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The Search for Freya (Part 3)

Who: The Doctor Who cast and Freya
What: The adventurers finally find Freya
When: Day 280, evening
Where: On the road north from Niflheim
Rating: PG-13 at the most

Time is not on their side.

The wagons roll down the road as quickly as possible without shaking the wagons apart, but the sun makes it's inexorable climb across the sky. By the time there was anything in the distance that might be the goddess, the sky had faded into dulled sunset colors.

Who knew if it was Freya or not, with the evening gloom making everything washed out.
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It's Jamie's turn on driving duty again, and the command to wait takes him by surprise for a split second. But then it looks like Eight is just about prepared to go and leap out of the cart without it stopping - which isn't really the safest of plans. Accordingly, Jamie tries to help the best he can, by getting the horses to stop so the Doctor doesn't break his neck on the way out. And it'll likely help with everyone else being able to get out, for that matter.

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Six has been very bored up until now, and kind of zoning out while he waited for them to get to whatever new location they were going to. He doesn't have anything else to do after all, and more sleep isn't exactly appealing... but anyway, he's not paying as much attention as he should to what's going on. Eight's sudden move takes him very much by surprise. "Steady on!" He grabs the side of the cart he's been leaning against, recovering his aplomb as he takes in what's happening exactly.

He clears his throat, starting to clamber out after his older self as Jamie brings the horses to a halt. "What sort of something?" And was it headed anywhere in particular, that you decided to risk breaking your neck to go rushing after it.
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"So we leave the wagon- unless someone wants t'stand guard." It's the obvious answer, isn't it? She'd trust the Doctor's eyesight and instinct any day.
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Though the group might be skeptical at first, it seems the Doctor is correct this time. The figure that that Doctor had seen before comes into view again, and it's Freya, her long hair tangled, skin smudged with dirt.

Had they not known what to look for, the goddess would be unrecognizable from the polished beauty who had been at Freyr's side before her twin's sacrifice.
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Maybe Eight's brisk walk by is what seems to jolt her out of her frozen stare-- had they really managed to find Freya? That easily? But prompted by the man's voice, she too steps forward.

She was in the Goddess' house after all. Perhaps she'd have a bit of a leeway with her?

"..Are you alright?" And with a slight glance at the woman's state, she obviously meant physically, not mental.
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Rose’s assumption would have been correct at one point, but that time is long passed. With her twin’s death and her own ties cut, Freya no longer recognizes who belongs to her house and who doesn’t.

They’ve succeeded in getting her attention, though, the Doctor and Rose. Freya’s gaze passes through them dismissively.

“What do you want?”
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Perhaps not completely. But she does still wear the bracelet, donning the colours of the House of Freya. It doesn't matter much though. They're here for a reason, regardless of what the goddess' state was. They weren't about to leave without her at least knowing.

So as Eight speaks, she steps closer still, nodding in turn.

"You miss him, yeah? I've got a brother- I'd do things I wouldn't normally if something happened to him." Though she might like to think she wouldn't, if it really came down to it, Rose would scourge worlds for Tony.

"We wanna help you get back t'him. To Freyr."