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What: Travellers returning from Vanaheim to find their friends picking up the pieces after the end of the Bad Moon Rising plot.
When: Day 334 ( Sept. 30 - Oct. 1 )
Where: all around the city!
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a separate log, please!

[ OOC NOTES: That's it. That's the log.

This is the mingle log for characters returning from Vanaheim to find their friends that witnessed the mayhem in Asgard. Remember that there will be apples trees all across the city again, this time bearing luminescent golden fruit. A short message will appear on each character's bracelet: Eat the Fruit of Clarity. The apples will clean up the last of Thiazi's black magic. Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. This concludes both month-long plots, thanks for playing with us! ]
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[At this point in the day, Eight is starting to resign himself to the fact that there's absolutely no way he can avoid other Travelers and still help to fix what he'd done. He still tries to stay out of direct line of sight, but at this point he's no longer actively trying to hide whenever someone comes by.

You might think Pyro would be the last person Eight would want to see, but he actually doesn't mind. He could actually do with some of Pyro's abuse. Far too many people have been too kind to him as it is, treating him like just another victim, and that is wrong.

When Pyro is staring up at a wall scrawled with the swirling circular language of the Doctor's own people, Eight approaches, frowning at the writing.]

One day, I hope to be able to escape that rhyme...
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[He doesn't really react to Eight, doesn't acknowledge the vicious fight they had last time they spoke. He just blinks up at the designs again, confused.]

You mean that's a language?
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[Eight was half hoping he would. Martyr complex? What martyr complex? Still, it's just as well that he doesn't. There are bigger things to worry about.]


That's Gallifreyan. Our language.
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[Eventually, he does glance over at Eight, but his voice still isn't hostile.]

I heard a few of you got the shit end of this one.
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[He scowls a bit. Not at Pyro, but at himself. At Thiazi. At the whole bloody situation.]

I'd say the Natives got the worst of it.
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[He barely cares about human lives, never mind the lives of the literally faceless masses around here. But it does occur to him that they won't just come back, that the crowds in the streets will be much thinner, and he scrubs a hand over his face.]

Jesus Christ. Can't they do anything against her?
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Well, for as godly as they claim to be, I'm afraid they aren't very good at precognition. This was a sneak attack that I don't think they saw coming.
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Yeah, sure, they all are. That's what she's doing this time around, she proved it with the spies. But there's how many of them against one of her, and they can't even fight her once she does break in?
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You would think, wouldn't you.

[He scowls to himself, even though he knows better. Or should. Back home, a single Dalek could wipe out an army. Sometimes superior numbers just isn't enough.]

I just wish I was myself here. I'd have at least been able to try to fight off her control. I'm supposed to have defenses on top of defenses up here.

[He taps his forehead. Damn it, this is frustrating. It would be nice if he'd even had a chance.]
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Don't we all. [Snide, but edged with the same anger.] Now you know how I felt when she dumped all that killer ice on us. Working with a fucking thrift store flamethrower.

[He shakes his head, turning away.]

I said it when the first spy showed up, the second wave was gonna be sneak attacks. I'm not even the strategist and I knew that much. Someone's gotta get on top of the next one before this place turns into a horror movie.
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[He sighs.] Yes, well, it's neither here or there, now. Considering it took killing me and two days of soul cleanup to get me right again, I'm not sure if my telepathic defenses would have held out for long.

I just hope they do get on top of the next one. Or we have to just take the next move.
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[So he's one of the Doctors who went down. There's a smug satisfaction in that, considering how badly they get on, but it's not as satisfying as it should be.]

Any kind of mind control can get really fucking ugly really fast. [He's passed months here, but the sensation of the Professor trying to destroy his brain is still sharp as ever. He actually winces. At least the next comment is a distraction.]

Yeah, there's an idea, huh? Get proactive in the war. I doubt they have the guts, though, or that their foot soldiers are up to it.
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Mm, maybe, but if we keep going at this rate, this war is going to be lost pretty quickly.

[He hates the idea of escalating the fighting, but at least they can come back from the dead. The Natives can't, and waiting for Thiazi to strike first was just getting them killed.]
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You really think there's any way of winning it right now? After how badly we've been beat by just one of those giants, two times in a row?
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Oh, there's always a way.

And I wouldn't underestimate Thiazi. She's more than just another giant. Besides, don't sell us short. A group of Travelers did manage to infiltrate Thrymheim and bring Freyr's soul back. And then when the giants came here to attack, we did manage to fight them off.

The war isn't lost yet.
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Yeah, which started all these sneak attacks. [He's sullen, not as angry as he used to be.]

Well, then, let's fucking end it. We're past morals or beliefs at this point, it's just time to get out.
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We're never past right or wrong, Pyro, but something does have to be done. And maybe...maybe...

[He grimaces. He hates when it goes this far.]

Maybe we'll just have to worry about the knocks to our consciences later. This war has gotten too messy for there to be any guilt-free way of ending it. Not that there ever was...
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I don't give a shit about guilt. This bitch is just playing with us right now, and it's bad enough when the gods do it - I'm not being her puppet, too. She starts playing with peoples' brains, she deserves whatever she gets.
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[He shakes his head.]

I'm not worrying about her. My concern is the fate of the innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire.
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How many locals do you think are dying right now, with this shit going down every few weeks and no instant revival for them? They'll be able to get down to repopulating quicker if it all ends.
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[His expression hardens and he looks away at all the destruction.]

I know perfectly well how many are dying now.

[He, in fact, was one of the people who had tortured and killed a number of them. He'd rather not be reminded of that.]

It could be worse if we start acting recklessly. I'm not saying it shouldn't be done, but let's at least try to keep the civilian deaths to a minimum.
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So either we wait and more of 'em get wiped out while we make a plan, or we just do something and maybe some of 'em get in the way. I still like my way better.