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Who: EVERYONE in the real Asgard
What: A House Divided mingle log for those in the real Asgard. The log for the mirror-Asgard is here.
When: Days 359 - Day 364 ( Nov. 19 - 30 )
Where: the real Asgard, all across the city
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

[ All through the morning of Day 359, things will seem largely as normal in the Holy City, aside from the murders occurring in various places across the districts. Small flocks of crows can be found hanging out in seemingly random places, either sitting around each other or flying in circles or other general bird business. They aren't terribly disruptive, unless their typical crowing is an unforgivable slight against you. Shooting or attacking the birds will kill them in a most peculiar way: they will shatter into shards of ice that immediately melt into the ground. Odd. By evening of the same day, all will still be as it should be on the surface, but those that look outside will see a bright blue beacon of light shooting into the clouds to the south of the city.

Doubly odd.

When the Travellers wake up the next morning ( Day 360 ), things will still seem the same but with a few missing masses. Some of your fellow Travellers seem to have vanished over the course of the evening. Have they gone home? Did they make another impromptu trip to hippie town? No one can say for sure, but it is certainly odd, and they say strange things come in threes, right?

Wrong! By the time the sun starts setting and shadows start covering the city, those very same shadows will take on a life of their own to swallow up yours. They will become wicked and monstrous, attempting to grab their Traveller and pull them down to the ground - and then through it to the mirror!verse. Loki posts to the network with a first person account that this is not the only place it's happening. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces will behave in the same way, with the Travellers' reflections twisting away from their original forms to pull those forms through the looking glass. This will not happen all at once but rather sporadically, and will continue to happen until Day 364 before the event's conclusion. The blue light can still be seen by evening, but the only answer it holds is that something is brewing in the direction of Thrymheim. Where is everyone going?

Things seem bad enough with people being outright sucked into gods-know-where, but everything changes when the Fire Nation attacks. On Day 361, a fleet from Muspellheim will descend upon the city and start attacking outright with no hint or notice that they might know what's already happening to the Travellers - because they don't. Surt's attack overlaps Thiazi's spell, and the combination of the two starts to pull at the seams. Somewhere in the city during the fighting, someone will stumble upon one of the mirrors that hosts Thiazi's spell. It will spill out to suck everyone nearby into the mirror!verse, including the Fire Giants. The light above Thrymheim is still glowing strong, but anyone paying close enough attention will see it flicker just the once before returning to full glow.

By the time Day 362 rolls around, things will be so chaotic that even Thiazi and Surt struggle to make sense of things. The Fire Giants in the city will continue to attack, though now more desperate and confused and growing moreso every time another mirror is broken and more people are lost to the mirror!verse. Something is quite visibly not right, a fact reinforced by the beacon of light flickering unstably at night as Thiazi's spell suffers under the strain.

Day 363 brings no good tidings to the state of things when Thiazi's Frost Giants descend upon the city - to attack the Fire Giants still roaming around. Travellers will be caught in the middle of an elemental dispute, though both eyes will be on them as an afterthought. Everyone is fighting everyone, more mirrors are breaking and sending more people into the mirror!verse, and in a last bid for a speedy resolution, the gods offer the Travellers a choice.

What could possibly be the thrilling conclusion to this epic clusterfuck? Only time will tell! ]

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for characters in the real Asgard at any point during the A House Divided event. The mingle log for the mirror!verse is over here. Links will be edited in as those posts go up, they're placeholders for now. The event's conclusion will be announced on November 27 because we want you on your toes for this one! Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] in the title of your comment along with the day/location. Let us know if you have any questions! ]
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360 & 361

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[Turlough had spent most of the morning dodging ice-birds and most of the evening dodging shadows. He didn't know what was going on, but he did not like it. By evening, he was tired and annoyed-which was why when he spotted the light above Thrymheim, he frowned a bit, looking at it.

Turning to the nearest person, he frowned, gesturing at the light.
] Was that always there?

[NOPE NOPE NOPE, Turlough is hiding, thank you very much. There are giants out there and he does not want to die. Cowardly? A bit. The safest option? Definitely.

So, Turlough's darting down the street, occasionally hiding behind things, trying to stay out of view of any Fire Giants and trying his hardest not to be smushed.
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[Oh hey look, she recognizes that guy. Though if she saw a total stranger running away from the fray, she'd probably be steering them towards a safe spot too. Jane peers out from behind her hiding place as Turlough darts past her, calling out just loudly enough to be sure he can hear her. She doesn't think the spot will be safe for too much longer, but for the moment? It's better than nothing.]

Hey! [Oh god what was his name. She can't be expected to remember everything right now okay, trying not to get lit on fire by giants is stressful. She settles for a more general:] Over here!
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[Oh! It's...Octopus Girl. Yes, he knows she has a name, but the thing he can remember most about her at the moment was her glowing octopus. As he hears her voice, Turlough gives Jane a thankful yet harried smile, and runs over towards her hiding spot, being careful not to be seen.]

Thanks, [he said, with a nod.] I've been bouncing from hiding spot to hiding spot all day.
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[Well, to be fair, an octopus is pretty memorable. He's pretty much branded into her brain as 'the guy with the sheep', anyway.

She nods, shifting over a wto make more room for him.]
So have I. I don't think we're going to be safe here for long, but it's something, anyway. Have you been hurt?

[Not that she has much to offer if he has, but she thinks she can hobble together a makeshift bandage if she needs to.]
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I'm not, no. Those giants have been running me ragged all day, but thankfully I'm still in one piece.

[He frowns slightly, putting his hands together as he talks.] What about you? How have you been?
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I'm okay so far. Nothing worse than a bruise.

[She peeks out just long enough to make sure nobody's coming right at them, and comes back frowning, worry all over her expression.] I'm not sure how long that's going to last, though. I thought maybe I could find somewhere safe to hide out, but I haven't seen anywhere that looks particularly safe yet.
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And if we do find somewhere safe, what's to stop the giants from finding us there, [Turlough said, obviously worried as well.]
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Nothing. Not that I've found. We're all going to be sitting ducks.

[And as the sounds start moving closer--] And sooner instead of later, if we don't find somewhere else.
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Let's just...[and Turlough looks around, panicked.]

Is there a building or something we can hide in?
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There should be --

[there. She spots something mid-sentence. It's not much better than hiding here, but it's got four walls and a roof that hasn't been destroyed yet, it's out of the path of anything right now and it should be safe for at least a few more minutes than this is --]

There -- come on -- [she grasps his wrist to tug him in the right direction as she darts out, glancing back over her shoulder long enough to make sure he's coming.

It's a bit of a risk, but what isn't right now?]
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[Hiding! Turlough is aokay with hiding and greatly prefers that to fighting at the moment. He lets Jane tug his wrist, yanking him in the direction of the shelter.]

Any port in a storm, [he murmurs, glancing about for more giants.]
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For however long it manages to last. [She's hesitant to move too far into the building, in case something comes their way and they need to run, so she stays near the doorway, continually peeking out to see how things are out there.] Have you been in the welcome halls at all? Maybe it's better there.
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I haven't, [Turlough admitted, scanning the building to find any other exits. None in the immediate vicinity-which was a bit of a problem.]

I honestly don't know how the welcome halls would be. Worth a shot, of course.

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Over here, you ugly thing!

[Eight starts flinging things at a fire giant that's pursuing his friend, narrowing his eyes in grim satisfaction as the flaming thing hissed and turned in his direction.]

That's right, this way... [He glances around the thing at Turlough.] You can start running at any time now, Turlough!

[He leads the thing off on a chase, hoping that Turlough decided to make a run for it. It seems like both Doctor and Giant are gone for good, when a hand reaches out and snatches Turlough, yanking him into a nearby alleyway.]

It's safe in here, for now.

[Eight eyes him for wounds, his expression stony.]

Are you hurt anywhere?
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[He is taking that chance and running like a maniac. That horrible little self-preservation instinct has kicked in full gear and Turlough just wants to get away and-

oh, now someone's yanking him in an alleyway. Turlough gave a confused look before he realized it was the Doctor. Then, his expression settled into one of relief.

I'm not hurt. I've been running from those things all day. [He frowned, looking over the Doctor.] What about you? How've you been?
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[That is about the size of it. At this point, he's just numb, but at least he's unharmed. So far.

He peers around the corner, making sure there are no more giants that have decided to check the alley for targets, then looks back to Turlough.]

No closer to finding a solution for this problem, or for getting our loved ones back. The biggest clue is in Thrymheim, but there's no way we can get out of the city with this battle going on.
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[Thrymheim...Turlough has absolutely no clue where that is, and that much is obvious from his face.]

Is that where that odd light is?
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It would seem so. Thiazi's city is in that direction, and I can't imagine anyone but her being behind this.

[He peered around the corner again and tugged on Turlough's arm to follow him.]

Come on. The shadows aren't safe. They seem to have developed the habit of dragging people into them. Not that being out in the open is any safer.
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I'm starting to get the impression that nothing here is safe. Still, lead the way, Doctor, [Turlough said, frowning slightly. He followed the Doctor as the two exited from the shadows.]
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...yes, you have a point.

[He really does. Nowhere is safe, but at least you can fight back against the giants. Mostly.

Like, for example, when he pulls Turlough out into the street and turns left to find himself face-to-face with a walking humanoid flame.

Welp, you know the drill, Turlough. Eight yanks him in the opposite direction and...]

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[As he spots the humanoid flame thing, Turlough's face turns a whiter shade of pale. The Doctor doesn't have to tell him twice. He follows Eight and runs with the man, in the opposite direction. As they run, Turlough casts a glance behind him.]

Doctor, it's still following us!
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Yes, I was afraid that might happen.

[He skids to a halt -- well, sort of a halt -- and turns to sprint towards an alley. Hands dig frantically in his pockets until...AHA! A small torch is pulled out and Eight shines it into the darkness.]

I was hoping I wouldn't have to resort to this thing, since I don't know how well it will work, but come on! Unless you'd rather try to fight the thing.
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[Turlough looked at the alley and then back to the giant. Neither of his options looked good. Unless...]

I have body control! We can try to use that to buy time, if you want.

[His power was weak-super weak. But any port in a storm would work.]
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I, ah...

[Well, that's new.]

I'm not certain how well it will work, but yes! Try to slow him down. I think I have a plan.

[He doesn't really have a plan. Does he ever? Still, at least he has an idea. With a look towards the giant to gauge how much time he has, Eight then disappears around a corner.

Hope your idea works, Turlough!]
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[From Turlough's face, it's obvious that he thinks his power is hella creepy and this is just the last resort. He turns towards the giant and just focuses. He had been practicing on things like squirrels and such, but giants were different.

They were bigger, for once. He pointed at the giant, in an attempt to will him to stop.

...and nothing happened. Turlough turned as pale as a sheet.


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