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[CLOSED] No one knows a captain better than himself and his ship

Who: The Doctors (Eleven, Nine, Eight and Six) and their TARDIS.
What: A meeting regarding war and things
When: Day 288, 6 PM
Where: The library in Odin
Rating: PG?

At the morning of day 288, the Doctors will wake up (or not, depending on if they've actually slept, but it comes in the wee hours of the morning anyway) to a message.

Doctors, I believe we should have a proper talk. A meeting, if you'd like. Just the four of us. Meet me in the library at six this evening. If you absolutely can't, you better respond right now or you'll be missing out.

I'll serve tea and Jammie Dodgers. If you want something else, you'll have to arrange that yourself.

- the one with the bowtie

And by 6 PM, he'll be waiting outside the library, lying on one of the steps of the stairs leading up to the entrance. What? The weather's nice! And it's a good position for reading a book, if you ask him.

Well, he also has his head in the TARDIS's lap, because naturally he's brought her. And it's comfy.
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She has got proper clothes this time, not something she's had to borrow from River or Eleven's wardrobe. The dress had been something she'd been working on before her disappearance from the world and the TARDIS had finished it up so she could wear it. Now she was looking much more like her blue boxed self. It was also softer than the old raggedy dress Idris had been wearing when the TARDIS was downloaded into her body so it makes a lovely pillow.

Waiting for the rest of the Doctors to show up wasn't anything new, not for her. So she's mostly still sitting on that step, watching the sky to help pass the time. Only a hand is moving, fingers carding gently through Eleven's hair as he reads his book.
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He doesn't bother replying to the message (which had indeed come when he was sleeping), but instead simply shows up at the appointed time in the appointed place. He's even, wonders of wonders, a bit early for a change. He'll stand in a spot not too far from where his other self is lying down, and it's silly to be jealous of himself but he might just be a wee bit that. Too bad there's only one of her and so many of him about the place.

Anyway... he sticks his hands in his pockets and sniffs a bit. "Really, we have to think of a better way to differentiate between us than referencing our attire. What if the short one were to turn up?" That wouldn't be out of the question, at this point.
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"Congratulations to us, we can count," Nine remarked, entering with his arms folded as always. "Probably the best bet, though. Can't imagine it ending well if we chose our own."

Oh, his would be a fantastic name. But he worries about these other Doctors and their taste.
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The four of us was actually the five of them - but the TARDIS didn't count. She'd never really counted in this manner, no, she was more like an extension of him most of the time. No matter what they choose to involve themselves in, the TARDIS went along with it. This would not be any different even with having a voice. Even still, she knows that's not what they're talking about.

"You can't all be John Smith." Even she uses numbers when absolutely necessary. Using his name was out of the question as well, only seven individuals knew it and none of them were sharing. Theta Sigma was already claimed by the metacrisis Doctor but there was a long list of names they'd used in the past. But really, what does she know about picking a name for herself? TARDIS had been given to her by Susan and Sexy had been given to her by Eleven and she loved them both. "I'm surprised you haven't already sorted this out yet."
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"I think the numbers are most convenient, really."

Eight casually strolls out of the Library, where he'd been, of all things, working. It is quite a strange feeling to have a job. Then again, sleight-of-hand tricks are all well and good to pay for a ticket to get back into the Great Exhibition after getting kicked out, but that won't cut it when you're stuck in one place and time with none of the TARDIS' lovely, free amenities. Money is such a bother.

He situates himself next to Nine, gesturing between the two of them. "Besides, using fashion choice as a descriptor might get a bit confusing with the two of us. 'The one in the leather jacket' just isn't going to work, and 'Black Leather and Blue Leather' sounds...really strange."

"So, anyway, what about this war did you want to discuss? If it's how to end it, I'm all ears."
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"Well, then. Numbers it is." So why hadn't Eleven used them in the first place, it's the obvious solution anyway. And he definitely doesn't want any comments about his coat, there have been enough of those already.

He'll refrain from commenting on the ears remark, it would be too easy. And even easier for the others to turn that back on him, if not now then later.

"Yes, we're all here now. Let's get on with it already." Are you going to lie there all day, he was promised tea.
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Nine simply nods, hands shoved in his pockets as he contemplates the many strategies they might pursue. Assuming that was the topic.

"Tea or no tea. Hardly matters when there's a war to fight. And friends who really, really need to do what they're told."
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Once Eleven is gone from her lap, the TARDIS stands and follows after him. Entering the library with a bit of a somber expression. This conversation would be harder on Nine and Eleven than it would the other two. They're the ones who've been through the war and not just heard or seen bits of it. Even if this war isn't nearly as personal as that one had been didn't mean it would be any easier to make a decision about.

"They rarely do as they're told. Wouldn't be fun if they weren't a little adventurous."
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Sighing inwardly, Eight turns around and goes back into the library he'd just left, following the crowd of Doctors and their TARDIS into the building.

"You'd think I'd be used to it by now. But no, every time, I'm still surprised."
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Eleven really is an energetic self... Six follows after him at a more sedate pace.

"Even after all this time? You'd think we'd learn." Though to be honest he's almost used to it himself. Evelyn never does what she's told, and roughly half the time she actually manages to talk him into thinking what she wants to do is a good idea anyway.
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"What? My ears are open," Nine says defensively, content to linger on the outer edges of the moving pack. That's where he belongs.
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"You do only take the best in strays." Even if that means they don't always listen.
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"Of course we do." What would be the point of taking anyone less than the best? Even if they don't always start out like that, they definitely always finish up that way.

Anyway, enough talk about things they already know. He wants to know exactly what Eleven has to say about the war.
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Eight settles himself into a chair and eagerly pours himself a cup of tea, though he leaves the Jammie Dodgers. Maybe later.

As the others get themselves seated, he sips his tea and asks, "So, what do you have planned?"