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Who: EVERYONE opting out of the Gentlemen plot
What: Nature & Nurture hippie mingle log!
When: Days 345-349 ( Oct. 22-31 )
Where: an unnamed encampment outside the city of Asgard
Rating: PG-13. Pay mind that there will be mentions of magical psuedo-drug use in this log. Anything above that should be taken to a private log, please!

[ By early morning of Day 345 ( Oct. 22 ), Honir will have laid a clear and simple trail of breadcrumbs that take the form of a soft dusk-coloured light whenever you look directly upon it. Those clued into its purpose and curious minds alike are welcome to follow the path, but it will have vanished by evening of the same day, so be quick about it!

The path will lead straight through the Gate of Fire. There is a heavy line of guards here as always, and they will stop everyone that tries to pass for a simple bag check and question of intent. Following a glowing trail of light might seem like a ridiculous answer, but the guards know their ridiculous gods and will send the Travellers along with a word of warning not to head too far north, lest they accidentally stumble upon enemy land. As though acting as proof of the threat, immediately past the gate is a massive expanse of space discordant to the rest of the forestry that surrounds the city: the site of Freyr's explosion. The blast radius has since filled with various plant life now wilting with the seasons, but it is still an obvious mark of the past battle and the lingering threat. Best not to take it lightly.

Continuing northwest, the trail will take them across the river where several crude bridges were laid by the Fire Giants to reach the city. They're still intact but are nothing fancy, so be careful and move quickly. It will take about half a day to move beyond this point, making it a good place to stop and rest, as the encampment is still a ways off. The line of trees is somewhat thinner here, closer to sparsely interrupted plains of grass, but it is a quiet night beneath the faint cloud coverage.

Before dawn on Day 346 ( Oct. 24 ), a loud crack of what sounds like single stroke of thunder may wake the Travellers that are further ahead on the dimly lit path. A red streak across the sky can be seen in the direction of Muspellheim, and though these Travellers will not feel the earthquake that rattles the Holy City, those that looked close enough during that cracking sound might've seen seven small specks of light falling from the hole in the sky like shooting stars barrelling downwards. The path will become insistent, then, urging the Travellers forward to their destination with a stronger glow and a faint sense of compulsion. Clouds are rolling in and it's set to be a cold day; with luck, there will be warmth wherever the path leads.

By the time they come across the camp later the same day, they'll have come upon thick forests again with tall trees bearing fruit of all shapes and sizes. Several dozen villagers of human and elvish descent will greet them happily with welcoming smiles and offered hugs. They will provide tent space, extra blankets, and baskets to forage for food with them. Hunters can bring back game if they please, but wastefulness will not be tolerated and every piece of their catch will be put to some use. Those that gather amongst the trees might experience the fleeting sprites of the trees that are the Loljesker. They can never be seen, but they are undoubtedly there, flitting across the treetops and dropping hard-reached food to the peoples below.

The evening of Day 346, the campers will hold a modest feast for their guests, bringing out their finer meats and fruits and vegetables to honour the Travellers and their cause. They'll offer ceremonial tea, but any questions as to what it is will be met with "a blessing from the spirits of the Mother" and other such vague hippie answers. This tea is a mild hallucinogen that will have no harmful effect on the body. Ten minutes after drinking the tea, Travellers will notice a glowing spectre nearby in the shape of an animal; think spirit animal or daemon, anything that represents your character's true nature. These daemons will follow their owners around for the duration of the trip, behaving like their respective Traveller at their purest form. For example, someone that is a cookie enthusiast but restrains themselves from eating all of the cookies might have a daemon that devours all the cookies. Released inhibitions! These daemons are creatures of light and cannot be touched by anything but each other, and only the Travellers that drink the tea can see them. Drinking the tea is completely optional.

On the evening of Day 348 ( Oct. 29 ), as rainfall turns to thundering, a loud tittering will be heard coming from all across the treetops. The Loljesker heard the cries of the Travellers in Asgard, even from this great distance, and will start to urge the visiting Travellers back to their city. The natives will heed their warning as gospel and start packing the Travellers up, ushering them on the path back home. Anyone that resists will have the sprites throwing rotten fruit at them or dropping branches on their heads; this is a kindness by all means, and you do not want to see what happens when they get mean.

Honir's trail will be gone by now, but the daemons will stay with their Travellers to guide the path through the storm. It will be harder to navigate in the darkness and the rain, but the natives will have given them food, clean water, and let them keep their blankets to forge some kind of warmth. The storming will end by the next day, though the rain will keep falling, and as the Travellers cross back over the river with the Gate of Fire in sight, the daemons will dissipate into the rain like scattered beads of light. Welcome back to the city, friends. We hope you had a lovely trip. ]

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for October's opt-out event, Nature & Nurture. There is a world map here for reference of where the Travellers are going; they'll be in that last clutter of trees in the direction of Mirror Lake. Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] in the title of your comment along with the date/location. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns! ]
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[Eight ignores his dove for now, not seeing a spirit animal with Clem. He's not exactly surprised. It wasn't going to be likely that she'd be interested in the tea. Which is a good thing, since he's not quite certain about a girl her age drinking tea that obviously has a hallucinogenic property to it.

Through the trip, he's been fussing over her a bit. The prospect of looking after a child is a nice thought, but those old concerns come back when you take a trip. Then again, staying in Asgard isn't always the safest, either. He knows that well enough.

When he approaches her looking for sprites, he hands over an apple.]

How are you doing, Clementine? Being safe?

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[Clem has enjoyed the trip, more quality time with the Doctors, Eight especially, away from Asgard and the anxiety of the threat of war. She's noticed the adults have seemed more anxious and worried lately at times, even if she hasn't pressured them to talk to her about it.

She probably would try a hot drink it if was hot chocolate, but she hasn't yet acquired a taste for tea, thus she has no idea what is going on with the creatures some seem to be seeing.

Taking the apple, she gives him a smile before nodding.]

Of course. I have my gun. Just in case, I was told to keep it with me when I'm not at the house. But I've been okay. Just trying to find these...pixies or something? They keep dropping fruit. I'm sure they're there.....
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[His eyes go suddenly wide with shock.]

Your gun? Who told you to bring your gun?

[And then, he visibly forces himself to calm down from his knee-jerk reaction. Yes, she's a little kid, but she's already shown that she knows not to play with it, and probably knows how to use it better than he does.'s an unsettling thought.]

Sprites, I believe they're called. And perhaps they're just shy.

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[Oops? Maybe she shouldn't have mentioned the gun. It's just become habit and natural for her to carry it around, even knowing walkers aren't around. It's still dangerous, still a threat of fighting and war. But she can't help looking a bit stumped at that, almost guilty.]

Someone I met when I first got here. Do you not want me to have it? I just figure...just to be safe. I mean, there's no walkers here but still...

[She takes a bite of the apple, looking up at the trees.]

Sprites. Maybe. You think that's why they aren't coming down to see us? I guess we must be pretty big and scary to them, huh?
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N-no, no, I'm sorry, Clementine. I am still getting used to such a small child carrying such a dangerous weapon.

[He sighs and gently squeezes her shoulder.]

Keep it. Just be careful.

[It still made his blood run cold to think of children needing to carry guns to keep themselves safe, though.]

Yes, I suppose we are at that. With as small as I'm guessing they are, if they landed on the ground, they could get stepped on.

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I know most adults wouldn't be very happy about it back home, but that was before the walkers. I'm not sure how good it will be against any of these giants though.

[But she nods, looking up to him when he squeezes her shoulder. Here would be when she seems worried and checking under her shoes.]

I hope I haven't stepped on any without seeing them.
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You never know. It could be very useful. Let's just hope you never have to find out.

[And he is determined she will never have to find out.]

I wouldn't worry too much. I'm pretty sure that's why they stay hidden, so it doesn't happen.

[The Doctor's power of making stuff up off the top of his head is working overtime in this forest, it seems.]

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I hope so too. But I'd like to keep it. Lee gave it to me, and it helps me feel safer. I've helped him and Molly with it too, back home.

[It's her one link to him, her last possession he gave her. The only one. So she would be upset to have to give it up. But she agrees it is best if she doesn't have to use it. It's partly a comfort thing as much as a safety thing after all this time. But she seems to take what he says as at least possible for an explanation on the sprites.]

Oh. I guess that's true. I mean, if they are used to people being around they would know to be careful.
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[He gazes down at her thoughtfully for a moment, then gives her a little nod.]

Keep it. I trust you to know when to use it.

[It seems a bit of a heavy thing to leave on a small child's shoulders, but from the description of what her world has become, she's had a hell of a lot more than that on her shoulders before.

He peers up into the trees.]

I wonder, if we stand here long enough, if we can actually see one...

[personal profile] littlesurvivor 2013-11-02 11:23 am (UTC)(link)

[There's a nod of understanding and gratitude. She definitely understands and gets that he's not the most comfortable with her having the gun. So she appreciates that he trusts her enough to let her keep it with her. It makes her smile, almost bittersweet in that, a reminder of Lee and how initially reluctant she could tell he was about teaching her to shoot on the train.

Her gaze follows his up to the trees, trying to be still and quiet to test that theory as her hand reaches for his.]
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[He takes her hand and holds it, smiling fondly back down at her for a brief moment before peering up again.

Then, he catches a flash of movement out of the corner of his eye, but it's gone again before he can turn his head to look.]

Then again, they may be too fast for the eye to see. Or I'm just getting old and slow.

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I saw it too! I mean, I saw something in the trees. I guess they might be shy or scared of us though. Even if we did stay here at wait they might not come down.

[Which she seems a little disappointed at. But really, what little girl wouldn't be excited at the chance to see fairies/sprites or pixies? Of course she is a bit upset that she isn't seeing them properly.]
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Hm, you're probably right. At least they're brave enough to drop fruit for us.

[As if on cue, or as if they're listening, and apple falls out of the sky and lands at Clem's feet.]


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I guess they are trying to be friendly and help anyway. Maybe if we come back next time they'll say hello and not be so shy if they know us.

[She can hope anyway, as she leans down and picks up the apple.]
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[He settles a hand on her shoulder.]

Come on, let's leave them to it.