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Who: EVERYONE in the real Asgard
What: A House Divided mingle log for those in the real Asgard. The log for the mirror-Asgard is here.
When: Days 359 - Day 364 ( Nov. 19 - 30 )
Where: the real Asgard, all across the city
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

[ All through the morning of Day 359, things will seem largely as normal in the Holy City, aside from the murders occurring in various places across the districts. Small flocks of crows can be found hanging out in seemingly random places, either sitting around each other or flying in circles or other general bird business. They aren't terribly disruptive, unless their typical crowing is an unforgivable slight against you. Shooting or attacking the birds will kill them in a most peculiar way: they will shatter into shards of ice that immediately melt into the ground. Odd. By evening of the same day, all will still be as it should be on the surface, but those that look outside will see a bright blue beacon of light shooting into the clouds to the south of the city.

Doubly odd.

When the Travellers wake up the next morning ( Day 360 ), things will still seem the same but with a few missing masses. Some of your fellow Travellers seem to have vanished over the course of the evening. Have they gone home? Did they make another impromptu trip to hippie town? No one can say for sure, but it is certainly odd, and they say strange things come in threes, right?

Wrong! By the time the sun starts setting and shadows start covering the city, those very same shadows will take on a life of their own to swallow up yours. They will become wicked and monstrous, attempting to grab their Traveller and pull them down to the ground - and then through it to the mirror!verse. Loki posts to the network with a first person account that this is not the only place it's happening. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces will behave in the same way, with the Travellers' reflections twisting away from their original forms to pull those forms through the looking glass. This will not happen all at once but rather sporadically, and will continue to happen until Day 364 before the event's conclusion. The blue light can still be seen by evening, but the only answer it holds is that something is brewing in the direction of Thrymheim. Where is everyone going?

Things seem bad enough with people being outright sucked into gods-know-where, but everything changes when the Fire Nation attacks. On Day 361, a fleet from Muspellheim will descend upon the city and start attacking outright with no hint or notice that they might know what's already happening to the Travellers - because they don't. Surt's attack overlaps Thiazi's spell, and the combination of the two starts to pull at the seams. Somewhere in the city during the fighting, someone will stumble upon one of the mirrors that hosts Thiazi's spell. It will spill out to suck everyone nearby into the mirror!verse, including the Fire Giants. The light above Thrymheim is still glowing strong, but anyone paying close enough attention will see it flicker just the once before returning to full glow.

By the time Day 362 rolls around, things will be so chaotic that even Thiazi and Surt struggle to make sense of things. The Fire Giants in the city will continue to attack, though now more desperate and confused and growing moreso every time another mirror is broken and more people are lost to the mirror!verse. Something is quite visibly not right, a fact reinforced by the beacon of light flickering unstably at night as Thiazi's spell suffers under the strain.

Day 363 brings no good tidings to the state of things when Thiazi's Frost Giants descend upon the city - to attack the Fire Giants still roaming around. Travellers will be caught in the middle of an elemental dispute, though both eyes will be on them as an afterthought. Everyone is fighting everyone, more mirrors are breaking and sending more people into the mirror!verse, and in a last bid for a speedy resolution, the gods offer the Travellers a choice.

What could possibly be the thrilling conclusion to this epic clusterfuck? Only time will tell! ]

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for characters in the real Asgard at any point during the A House Divided event. The mingle log for the mirror!verse is over here. Links will be edited in as those posts go up, they're placeholders for now. The event's conclusion will be announced on November 27 because we want you on your toes for this one! Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] in the title of your comment along with the day/location. Let us know if you have any questions! ]
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The gods know what they're doing, [Turlough said, as he approached the TARDIS. This was partly sheer sentimentality on his part-he liked the gods. He had met most of them during the festival last month and had grown to like most (if not all) of them. And, because of that, he trusted them. They'd get them out of this mess. They had to, right?]

I'm sure they're trying their best to figure all this out.
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[She looks over at Turlough with a raised eyebrow. Obviously he has more faith in the gods than she did. Understandable considering their differences in experiences. The TARDIS could like the gods - that didn't mean she trusted them to stop this madness. If they were capable of putting an end to this then they would have long ago.]

[So she makes a derisive sound.]
If it was that simple they would have already taken care of their giant problem. They've been fighting this war longer than I've been here.
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Fighting wars isn't easy, you know, [Turlough responded, with a small 'hmmph.'] The gods need all the help they can get, hence us.
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Of course I know. [It's said a bit snappish.] How many do you think I've witnessed or come across in all of my time?

They're the ones who are supposed to be keeping these things out of the city.
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I can't imagine that it's easy what with giants attacking every couple weeks or so, [Turlough responded, equally snappish.]

Don't be so harsh on them.
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They lost my daughter, I can be as angry with them as much as I want. [A worried mother, that's what people have on their hands. She doesn't know what's happening with Alice and that's not good.]
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[Turlough, unfortunately, takes this literally. The TARDIS has a daughter? That was...unexpected. She couldn't have had one before, she was a box, and boxes (as far as Turlough knew) couldn't procreate. So she had to have had to had the child while she was in Asgard, while she was human. And she had to have had a partner in order to have a child. Her partner probably wasn't anybody here, as she probably hadn't had enough time to get acquainted in that manner with somebody new, so it had to be someone from home. Which meant...

Doctor, you sly dog.

He'd prowl around and find out which one later. Right now, Turlough knew it wasn't the right time.
] The gods will get her back. Don't worry. And if not, I'm sure one of the Doctors is in there with her. He'll take care of her.
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[Well...yes. She has three but none in the way Turlough thinks. Boxes could have children if they were very special boxes and that's what she was. However, she hardly looked like any child and more like a piece of coral. Eventually it would grow into another TARDIS - so she was technically a daughter, sister and clone all rolled into one. And technically she hadn't adopted Clementine yet but the TARDIS did consider the girl like a daughter.

But that wasn't the one she was talking about.]

The gods are the one who lost her in the first place. I'm not particularly in the mood to trust them with her safety at the moment. You know that it's a bit rubbish to tell a mother not to worry. As far as I know there are three Doctors there but you know him - probably off sacrificing himself to save someone else.
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[When a mama box loves a papa box so very much....]

I also know that if there's anybody in there he cares about, which probably includes your daughter, then he'll stick to that person like glue and continue to worry about them. [Hopefully. At least, that seemed to be the case with Nyssa and Tegan.]

We can't do anything out here anyway, [he admitted, obviously very annoyed by that fact.] Trusting the gods, the Doctor, or both is our only option at the moment.
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[Shame all the papa boxes are technically mama boxes...]

Of course he is. That's not something that changes about him. I suppose that's what makes it worse. To know they're all over there doing foolish things and getting themselves in trouble, but not know how much. [At least when she was a box she still knew what was happening.]

Nothing but protect the people here. [But even that isn't enough.]
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That's basically life with the Doctor, though, [he responded, with a small smirk.] You know he's doing something silly but you don't know what.
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[An amused look.] He surprises you lot with his clever tricks more often then he surprises me.
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Trion doesn't have many men like him and Earth...well, the less said about Earth the better, [Turlough said, with a pout. He still wasn't too fond of that planet.]
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Not even Gallifrey has many men or women like him. [And that's saying something.]
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Speaking of that...would you mind telling me more about Gallifrey? I don't know that much about it.
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[It hurts, to talk about Gallifrey. But she knows some of the Doctors won't talk about it with her very much.] What do you want to know?
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What it's like where the Doctor's from, for one. I've seen parts of the Death Zone, but I haven't seen Gallifrey proper. [and even then, he spent most of that adventure in the TARDIS, with Susan, trapped by mountain lions Cybermen.]
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[She's quiet for a moment, looking up towards the sky.]

It has two suns, the closest one turned the skies burnt orange with snow capped mountains. Red grass spread like wildfire and the leaves on the trees were silver, reflecting light.
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[He listens, looking at the TARDIS as he does so, trying to picture what she describes in his mind.]

It sounds wonderful.
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[A fond smile.]

It's beautiful.
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Who knows, maybe I'll get to see more of it someday, [Turlough said, with a small shrug.] After all, the Time Lords and the Doctor seemed on relatively alright terms when they met last...though, I'm not sure how they'll take the Doctor abandoning the presidency.

[don't you mean 'how they'll take the Doctor abandoning the presidency again?']
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Perhaps you will. [She gives nothing away with those words.] I think the Time Lords will always see him as a bit of a nuisance. Ah, it's not the first time he's done that.
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The first time he's done what? [Turlough asked, not getting the connection between the TARDIS's statement and his.]
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Skipped out on being the President. He gets elected and then runs away.
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[Turlough just gives a horrified look...and then he laughs.]

Why am I surprised about that.

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