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Who: Newbies and anyone who wishes to greet them!
What: Getting used to the city
When: Days 337 and forward
Where: Anywhere in town!
Rating: PG-13 tops! If it gets worse, move to a private log please.

[Please include your location and the IC day (ex. Day 338 - this can be found in the schedule) in your top-level comment or your subject line when starting a thread! It can be any welcome hall, major attraction, or just out an about in any district. For newbies making a top-level thread, you may include your character's name/canon/house in your subject line if you'd like, to make housemates easy to find! :) If a God is needed or wanted, please ping the mods and depending on availability we might be able to throw them in where asked.

Also, keep an eye on the event schedule for October! If you're ICly introing during an event, make sure you take that into account. Thank you!

Have fun!]
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[Eight comes down the steps of the Library, and freezes in shock so suddenly that he almost accidentally pitches himself down the rest of the way.

He manages to catch himself quickly enough not to make a total spectacle of himself...and then ruins all that effort by running like a madman towards the skinny ginger that just happens to wander by.]

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[Oh good heavens, it's another one. Turlough freezes in his tracks like a deer in the headlights when he hears the Doctor call his name and sees the man run towards him. He smiles weakly and attempts to lessen the look of panicked confusion on his face. This was the Doctor. It totally was the Doctor.]

Doctor, I presume?
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In the flesh, multiple times.

[No, Doctor, that wasn't funny the first time. Stop.]

I see they've snatched you up as well. Well, at least you'll have company. There has been quite a number of us picked up.

[His smile drops just a little.]

Nobody you would know, unfortunately. I haven't seen Nyssa, Tegan or my Fifth self yet.
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[Turlough frowns slightly, putting his hands in his pocket as he thinks.]

Well...what about other people from your past? When I'm from, we've just finished that business with the Game of Rassilon. I spent most of my time in the Death Zone in the TARDIS with Susan.
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[Susan. The last time he saw her, she was crying over the death of her son.]

No, no Susan here.

Jamie is here, though I don't think you got to meet him. He wasn't actually there that day. It was just an illusion of him.

I'm afraid you'll just have to make new friends. At least I can guarantee that they'll be a lot nicer to you than Tegan.
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[Turlough siiighed, shaking his head.]

I'm not exactly the best at making friends. Still, I suppose I could ask around and see who else is here.
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You'll do fine, Turlough.

[He's always been ridiculously fond of the young man himself, despite Turlough trying to kill him more than once. If he can still consider Turlough a friend, why not everyone else?

Well, there's Tegan, but...well.]

Most of us have moved into two houses across from each other in Thor District. They won't be hard to find.

What house did you find yourself in?

[As if he doesn't already have an idea.]
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[Hel. But like he's telling the Doctor that.]

Does it really matter? [Turlough says, with a dismissive wave.]
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[He tilts his head.]

Why wouldn't it matter?
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We're all on the same side, fighting the same war, after all.
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Well, yes, but it's useful to know what you can do. For example, I have Healing from Sigyn.

Really, none of the houses are that bad.
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[There's a very long pause. He was the Doctor...the Doctor wouldn't judge, right?]

I'm in Hel, [Turlough muttered, obviously embarrassed.] With Body Control.
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[Eight looks...rather confused.]

Nothing wrong with that. One of my future selves is in Hel.

Why would you be ashamed of that?
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[Turlough just fidgets, ashamed.]

Body Control isn't exactly a...nice power to have. Besides, I know my Earth mythology. Hel is the goddess of the dead.
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No, no you're right. Still, I trust you not to hurt innocent people with it.

And, to be fair, Hel does take fairly good care of the dead.

[He shrugs.]

I'm probably not the best person to talk to about death. Time Lords have a fairly loose relationship with it.
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Much more loose than the rest of us, at least. [Turlough remarked, frowning slightly. He still had...a conflicting relationship with his power and his house.]

I just don't want to be stuck in a house full of murderers and lunatics when I'm only here because I made a bad decision.
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You don't have to live with them, you know. Why not come live with us? We recently rented two houses in Thor District, and there's still room in the second for you, if you like.
Edited 2013-10-18 05:53 (UTC)
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I need to at least see who my flatmate is, [Turlough said, with a small shrug.] It's only polite.
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Oh, well, yes I suppose it is. I admit, my first suitemate was always out, so I never saw him. I don't think he would have even noticed if I had left.

Fiona, though... I'll need to let her know I've moved. I forgot all about it in the chaos.

[Sigh. Oops.]

Still, you might find that it's not as bad as you're envisioning. There are a lot of people in Hel. They can't all be as you fear. Like I said, my future self is there.
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Pardon me for having mixed feelings about Death House, [Turlough said, with a slight frown.]
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[He holds his hands up in a gesture of surrender, chuckling. Ah, how he missed Turlough's surliness.]

Alright, alright. I was simply trying to put your mind at ease, is all.
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I appreciate the effort, [he grumped, with a sigh.] Though I don't know how much it helped.
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Apparently not.


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That's alright, [he said with a sigh and a frown.] I'm sure I'll get used to it.