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Who: Newbies and anyone who wishes to greet them!
What: Getting used to the city
When: Days 365 and forward
Where: Anywhere in town!
Rating: PG-13 tops! If it gets worse, move to a private log please.

[Please include your location and the IC day (ex. Day 365 - this can be found in the schedule) in your top-level comment or your subject line when starting a thread! It can be any welcome hall, major attraction, or just out an about in any district. For newbies making a top-level thread, you may include your character's name/canon/house in your subject line if you'd like, to make housemates easy to find! :) If a God is needed or wanted, please ping the mods and depending on availability we might be able to throw them in where asked.

Also, keep an eye on the event schedule for December! If you're ICly introing during an event, make sure you take that into account. Thank you!

Have fun!]
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idk where for i am the best

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[Now that's a face he recognized (thank you, Five Doctors special.) Turlough, who was also trying to beat the heat by not wearing his jacket and rolling up his sleeves, walked up to the Doctor with a grin on his face. It was wonderful being the person who recognized the Doctor, instead of the other way around. He was getting so sick and tired of the other way around.]

If you need any help, Doctor, it's easy just to ask someone.
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basically decision making is hard. i feel you okay

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[ Turlough, aren't you so glad that for once you get to be in that position? For once the Doctor is the one who's working off the past information rather than future information, or something like that. Timelines are always such a mess and a half. The fact that Turlough recognizes him should, perhaps, concern him, but you don't live as long— well you don't live like him enough and not learn that sometimes you'll meet people who know you but you don't know them.

Timelines are again a mess and a half, but he can at least manage a smile. A bit strained, all things considered but he does feel a bit bad that he doesn't know who you are. ]

And miss meetings like this? It's as if you don't know who I am. [ Ha, that one might actually be easier to deal with than this. ] I'll get there eventually. Taking the long way around isn't the worst thing.
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it is SO hard, don't you know

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It's not the worst thing, I know, [Turlough said, with a sigh,] but it is terribly boring.

[He wasn't one for 'patience', really. He found the concept terribly overrated.] So, Doctor, welcome to Asgard. As prisons go, I've been on worse.
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it IS. anyone who calls it easy, they're just anomalies

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That's only if you don't find something to make it not boring.

[ And if that's not possibly the reason every single Doctor has managed to do something stupid at least once, then who knows what is. ] Most prisons at least have a vague promise of escape. From what I've heard about Asgard, that isn't the case.

[ God no, he's got to say it, even if this is a pain to admit. ] Our timelines are a bit out of sync, so I'm afraid I don't happen to know your name. I wish I did, but you know how time travel is. [ At least, if you're calling him Doctor he hopes you do. ]
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I do, don't worry, [Turlough responds, with a nod and a sigh. Out of sync timelines really were the worst.] I've been on the receiving end of out of sync timelines so often here. My name's Turlough. I traveled with a future version of you, though I did meet you properly one time.

[of course, only for like two seconds BUT STILL COUNTS.]
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[ They should be banned, except maybe not really since that might ruin the entire universe. But you know, in a perfect world. ] Hazard of being a Time Lord or someone associated with one. You can't have them too synced up, otherwise problems start occurring.

[ A future version of him and yet he saw him. ] My future self managed to step on my foot then. Of course he did, I know better than to. [ Thaaaat's not how it worked, Two, but you go on thinking that. ] Which one?
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Ah, fifth body, I believe? Blonde hair, about this tall, [and here he gestures to approximately where Five's height is,] wears a cricketer uniform. Tends to look a bit worried.

[Granted, he tended to look worried because when you have Tegan and Turlough, shit's gonna happen and people are gonna get in trouble.]
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[ And there's a wince because fifth, the first one had lasted 400 something years, it's not nice to have to think of any of the other ones or him not lasting as long. ...Well, at least him lasting that long. ]

I just shot up didn't I? [ That's said more to himself than anyone else. ] A cricketer's uniform. Boring too, if that's anything to go by.

[ Yes, Two, just because that's the description Turlough is giving, that totally means that Five is boring and you need to be bothered by it. Clearly. ]
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It's more beige than boring, [Turlough added, with a shrug.] As you can probably guess, I have a bit of a fondness for my Doctor.

[It only made sense, though. Every companion had a fondness for their Doctor over others.]
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Argument could be made for them meaning the same thing. [ Not that Two has a single bit of room to judge, but you know, he'll do it anyway. ] You wouldn't be a companion if you didn't. Well— no, if you did, you might be one who enjoyed two of me. But I don't think I'll do that too often in the future. First one was a bit of a fluke.

[ Ha, the joys of being the youngest one and not knowing how wrong you end up being. ]
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Oh, I don't think so.

[His tone is purely 'I know something yooooou don't,' and he is enjoying the hell out of it.]

We've got at least five of you here, [said with a slightly smarmy grin. He was greatly looking forward to seeing the Doctor react to that bombshell.]
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[ Behind door number one, we have option one, where the Doctor chooses to burst this bubble because Turlough seems so pleased to know this and the Doctor so does hate not being the smartest one in the room. What better way than to make it so he's still the smartest one than by bursting that bubble.

Behind door number two, we have option two, where the Doctor chooses not to burst that bubble because there is a reason he was put in Loki's house, and it wasn't because he was necessarily a shining beacon of nice morality who bursts people's bubbles.

If you chose door number one, shame on you, the correct answer is door number two. ]

Five of me, oh my word. [ If he could manage a more shocked tone, he'd probably win an Oscar or two. ] All in my future, I assume? Or did the Gods bring him along too?

[ Him being the obvious One, but you know, who calls him that. ]
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All in your future-all in my future as well.

[Turlough is Very Proud of the fact that (seemingly) he's ahead of the game and doesn't suspect that the Doctor knows more than he's letting on. He siiiighs, in sort of a 'what can you do' type of sigh.]

This place can be a bit ridiculous like that.
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To be fair, being in your future isn't like being in mine.

[ Which is to say, blah blah timelines, let's be real for all we know it's in your present time and you just don't know it. But good god, what is that sigh even for. ]

I'm beginning to notice. You're lucky, you don't— well assuming Asgard's abilities, it can't pluck you at different points in a timeline like it can to me. Saves you the confusion I find myself enjoying.
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That's correct-I think you're the only person here who's had multiples of them here. [even in a different dimension, the Doctor gets to be the special one.]

People are used to it now, thankfully.
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[ And there's a little laugh before he stops and shakes his head just a bit. ] Simple joys in knowing how unique you can be, Turlough.

[ Always going to be the special one thank you very much. ] Because the others already warned them about it. Pity, I was looking forward to Doctor confusions.
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There's always the new arrivals, [he responded with a smile. Because, not gonna lie, he'd enjoy the Doctor confusion as well.]
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You should know better than to encourage me. [ Which is to say, you might want to try and avoid telling the Doctor it's okay to maybe confuse people about that. It's mean. ]
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Or perhaps I know you well enough to want to encourage you. [hey, Turlough knows the deal about the multiple Doctors. It's not his fault if other people don't know.]
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If you know that, you might know I might not let you watch. [ That— is maybe a lie. Probably. He has to pretend he's not going to let anyone watch because that's mean. ]

Might get old after a while even if I did.