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Who: The Who house!
What: Eleven found someone exciting so he wants to parade her around.
When: Backdated to day 321
Where: Doctor Who house.
Rating: G

[ The Doctor has Ril by the hand by the time they get to the house. He's pretty much bouncing with excitement, and grinning, as he leads her up to the blue doors and swings them open. ]

Doctor, Doctor! Come here, there's someone you've got to meet!

[ They better be home, or he'll hunt the city for them.

Or just call them. Whatever. ]
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[Eight doesn't live in the house himself, but he does spend a lot of time there. When he hears a lot of excited voices as he approaches the house, his steps quicken and he jogs the rest of the way to the door.

He opens the door and peeks his head inside curiously.]

Am I missing a party?
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[Her hand went up in a wave.]

I'm not sure I warrant the classification of party quite ye-- Do we have tea? I could make tea if you've leaves and the like. [Because standing about seems a bit silly and her hands need something to do.] Hello, I'm Ril, and it's perfectly lovely to meet you, but doors are really not for standing in.

[Eight gets a bright smile and his arm gets a slight tug to get him to come inside, because that's how you do that. He'll get a hug, too, but it's mostly his arm that gets it, so it comes off as a bit of a hello! squeeze.]

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Tea? I like her already.

[Eight allows himself to be tugged along by this little ginger whirlwind, smiling down at her when she gives his arm a hug.]

Yes, you're probably right. Hello, Ril! I'm, well, you probably already know I'm the Doctor, considering the house we're standing in. I'm Eight, to be specific. It is very nice to meet you.

[Wait, hold on. What did Eleven say?]

You have a ship, too, eh? I take it with the excited way Eleven said it, you also form a symbiotic link with your ship?
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Whoops. Academic storytimes.

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Bags? [She looks completely perplexed.] No, I don't suppose I've tried tea in a bag. Back where I'm from the dried leaves steep in the water and you eat them, too. If you're doing them normal-folk way, else we've got a matrecon unit that converts stored meal and drink options. I've had the use of one for about a solar year, absolutely fantastic things. In goes your mug, no leaves, just tea in a second. [She shrugs a bit.] I still like the leaves, though. They taste good to me.

[Her eyes went a bit wide then as she circled around to Eight's question. She still hadn't let go, content with the light physical contact so long as it was permitted. She did, however, ease after Eleven irregardless of her attachment.]

Symbiotic-- Well, I so suppose that about sums it up. [Her diction switches to something more formal, almost clinical.] Pilots are injected with a toxin--via the ship itself--that allows their craft to adjust their pilot's DNA and physical makeup to forge a physical and psychic connection between them. It's an [you never forgot the burning madness, the falling, the changing and newness of the augmentation, where every cell was the same and different all at once-- Ril swallows hard for a moment, distancing herself from the perfect recall.] arduous process that takes anywhere from twenty-four hours to a week before augmentation begins. The shorter the time between injection and augmentation, the more chance there is of the bond fully forming. A fully functional bond-pair augmentation is called an Amalthi Transition. They do not happen often and precipitate momentous and usually tragic interstellar historical moments.

[She blinked and shook her head, shaking herself out of instructor mode.]

So, mm. Yes, that's the short of it, it is, symbiosis and a complicated chemical and psychic handshake among other things.
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[Eight listens attentively, always fascinated by technologies of different worlds. The process seems a bit barbaric to him, but he isn't about to say that.]

Well, something like that. Our DNA and physiology isn't changed when we bond with our TARDISes, but that might be because we are a naturally telepathic race and don't need our DNA altered for that purpose. The connection just needs to be made.
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Antedans tend toward the telepathic. Or used to, a long while ago. I think the talent's dying, being strangled out of us by something I haven't a name for yet. But on a population basis, I'd say when we produce talented folk, they're almost always telepathic, telekinetic, or healers. Mostly, I think the DNA change is to help us survive out there. We're recoded to be durable, us Pilots. If we're given long lives, we best be able to survive. Ships and Pilots don't tend to, mm [Her fingers curl in an unconscious gesture.], make it long without each other, though.

[It's not a scratch on the surface of it, though, but it's not as bad as it could be. Maybe the gods themselves softened it just enough. Ril can't tell, but she knows she's in the right place like you know when you walk into a place meant to be home. It's a gut feeling, home.]

Mmm. We're wound together, in and out.
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A TARDIS is much like that, I'm afraid. While we can, with difficulty, live without our TARDIS, when we finally die for the last time, the TARDIS dies as well.

[He looked down at the woman with concerned eyes.]

How are you holding up?
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[Ril can't do anything to respond to dying TARDISes but make a softly distressed sound before falling silent for a good long while. When she does speak, her voice is rough but quiet.]

Sometimes [she swallows hard, shakes her head] I think I'm fine. [And then her hands go to her eyes before scrubbing at them with her palms.] And then I fall asleep, when I wake, it's like--

[Ril shivers and her hands fall. How does one convey these things?]

I am alive, [she lets out a breath and a half laugh] which is, in itself, remarkable.

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[Eight nods, resting his hand on Ril's. His tone is quiet and gentle.]

It must be difficult to have such a deep bond severed. Like losing a limb, or half of your soul.

Hopefully, it will become more bearable in time.
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Ril let his touch calm her. It was a reminder that she wasn't adrift, and that she was still her, still alive, and that was good. Sometimes, even with folk in the room, she'd forget and panic would creep in.]

It's a bit as if I've lost an entire battery of sensory input, for one. And then a huge chunk of who I am, and-- [She shook her head.] I suppose, I am split in two, so yes...helf.

[She peered at the tea, interested.]
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[Eight's own fingers twitched a bit, his expression going a bit taut.]

It's like the feeling I had when I was in the divergent universe. There was no time there. It's not like here, where we've been made human, and thus our bodies were never meant to sense time in the first place. I was still a Time Lord, and it felt like those senses had been burned out of me.

[He glances Eleven's way. The older him probably hardly remembers it, being so long ago. It's still very recent for him.

Then his eyes are back on Ril, giving her one of his sincere looks.]

I know how it feels, and I know it fades a little after a while. Enough that it's bearable, at least. Unpleasant, but bearable.

Besides, you'll have plenty of people looking out for you.
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[One, she hugs Eight properly, and with a slight rock as if to say it shouldn't have happened at all, and because she can see the horror of the experience in every line of him. It makes her want to do something, only it's past and she can't. Two, when she releases him Eleven gets the same hug with the same expression because he's the same and it's happened to him and she sees it. She sees everything.

And she hasn't words, just hugs, for the longest while. When she speaks, it's quiet.

If I can help it, never. Never alone.
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[He gives Eleven a slightly worried look as Ril hugs him, wrapping his arms around her gently and trying to give her as much comfort as she can.]

You won't have to be alone. Not ever.
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[Eleven gets a squeeze before she pulls back. If she's a little teary eyed, there's just something in her eye and her voice breaks just a little.]

Good. I'm not sure how I'd deal. It's not-- I don't think I-- [She shakes her head and knows that the last thing she needs is to be in a room by herself. She's tried that and it was beyond terrifying.] I'd not like a repeat of the first night I was here.
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Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore. We're a large group. There's always someone around.

[He'd rather she not try to think about that night. No point is upsetting herself.]
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Mm. [She nods, tilting herself into him. Not worrying is good. She'd hang on until things were settled, until she could think again.]

Thank you both. [She smiles and rubs at her cold hands for a moment. There was a slight pause as she studied the tea that was lined up and waiting.]

Tea? Which one shall I try, then?
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Well, hmmm...

Would you prefer something light or something dark?

[He looks her over, then glances over to Eleven.]

You look like a white or green tea woman, I think. Darjeeling, perhaps?

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