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The Search for Freya (Part 2)

Who:The Doctor Who cast and Hel
What: The Doctors and their friends reach Niflheim
When: Night of Day 278 through Day 280
Where: Niflheim, the land of the dead
Rating: PG-13 at the most

So, maybe leaving after lunch was a bad idea. The gloom of the craggy, shadowed land of the dead was only made worse by arriving in the dead of night. It seemed like the further they went, the darkness of night only got darker, and there was a distinct feeling of being watched all around.

And not a single sign of Freya in sight. Only whispers, and unseen eyes on them.

Still, it would be all the more exciting, right?
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Heading north makes Martha shiver. Perhaps it's the lingering sensation of being among the dead, or perhaps it's something else, but Martha feels very much awake and very somber as they leave the land. Sitting in the wagon, with her knees to her chest, Martha's eyes are open and she's very much on alert. Just in case.
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Hearing her name makes Martha lift her head up, and her lips automatically form the standard 'I'm fine' smile. It doesn't change the being on alert position, but it softens it a bit. She too understands how good a calm voice can be in a situation like this.

It's reminding her of things she'd rather not remember.

"Yes, Doctor, I'm fine. Just prepared. In case. Didn't realize that the land of the dead was going to be so much... well, land of the dead I guess." Her smile is more real at that, the joke softening things further.
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Martha nods, that was what she had expected as well. The fact that it was the land of the dead was sobering; it made her wonder what else was so literal.

"Seems like if things go badly," Martha begins softly, but calmly. "Then perhaps things are going to literally be across the worlds as well, rather than just here." It makes her feel almost a little guilty about fighting so hard to... not fight.
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"You know, it's weird. It makes me wonder how the legends ended up back on Earth. Granted, it seems like we've got things all mixed up, but I wonder if a few people came, were sent home, and then remembered and told their tales. Which is both really interesting and a bit scary."

Focusing on something else entirely? Check. It was easier to try and puzzle out the mysteries than to think about the chill that still permeated her spine.
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"Really? I always wanted to go to Ancient Egypt. And see dinosaurs. Never got the chance to. I suppose it makes sense given the complexity of the pyramids. That they were aliens anyway." For a minute, Martha looks down, and then she laughs softly, trying to keep it down for anyone who might be sleeping.

Or listening out there in the darkness.

When she stopped, she explained with a grin. "I owe my brother fifty quid. After I ended up on the moon, he started saying aliens were responsible for all sorts of things. That was one of them. Can't believe I called him mental over it."
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"Well," she said with another little laugh. "I had to figure that there was some sort of good old human ingenuity there! Why not the pyramids? Not everything needs to be aliens." A pause, and then she added with a grin, "even if vampires and werewolves are all based on aliens. And witches too, I guess with words taking the place of numbers in science. Well, I think so anyway."

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So many shadows here and yet none are his own. He's got his fists, but other than that he won't be much good in a fight.

There's a certain chill shooting down his spine as he considers their situation, stuffing himself deeper in his jacket. Whatever his worries (and he will definitely deny that he worries about a thing), he sets them aside for the sake of the journey.

"The second time should be the charm, right? It had better be."
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"Mm?" comes a rather sleepy-sounding noise from Jamie, who's somehow managing to fall asleep quite quickly already, chills and shadows and all. It's a knack with him, really, and the fact he's temporarily not on cart-driving duty means that he's planning on taking full advantage of the opportunity. But the Doctor's voice manages to break through just enough that he stirs and sits up a little, blinking at Nine a bit muzzily.

"What'd better be, Doctor?"
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The Doctor smiles over at Jamie. He can't help it. The sight of his old friend fighting sleep like this is nostalgic. He scoots over, dropping his voice a little.

"Freya. We came all this way and we're not going back empty-handed. You put too much effort into this for that, wouldn't you say?"
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Jamie hides a yawn behind his hand before stretching and then reaching up to scrub at the back of his head briefly. When he looks at the Doctor again, it's with an expression that's marginally more awake, at least for the moment.

"Aye, well, with our luck, she'll likely be in a place that we've already been by already. You'll manage something, though." You being the collective Doctors, in this case - it's just easier to think of it that way. "Ye always do."

What that would be, he had no idea, but he still had faith in the Doctor.

"Then it'll just be a matter of convincing her to leave everyone alone, aye?"
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"We can handle a bit of persuasion," he said with a tired grin, leaning back against the wall. "Not a problem, between us. But you can't scold someone you can't find."

He wasn't about to give up---it was just a bumpy ride---but he was indeed grouchy and wanted to stop this curse nonsense.
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"Oh, aye, I know," Jamie replies with a small chuckle, an answering grin sent Nine's way. "But I also know that none of ye will give up until you've actually managed to track her down. Stubborn, the lot of ye."

It's said fondly, though, because he doesn't mind that stubbornness one bit. But he's awake enough now that he catches what looks like a bit of tiredness in that grin, and possibly misinterprets it just a little.

"Hey, do ye want me to move over so ye can have a wee bit of a lie-down? Wherever we're going, we're likely not going to get there until morning."
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Nine reluctantly concedes, but he masks this by giving Jamie a playful shove. "Move over. I've still got some ground to guard, me. Right before we round her up."
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"All right, all right. There's no need to push!"

It's said with a bit of a laugh, though, and he obligingly moves over, his coat (which he was using as a blanket) slipping off his shoulder as he does so. He catches it before it gets too far, but then seems to reconsider something and offers it out to the Doctor instead.

"Here, did ye want to borrow this?"
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"You keep it, Jamie." He'll be fine. He's got a jacket, even one as ill-fitting and garish as the one he has now.

"'Sides, don't you have a fine bonny lass to be offering it to?"
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With a shrug, Jamie settles the coat back over his front, opting for going back to using it as a makeshift blanket rather putting it on properly. But he can't help the snort at the Doctor's question.

"Ye keep asking me about that, Doctor. No, I've still not got a bonny lass to offer it to. And most of the ones around here seem to be a wee bit taken."

Or interested in Doctors in general, and he gives Nine a meaningful sort of look.

"Since when are ye interested in if I have anyone or not, anyway? You're not thinking of playing matchmaker on me, are ye?"
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"No time for domestics," he insisted with a wave of his hand. "Wouldn't willingly bring more of that into my life. I'm just having a go."

He's smiling and looking Jamie over, though it's faint. Really, he just wants his Jamie to be happy. Where's Victoria when you need her.
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"Oh, aye, I should've known," he remarks, rather dryly, before shaking his head. Well, he supposes it's all right, really, and it does get Nine to smile - something Jamie realizes he hasn't seen all too much on this particular Doctor.

He's happy enough to see that, though. And, truth be told, not thinking much about Victoria at the moment. She's better where she is. Safer. And they'll just have to manage things here to make sure she stays that way.

"Well, it's just as well. I'm not even able to talk to people on the bracelet thing half the time without Eleven showing up." It's said fondly, though, even as he nods over in the other Doctor's general direction. "Could ye imagine what would happen if I fancied a lassie?"

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