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EVENT MINGLE: Turning of the Tides

What: Turning of the Tides
When: Days 303 - 307 ( July 31 - August 8 )
Where: At the heart of the city.
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

(Edited to Add: There's a current EVENT LOG DIRECTORY here to make navigating the log easier!)

[ In the dead of night on Day 303 ( July 31 ), most people in the city will already be deep into sleep when a sudden crash rings throughout the city, the sound of a thousand glass windows shattering all at once breaking the silence of the evening. When the Travelers look outside to see what happened, the castle at the center of the city will be near completely hidden from view, the barrier surrounding the palace frozen over from what looks like a bomb of ice exploding over it. The ice is a bright, near-luminescent blue that spider-web crackles along the surface of the barrier and onto the ground surrounding it, spreading rapidly outwardly in all directions. Within a matter of minutes, the ice will have taken over the entirety of the castle and some of the surrounding buildings. Travelers are welcome to join panicked Natives as they run out in varying states of dress to hack and burn away at the ice in a feeble attempt to fight it back, but the magic furling the ice is strong and it will encroach upon the city at large by sunrise.

With Day 304 ( August 1 ) starting off on a high note, it will quickly become apparent that the city structures were not the only things under attack. A message of distress comes from Loki's bracelet right before the network as a whole is torn to pieces with a violent cry. Travelers will be wholly unable to access any facets of the network, including network posts and private contact posts. This leaves the Travelers very much disconnected as the ice continues a slow crawl towards the city gates. Travelers will have to spend the ensuing week in radio silence and old-fashioned communication methods as they combat Thiazi's attempt at taking over the city from within.

That is, of course, until she attempts taking over from without as well. On Day 305 ( August 3-4 ), a fleet of lesser Frost Giants will descend upon the city. They remember all too well when the Travelers managed to defile their own holy city, and they do not hold back in their retaliation. The battle against them will help generate heat and cause damage enough to fight back some of the ice, but it comes at the cost of fighting for your lives.

The attack will last until Day 307 ( August 7-8 ), at which point most every one of Thiazi's minions will have been killed or retreated. The Travelers don't have much breathing space to heal their injuries, however, as the ice still remains and though it is much slower in its crawl, it's still spreading across the city and there is no saying what might happen if it were to take over entirely.

It all comes to a head the evening of Day 307 ( August 8 ) when the palace, still covered in that thick, impenetrable layer of ice, suddenly bursts into flame. The fire is more golden than red, the heat of which can warm one's cheeks all the way to the city gates, though it feels no warmer than a nice summer's day regardless of proximity. When the fire dies down, all of the ice has been melted away, leaving dampened earth and an enraged king at the heart of Asgard. Something is changing, and the only thing anyone can say for certain is that this war is not yet over. ]

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the Turning of the Tides event! There will be headers for each district for organizational purposes below; comment to as many as you'd like, or create your own header! Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] as well as the IC DAY in your comment title. Remember that you are welcome to use this post and to make your own logs.

Welcome to Arc 3, and let us know if you have any questions! ]
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Eight spent most of his time pacing around wherever he was allowed, at times ranting at the ceiling of his temporary "cage" about how he could help and how he had to get out to show people he was alright. Dying in itself had not been pleasant, but being trapped and unable to reassure people due to the broken network was torture.

His thoughts were broken by the loud cry of a woman. There were other people here? To be frank, he hadn't seen anyone until now, and was hoping he was the only one to stupidly get himself killed. With a scowl, he found his way to the source of the yelling.

"Ah, excuse me!" Eight called as he picked up his pace to approach the guard and the girl, "I think you can let the lady go now. It isn't necessary to break her arm."

He eyed the girl curiously as he waited for the guard to decide whether or not to let her go. Well, that explained a lot.

"Really, if you don't mind letting her go, I will help her. She's obviously new and not aware of what is happening."
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Rise waited until the guard had retreated into whatever shadowy corner gray guards went to before sticking her tongue out after him. What a jerk! For the Doctor, she smiled. Unsurprisingly, she felt much better after that little display of maturity.

"Thanks!" Rise straightened her clothes out with a few tugs. "He wouldn't have really broken my arm, right? I thought the natives around here were a lot nicer to us than that."
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"Depends on the orders the gods gave them for what to do with us," he said quietly, eyeing the guard with narrowed eyes, "They are still guards, after all. For all we know, their orders could be to kill us if we go anywhere off-limits."

He gently led her off somewhere quiet, but well within the boundaries, so they could talk without the guard scowling over them like an armored scarecrow.

"I'm the Doctor, by the way. Well, one of them. I take it you're new here?"
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"Kindaaaa. I was here before...I guess I got sent home," Rise said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "It's weird. I thought it'd be different, but you really don't remember anything when you leave."

That kind of talk was too depressing, so Rise shook her head and tried to smile.

"Anyways, I'm Rise. Do you know what's going on out there?"
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"Hm, yes, just as I'd been told," Eight says with a small frown, "And I'm afraid I do."

The frown deepens, and he runs a hand through his short curls. "Thiazi has attacked Asgard, sending ice giants into the city and covering the city in a supernatural ice that is quickly spreading over the city. Unfortunately I got caught in it and died, then found myself here."
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“So we haven’t won the war yet,” she concluded. It wasn’t a surprise, considering they were still bringing people in to help, but it would have been nice if all they had to do was bring the color back.

Rise turned and stared back out the window—the ice covering the entire place was suddenly looking a lot more ominous. “How are we gonna get out to help if they won’t even let us?”
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"I'm afraid not," he replied with a shrug. As much as he wanted the war over, he wasn't so sure he wanted to be put back into his life back home.

Eight followed her gaze and frowned a bit. "Well, they say they're working on it. I could try to help free us from the castle, but I suppose they don't want us wandering around this place. I wonder what they don't want us to see..."
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“Ooh it’s like a big mystery!” She probably sounded a little more excited than she should be, considering she was just manhandled for “wandering off”.

Given her own experiences, it was very likely the gods might be hiding something in the castle. Then again, they didn’t exactly hide their appearances like a certain god back home did. The look she gave the corridor just then hinted at trouble, if the Doctor was paying attention.
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He can't help but grin at her excitement. "Exactly! I enjoy a good mystery myself. Still, I don't fancy getting killed by the guards when I've only just come back from death. I really don't think Hel would be much pleased with us giving her more work to do."

And yet, he could see the curious look she gave the corridor, and he just couldn't resist. "Oh, alright. Maybe if we're careful, we can get past the guards to take a little peek around."