why are you apologizing to me? Especially if it's something you had to do?

[As if he just remembered that he was being incredibly rude.]

What is your name, by the way?
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[His lack of rebuttal at her accusation brings a grin to her lips, however brief. The need to shine light onto it however, is much greater than she'd initially planned for.]

Your fault for bein' stupid. Word'f advice? Stop makin' decisions for other people. Cause I'll smack you if y'do it again.

[There's a point to him, through the growing wave of metal enemies. She doesn't seem to care that they're there yet. Or if she does, she's ignoring it very, very well. Bravado in the face of danger. Wonder where she learned that from?]

S'not the Daleks I'm sorry for or anythin'. They can stay dead for all I care.

[Now she looks a little frightened. She looks a little younger, full of mistakes and paradoxical mishaps, of accusation and stabs to sore spots, wounding just because she could. A child about to be scolded, rising fear gripping and cloying at her skin.]

... Rose. [She knows he won't recognize it.]

I'm sorry, cause .. I killed you.
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Let you make your own decisions. [A nod.] Yes, ma'am.

[Eight regards her for a long moment, blue eyes somber, then shakes his head.]

How did you kill me, and why?
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[She always did like the blue eyes. Missed them, just as much as she loved them brown.

At his question, the Daleks fade once more, the memories of the previous dream washing across the emptiness. Light bleeds and bursts into the darkness, sapping it's cold and filling it with heat. Heat enough to make one swelter.]

Left you know choice, I s'pose. Between the two of us, I think you can guess who you'd rather 'let' die.

[She wasn't talking herself important, though the thought was there. She knew what he was like, how he behaved. His life, for a stupid little ape.]
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[He tries to ignore the heat. Being the Doctor, he normally has a high tolerance for extremes of temperature. However, he's not quite sure that's the case here. It is awfully hot.]

Yes, of course I do. Why would you ever think that was your fault, Rose? How could I stand there and watch you die?

You deserve life. I have lives to give...[He grins and shrugs a bit self-effacingly.] For the right cause, of course.
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omg lamest tag ever sob

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Never said you were blaming me.

[It's just her. Doing the blaming, that is.]

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[Eight reaches a hand out to test a theory and, sure enough, the force field is gone. He steps towards Rose and gives her a long, steady look.]

If I don't blame you, why should you?
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