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[OPEN] House Contest: Plates and Palates!

Who: Everyone!
What: House Contest: A cooking competition!
When: Days 264 and 265
Where: The kitchens of the Welcome Halls
Rating: PG-13 tops! If anything goes over that, move to a private log please!

On the morning of Day 264, Travelers of Asgard will notice some changes made to each of the Gods' Welcome Halls.. Placards have appeared in all nine kitchens inviting them to another cooking competition! Only this time, rather than cupcakes, the gods want to see the finest entrees the realms have to offer. This can be virtually anything, from a simple pasta dish to a complicated foie gras, so long as it's handmade! Those that have moved out of the Welcome Halls are also invited to compete and groups are more than welcome to work together, but the rules state that Travelers may only work on dishes in their own God House.

As with previous cooking-related events the Gods have hosted, each kitchens will be set up with one of those handy magical tables: If a Traveler approaches it with an ingredient in mind (anything at all, even if said ingredient does not usually belong in a recipe!) the item will immediately appear on the table!

Once a dish is complete, contestants are instructed to place it at their patron's alter. The competition ends on the evening of Day 265, after which the Gods themselves will be tasting each dish firsthand!

[OOC: This is the catch-all log for those who wish to enter the House contest. Separate threads can be found for each Welcome Hall, with a separate thread for submitting the finished dishes! Winners will be announced over the Network on Day 266.]
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[Daphne loves to cook.

She doesn't live in the Sigyn house, but when she discovers that there is a cooking contest, she immediately latches onto it. And so she is in the kitchen, humming as she chops up vegetables.

She is going to make the best fucking chicken pot pie you have ever put in your mouth.

-- also, a pie for dessert.

You can't have dinner without dessert, after all.]
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[There's someone behind the stack of flour bags that is floating into the room, honest!

Finally the pile gets dumped onto one of the counters in the kitchen, revealing Eight, who is already quite a sight, with a light coating of flour all over him.]

Oh! Hello. Ready for cooking, I see. I think Merlin is around somewhere to help as well.

[He shakes as much flour dust off himself before extending a hand.]

I don't believe we've met, yet. I'm the Doctor...well, one of the Doctors. Despite my look, I'm younger than the other two.
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eight <3

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[Daphne immediately brightens at the mention of Merlin -- and despite the flour, Daphne shakes his hand.

With some confusion.]

I've met... a Doctor, but I don't think I've met you. I've met the -- he has a bowtie?

[This should explain everything.]

I didn't know there was more than one.
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[Eight smiles pleasantly and nods.]

Yes, that would be Eleven. From what I've heard, there's three and a half of us now. I haven't met Nine yet, but I know of Eleven and Theta.

So far, there are Eleven of us, but...most of us are not here.

[He glanced around at the ingredients.]

What have you got planned?
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[Eleven of them?

She's not entirely sure how that's possible, but her husband is an angel, so she supposes anything is possible.]

I'm making pies.
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Oh. [Ignore Eight, he's being pretentious. Pies are just as viable as whatever ridiculously complicated French dish he had in mind.

Pies are also less likely to have him accidentally destroy the house kitchen. Stick with pies.]

Right! Well...ah, do you need anything?
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[Merlin finds the Sigyn table, hesitation just a second before he joins them, sending a shy look at Daphne as he does.]

Think we should make a few items in case one doesn't turn out the way we want? Each of us can choose one. [He plays with his sleeve, looking down at the stove.] I could make...stew.

(ooc: Going to say that Merlin's already moved in with Daphne and Cas at this point, btw!)
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[Eight's eyes light up and several very fancy French recipes start warring for attention in his mind.]

Hm, I could try my hand at a croquembouche recipe I learned from Marie-Antoine Carême himself...

[Pretentious and namedropping now.]

And if we all help each other, it should go fairly quickly!

[Famous last words.]
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[Euri isn't one for trying to impress the gods, not when she's been repeatedly disappointed and frustrated by them. But that doesn't mean she can drop in on one of her friends on her way back from work!

She's humming absently as she enters Sigyn house, sparing only a brief glance at the kitchen to see if there are any suckers actually cooking. She doesn't actually expect to see one of the Doctors there, so when she sees Eight she freezes.]

What the fuck?
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Hm? Oh, Euri! Hello!

[He brightens again at another friendly face.]

Care to join us for a spot of fine cooking?
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[She wanders warily into the kitchen, unsure.]

Are you really doing that contest?
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[personal profile] beforethewar 2013-05-18 04:37 am (UTC)(link)
I don't see why not. Cooking can be a quite enjoyable pastime.

I take it you're not participating?
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No way. I'm not supporting the gods.

[But now she's curious.]

.... What are you making?
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[He shrugs one shoulder.] I see it more like entertaining myself than supporting them, really. Besides, I like to encourage their endeavors to invite us to participate in certain activities, instead of just getting into our heads and forcing us to do it.

Positive reinforcement works! Not sure it works on deities, but it works. It certainly works on most humans...

[Rambling again, Doctor.

Eight finally motions over to Daphne's preparations.]

I believe she's making...a lot of pie. And I think Merlin and I will help, since it wouldn't be fair to crowd her out by making a competing dish.
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[At least she knows what pie is, though she's raising her eyebrows at his train of logic.]

Why not just cook for yourself then? You wouldn't be supporting the gods or competing with a housemate, and you'd get to eat whatever you made.
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I'm helping a housemate, not competing with her. Or, at least, it was my intention to help my housemates.

[He shrugs again.]

I thought it was as good an excuse as any to cook. It really is fairly harmless. And it encourages them to do something like this more often, instead of cursing us. Wouldn't you rather have that?
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I'd rather they left us alone.

[She is sauntering over, though.]

What kind of pie are you making?
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Well, so would I.

However, they're not going to, so why not encourage them to interfere in a way that doesn't put us all on edge?

As for the pie... [He looks around.] I think one is chicken and the rest are...fruit? Maybe? I wouldn't dare stick my fingers in.

I was hoping to make a croquembouche, really.
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[She frowns, not entirely agreeing with him. But she can't deny this is better than the gods forcing them to do things.

Plus, chicken pie sounds tasty.]

Are you going to enter all of them?


Croq-what? Did you just make that word up?
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I don't know if we'll entering all of them, but I will help making them. Also, I'll certainly help eat what's left. [He flashes her a brilliantly playful grin.] Between myself, the lady there and Merlin, we should have quite the feast.

And it's croquembouche. It's a French dessert that's essentially a tower of cream puffs covered in little threads of caramel. It is excellent! And completely real!
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[That sounds like a lit of pie.

Her stomach growls.]

A tower...? That doesn't sound real. Who would want to make a dessert that big?
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[He shrugs.]

Someone who's very hungry? Or has a lot of people to feed, maybe?

Honestly the tower isn't that big. Maybe a foot tall at most.
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[She still looks a bit skeptical. Her knowledge of desserts isn't extensive, sadly.]

... Can you make them?
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Of course I can make them!

[As if this was ever in doubt!]

I mean, it has been a few centuries since I've made one, but how hard could it be?

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