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This Seems Familiar

Who: The Doctor (Eight) ([personal profile] beforethewar ) and Jamie McCrimmon ([personal profile] bonnypiperlad ), with the option of others threadjacking later on to laugh if they so choose.
What: Jamie has found his safety blanket, who happens to be trying to do research.
When: Day 260
Where: The Great Library
Rating: G I suppose, unless people are scandalized by clingy Scots and reading.

Eight is doing something he rarely has to do before going out on an adventure: research.

Of course, he isn't quite getting as far as making plans -- because when does he ever? -- but he does want to find out everything he can to at least find some sort of clue as to where to go to look for the wayward goddess, Freya. He isn't at all sure he'll get any useful information from the messy piles of books around him, but at least he'll enjoy himself while he does it.

He flips hurriedly through one from one pile, tsks and tosses it aside. Nothing useful at all. Nor has the next, or the next.

Now if only he'd remembered to pick up some tea from somewhere. This is going to be a long day.
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The feeling of something being missing had been bad enough to put Jamie out of sorts yesterday, leaving him cranky and grumpy - even moreso after Thor's post to the network. Today...well, it quickly proves to be unbearable, and it's not long before it drives him out and into the streets of the city trying to track down the one thing that would make everything right again.

By the time he tracks the Doctor, he's decidedly anxious, even with his discomfort lessening a bit the closer he gets to the library. So when he finally finds the Time Lord surrounded by stacks of books, he can't quite keep a slightly petulant sounding edge out of his tone when he calls over.

"There ye are. I've been looking all over for ye, ye know."

He crosses the room quickly, ignoring any niceties like personal space to lean over the Doctor's shoulder, placing one of his hands on the Doctor's back so he can steady himself while he looks down at the book on the table. Not that's unusual for him, but the wave of relief at being that close is enough that he relaxes quite visibly as well, actually physically reflecting what he's feeling.

"What are ye doing, anyway?"
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"Och, those things. Couldn't figure out how to send ye a message on it without sending it to everyone, too."

His complaining is normal-sounding enough, and the expression is one of those vaguely cranky-looking ones he likes to pull on a regular basis, but he doesn't move very far at all, apparently unwilling to step away from the Doctor's side.

"Look, I'm fine. The last thing I need, though, is Thor sticking his nose into my business again, even if I am in his house."

He'd had more than his fill of that with the conversation they'd had as it was, and his mouth tugged off to one side just a bit more thinking about it. But after a moment, he shook his head and turned his attention back towards the book, nodding at it a bit.

"So where are thinking she might be, anyway?"
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"Aye, well, Doctor, he..." Jamie tries to interject, intending on telling him about the message on the network. But the Doctor's already going on about not wanting to know, and he snaps his mouth shut again with a faint grimace.

Finally he does seem willing to move - stepping away far enough to grab a nearby chair and pull it over. But even then he pulls it much closer than he needs to, nestling it right up against the Doctor's so he can sit as close as he absolutely can without actually climbing into the Time Lord's lap. Although for a second or two there's a speculative look that crosses the young Scot's face, as if he's considering doing just that. In the end, however, he contents himself with leaning to the side a bit so he can nestle up that way instead.

"The 'Land of the Dead'? I don't know, Doctor. That sounds awfully dangerous to me. I think it'll need to be more than just the two of ye going if you're planning on looking there."
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Once he's settled, there's not another look sent in that direction. Apparently draping himself over the Doctor's side is good enough instead - and he proceeds to lean forward over the Doctor's arm so he can get a better look at the book on the table. At the mention of Odin, however, his head pops up, his eyebrows disappearing into the vicinity of his bangs over that little remark.

Well, if that's the case, Jamie's not at all surprised that there's plans to go off right into the thick of trouble now. And he snorts at that sly grin, because they both know the answer to that one.

"It hasn't."

But it does mean that the Doctor is planning on leaving, and the thought of that is something Jamie doesn't like, not at all - even more so than usual. He can feel a knot forming in his stomach at the thought, an anxious sort of feeling that doesn't go away even when he swallows to try and chase the sensation off. And while he's able to force it away to a certain extent, there's still something off when he replies like he's done so many times before.

"Well, then, you'll need me to look after ye."
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Normally Jamie would protest being told to stay back anyway, already determined to go along. Today, however, his usual reaction is changed somewhat, the idea of not going enough to trigger a large amount of distress on his end.

"No!" he replies, more sharply than he'd intended. His hand shoots out, latching onto the Doctor's arm and gripping it in a way that matches the clearly anxious look on his face. Given the way he's holding on, he's also not about to let go anytime soon, not without a bit of assistance.

"No, ye can't leave me back here, Doctor. Ye shouldn't go there by yourself."
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"I'm not rattled," he retorts. "I..."

He breaks off, an unhappy expression settling onto his face. It's not normal, he knows that, but he's not sure how to go and put it into words. If the Doctor had listened to him when he was talking about Thor earlier, maybe he'd understand. Without that, how is he supposed to explain? But he knows he has to try, all the same.

"Look, I tried to tell ye earlier. It's something to do with the gods. They did something, and now I'm like this. Along with a whole lot of other people."
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"Aye, well, he said it was about stirring the pot."

Which is likely a good reason why Jamie's unhappy expression deepens, although it turns a bit away from upset and more towards vaguely irritated at the notion. However, it wasn't the only thing he'd said, and he reckons he should add in the other part as well. Something about it had struck him as important even through the annoyance he'd been feeling at the time, and if anyone could figure out why, it was the Doctor.

"He'd also said they were trying to bring the city back from the brink of death. Maybe we're not doing things fast enough for their liking for some reason."
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"Aye, well. I'm given to understand it'll stop eventually. Look, though. Could ye at least not go running off to the land of the dead without me in the meantime?"

Dropping his head down down to stare at the table, he doesn't say anything else for a long moment - and there's a certain reluctance in his voice when he speaks up again. He knows as well as the Doctor does the power he's given isn't likely going to help. Time will, more than likely, but until then he doesn't think he can leave. And as much as he doesn't want to admit it, the Doctor needs to know why.

"It's...being away from ye right now is something I don't think I can do. Before I found ye here it was like I'd felt this urge. Like I couldn't bear to be apart from ye, and I had to find ye. And the further away I was, the worse it was. If ye go there and I don't I'm not so sure what'll happen."
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While Jamie still doesn't look happy over the fact that he's being forced into this situation, having the Doctor there and having him understand more over what's going on helps - as does that arm wrapped around him. Slowly, the more anxious lines in his face smooth out, leaving him with a more or less normal expression.

It takes him longer to even want to pull away from the embrace, but once the Doctor squeezes his shoulders, he reaches up and places his hand over the Doctor's, letting it rest there for a moment in a gesture that's as grateful as any words he could say. It still doesn't stop him from saying them all the same.

"Aye. Thank ye, Doctor."

After that, he seems more settled, and even is able to move to sit more normally - although he doesn't go far, either unable or unwilling to do so while he's caught up by this. It might make things tricky later on when things like the need for food or sleep come up. But for now...for now, he's a little better. Enough that he can do some other things, at any rate.

"Suppose as long as you're stuck with me, though, I might as well see what I can do to help. What do ye want me to look for?"
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Perhaps the Doctor was more mature, wiser to the ways of humans. But then again, it wouldn't make much difference when it comes to the particular tactile human that was Jamie, who'd never been afraid to latch onto the Doctor given the slightest provocation anyway. Chances were the Scot would've wound up clinging on sooner rather than later anyway, whether or not the Doctor particularly wanted him to. That was just how it went with him.

Well, that and his tendency to ask many many questions. Even with the curse, it seems there's no exception to that either. While he does reach for one of the other books and flips it open, he can't help but glance back at the Doctor with one of those vaguely puzzled looks on his face.

"Why would knowing if she had a childhood or where it was spent help us with going to find her, anyway?"
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"Aye, maybe so."

He's not entirely convinced, but the more he thinks about it, the more sense it makes - at least with the second part of things. If they can figure out some places she'd not care for from the books, it'll narrow down their options, and maybe mean a better chance of them finding her in the end.

He falls quiet for a bit, the only sound from him the turning of pages as he gamely tries to make his way through the parts he's been told are irrelevant. Reading isn't exactly his strong suit, however, and he quickly finds his attention wandering off back to what the Doctor'd said earlier.

"Hey, Doctor? What are we going to do if we find her, anyway? I mean, if she's upset enough by Freyr dying that she sent nightmares before, what's to stop her from doing something to us when we go to talk to her?"
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That isn't the most promising of replies, and there's a brief grimace at the thought of what might happen - but he knows the Doctor's right. There really isn't too much they can do other than talk to her and hope for the best.

He could understand losing family, too. Jamie had done the same at Culloden, had seen people he cared for cut down by cannon fire and musket and blade. Not someone as close as a twin, no, but he could at least realize how terrible a loss like that could be. And when he spoke, a certain quiet sympathy came into his voice - but there was a touch of determination behind it as well.

"Aye. There has to be some way we can help her, though, Doctor."
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"Hope she's willing, then."

But the Doctor was right. For now, at least, they'd done as much research as they could, and he could tell the Doctor was tired. One one level he knew it was bound to happen sooner or later - but he hadn't thought what would actually happen at that point.

The thought of going back to his room didn't make him feel quite as anxious as the thought the Doctor going to another land had earlier, but there was some anxiety there all the same, and it showed on his face as clearly as it had before, even though he didn't clutch on like he had earlier.

"I-I don't know, Doctor. I'm not so sure this curse'll let me stay away for long."
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It's almost an automatic reaction, that protesting, and the Doctor telling him not to doesn't quite manage to stop him from doing so. However, he's tired - even more so than he's been letting on. Because of the curse, he's gotten very little sleep yesterday and none today. And now that he's close enough to the Doctor the worst of what's been driving him has worn off, he's finding the anxious energy that was there is now rapidly draining away. Maybe it'd be best to just get to the Doctor's place and worry about things like beds and floors once he's there. Or even a comfortable chair, because that was starting to seem appealing, too. And getting out of the one he's in is probably for the best, so he nods and does just that.

"Aye, alright then. I'll not argue. Let's go, then."