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[OPEN] Sweet Dreams ( R-rated )

What: the sweet dreams nightmare plot!
When: Day 246-248 (April 8-12)
Where: everywhere!
Rating: R. Please be mindful of others and label your threads with any trigger warnings in the top-level comment! Do avoid this log if you are not looking for R-rated dream material. The PG-13 and below log is over here.

[ Late at night, amidst the crackling of thunder and the flash of lightning cutting across the sky, a bit of unwieldy magic will be coming down upon the city alongside the pouring rain. It is soundless and sudden, unbidden and without warning. By all outward appearances, everything is exactly as it should be. But at its core, the inner turmoil of Asgard will be unravelling to take a firm hold on its occupants and its grasp will not be easily broken.

Sleep lightly and tread carefully; no place in heaven or Hell is quite as dangerous as one's imagination. ]

[ ooc note: Due to an unexpectedly overwhelming number of separate logs for this event flooding the comm, we have decided to set up a second one for heavier content at player request. Please move all private logs into a top-level comment here. If your logs already have a significant number of tag-ins, they're fine to stay, but we do ask that any with none or few tags move their dreams here in an effort to keep the log comm a little bit cleaner. Alternatively, if you want to take your private log into your character journals, we will accept those as well when AC comes around. Whatever works for you guys. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your cooperation in this as we stumble our way through figuring out what works for events of this nature. Thank you!

More information regarding this curse can be found here. Please be sure to include your character's location(s) and [OPEN/CLOSED] in the subject line, along with any possible trigger warnings. Feel free to use the mod post to plot out individual threads. The PG-13 and below log is over here.

As a side-note, we did opt to let canon abilities work for this event, but only inside the dreams. No canon abilities will affect anything in the "real world" in any way, shape or form. Please be respectful to your fellow players and play fairly. Let us know if you have any questions or need any help! Thanks! ]
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Eight is slowly acclimatizing himself to Asgard, taking little strolls when he can to learn how to navigate the area without needing to consult the map. It was on one of those strolls when he passes by Eleven on a bench, slumped in what looked like a slightly uncomfortable position with his chin stabbing likely painfully (with that chin at least) into his chest.

With a chuckle, the Doctor settles down next to his future self. "This human need for sleep catches up with you, doesn't it?" he asks, lightly shaking Eleven's shoulder to wake him up.

At least, that was the intention.

Instead, he finds himself feeling the full effects of events not yet experienced crush down on him. It's hard to breath, hard to think, hard to feel anything but horror. Nothing is blunted in a dreamlike haze. It is all too real, too now, and Eight can do nothing but be dragged along in the nightmare's wake like the rushing waters of a tsunami.

His own mind seems to try to flee, but he's dragged further down into Hell, the movements of his dream self going on and on and on despite how much he tried to scream, "NO!"

...and then, the scream bursts from his mouth as he falls back into his waking self.

Eight snatches his hand away like mere contact with Eleven burns him. Tears shimmer on his blue eyes and then make trails down his cheeks. He scrambles off the bench and stands, panting heavily, his hands balled into fists at his side, just...staring at Eleven.
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Eight was never supposed to find out, that was what he and the TARDIS wordlessly decided. Because it hasn't happened to him yet, so he should be allowed to live without it, without knowing that. It's the least they can do.

But, of course, Asgard wouldn't want to have that. Eleven should have expected it, really should have. But he still hoped he would get to keep it to himself, of course he did. Hoped with all his hearts even if he only has one right now. It's the thought that counts, and all.

Eight isn't alone in crying. It's slow, not like rivers down his cheeks but one tear at a time, but Eleven is most definitely crying. He's done that a lot lately, and it's making him incredibly tired, which makes it even harder to stay away which makes him cry more-- It's a vicious circle and he wonders when it will ever end. It seems to get worse every time.

And now Eight is looking at him as if demanding an answer, and all Eleven can think is that he has to try to repair it. Has to... The Doctor lies.

He takes a deep breath, shakes his head, attempts a smile. "It was just a dream."
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Eight takes several deep breaths, trying desperately to stop trembling. The image of Gallifrey engulfed and destroyed still left a lump of cold ice between his hearts.

Just a dream. He finds this very hard to believe, and yet even the Doctor is susceptible to taking the less emotionally damaging route. He was always okay, right? Yes, just a dream.

And yet...

He stares at Eleven for a while, studying his face, trying to find some clue that it being just a dream was the truth. One could only fool themselves for so long before the truth slapped them in the face and was made ten times worse for it.

"Is this true? Just a dream? I'm not one of the humans we travel with, you know. Tell me. Is this true?"
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Eight can't know. Eleven doesn't want to break himself, as much as he sometimes hates himself. The less Eight knows of the future, of the Time War and the Moment and the crushing loneliness that's worse than they've ever felt before, the better. He doesn't want to tell him, as much as he can talk about it, mention it in passing. Since it's been so long.

But not to Eight, not to the man who does it. How could he?

He needs to make Eight believe it somehow, and he supposes dreams almost always have some semblance of truth. So. He swallows, shakes his head.

"The Time War. Hell. Both sides are getting desperate."

Read; destroying Gallifrey and everyone is what he fears will have to happen. Believe that much, Eight, please.
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Time War. That phrase sends more ice shivering through his veins. The term had been used for some terrible wars in the past, (hence why the Time War that he doesn't know about yet is called the Last Great Time War) and the implications of such a hell makes him drop back down onto the bench with a thump.

He'd swear by Rassilon at that point, but he met the bastard and had been tortured and manipulated by him. That part of Gallifreyan vocabulary was lost to him.

Instead, he simply sighs heavily and says, "And, of course, you'd do it. If you had to."

Believing Eleven: the path of least resistance, emotionally speaking. It was definitely the way he wants to go...for now.
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With that, there's the slightest relaxation to his shoulders, the slightest relief in the breath he carefully inhales and exhales. It's risky, really, could give it all away but he can't quite stop it, and he's not sure that Eight will actually latch onto it because... Why would he want to believe this really is true?

"Of course we would."

Ten technically did it all over, so they would. They'd do it as many time that was necessary, just for the sake of the universe.
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He runs his hands over his face and takes a deep, heavy breath, the images of the nightmare still playing in his mind. Could he, really? Of course he could, if things were bad enough. Certainly it could never be bad enough to warrant such a thing. So why did Eleven fear it?

"It's interesting," he finally says, dropping his hands into his lap, "How much I try to avoid Gallifrey and the Time Lords at all costs, but the sight of watching Gallifrey become just a fireball..."

Words fail him, like they rarely do. How does one describe the feeling of watching the place where you were born, where your children were born and where your granddaughter was born become nothing but a cinder?
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Before he can think that maybe it sounds as if he knows all too well what it's like to live without Gallifrey, he says:

"Because it's still there. We can still return it, if we would by some miracle want to."

He only really misses it, after all, when he can't choose to go there. Like in the very beginning, when the TARDIS was broken, and now... Now that it's gone and nothing's left in its place. Just emptiness.
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The Doctor lies, and nobody does it better than Eleven. Except maybe Seven, but that's besides the point. The point is, Eleven's good at lying, and Eight has enough raw, fresh wounds to help him just believe the lies.

And yet...

"What brought this on, anyway? Surely this isn't a nightmare you have all the time."
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"It's the gods," the Doctor says, and that's something he actually does believe. "Or some other force. But it's not me; I wouldn't just fall asleep in the middle of the street like this."

He at least has that. Had it been relying on him, he would have refused to sleep until he couldn't and had to crawl into bed. Because Eight's appearance ensured he'd get dreams at least a little like this. But Asgard is most certainly making it worse than it would be otherwise.
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"The gods?" This surprises him, obviously. "I wouldn't think they'd want to get us trapped in our own nightmares if they want us to help in their war."

He believes Eleven on this, but it does baffle him somewhat. Gods are strange creatures.
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"There's not really a battle going on right now, and I have a feeling both sides are still regrouping. There's room. This probably helps the greyness."

With all the emotions in the air.

"Not that they make much sense. Best get used to it."

It's incredibly frustrating.