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What: Look! A Masquerade! Festival log part two, for the masquerade. Part one can be found here.
When: Day 342 (Oct. 16-17th)
Where: The banquet hall and ballroom inside Gladsheim Palace.
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please.

[ On the fifth day of the festival, Travelers will be welcomed into the castle itself -- many for the first time since their arrival -- for a masquerade ball! Live ensembles will be providing music for people to dance to in the ballroom, and maidstaff outfitted in fancy clothing will be walking around and providing flutes of sweet champagne. (There will be food and an open bar in the banquet hall, as well as comfortable seats to rest, relax, and chat.)

The gods will be gods, however, and it won't stop at that. This is the last day of their epic party; at the stroke of midnight, a small curse will hit everyone inside the castle barrier and the Travellers will be compelled to kiss their dates! This can be their date-auction dates, whomever they're dancing with at the time, their secret crush, or even everyone they came to the party with. The gods aren't picky about what defines a "date" this time around, so go crazy and pucker up!

EDIT: ( Because we mods miss things too ) By the time the party starts dwindling down and people are ushered out of the castle, it will have started raining outside. It's nothing so heavy as to trap everyone indoors, but those without an umbrella or a coat may find themselves soaked before they reach home. Stick together and try to keep each other dry - or at the very least, warm! Honir and the castle maids will be handing out umbrellas at the door, but Loki will be cursing the vast majority of them to turn into paper as soon as water touches them. Sorry, not sorry.

Part one of the event can be found HERE. Please include your location in top-level comment of your subject line when starting a thread! If you want to request a certain god, feel free to ping them and we will do what we can. Otherwise, have fun, and as always - let us know if there's anything you need! ]
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bar or ballroom! ota. c:

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[Turlough is wearing a simple tuxedo and a plain black domino mask. Simple? Absolutely. But he wasn't a very dressy person and he had to find clothes relatively last minute. The simpler the better.

He spent most of the early part of the evening at the bar, enjoying the drinks and watching the crowd. It was only after he had a drink or two that he started to walk around the ballroom, finding seemingly single women and asking them to dance.

He was allowed to have a little fun, after all.
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[Fiona's never been to a ball before, and she suspects she won't be going to one again. She grabs a dress that she can reuse for something else, and does her hair up sort of nice, and goes to the ball to dance. It's mostly slow dancing, but she can manage! There's no reason why anyone would think she isn't classy, here. She may as well act the part.]

[A sort of handsome guy in a tux even asks her to dance, nice.]
Uh, sure? Just scream if I step on your foot.
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Only if you do the same for me, [Turlough says, with a small smile. Truth be told, he wasn't the world's best dancer either. He knew the steps, but he was just as likely to accidentally get off time than to stay on it. Taking Fiona by the hand, he led her out to the dance area.]
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I'm gonna hold you to that. I don't slow-dance a lot. [Last time was at... a wedding. Fiona doesn't remember which. The object of the after party was not stay sober, and Fiona's all about following rules.]
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I don't either, [Turlough said, with a nod. Truth be told, he couldn't remember the last time he actually slow-danced.]

I was at boarding school for a while before this. And English boarding school is not the place where one can practice dancing.
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[She laughs at that. How perfect, he's got the accent and the boarding school and everything. Now he just has to say they taught wizardry and tea-drinking, or something.] I dunno, I mean, if you don't mind dancing with guys in those weird dress shorts. Not that there's anything wrong with dress shorts.
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We had stupid looking hats, not stupid looking shorts, [he said, with a small laugh, as the two continue to dance.]
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Ohh, hats? Well, I'm just jealous, now. We didn't have hats. [Or uniforms of any kind, really. America!]
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Maybe if you're lucky the gods will curse me with my dumb school hat. [he teases, smiling still.]
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Ohh, I'll take pictures and everything. The British Ginger and his dumb hat. [Which begs the question...] Sorry, what's your name? Should probably know that before I start ragging on you.
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Turlough, [he said with a nod.] And your name?
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[Wow, you're the Britishest ever, aren't you?] Fiona. Nice to meet you.
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[He is super Britishy.] Nice to meet you also, Fiona. Been in the city long?
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A couple weeks. You?
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Less than a week myself. It's...odd, here.

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Turlough! [Her voice swoops in, a bit like her really, and he's got his arms full of an enthusiastic Antedan who's ruffling his hair ever so fondly. Light as she is, unless she was trying (she's definitely not), she won't actually knock him over.]

This is the best party, look at all the folk! And the music! What are we dancing to, and can we dance faster?
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[Turlough's a bit taken aback by Ril and her...enthusiasticness. He can't help but smile at her.]

I don't know the song specifically, but I don't see any reason why we can't dance faster.
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Have some Salsa, srs, turn off your brain Turlough~

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Funny, I don't know it either. [When she's having a blast, it shows. And it's more than apparent here.] Pretty sure I stopped caring about that three songs ago.

[It was a good quick-step sort of song that was all hips and legs and feet, just the sort of thing Ril adored. She was quick and light, which made dancing lovely. Ril had serious energy to burn, anyway. Her eyebrows arched a little. Come on, then.] It's all about the beat, mn.

[She'll be nice, really, and if he can't keep up, that's fine. Ril will adjust...or teach him. It's close enough to the dances she knew from her studies at home that she's got this.]
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[Turlough dances like someone who only learned dance through a few classes at school: badly. He never had any reason to dance at home, and only learned very slow dances at school. So, he lets Ril drag him out on the dance floor and he tries to keep up with her-emphasis on tries.]

You're good at this!
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Thank-you. Lots of schooling time learning all sorts of things. [She gently corrects him, adjusts his hands--with one on her lower back--, and grins.] I always did love a good dance. I always did love the cultural dance sections best. It was always good for downtime, dancing. Bit like flying, I always said.
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I tried to get out of gym as often as I could, [Turlough said, with a frown, as he lets Ril adjust his hands. He is not the best at exercising.] I was more a fan of science, myself.
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Pre-Flight had us all into everything. Science, mathematics, cultural history, art, music, dance-- [She pauses. Mm. Relax a little more into me? Just let go and don't worry about your feet. I shan't let us go down in a tangle, I promise.

[They turn neatly, with Ril keeping them in a glide, steadying Turlough when needed, using her hips to guide them. The music is almost over anyway, and she knows she'll need a drink of something, for sure.]

This isn't so bad, no?
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[He tries to relax, letting Ril do the leading, as they turn into a glide.]

This is fun, [Turlough admits, smiling slightly.]
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There you go. [Her voice is a murmur containing low notes of laughter. Much better.] It's a little more like flying, now, mn?

[Her quick, light steps, the flash of dresses ad fine clothes around them, the spin of the dance floor, all of it lovely and smooth. Close calls between dancers are a avoided with a step away, and so, they bump into no one at all as they weave through the pairs.]
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You'd know more about that than I would, [Turlough remarked, as he followed Ril's lead. They danced out of the way of other people, making their way through the ballroom. He started to relax, enjoying this more and more, not seeming as stiff as he was earlier in the evening.]