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The Search for Freya (Part 3)

Who: The Doctor Who cast and Freya
What: The adventurers finally find Freya
When: Day 280, evening
Where: On the road north from Niflheim
Rating: PG-13 at the most

Time is not on their side.

The wagons roll down the road as quickly as possible without shaking the wagons apart, but the sun makes it's inexorable climb across the sky. By the time there was anything in the distance that might be the goddess, the sky had faded into dulled sunset colors.

Who knew if it was Freya or not, with the evening gloom making everything washed out.
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A few years ago, Rose would have definitely complained about having the early morning shift. But now? Not such a big deal. She'd been waking up at the crack of dawn for ages now, sometimes not even getting to bed until later than. She'd had priorities, after all.

But now, it's not so hard. They've got a mission, and it isn't like she has terrible company, either. Having her Doctor around is the biggest comfort she could ask for, really. He's on one side, she's on the other, scouting around every twenty minutes just to check on the perimeter; the area wasn't safe to just all hang back and relax, unfortunately.

And lo; a noise. Like twigs cracking underfoot. Animals wouldn't make such a fuss. They knew how to stay silent in their natural habitat, so anything that did make noise? Especially with such a loud crunch? It was something else. And who better to go investigate, than the one with the calming power effects, hm? She could charm whoever or whatever it was- if not into turning away, then at least into a docile state for someone else to deal with.

Except... she's not announcing her departure. She isn't going far, so it shouldn't really matter, right? Then again, she's Rose Tyler. It's practically in her nature to wander off.
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The Doctor's on edge----but then again, he nearly always is. It helps to have Rose at his side, there's no one else he'd rather have for a partner. He might be flashing adoring looks over his shoulder at her every couple of minutes---but only for a second or two, and definitely not when she's looking.

This is how he notices her departure too late---when he turns to smile at Rose again, there's no Rose. After a quick swivel-around, he sets off in the direction of where he last saw her.

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Someone needs to get a beeper for this girl, for how much she wanders off. And even then, she hasn't gone far. The further Nine goes, the better chance he'll have of hearing her voice; not quite audible for words, but that's definitely her. Definite'y Rose-speak, with the slightly smoothed out cockney accent, sounding all sweet and gooey.

She's using her power, if he can guess. But because of it, it sounds a bit .. muddled. Like the exact location of it is hard to pin point, like it's merely drifting on the wind, coaxing whoever she's talking to ... Except the sound of her miniature blaster firing is very much easy to pin point. Why had it gone off? There'd been no warning for it, had there? Just a smooth talking Tyler, and then ... nothing. The shot rang out without striking anyone, and if he's listening very, very carefully... he'll hear a thump on the ground just a few metres to his left.

What he'll find however... What looks like the tracks of an ice giant- or some other large sort of humanoid. Something that arrived.. and left in a hurry; the blast from Rose's gun is still smoking in a nearby tree. Whoever it had been, they'd got away, they knew they were here. The only logical option would be to return for reinforcements. Both the enemy, and the rag-tag group of Doctor's and companions.

As for Rose. The smell of blood might actually be in the air, saturating the little grove of fauna as it stains from green to red. A colour that had never looked good on the petite blonde, now laid out on the ground; the cause of the earlier 'thump'. The blood is coming from her mouth, her sides where, if one were to look, seems as if she'd been crushed by a large fist, or battered to the point of massive internal haemorrhaging. She hasn't even noticed he's arrived, her Doctor.
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The Doctor doesn't like this. Oh, he hears her---that's good, she's talking, she's going. But he can't see her, and that's the problem.

And then he hears her weapon. That's...not so good. He takes off at a run at that point, skidding to a stop far too close to blood-stained grass. There's no threat immediately in site, just a little human who looks far too small and far too close to death.


He's kneeling beside her immediately, taking her hand and brushing her hair back with wide eyes. No, no, not Rose.

"DOCTORS!" he bellows. It's too dangerous to move her, isn't it? He activates his bracelet---of course he's not one of the ones with healing powers. Just his luck. "DOCTORS. OVER HERE. IMMEDIATELY."

They absolutely cannot let her die.
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"I'm not," he insists, holding her like everything will fall apart if he lets go. Just...just like one of their first meetings, isn't it?

Except she was full of life and wonder and a bit of fluff back then. Now...his brave, beautiful Rose was dying and he couldn't do a thing to help her. "Rose...Rose, you listen to me. Rose, you're going nowhere. I'm right here..."
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Nothing gets him on his feet faster than a panicked shout of 'Doctor!', even if it's one of his own selves shouting it. Perhaps especially then. He's not even really properly awake yet when he starts running in the direction of Nine's shouting, though it doesn't take more than a few steps to finish waking him up properly.

...and then he finds them, his other selves and the young blonde one. Rose, that's her name... she's crumpled and broken now, not the bright and cheerful girl he remembers from the start of their journey. "Oh, no!" That exclamation is woefully inadequate for the situation, of course... he slows to a stop, breathing hard and not sure what to do now.

After a second's worth of dithering, he moves to kneel down close to the others, though not so close he's going to interfere with what they're doing. "I... can I do anything?"
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Perhaps thankfully, the blood pouring from her mouth is minimal. Not enough to choke words or air from her just yet. It's the broken ribs that are doing a better job.

But she's still aware. Still awake and though her line of vision is smaller now, she can tell who's nearby. Her Doctor, for instance. With his wrong coat and big ears, familiar eyes and it's kind of like she's dreaming. She's been hurt before, but never like this. She's only ever broken her arm once when she was younger- this, to have such a fearsome injury in her twenties... When Nine takes her hand, she manages to squeeze back, if at least at half strength.

Her eyes only briefly flit to the other Doctors as they arrive; he'd called them, hadn't he? Eight could heal... But not enough, it seemed. It was the cold that came first, didn't it? Because of the blood loss. Or maybe that wasn't it; the blood was still inside her, right? Just .. not in the right spots. And though her body tries for a sob, eyes welling up-- it doesn't work. Not with so many bones and sinew crushed to the wrong spot.

But she has to tell them. Warn them. If they were all caught unaware because of her... So she tugs at Nine's hand, shivers against the feeble if very appreciated attempts at healing, she lifts her head. Probably not the smartest, considering it pulls at the rest of her torso to sit up-- which is not going to work no matter how hard she tries; something she may not even manage what with the Sixth holding her steady.

"S'coming back." Oh. It hurts to talk, she should have figured that one. "Scouts- giants ambushing 'cause- 'cause I charmed an' they-" She can't swallow any more, not with the wad of saliva and blood that's collected in her throat. She needs to spit it out, to cough it up. A mess that she's managing, but words... Words don't seem any more likely.
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He's a bloody mess, and that's fine. okay as fine can be, because nothing is. Not when his Rose is dying and he can't do a damn fool thing to stop it. He won't leave her for a second, not like this, but there's still a part of him that knows to fight.

Both of his hands take hers. "Shh. We'll take care of 'em. I promise you that."

Is it as hopeless as it looks? He bows his head.
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He'll do that, gladly. Something, anything besides kneeling here being useless...

Her shoulders seem the best things to take hold of, and he does it as gingerly as possible--which Rose herself suddenly starts making difficult. His fingers tighten as she pulls against his hold. "Shhh, shhh... lie still." It's good of her to warn them, but really. "We're... we're going to fix you, it's going to be fine."

Six glances up at Eight, his expression worried. He's well aware that he probably just lied... though he's really, really hoping Eight will prove him wrong.
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", can't be it," he denied, looking more pitful than the others might have believed possible. The storm of rage wasn't quite there, not yet, but the others might have felt it starting to build.

"Oh Rose." With a strangled noise that might've been a yell in a better situation, he leaned forward. One touch, one brief kiss, all that he was allowed. His best friend, his beloved Rose, dead. His fault. Of course.
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Six lowers his gaze as Nine leans forward, having no answer for Eight but wanting to give his other self and Rose some privacy. What else can he do? Nothing, nothing at all. He focuses on his hands, the blood spattering them... it's making him angry, how helpless he is in this situation.

Without looking up, he nods at Eight's words and rises to his feet. There's nothing else he can do here... but he can do something back at the camp. Maybe. He has to try anyway. "Yes. I'll... meet you back there."

And then he's bolting back to camp, telling himself he's not running away... he just has to get back there so he can help. That's all.
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For all the lies she knows he's giving- the Sixth self does get a brief, thankful sort of gaze. Sometimes it's just nice to hear it, that it'll be okay. Even when it's not. It's her free hand that moves however, reaching to pat against Eight's hands as he ceases the attempts to heal. He's not strong enough- just as her own magic wasn't enough to ward off the danger. If anything, she'd made it worse. The giant could have come back to camp, they could have dealt with it there-- instead, she'd let him get away, send for reinforcements.

She'd made it worse.

But her name draws her attention back, however dazed she feels now, however tired she's getting, despite the pain. Even that seems to be starting to numb. "Jus'.. stay safe, kay?" It's more directed to Nine than anyone else, but her vision is starting to tunnel. It's always the first to go. Or maybe it just means that the rest of her is numbing, consciousness slipping away before anything else. The light at the end of the tunnel or something.

There was no light, of course. Just the inky darkness of unconsciousness. Of death.
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Before Eleven had been able to rush off towards the sound of his other self's shout, the giants had attacked. But he had seen Eight and Six run off and figured that it was probably best for him to stay in place. But of course he saw that Rose wasn't there either, and it made him worried. Really worried, sick with worry.

So the moment he sees Six rushing back, he figures it's safe for him to go. There aren't that many of the giants left and maybe they can get at least some of them to retreat, but. He can leave it to Six, no problem. Even if Six is probably coming back to add to their forces, not just switch them, Rose is gone and if Nine's voice did that... it has to be really bad. So that's why he runs, with his heart beating in his throat that's all too tight and makes it difficult to breathe. Breathing is unimportant right now, if Rose is in danger. Incredibly unimportant.

He feels like it takes far too long to reach it even if he runs as fast as he can and it probably didn't really take that long at all. And when he finally does get there, and sees Rose on the ground with Nine and Eight next to her... Everything stops, and everything goes cold.

He barely even dares get close, but he has to. A dead body is something he's seen uncountable times but a body can also seem dead without being so. Which means he has to make sure, naturally, and he sinks down on Rose's other side and goes through the process of checking her vital signs, which feels incredibly cold and wrong. But it has to be done.

No breathing, no pulse, no heartbeat.


She's gone. He's too late. Far, far too late. He could have... He could have done something, he could have saved her, but he didn't leave the camp and--

Of course he didn't. Who knows what might have happened then? But he could have saved her.

His throat twists yet tighter and it feels like there's a great, gaping hole in his chest that hurts and aches like something that isn't new but feels that way, as if he's never lost anything before in his life. She'll be back, she should be back like most, but she's dead. Her lifeless body is right there and it's one of his worst nightmares coming true. She should be back but it hurts and the burning of his chest and throat go up, up, up until they spill out through his eyes and tears start dripping down his cheeks.
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Nine says nothing for a good long while. His shaky hand lifts to ensure her eyes are closed, brushing back her hair one last time, and then he's rising, not looking at any of them.

They're too late. It's too late. She's gone, and it's a loss so terrible that he can barely begin to fathom it yet. That will come later.

But there's another battle to be fought for now. He stands and draws his ill-fitting coat around himself, turning away from the others. When he's composed himself enough to speak, he spares them an icy glance over his shoulder.

"Whichever of you's the most useless in a fight, take care of the body. I'm killing that giant. Come with, if you can keep up."
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Except he isn't going to. It's a moment's weakness, and Eleven quickly pulls himself back together, rubs furiously at his eyes with his sleeve and forces any remaining tears back. He won't let any more fall, just won't, because there's no... No point.

"Right. Yes," he manages, weakly, and takes a deep, shuddering breath as he pushes himself up.

But to be honest he can't really guarantee that he won't do anything stupid either. If one giant left for reinforcements... They can't really afford others getting away, can they? And this is the sort of situation he thinks people should wait for concerning the spy. When he really could easily get away and say anything.

And they killed Rose. One of them. Because they're here, Rose is dead. Nine could slaughter all of them and he wouldn't care for their lives. He wouldn't feel satisfied either, probably, but...

It's probably best that way.


What happens to a body outside of the city? Is there any difference at all?

He returns Eight's gesture by placing a hand on his shoulder in turn, and then brushes past Nine, shoulders and back tense. "Let's go."