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What: The Fruits of Our Labor special event!
When: Days 322 & 323 (September 6-9)
Where: All across the city
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than this should be taken to a private log, please!

[ Starting Day 322 (September 6/7), Travelers in the city will notice apple trees of varying sizes springing up all over the city -- and we do mean all over, as while most of these trees will appear outside, some may show up unexpectedly in a bedroom or right in the middle of a shop! While some are quite small (and others incredibly large!), none of them will cause any actual damage. The branches of the trees will hang heavy with multicolored fruit, and the trunk of each tree has the following words written clearly into the bark: Choose Wisely. ]

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the Fruits of Our Labor event! Please see the linked post for details about the event, such as which apple does what and how to get approval on items from home. Threads can take place in traditional prose or in [brackets]; it's all up to you! Otherwise, please be sure to include your character's location(s) and [OPEN/CLOSED] in the subject line and let us know if you have any questions! ]
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322 | The Who cast house in Thor District | Closed

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Eight's fingers spin the bright red apple between his hands as he sits on the porch of the house his other selves and their friends had just moved into. The housewarming had been a good night and cheered him a bit.

He was feeling daring, and "choose wisely" is like a magnet to any Doctor. Mystery is always an adventure. And so, he takes a bite.

The Dalek fleet surrounds the TARDIS. Gallifrey, huge and bright, hangs in the background. There's nothing more that can be done. He had fought, bled and watched friends die, regenerate, and die again. The Time Lords have made their decision, however, and now it's up to him to doom them all before they doom the universe.

The Moment is ready. All it takes is a flick of the switch, and it's over. He's saved the universe several times over. And yet now his hands are shaking.

His fingers reach out. The switch is flipped. And his whole world ends in a fireball.


The word is ripped from his throat...again...just like that day he fell into his future incarnation's nightmare. Just a dream, Eleven had claimed. Just a fear of what he might have to do.

He lied.

Eight stands, his heart pounding with rage, and flings open the front door of the house, striding in.

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The Doctor knows his own anger very, very well. In all shapes and forms, all incarnations - at the very least, all incarnations he's been, which all the ones here are. He knows very well, so when he bustles about the kitchen making tea and hears that...

While he's not entirely sure exactly what's happened, he has a damn good hunch. And he knows it's probably right, and that's enough for him to freeze while filling up a kettle, and he lets the water run until it overflows.


But how--? If it is that, then how...?
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If ever he embodied the name "Oncoming Storm", it would be now. Eight blows into the house like a tornado, pausing only briefly to listen before making his way for the kitchen. The last couple weeks of death, grief, more grief, and again more grief has left him cracked and ready to burst. This is more than enough to make his tightly-held control shatter to pieces.

Eight grabs Eleven by the shoulder and yanks at him to try to spin the taller man to face him. If he can get hold of the bow tie, he does, clenching it in his fist, his blue eyes icy and red-rimmed.

"You lied to me," he rumbles. "You didn't just not tell the truth, you outright lied."
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By the time he sees Eight coming through the doorway, Eleven lets go of the kettle, but before he even gets the chance to move somehow - move away or to turn off the water or anything at all - Eight has him by the shoulder. He doesn't have much of a choice but to turn around, and is forced to bend down a little too.

"Uh," he says, gaping and blinking, hands raised uncertainly in the air for a moment before he brings them closer to his chest, rubbing his thumbs over his fingers. "I kind of lie a lot, which one are we talking about here?"

To be fair, he also can't really recall lying to Eight at any other time than the Time War thing but. Best double check so he doesn't... give anything away. Even if he doubts it could be about anything else. He just wants to think it is, really. Like one does.
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"Don't be flippant with me," Eight says, fingers tightening around the bow tie, "You told me it was just a nightmare. Just a worry of what you might do."

Inwardly, Eight tries to get control over himself, but it's an utter failure. It's been two days since he's slept for more than an hour at a time, and this ridiculous human body he's been forced to live in needs far more than that. For a moment, he gets the urge to just twist the strip of fabric in his hand and keep twisting until his future self turns blue. His fingers twitch briefly, but he shakes away that urge. He'd never do that. It's just the lack of sleep and the anger talking.

"I'm going to destroy my own people one day, and you thought you'd decide for me whether it was good for me to know this. And don't pretend it was to protect the Web of Time because I know we don't remember when we go home."
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Yeah, he can feel that tightening, and sucks in a breath, shoulders drawing up as he tenses and puts his hands on the counter. He's not scared, as such, not of himself, but... It's unsettling, obviously.

"What did you do?" he asks, unwisely still avoiding to actually talk about it. He knows it's unwise too, but...
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Damn him, he's going to try to weasel his way out of this, isn't he? Not a good idea. When you're talking to yourself, it's unwise to try to obfuscate using their own tactics.

"You've seen the trees," Eight says quietly, his voice full of feigned patience, "I'd avoid the red ones, if I were you, unless you want to see what's coming for you."

Then, he gives Eleven a little shake by the bow tie still in his grip. "Now, answer me. What gives you the right to decide what I should know? You thought it was for my own good, didn't you? You are far too much like Seven. Manipulating. Deciding you know best.

I asked you. And you lied to me."
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Of course he is; it's what he does best, in whatever way he can, in all situations. Until someone puts their foot down and tells him to stop kidding himself, and them.

He hisses at the shake, because that actually hurts a little, and its about time for him to lose his patience. Pressing his lips together, he grabs Eight's hands and force them off him, shoving them to the side. Of all the--

"Of course I did," he says, equally as quiet, rolling his shoulders and straightening his back, adjusting his jacket and moving to redo the bowtie because now it's all askew and loose. "I do know, because I am you, was you. Why do you need to know about what you're going to do when it's going to happen eventually anyway? Hm? Tell me that."
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"Because I'm not a child, and I'm not your bloody companion that you can manipulate," he replies, his hands dropping to his sides and balling into fists, "We are the same person. Would you appreciate it being decided for you what you know and what's kept from you? Especially when it's right in your face and you want answers?"

Eight's eyes narrow, silently almost daring him to start lying and obfuscating again.
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He pauses, gives Eight a long, bitter look, sucks in a breath.

"I don't. But it's not the same, this isn't... blowing up Skaro or wiping out the Ice Warriors," he says tiredly, waving his hand as he steps around Eight, not to leave but just to walk. "It's our people, leaving us the sole Time Lord still alive. If you think you're lonely now-- You felt it. You felt it in the dream and you felt it now, that crushing loneliness... We thought we were lonely before, but we had no idea."

He pauses for a very brief moment, rounds on Eight again, frowns as he walks back up to him. The following words come out rapidly, increasingly... desperate and bewildered, in one single breath.

"Why would I let you feel guilt for something you haven't done yet? I remember the days - your days - like a distant dream, like something that didn't actually happen, like something that's nothing but a story because I can barely remember what it was like. Why would I tell you? How could I?"
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"Let me? Let me??"

Eight glares up at Eleven, not at all intimidated by the height difference. "You don't get to decide what's for my own good, Eleven. You don't get to decide what my hearts...heart...needs to be protected from. I understand not saying anything if nothing had happened to clue me in, but once I found myself in your nightmare, I deserved the truth."

His eyes close and he heaves a huge sigh. The anger is still there, but he's just so tired that it's hard to keep the argument going. Rage takes so much energy. "Well, this explains why the Time Lords had decided to invade the TARDIS and give me that job dealing with the Daleks."

Eight presses the heels of his hands against his eyes. He felt that cold lump of sorrow in his chest and wanted to cry, but he just didn't have the energy for it.

" was wrong of you to decide you know what's best for me. Do you understand that?"
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"You played along. You didn't really believe me, did you? Ignorance is bliss."

If he could go back and make that lying undone, he wouldn't. He doesn't think it was wrong. How could it be?

He reaches out to finally turn off the water, and then turns away from Eight.

Yes, he's walking away. Or attempting to, anyway.
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Eight follows, because he'll be damned if he's letting Eleven just walk away like that.

"I thought like you, once," he says to his other self's back, "I lied because I thought I knew best. And it nearly cost me my best friend."

More pain fills him as he remembers yet another mistake he made. "Lucie. Do you remember her? Do you remember how her aunt was married to a Zygon on the run from his people, and how he took over her form so Lucie could still grow up knowing her beloved Auntie Pat? Do you remember how he and I agreed to lie to Lucie?

Do you remember how she found out, and how it destroyed her trust in me? She left me because of that. Do you ever wonder if she'd still be alive if she hadn't left me and been caught up with the Monk? If I hadn't lied to her, thinking I needed to spare her feelings, she would have still been by my side, where I could protect her."

Eight grabs for his arm. "Okay, maybe you don't remember. Maybe this is all nothing to you now, after everything that will happen in my future, but damn it...sometimes we don't know better."

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After Eleven and Eight talk.

[personal profile] sexyoldgirl 2013-09-06 06:56 am (UTC)(link)
It wasn't hard to miss the shout throughout the house. She was pretty sure everyone had heard Eight but it was not the time to approach him. Clearly something had happened to make Eight angry at Eleven. The TARDIS wasn't afraid of the Doctor's anger, not in any of incarnations but they needed to talk first.

So she waits. Not lingering nearby to hear what they had to say but instead moving outside to sit on a bench in the garden. When she's certain the discussion - argument - is over, the TARDIS moves, this time to find Eight. Upon finding him, she doesn't hesitate to come closer - into his personal space.

She doesn't say a word but there's pain etched into her features. The TARDIS can't even look at his face, choosing to look down at his hand that she reaches for silently.
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He has his head buried in his hands as he sits on the couch, almost like a statue in blue leather for as little as he moves. He's gone beyond shaking. There's movement.

That is, until he catches sight of the TARDIS' hand. Then suddenly there's movement as he takes her hand in his and gently tugs her into his lap so he can wrap his arms tightly around his beloved ship. He sits in silence for a while, until he finally asks in a small voice, "You didn't want me to know, did you?"
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The TARDIS goes easily into his lap, not fighting him at all. Not that she would normally but the way he wraps himself around her isn't good. She's worried. For him, for Eleven, for the relationship between them. There aren't many things that can cause such sorrow and anger all at once. All she can do for him right now is wrap her arms around him in return, hold him close and wait for him to say something. She just hopes this isn't what she fears it is.

But it is.

Just like that. One seemingly simple question and everything comes crashing down. For a moment she forgets how to breathe, how to do anything but hold him. There's no mistaking what he's talking about. The Time War. The darkest moment in their life and now he knows. She doesn't ask how he knows, things are learned that shouldn't be.

Finally she unfolds enough to put one hand on the back of his head. "No." The admission comes out soft and breathless.

"How could we tell you?" How could she tell him that the war ripped him apart, what his actions brought? How could she hurt him like that? He was the most important person in the universe to her, when he hurt so did she.
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He's not even sure how to process what he'd seen. He'd hated the corrupt society and the stifling rules, but watching Gallifrey rip apart and turn into a field of molten rocks floating in space...well. There's just no way to react to that except for numb grief and crushing guilt.


"I'd already had this vision. In Eleven's nightmares. I asked him, and he lied. It's one thing not to say anything. It's another to lie to my face."
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Ah so there was the problem. Eight had seen and Eleven had lied. There were things the TARDIS would lie to him about too because she loved him and wanted to protect him. Normally she didn't have to worry about saying anything at all seeing as how she had no voice as a box. But here is different.

No one liked being lied to, the Doctor was no exception. And yet... "Rule One: The Doctor lies."

It had become a thing with him. Lying to protect his companions, to protect himself. Even if it meant lying to himself.

"Losing them, it was devastating. We were alone in the universe - no Time Lords, no TARDISes, no strays. All we had was each other and the raw feelings we were left with. Looking at you was - is - hard enough because we know what's coming. We lived through it but for you, you still have to."

She took a shuddering breath. Nothing hurt more than talk about the Time War. That was why they didn't, they talked about everything but the war.

"The guilt is not something that eases, it never goes away. How could we put that on you? You'll have to live through it soon enough. So we were prepared to lie about it." Because yes, she would have lied to him too. "How could I tell you it was true? How could I watch you blame yourself again?"
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Eight shakes his head slowly. "After destroying Lucie's trust in me, I'd hoped I'd learned my lesson. If I hadn't lied, she wouldn't have left me. She might have lived." At times, it was like Rule One should have been 'The Doctor will blame himself.'

"I suppose he's right about me wanting to believe the lie," he says, resting his head on her shoulder, not relaxing his grip on her in the least, "But it doesn't stop this feeling like a betrayal.

Or maybe I'm just scared because this reminds me all too much of my last incarnation. Like I've been manipulated 'for my own good'."
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That was their rule number one, not the one for the strays. "Telling the truth does not ensure that a stray will stay with you or that they'll live long lives."

He should know that by now. The TARDIS turns her head so that her nose is buried in his hair. She wouldn't blame him for being angry - with Eleven, with her. They did keep things from him for his own good and they did it out of love.

"There are parts of yourself that you're not proud of, this is one of them."
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"No, no I suppose not." He falls silent for a bit after that. He has enough open, bleeding wounds on his heart from recent events. There's no need to open up old wounds as well.

"There are many parts of me I'm not proud of." Many, many parts.

"I want to stay angry. It was such a breach of trust, after all...but I'm so tired."
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The TARDIS lets that part of conversation fall away. Knowing what he saw - knowing that he'd destroy not just the Daleks but the Time Lords and her sisters was painful enough. Talking about the strays they've lost is only going to make it worse.

"I know. I know," the words are whispered but he'll hear them. Hear how much she does understand.

"After, I watched you. Watched you struggle with what you'd done, watched you deal with the fact that you were the last Time Lord in all of existence, watched you travel alone, watched as you thought you had to carry it all alone. A Doctor born of anger and grief and war and loneliness. I saw as hope was born and watched as it died. If I could spare you that heartbreak I would do it. I would do anything to keep you from the pain that's to come, to keep you from knowing even if it's just for a minute. Even if it means lying to you."

She pulls back just a little, enough to look into his eyes. The TARDIS has tears forming in her eyes, her heart breaking for him all over again. "How could I put you through that? How could I watch the one I love most suffer with the weight of choices yet made?"

One hand cups his cheek, thumb brushing over the skin softly. "I can't protect you forever, I just want to protect you as long as I can."

And she'll be there to help him pick up the pieces in whatever way she can.
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Eight listens, his eyes closing as her thumbs brush over his cheeks, and remains quiet for a long time. What does he say? How does one accept that they're going to be lied to for their own good, and keep their dignity? Or, how does one not accept that they've been lied to for their own good, but protect the heart of the one who lied for all the right reasons?

If only they could go back in time and make sure he never even got a hint of what is to come.

"Yes...yes, I know. I'm just not sure how to proceed from here. All this knowledge and nothing I can do about it. No way to fix it. And a broken trust in him that I'm not sure can be mended.

I have to be the one to back down, again, don't I?"

It's said with just a hint of bitterness. Everything is so out of his hands, now. And yet, everything still seems to rest on his shoulders, because damned if Eleven will take responsibility for anything.

Oh, just shut up, you whining brat of a Time Lord, he scolds himself mentally, and raises his hand to stroke her hair. "Please, my old girl. Don't cry."
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[personal profile] sexyoldgirl 2013-09-11 05:49 am (UTC)(link)
She would accept his anger if that's what it took. It's not as though it would keep her away. The TARDIS wouldn't even be hurt by it as much as he might think, just so long as she still had him. Of course she knows that the Doctor's reason weren't as selfless as hers, he was protecting himself but she can't blame Eleven.

If only but that's not something they could do - even if her boxy shape was here. Crossing his own timestream was dangerous. At that she tilts his head back so that she can look into his eyes.

"You do what you always do. Go forward one moment at a time. Be angry, distract yourself - just keep fighting."

And she doesn't mean fighting with himself. "Eleven doesn't like decisions being made for him either. Be angry because of that but he knows better than anyone - even me - what it was like after. All the weight you'll have to carry around and the guilt and the loneliness. So he protects himself with lies, talks about them like they weren't doing something terrible, continues to travel the universe like he still has something to go back to. The strays are no longer just company you keep while you explore, to show off interesting things to, they're essential to being the Doctor."

Some days the later Doctors are too much like the Valeyard. "Without them you're too arrogant, too Time Lord for your own good."

And that's not what she loves so much about him. The TARDIS loves that defiant, adventurous side of him that made him run away in the first place. Seeing him act like other Time Lords is something that breaks her heart. "So sometimes it helps to lie. Even to himself because he will never forget and doesn't want to."
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As much as he doesn't want to, he can see the logic in what she says. Lies could be used to protect, as long as you always remembered that there would be consequences if the lie was found out.

"I will always fight," he says quietly, giving her a half smile of reassurance, "Don't worry about that."

From the start of his life away from Gallifrey, his companions have always made him a better man. They were his anchor to reality when he could so easily fall down the road the Master took if he isn't careful.

"Sometimes, I'm surprised you don't just give up on me. Foolish old man that I am."

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