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(s...emi closed?) deep in the cell of my heart I will feel so glad to go

Who: The Who cast & invitees, and anyone who would be working at The Roadhouse
What: Post Battle slump wears on everyone as they mourn their losses
When: Night of day 283 to early morning 284
Where: The Roadhouse
Rating: PG-13? Will update as needed.

Tired, injured and dejected, it's not a happy lot that filter into the bar that evening. The search for Freya had taken it's toll already, but coming back to chaos had been confronting, to say the least.

And the loss just kept coming, of course. Heaven's forbid fate gives anyone just a day to mourn, just an evening to get home and process the loss of Rose. No, they came back to battle, and in the mess lost another too. It's been a taxing trip, a long couple of days, and now that there's half a second to take a breather, they have to do something.

Nothing soothes the soul like a good drink though, right?
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And the dead shall rise.

"Unngh," is about the most coherent thing heard from the Eight-shaped lump of sprawled Doctor on the floor when the banging starts. When the smoke alarm starts blaring, however, the groaning and incoherent grumbling gets louder.

Then there's a slam of a bathroom door and silence for a bit, until finally a vaguely greyish green looking Eight slumps in, his pale eyes half-closed and his normally smooth voice sounding just a tad raspy.

"Morning...having trouble?"
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By the time he emerges the fire has been put out and there's a ruined pan in the sink still coated in burnt pancake. A window is open to help air out the room and she's digging in the cupboards to find another pan to make another attempt at making breakfast.

She glances over her shoulder at the shuffling sound to look at the very hungover Eight. "Drink that and take those." Motions to the pills and glass of water on the table.

New pan found she straightens and puts it on the stove. "Morning. The stove and I are having a bit of trouble getting to know each other."
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"Yes, dear," he mumbles, grabbing up a glass and the pills, downing both gratefully. How in the hell do humans survive being hungover? Humans really were amazing creatures.

He eyes her a little dubiously, since he's fairly sure she's never cooked a meal before to his knowledge. "Do you...need any help?"
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Probably by not drinking so much. They went to town last night on the booze. And knowing when to stop - none of them have to go from being alien to non-human.

Eight would be right on that assumption, she never has cooked a meal. It's all done with a food machine or by those with hands. "You can get the bacon out of the refrigerator and start the coffee machine." She can do domestic, but it's not usually kitchen domestics.
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He's not used to drinking without his super-duper Time Lord constitution. He meant to get really drunk, but it just kind of got away from him.

"Right, bacon and coffee..."

He's never been in this kitchen before, but most everyone's kitchen has a basic setup, right? So out comes bacon from the fridge, and after a bit of rummaging, he gets the coffee going.

And then, he turns, looking a little sheepish. "I don't suppose I did anything embarrassing last night, did I?"
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None of them are, probably. Getting drunk is the good part of the whole 'drinking' experience, the morning after is always the worst part.

She busies herself with pouring pancake batter into the pan and keeping an eye on it, but it doesn't stop her from turning a bit when he asks that question. "You had shots with Curly. Chances are good that embarrassing things happened."

Just because of the woman that River is.