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What: Look! A Distraction! Festival log part one. The overflow log can be found here and part two of the event can be found here.
When: Days 338-341 (Oct. 8-15)
Where: The castle courtyard.
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

[ All barriers are coming down for this five-day event: both the ones between the gods and their Travelers and between the city and its center. The castle courtyard is open to any and all for the next five days. NPC booths with games, snacks, and trinkets fill the space both along and around the entrance with plenty of room to spare for anything the Travelers might want to set up for themselves. Music and food fill the air at a constant, with firepits and decorative torches burning at night to light up the courtyard in an earthy glow and keep everyone warm. There will be plenty of food and entertainment, and the party will last throughout the night each night.

The theme of the festivities will change with every day:
Day 338 (Oct. 8/9)
It's time for a costume party! Travelers will be encouraged by the natives and gods alike to wear costumes both silly and serious! Anyone needing assistance simply need to say the word, and they will be descended upon by enthusiastic natives ready to help and desperate to put the tragedy of Thiazi's attack behind them.

Day 339 (Oct. 10/11)
Familiar scents will waft in the air with the theme of the second day: Home away from Home! The visiting god Honir has made a push to organize food and music straight from the Travelers' worlds, and it will all seem absolutely and utterly authentic. The natives will be cooking and playing music throughout the festival, and will be encouraging Travelers to to teach others about their own world/time's clothing and culture.

Day 340 (Oct. 12/13)
This day is going to follow something of a Samhain celebration. Merlin, with the permission and help from the gods, planted the seed of an oak tree in the centre of the courtyard. By this day, it will have grown as large as though it's been there for a hundred years. Travellers will be welcomed to tie ribbons or letters to the tree for their departed loved ones and friends, whether they've passed on or simply left the city, in remembrance and a final farewell.

However, being far too curious about to whom they're writing, Honir will be going through all of the ribbons and letters when no one's looking. Moved by their losses, he'll be bugging Mimir into helping him perform a spell that will bring a sort of comfort to everyone. Characters can receive up to a maximum of three photographs of themselves with whomever their ribbon is for, regardless of whether or not they ever took a picture with that person or even had the technology to do so. All of these photographs will be candid shots of happy memories that will be waiting for them on the Travelers' pillows.

(We aren't doing approvals for these so please, limit yourselves to only three photographs!)

Day 341 (Oct. 14/15)
This day will introduce a festival game with the gods! As you go around to the various booths and attractions throughout the festival, NPCs will be handing out small treats to anyone they see wearing the colors of their patron god - whether you wore the colour intentionally or not!

The gods themselves will also be hosting another game of sorts: each of Asgard's patrons and allies will have a riddle or trivia question for any Travelers that approach them. Answer these correctly and they will tie a token of their favor (a ribbon in their colour or crest) around your upper arm. These ribbons can be cashed in for prizes at any time during the rest of the festival! (More details can be found under Day 341 HERE.)
The log for the fifth day masquerade can be found here!

The event guide for various events throughout the festival can be found here. Please include your location and the IC day (ex. Day 338 - this can be found in the schedule) in your top-level comment or your subject line when starting a thread! If you want to request a certain god, feel free to ping them and we will do what we can. Otherwise, have fun, and as always - let us know if there's anything you need! ]

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somebody come make fun of him

[personal profile] failassassin 2013-10-10 02:12 am (UTC)(link)
[Fun fact: Turlough has no idea how to ice-skate. So, he's holding onto the railing for dear life as he slowly inched forward on the skates because this was more scary than he thought.

Of course Turlough, ridiculously stubborn as he is, isn't thinking of asking anyone for help. He could figure this out himself. So naturally, after a few moments, he falls flat on his face.
sexyoldgirl: (Time And Relative Dimension In Space)

[personal profile] sexyoldgirl 2013-10-10 07:22 am (UTC)(link)
[The TARDIS is not here to skate. She's here to watch other people skate and check out Jack's new business.]

[Which is how she notices Turlough clinging to the railing and then suddenly disappearing from view. She stands and leans over the rail to get a look at him.]

You alright down there?
failassassin: (slightly snarky)

[personal profile] failassassin 2013-10-10 02:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Perfectly fine, [Turlough says, utterly sarcastic, as he flails up and reaches to grab the railing again.]

I'm sure I'll be bruised all over tomorrow. [of course, the only thing really wounded now is his pride.]
sexyoldgirl: (Mum's The Word)

[personal profile] sexyoldgirl 2013-10-11 12:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[She raises an eyebrow and leans back to avoid ending up in his personal space, just this once.]

Well you've got the ice to keep them from swelling. [The TARDIS says it with a straight face.]
failassassin: (eyebrow goes up)

[personal profile] failassassin 2013-10-11 01:56 pm (UTC)(link)
[He let out a huffy sigh, giving the TARDIS a Look.] Very funny.
sexyoldgirl: (You Were About To Say That)

[personal profile] sexyoldgirl 2013-10-11 02:43 pm (UTC)(link)
[She chuckles softly.] Couldn't resist.
failassassin: (chilling like a villain)

[personal profile] failassassin 2013-10-11 08:43 pm (UTC)(link)
You saw the opportunity and took it, [he said with a sigh, as he got to his feet.]
sexyoldgirl: (And then you stole me. And I stole you.)

[personal profile] sexyoldgirl 2013-10-11 11:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Wouldn't you have done the same? [A tilt of her head.]
failassassin: (cheeky little smile)

[personal profile] failassassin 2013-10-12 02:43 am (UTC)(link)
...perhaps, [he said, with a smirk.]
sexyoldgirl: (You Were About To Say That)

[personal profile] sexyoldgirl 2013-10-12 11:48 pm (UTC)(link)
[That's what she thought.]

Have you been enjoying yourself so far?
failassassin: (cheeky little smile)

[personal profile] failassassin 2013-10-13 03:14 am (UTC)(link)
Aside from making a fool of myself ice skating, I'll say that I have. It's certainly nice having a festival to go to.
sexyoldgirl: (We Travel Together)

[personal profile] sexyoldgirl 2013-10-14 05:12 am (UTC)(link)
I didn't come to skate, I came to see Young Man Winter's business. [Because Jack was hardly old - not in appearance or in comparison to her.] We certainly don't do these sort of festivals enough.
failassassin: (oh that's how to cripple the TARDIS?)

[personal profile] failassassin 2013-10-14 03:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[Turlough is still clinging to the edge for dear life.]

It seems I arrived here at a good time, then.

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did you say making fun of people

[personal profile] 2cool4guardian 2013-10-10 02:18 pm (UTC)(link)
[Jack laughs and slides his way to Turlough's side, crouching as if it was nothing, still barefooted.]

Balance isn't your friend, is it?
failassassin: (faucet tap of death)

yes i did. c;

[personal profile] failassassin 2013-10-10 02:25 pm (UTC)(link)
[Turlough = Bambi, Jack = Thumper.]

Shut up. [Turlough hissed as he tried to get up, his feet slid out from underneath him, and he fell flat on the ground.]
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[personal profile] 2cool4guardian 2013-10-10 06:05 pm (UTC)(link)
[He laughs again, the bells on his jester hat jingling as he moves his head.]

I was going to give you some tips, but if you want silence... [He puts a finger against his mouth. Then silence will be!]
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[personal profile] failassassin 2013-10-10 08:51 pm (UTC)(link)
I can handle this myself, [Turlough says, obviously annoyed. He manages to stand up, inches forward slightly...and then falls down again, this time landing smack on his knee.]
2cool4guardian: (028)

[personal profile] 2cool4guardian 2013-10-11 01:59 am (UTC)(link)
[His bottom lip gets bitten, fighting hard not to laugh. He's trying to keep up the silence, see. So, taking a page from Sandy's book , he gives Turlough two thumbs up. Greeeat job.]
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[personal profile] failassassin 2013-10-11 03:10 am (UTC)(link)
[Eventually, Turlough's pride crumbled.]

...fine. How do you do this sort of thing?
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[personal profile] 2cool4guardian 2013-10-14 05:27 am (UTC)(link)
[Jack laughs some more, the offers the other end of his staff for the man to hold on and get up.]

First, let's try to make you stand without support. Or trembling.
failassassin: (bwuh?)

[personal profile] failassassin 2013-10-14 03:38 pm (UTC)(link)
[Turlough grabs the end of the staff and slowly gets to his feet. He's standing fairly still, but he's holding onto that staff for dear life.]
2cool4guardian: (094)

[personal profile] 2cool4guardian 2013-10-17 08:35 pm (UTC)(link)
[Fairly still isn't completely still. Jack raises both eyebrows.]

Do you actually feel your legs or they are like jelly extensions?
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[personal profile] failassassin 2013-10-18 03:02 am (UTC)(link)
Does it matter? [Not letting go of that staff, Jack. Sorry.]
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[personal profile] 2cool4guardian 2013-10-21 02:25 am (UTC)(link)
Well, don't quote me on this one, but I think you're going to need them to do this.

[He playfully gives his staff a tug.]
failassassin: (bwuh?)

[personal profile] failassassin 2013-10-21 02:56 am (UTC)(link)
[Turlough lurches forward in an ungraceful manner.]

Don't do that!

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