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[Closed] Empty Spaces & Broken Graces

Who: Ril Sorrin & Open to Whocast
What: Vanaheim had been a quiet, if largely sleepless, adventure, but coming home is a waking nightmare and a wicked shock.
When: Day 334 & Subthread: Late Evening 334 
Where: Who house, streets, near the castle where all those dead folks have apparently gone.
Rating: PG-13? Dealing with death and shock. She's not going to react well.  At all.  It's not something you expect.

It was a subtle difference, a darkening of mood as they returned from Vanaheim to the city. The streets felt as if they were darker, heavier, and the air, too felt as if it were weighed down. It wasn't cold, but she felt as if it should have been a biting horrible cold. Ril passed it off as the sort of thing that could happen when there was a temperature shift. As she moved up the steps, her bag of newly bought clothes en tow, she shifted to listen to the house.

This was her home with the folk she called family without reservation. And she was home in her home. There was an eagerness to her movements as she walked through the front door, searching the space in front of her. Familiar faces, familiar things.  There was something different about the air, too, cleanser, perhaps with a sharp scent.  

No matter, it was fine.  Everything was fine, and she had something for Six ,she did.

"Anyone about, then?" she called, shifting on the balls of her feet with the door wide open behind her.  Already she couldn't quite stop the smile spreading across her face.  Where'd he gotten to?  Surely he'd be about.
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After Eight finally got Rose's fever down and got her resting again, he slipped out of her room and slipped through the streets as quietly and unobtrusively as he could. Despite all Rose had said, he still felt a crushing guilt over every horrible thing he'd done under Thiazi's control. He really didn't want to see anyone but his older self at the moment. Hopefully Eleven was at home.

When he arrived, he noted how the door had been put back up and all of his blood had been cleaned from the wall and the floor with grim approval. The hole in the wall where Buffy's sword had run him through and penetrated it had been patched, but the patching was too new not to notice. Eight swallowed and tore his gaze away from the evidence that it hadn't all been a nightmare and wandered through the house, looking for Eleven.

Hearing a voice in the entry hall, Eight walked back to the front of the house, shoving his hands deep into the pockets of his blue leather jacket. They were coming home, and Asgard wasn't ready to receive him. More specifically, he wasn't ready to have everyone back.

"Ril," he says quietly, plastering on a smile, "Hello. Did you have a good time in Vanaheim?"
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No, he really didn't want to talk about it. In fact, he wanted to leave Asgard for good and hide away from everything that happened. But, as Rose said, it would make him a coward, and not the good kind. Everything had to come out eventually, and if it didn't come from him, it would come from someone else.

"I'm...not sure where Eleven is," he began, "but I'm sure he's just out checking in with one friend or another. Rose has a bit of a fever, but she's alright. She's asleep in her suite in Freya. Six..."

He gulped and even that fake little smile faltered and fell. "Ril, I'm afraid everything went very badly after everyone left. Thiazi infiltrated the network, made it nearly impossible for us to sleep, which drove some people mad. And she...she corrupted some of us. Made us do terrible things.

We had to be put down, so the corruption could be cleansed. Six and I were among them. I only just returned yesterday, but Six...I-I'm afraid he's still dead and being cleansed."
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Eight's eyes widened at her reaction. He really had no idea how attached she'd gotten to his former self. Oh dear, this was bad. This was very bad. Suddenly, he was by her side, one arm around her and the other hand resting on her shoulder.

"Ril. Ril, relax," he murmured quietly into her ear, "You'll hyperventilate if you don't take a breath. Yes, he will be back, and right as rain. I swear. Well...physically. I daresay he'll have as much guilt resting on his shoulders as I do. For now, the only place you need to go is the sofa before you fall down."
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"Shhh, shhh, Ril, it's alright," he soothed, running a hand lightly over her hair to try to get her to calm down before she threw herself into a full-blown panic attack.

"The castle. When he's cleansed and brought back, he'll come out of the castle you found yourself in when you arrived in Asgard. I'm only here before him because...well...because someone took me down before him."

It wasn't a pleasant thought, and his eyes briefly glanced to the patched up hole in the living room wall. Still, it was over now.

"You've grown...quite attached to my younger self, haven't you?" It was some sort of attempt to distract her from the fact that Six was dead. She really didn't need to go to the castle just now, because what would she do when she got there? Six wasn't going to be out yet. Best to let her calm down here than have her pacing around the castle all day to no avail.
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Her words brought a warm smile to his face; one he never thought he'd have so soon. It was for his younger self, of course. Six had someone who adored him. And after the events of the last few weeks, he was going to need someone like that.

"He will be back soon, I'm sure. Give it a couple of hours."

Eight tilted his head just a little to look down at her. "Are you feeling any better?"
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Eight was a little bemused when she cuddled up so close to him. He tends to be fairly tactile himself in most of his incarnations, but she was a whole other level of tactile altogether. Not that he minded. Simply surprised.

He gathered her up as best he could without seeming too forward. She just seemed to want the comforting contact, and that was alright by him.

"I wish I could offer you comforting words," he said quietly, petting her hair, "but I think I'm about the worst person to do that. I do know from experience, however, that he'll at least be physically unharmed when he returns, and cleaned of the corruption that took over our minds."
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" Nobody was waiting for me when I got out. I had people who wanted to speak to me when I returned, but nobody was waiting at the castle."

He gave Ril a little one-shouldered shrug. It wasn't such a bad thing, really. When he left the castle, the last thing he wanted was to have someone there. He wanted to be alone, as he felt he deserved to be. He didn't feel like he deserved anything that has happened since he revived, as surprising and wonderful as it was. It wasn't what a killer deserved.

And now that everyone was back from Vanaheim, he'd probably return to that strange state of being alone in a crowd of people, and he had a grim satisfaction in that. When you do something horrible, and when you're going to go home and do something even worse without the excuse of being controlled, you didn't have the right to expect anything else.

Despite that inward moment of self-loathing, he still smiled at Ril. "It's alright, really. I'm glad that Six will have someone waiting for him, though."
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Eight just stared at her as she cupped his face. In that part of his mind that was constantly working out the science of things, he wondered just how overwhelming it would be to get into telepathic contact with this woman. She felt so intensely, it was almost too watch even without a mental link.

But yes, eventually he did focus, and he listened to what she had to say. He smiled, genuinely touched by her words. "Thank you, Ril. I hope I don't have to die again, but if I do, I would be honored to have you wait for me."
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A bit of pink tinged his cheeks when she kissed them, and he gives her a bit more of a smile, if only a sad one. She couldn't have known, as she'd only just arrived.

"I'm afraid...I haven't had much reason to lately," he says quietly, "Not just these last weeks, but before I even arrived. I'm still somewhat working my way out of a state of grief. I just haven't had much of a chance to let it go when one thing after another comes barreling at me in this place."
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It would be churlish of him not to admit, at least to himself, that there are good moments to cling to. That is, even if they have usually been marred by some other horrible event.

Even his most recent bit of good fortune came with a lot of potential for everything to go wrong and for him to come out the loser. Or they all could. It was a rather delicate matter that could break apart very, very easily.

Wait, what was she suggesting here?

"Thank you, but...I-- I's not necessary. I'll be alright. I just need everything to settle so I can process everything. You don't have to go through the trouble."

Okay, so he was babbling at this point. He was a little caught off-guard by the sudden shift in the discussion.
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"Well, fixing what is hurting me recently is not going to be possible, but I see your point."

Her words were heartening, though, and made him grin a little with the way the tables were turned. She wanted to show him places and things to distract him. Something he would have done, had he not been trapped in this one place and one time.
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"I'm sure you're right," Eight said, settling a little more into the couch, keeping hold of her for now, "Unfortunately, one thing you will learn about us Doctors is that we can sometimes focus on what we've lost and forget about what we have here."

He shook his head ruefully at how ridiculous he and his other selves could be sometimes. "That is, until we lose it, and then we add it to our pile of losses to fixate on."
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She was, of course, speaking total sense. Part of the Doctor's problem, however, was that he rarely made sense. Something he should fix at some point. Maybe.

"The habit of centuries will be hard to break," he replied with a rueful shrug, "You think about it, and think that what you're suggesting is a good idea, but you find yourself falling into that rut again. Only seeing everything you've lost."

He blinked down at her bracelet, not quite sure what she meant. "Call you, then? Ril, if you try to tend to all of our emotional baggage, you're going to overwork yourself."

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