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[OPEN] I've walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a madman

Who: The Doctor, his house/castmates and YOU.
What: A curse! Eleven's going through all his previous incarnation's personalities. Confusion and shenanigans commence.
When: Day 263 to day 272.
Where: Anywhere!
Rating: PG?

((OOC: Subthreads down beloooow up until the sixth incarnation for now. I'll add more as some time passes! During seventh, eighth and ninth incarnation he'll spend most of the time in Utgard, but I'll make subthreads anyway.

This log can be used for interactions between other characters if it still has to do with this curse! Like someone bothering to ask Eight or the TARDIS or someone about what the hell is going on. Things like that.

You can make up scenarios of your own for me to tag into and I'll do my very best to do so, and if I absolutely can't I'll contact you! But I'll try to make a general open thread that people can tag into as they wish, too. c: If you want to actually discuss things with me, you can contact me at thetossedone on AIM or at [ profile] Tossino.))
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[Eight was leaving the library after a day of extensive research on these gods of Asgard -- which of course, led him quite off the path several times as he found other interesting things to read about -- when something caught his eye down the street.


Something he probably should have burned ages ago.

He speeds up his pace to catch up with Eleven, looking him up and down with something akin to horror.]

Why in Kasterborous are you wearing that thing, Doctor?
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[Yes, people always have to go on about that coat, because it's one of his more embarrassing moments in his lives.]

Doctor, a blind man would tell you that thing is hideous. I think I was having a bit of a midlife crisis at that point.

And I thought you were the tweed and bow tie sort. What brought this disaster on?

[You are ruining his (completely fictional) reputation for sartorial elegance, Eleven!]
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[That makes Eight take a step back in surprise. What in the world is going on?]

Doctor, wait!

[He trots up to Eleven's side as he's walking away, giving him an extremely concerned look.]

You love tweed.

Something's not right. You know who I am, right?
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[Eight looks at Eleven like he just slapped him. Ponce. Lucie used to call him that. He hated when she did, but now that she's dead...well, he isn't quite sure how it makes him feel.]

So you do know me. Fine. So why have you forgotten who you are? Why are you acting like a younger us?
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[And there goes Eight into dark mode.

His eyes narrow at the older, but younger-looking Doctor. Something was wrong, but why does HE have to fix it? The other him was the Doctor as well. Let him get out of his own problems.]

Very well, then. Go find a mirror, look at yourself, and try to explain away why your face doesn't match the coat or the insufferably arrogant attitude!

[He jams his hands into the pockets of his jacket and stalks off, shoulders set and tense.]
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[Eight stops, takes a deep breath and counts to ten. He doesn't speak until he's absolutely sure he can be cool, calm and collected.

Then, he turns to face Eleven again.]

I mean...there is something wrong going on with you. Maybe the gods are playing another of their insufferable tricks again, but you have the body of our Eleventh incarnation, but you have the dress and manner of our Sixth.

There has to be a reason. So either you're having a laugh at my expense, or the gods are having one at ours.

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[Wandering always seemed to be the state of the day, and Martha was getting rather good at it. The city was becoming far more familiar than it had been, and it was grounding to have familiar steps below her feet, even if they brought unfamiliar sights.

Like the Doctor wearing a coat that would be not out of place in a casting of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.

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[Despite being a rather rubbish liar, Martha just shakes her head quickly at the question.]

Just didn't expect you to be so fond of something so colorful.

[And then there's a hasty addition:]

Not that it's bad, it's just different.
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It's certainly different. And will attract attention.

[A beat.]

Are you looking to attract some?
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[That makes her laugh.]

I suppose you never did.
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It'll get people to notice you, that's for sure.
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It's a bit odd. Good to see familiar faces. Interesting to me different versions of you after reading about them.

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Oh--oh. my god.

[ Just coming in from work, buddy. Couldn't help but notice your coat. Really, who could miss it? You're practically a beacon right now, Doctor. ]

I--really? Are you really wearing that right now?