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Who: ANYONE going on the infiltration into Thrymheim and EVERYONE inside the city when the caravan returns!
What: The return to Asgard with Freyr’s soul ( meaning: a lot more travelling ).
When: Days 281 - 283 ( June 16 - 21)
Where: Asgard, Thrymheim, and the road inbetween.
Rating: PG-13. Anything that might go higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

[ Days 281 - 282 will be spent travelling again back through the terrain from before. Thiazi's minions will be hot on the caravan's tail, leaving them to messy skirmishes every time there's need to stop or they manage to interrupt the path forward. It won't be unmanageable, but it will be difficult, and though their numbers aren't great, it is strongly advised to clear off as many as possible for proceeding. The sooner you get back to the city, the better.

And not a moment too soon. In the dead of night on Day 282, Asgard's walls will come into view with three figures standing just before it: Thor, Jormungand and Fenrir. The caravan will race past them without pause, and the Travellers will be able to see the gods engaging whatever remaining forces there may be as they pass through the city gates into safety. Anyone healed enough or still within the city is welcome to join them in the fight, but the ones entrusted to the chest's delivery should continue on directly to the castle where Odin is waiting for it.

Travellers inside the city that aren’t getting involved in the fight should feel welcome to help with the caravan’s return. There will be injuries to treat, wagons to mend, horses to calm and attend. The Natives will come out to help as well, creating a general air of movement and bustling about as everyone tries to get things cleared out and settled.

By the sunrise of Day 283, all of Thiazi's tag-alongs will be killed and Odin, Hel, and Heimdall will depart the city through the Gate of Fire. The city will be kept on high alert during their absence, though no one can say for sure where they're going or what they plan to do with Freyr's soul kept securely in that box. Thor, Jormungand and Fenrir stay alert at the southeastern gate while Baldr, Loki and Sigyn guard the north. Several Natives across the entire city will stand vigil in the streets, praying silently to and for their gods’ and everyone’s safe deliverance. Everyone is awake, and yet everything seems terribly still in the silence, like one drop of water waiting to fall.

Evening falls with still no sign of anyone’s return, but around dusk, a heavy vibration will echo through the city, seemingly travelling from north to south and shaking any plant life along the way. Travellers will feel it pulse inside them as it passes, but it will be soundless and harmless, passing otherwise insignificantly. The gods return a few hours after that - but they alone.

Whether or not they were successful remains to be seen . . . ]

[ OOC NOTES: This is the final log of three for the Save Our Souls plot! Please put the day/location in the title of your comment along with [OPEN/CLOSED]. The first log can be found here and the second can be found here. If you would like an NPC in any of your threads, feel free to give us a bump in your direction and let us know if you have any questions! ]
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Day 282 (at the gate) & Day 283 (out and about) | OTA!

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Day 282

[As much as Eight hates war and bloodshed, the battle reaching Asgard is something of a godsend for him. All the chaos was good to distract him from the tragic turn the trip to find Freya had taken near the end. He lets the shouting, the clash of weapons and the general swirl of action numb the ache in his chest.

His face is stony and grimly determined as he dives into the middle of the fight to drag whoever he can find that is too injured to get themselves out of harms way, completely ignoring his abhorrence towards violence when he fends off one of the giants by smashing the burning lantern he was holding into it's face as it bent down to grab at one of his charges. The combination of glass shards and fire aren't enough to fell the beast, but it is at least enough to get it to back off long enough to drag the injured fighter away.

Carrying/dragging (depending on how well he can pick them up, as he's not a large fellow) the wounded off back through the gate and to a side street, he begins setting up a makeshift triage post, shouting orders at the Natives a little more harshly than intended. He calls for blankets, more lanterns or any other light source they can find, and calls for people to do what they can to set up a barricade to keep the enemy out while he works.

For the rest of the fight, he's in and out of the mass of bodies, dragging away the wounded, healing them just enough to stabilize them, and then back out again. When he has as many wounded as he can handle, he gets down to the task of healing as much as he possibly can, even to the point of exhausting himself.

He wants to exhaust himself. He wants to be so tired he can't think, because thinking would mean he can remember how everything went wrong.]

Day 283

[The cloudy skies are quite fitting for the mood of the day.

Eight doesn't really pay any attention to where he's going. He finds it hard to think about anything, let alone his destination. Before arriving in Asgard, he thought he might have found at least a glimmer of hope after Lucie, Tamsin and Alex died. And then he finds himself thrust into the middle of a war where more good people are cut down. This time, it was Rose and Eleven, and they didn't come back. Didn't someone tell him that the dead had a way of coming back here? Where were they? What right did this world have to leave them dead?

Finally, last night's exertion of nearly healing people to the point of collapse catches up to him and he leans back against the wall of some shop or other -- he doesn't bother to notice which one -- sliding down it until he's sitting with his forehead resting on his knees, trembling hands burying themselves into his hair.

Damned war. Damned STUPID war.]
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Six had only a tenuous grasp of the city before this happened; in his exhausted state and lacking a map, he has no idea where he is when he finally spots another one of his selves curled up on the ground. It occurs to him that that's probably not a good sign, even as he turns his steps in that direction.

He stops when he gets close enough. "Doctor?" His voice is quiet, but hopefully loud enough to reach the other him, and he leans forward a little to gently place a hand on one of Eight's shoulders. "Are you al--mmm. You're not hurt, are you?"
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Eight doesn't answer immediately, and doesn't move except for the slight shaking of his shoulders. Slowly, his head lifts from his knees and he looks up at Six with a lost expression on his tear-streaked face.

", I'm not hurt. I just..."

He looks down at his hands, which he'd lowered from his head, and stares at the palms, caked in dried blood. Eleven's blood.

"They're gone. Why can't I protect my friends anymore?"
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Six... doesn't know what to do. He's crying... he never cries, not even the last him. Not unless it's really bad. Six hadn't thought... well, alright, it's a war, that's bad. But... this bad?

His first impulse is to ask who died, but that would possibly be the wrong question right now. So instead he squeezes Eight's shoulder in what is hopefully a commiserating way. "Why don't we get you cleaned up? Then you can help me search for the others; I haven't found anyone but you yet."

Six won't move to help Eight to his feet until the other Doctor agrees with this plan, at least in part because he probably definitely can't help anyone anywhere without them helping him at least a little right now.

Eight is free to notice that Six is missing his coat, and a lot of the blood on him has corresponding rips in his clothing (thankfully small ones), at any time.
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Even the Doctor cries when it just becomes too much. A while ago it was C'rizz, then more recently Tamsin, Lucie and Alex on the same day, and now Rose and Eleven. Eight isn't quite sure, but he has a feeling that if there's one more death soon, he might just go mad. Proper screaming, raving mad.

Eight shudders briefly, then finally accepts Six's help to his feet. He takes a good look at Six, to make sure at least he is okay, and frowns at the cuts. Not so much the missing jacket, but...the cuts. At least they didn't look too bad.

"Not even you came out unscathed, I see."
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It takes more effort than he likes to help Eight up; he might just have to give in and rest soon. But not yet. He can keep going, for a little while longer at least.

Though it's probably telling that he misses Eight's scrutiny of him entirely. "Mmm? Oh, yes. A few close shaves." If he was less tired, he might try cracking a smile at that. "They mostly healed right away. Some things still work, at least." He hasn't had time to really think about all the logic flaws in that theory; first there was the fighting and he was just grateful he didn't have to go to a healer every time he misjudged the distance between him and a weapon, and then he was too tired to process much of anything. He's slipping and he knows it, but there's not much he can do about it at the moment. He's just hoping to prevent many other people from noticing, and has no idea how well or badly he's doing at that.
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It takes Eight a moment, and a few deep breaths, to get himself calmed enough to notice the other Doctor's fatigue. He drags the back of his hand across his face to dry them and grabs the other man's arm. Not that he is feeling that much stronger, really. He spent far more energy than he really should have last night.

"Come on, there's a cafe a block down the road. Maybe with two of us, we can make it. Then I can wash this blood off and..."

And tell you that Eleven's dead, is what he doesn't say.
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His first impulse is to pull away when Eight grabs him, but honestly... he's not so steady that he can really afford to refuse the help. And this way he can help the other him, too. "Alright, though we shouldn't stay for too long. With two of us, we can search for people faster." Which is a roundabout way of saying that they can split up and search.

Six isn't thinking terribly clearly right now, or he'd realize what a terrible idea that is considering the shape they're both in. Sorry, Eight.
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Eight shakes his head as they walk. "We'll be no good to anyone if we go looking for others and they end up finding us face down in the road. Besides, I know that at least Jamie and Nine are alright. I saw them last night and they were holding their own pretty well."

He turns into said little cafe and plunks Six down at a table before disappearing into the men's room to wash his hands. When he returns, he sinks heavily into the chair opposite his other self and closes his eyes.

After another deep breath, he opens his eyes again and says, quietly, "But one of us didn't make it..."
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"Hmph, I suppose." He feels like he's giving in too easily, but Eight has a very good point. Six doesn't much want to end up face down in the road, either.

And that's... very good to hear, though he's not sure he likes the implications behind the words 'holding their own'. Jamie was a soldier, but Nine...?

Six is left blinking bemusedly in a chair as Eight vanishes into the washroom. Well, then. As long as he's sitting, he might as well stay sat (and that way he doesn't have to acknowledge the fact that he's not entirely sure he can get back up right now).

When Eight reappears, Six has half a mind to demand a cup of tea if they have to sit in a shop right now, but the words die unspoken. That would definitely be the wrong thing to say, even if Eight hadn't just said that. "One of... one of the companions?" No, he knows what you mean, Eight. One of us. But he doesn't want it to be that. He doesn't want one of his friends to die either, but that would be easier to handle, if only by a little.
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From what Eight saw during the battle, Nine was the biggest soldier of all of them, and a brutally efficient one at that. Plus, he had the loss of Rose to get out of his system. If he hadn't been almost as wrung out over it, Eight might have been dismayed to see the way Nine was. Instead, he got a grim satisfaction that at least one of them was getting something done.

At Six's question, Eight shakes his head and lowers his eyes. He can't look his other self in the face when he says this. Finally, with a shaking voice, he says, "No... Eleven's gone."
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Six, thankfully, missed seeing Nine in action. And he's more than distracted enough not to pursue it right now, not with... this. There's no getting around that cold statement of emotional fact. The pain in Eight's voice is more than enough to convince Six it's true, though he'd love to reject it as a sick joke.

He's very glad Eight made him sit before telling him that. "What?" It comes out rather faint, though he's not about to. He has gone a bit pale, hopefully understandably so... it's quite a shock to hear. He doesn't die, no matter what; he just... changes. That's how it should be for a Time Lord, and this is a very unpleasant reminder that they're not Time Lords anymore, not here. Among other things. "He... I can't..." be dead. Only Eight was telling him he was...

Six closes his eyes a moment, taking a steadying breath. The last thing they need right now is for any one of them to lose control, in any way... hopefully the rest of him will come to that conclusion, too. No matter what, he has to at least act like himself. They can't afford to break down, none of them, not until everything is more... settled. "I... see. But... the dead here don't stay dead, correct?" He can't help it, he doesn't want to think of himself as dead. Therefore if he's going to come back in a few days... that's alright, isn't it?
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Eight just shakes his head. He has no idea how any of this is supposed to work. "Yes, but how long would it take for them to come back? It's been days and...Rose hasn't come back."

He runs his hands over his face again, at a total loss of what to do. He's the Doctor. Not knowing what to do just doesn't compute.

"What if he doesn't come back?"
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He's changed his mind. Tea would be nice right about now, if only to have something to do with his hands. Instead he'll just sort of lace his fingers together in front of him, squeezing them tightly against each other.

"I don't know, Doctor." It's always been a possibility, though a remote one; he almost hadn't made it, for example. They've always pulled through, of course, and clearly they always would, at least as far as his eleventh self... but there was always a chance that each death would be his last. And while he could suggest learning to live with it, or getting used to the idea of their oldest self being permanently dead, but the mere thought of saying either of those things twists his stomach. No. It might be more practical, but this is hardly the time for practicality. Or maybe it's just that he suspects his other self wants to hear something other than that... he just wishes he knew what to tell him.

When in doubt, change the subject. " said you saw Nine and Jamie. Anyone else? And have you seen them since the... that ended?" He knows he should rest, and probably clean himself up (or at least find a change of clothing) but it's hard to convince himself that he's allowed to do any of that when there are so many people unaccounted for.
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Eight just isn't sure anymore. Not after all of them have been rendered human. They can pick people up and drop them back off at the exact same point in time, and creatures thought as the myths of an ancient civilization are walking around and ruling over them all. He's just not sure of anything anymore.

"I've seen Amy as well. The others I didn't even see in the battle, let alone after it."
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One more accounted for... not enough, not nearly enough. And there's really nothing he could do to help look for more, not unless he really does want to end up face down in the street somewhere.

"...I'm sure they all survived." Because it's either say that or something really depressing. "We'll find them eventually, or they'll find us. Either way... I'm sure they're fine."
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"Yes. Yes, they're fine." He refuses to believe they're not. And if the missing ones had died, well, they'd find out soon enough. Nothing to be done for them now.

"Have you ever felt so...tired? I've seen far too many deaths recently, and I'm just sick of it all."

Bringing that up reminds him of something, of someone, and he suddenly feels like he's been kicked in the stomach. Once he forces himself to relax a little, he says, with a shaking voice, "We're a great-grandfather, you know."
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He is in fact exhausted, but he knows what his older self means. "I'm not sure I've ever been quite this tired, no." He's seen a lot of death recently, too... though none of it was quite as close to home as the deaths he's seen here.

He does catch Eight's reaction to whatever the other man is thinking about, though he'll wait for Eight to tell him. He's not sure he wants to know, with that kind of reaction... maybe sitting down was a good idea. It certainly seems to be clearing his head.

"...really?" Well, that's just... "I take it we run into Susan again at some point, then." Who else could it be? It must be Susan's child. "It's very good to hear she's flourished in the life we left her."

...because honestly that's pretty much what they did.
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That they did, as they always do. Still, it had been for the best. It would have been horribly cruel to poor Susan to have her lose the boy she'd fallen in love with just to spend the rest of her lives stuck looking after her grandfather. Leaving her without giving her the chance to make a choice she would have regretted was the best option.

Eight's reaction is strangely subdued for a man talking about his granddaughter having a child, but he doesn't let on why at first. "Yes, she and David married, and had a son. Alexander David Campbell."

His hands, folded neatly on the table, clench together, but he continues to tell the good part of the tale. "I met him when he was mostly grown, really. In university. He wanted to be an architect, Susan told me.

She and David...never told Alex about me, or about his heritage. I understand, really. After the Dalek invasion, they were terrified of anything alien, and they wanted him to have a happy life. So, naturally, it was a bit of a shock when I turned up."

Eight smiles softly, remembering that last Christmas together. "Oh, he was brilliant, Doctor. You would have been so proud of him..."

And then his voice trails off, realizing he's said "was" and "would have been". Eight swallows as his throat tightens, and he drops his gaze from Six.
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Six will listen without interrupting. It's... strange, to hear about the great grandson he'll meet one day, though not for two lifetimes and goodness knows how many years. Aside from that, though, Eight's tone is worrying. Six is just hoping he's sounding so subdued because of what's happened to Eleven and the city.

But as Eight keeps talking, Six picks up a disturbing trend to his tenses. 'Wanted' to be an architect. 'Was' brilliant. 'Would have been' proud of him. Not 'wants', 'is', or 'going to be'... and the lowering of Eight's gaze cinches it. Something happens. Something terrible. Something... he doesn't especially want to hear about, and really doubts Eight wants to talk about.

He glances away, fastening his gaze on something in the middle distance. "It's alright." His voice is soft, even gentle. And it's obviously not alright at all, but hopefully Eight will know what he means. "We're both tired, and... well. If it's really important, you can tell me later. Otherwise..." It'll keep, until he meets the boy in the proper place in his timeline.
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Tired. Yes, he is exhausted, frankly. In fact, he's fairly sure it's been nearly 24 hours since he was last asleep. Damned human bodies and their need for regular sleep.

Eight rubs at his face wearily and nods, thankful for Six's understanding comment. Though, deep down he's almost temped to keep going, just for the chance to speak with pride about how Alex and his best friend Lucie saved Earth and had become the greatest of heroes. If only the lifespan of a hero was never long.

"Yes, maybe another time," he says finally. Then, as if he suddenly remembers where they are, he blinks his tired eyes and straightens, calling over a server to order tea.

"Well, I suppose we should have expected that something like this would happen soon. We are in a war after all."
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Six is about the same way. Too much to do, too little time for rest, and of course his conscience keeping him from getting any proper rest the little time he's managed to snatch. It all adds up rather quickly.

He'll nod, grateful Eight seems to think tea is acceptable now. He definitely needs some. "I think we all would have been happier if it hadn't, but... yes." Eleven would still be alive, for one. Maybe even Rose, though that one's harder to say. But there's nothing they can do about that; Six isn't even sure how much longer Eight can hold himself together, much less help others.

It's clearly Six's job to distract his older self, as long as they're stuck resting together. Now if he could just get his brain to work, despite the exhaustion... "What house are you in?" Ok, so it's the first thing that occurred to him to ask. "We never really had a chance to talk about where we all ended up."
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"I would be the happiest man in the universe if I never had to fight in another war," Eight grumbles. Really, he's just had enough. He'd never stop righting wrongs, of course, but would it kill the universe to give him a moment's rest?

"I'm in Sigyn House, actually. Which gives me healing... fat lot of good it did Rose or Eleven, though. The power grows over time, but that's really not helpful to people who get hurt around me right now."
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Nothing but a silent nod to that one. Wars are rarely good things, and in any case he definitely never wanted to fight in one. He really doesn't think any of his other selves ever wanted that, either.

"It sounds useful, though." Unlike what he got, which was only useful to himself. Well, he was pretty sure that's what it meant, anyway... it made more sense, now that he'd had time to really think about it. "Eventually, that is." Maybe not now, and definitely not when they needed it, but...

"I'm in Baldr." Eight hadn't asked, but Six had brought it up for a reason besides distracting his other self. "Which gives me regeneration. Don't laugh--" His tone is only a little sharp. "--I think I've figured out what it means here."
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"Yes...eventually. Like right after I need it most. Sometimes, I think the universe just hates us."

He nods to the server as their tea is brought, and he picks up the cup to take a long sip. Thank goodness for tea.

That is, until it almost gets stuck in your sinuses and you have to choke it down when Six mentions he's got regeneration. "Sorry, sorry! You caught me off guard." Then he coughs a little, clears his throat, and continues with a mostly straight face.

"Well, I can't imagine it means the same thing as what we're used to. I suppose that's how you managed to get out unscathed without having the excuse of being on the sidelines patching people up."

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