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imma buy you a draaaank

Who: Vislor Turlough & Effie Trinket
What: Effie owes Turlough a drink.
When: Sometime after Day 369
Where: Sky's Prize in Loki
Rating: PG-13 tops

True to what Effie said, Turlough was the first to arrive at Sky's Prize. And honestly, he was looking forward to this. One, he was getting a drink out of it, which was always good. Two, he was going to learn more about Effie, which he was definitely interested in. She was certainly something else, even not taking into account the fact that she had the most elaborate hair that he had ever seen.

As he saw Effie approaching, Turlough walked out of the entryway, where he was leaning on the wall, towards her. Of course it was her. He could notice that level of presentation from a mile away. "Ready to buy me that drink?" he teased, smirking slightly.
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It was difficult, being Effie Trinket. There was certainly not the Capitol and a woman needed more than one pair of nice shoes. Still, she had managed to find something, and was dressed in a nice red dress (that matched her lipstick) with metallic gold heels (a direct match to her hair).

Color, color, color. If Asgard needed color, Effie Trinket would give it in spades.

She recognized Turlough on sight and offered a polite smile -- until he teased her, and her smile became slightly less polite and more withering.

"I am a lady of my word."

Quite primly, and Effie extended a pouch, with a few runes inside.

(That she may have lifted from Haymitch.)
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Effie opened her mouth to say 'we shall', but Turlough was already walking ahead, and Effie closed her mouth to purse her lips tightly, irritated with the lack of manners. Still, she followed after him, sidestepping a stray chair with a frown before she raised her head to look around.

She was used to the Capitol -- glitzy and glamour and magnificence, and Asgard so far had been the precise opposite. Still, this was nice enough, and while Effie still felt like the outsider, it was no different than showing up in District 12 in her makeup and wigs.

In fact, this was a bit less... drastic.

"Where shall we sit?"
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"Then this way it shall be."

She stepped ahead, heels clinking against the hardwood floor as she picked out a spot near the bar against the wall. Though Effie Trinket was dressed as if she were going to a glitzy pageant, she seemed perfectly at home in sliding herself onto a barstool, crossing her legs neatly and setting her small clutch on the bar.

You needed a few drinks after each Hunger Games passed. It was one of the few things that actually somewhat eased the guilt.
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Effie considered the question for a moment, trying to figure out whether or not she wanted to go for something elegant or something that really just needed to get the job done.

"I think the same -- vodka, dry, if you would, no vermouth, with two olives."

She settled for the latter.
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She accepted her drink carefully, examining it with a well-practiced eye before taking a sip. Pleased, Effie glanced over at Turlough, arching her eyebrows.

"And you?"
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"Oh -- fire and ice magic, right?"

Effie had been learning, reading, in an effort to try and make the truth sink in a little bit more. The idea of powers was a bit unbelievable to her, and yet she could do it -- surely the rest of the people here were the same.

"I almost wish I had something so clever, but I'm afraid I can just pull rabbits out of hats."
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Luckily for Turlough, Effie didn't much consider people would lie to her when asking questions -- so she took his answer at face value. Instead, she reached forward and tugged a napkin closer to her, retrieving a pen from the far side of the bar to draw a simple flower.

Once she was finished, she focused, touching her fingers to the paper and pulling out a drawn-to-size flower, setting it on the table, looking rather pleased with herself.
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"It's a bit like 3-D printing, isn't it? Except a little more realistic. It's amazing, actually, what these gods and goddesses are capable of -- and I thought the Capitol was ahead of the game on genetic modification."

Effie, herself, for all of her makeup and glitz and glamour, is actually one of the more natural citizens from the Capitol. She couldn't even begin to fathom what these gods had done to her genetic structure in order to make this possible.

"More advanced artists than I can create animals, isn't that amazing?"
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"It shouldn't be, but it is. A great host of other things are possible here, too, though I haven't seen them yet."

She sipped her drink before setting it back down again.

"I haven't convinced Haymitch to make an attempt, anyway."
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"No, thank Heavens for small miracles."

Effie finished her drink with one last sip before setting the glass on the bar, letting the olives roll in the bottom of the glass thoughtfully.

"But this is beginning to sound like a fishing expedition."

The woman glanced over at him, arching her eyebrows slightly.

"Why so curious, Mister Turlough?"
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"If you could see the Capitol, you wouldn't find me that unique at all."

Effie frowned contemplatively at her olives, considering eating them before she decided against it, signaling for another drink.

"I'm actually rather dull compared to most of the citizens -- my friends, Flavius and Octavia, you would find them quite unique."
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"I wouldn't call it ostentatious."

Effie knew that the people in the Districts certainly thought so -- that the Capitol were freakish. She was that self-aware -- all she needed to do was watch Katniss' face as they walked through the Capitol to know what the outsiders thought. But to Effie, it was art -- the clothing and the paint and the hair, all of it tied together into something beautiful.

Artificial, but beautiful. They didn't need to be mutually exclusive.
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"It's a manner of expression -- I would hardly call being yourself ostentatious."

The Capitol was a bizarre place, to her District 12 tributes. Even Peeta and Katniss, who were well-mannered and responsible, nearly had their eyes pop out of their head when they walked through the Capitol to get to the main housing unit for the tributes last year. People spliced their genetic code with animal DNA, implanted gems into their skin, dyed their skin different colors -- there was no glass ceiling to break when it came to being beautiful. The sky was the limit.

But, of course, there was the flipside -- authentic beauty. Effie Trinket was considered beautiful by the entire Capitol -- dressed in gorgeous clothes, the handler of the two favorite Victors of the Capitol, perfectly painted like a porcelain doll. But she was always of the impression that she had to work for it -- Capitol beauty was far different than District beauty. They were both gorgeous, in her perspective, but just extraordinarily different. Mutually exclusive. Two different definitions and, of course, Effie enjoyed her so-called ostentatious taste.

But that didn't change the quiet belief that Katniss, in Effie's opinion, was far more beautiful than any young woman in the Capitol.

She smiled before tipping her glass to her lips, amused at the thought of asking Katniss her opinion on Capitol beauty. She envisioned quite a lot of huffing and eyerolling and glaring and a snippish "I would sooner actually eat nightshade berries than get that done", but Effie supposed that was part of her charm.

"My next door neighbor has the claws of a cat and the eyes of a leopard. That, I would think, is a bit more extravagant than my manicure -- but to each their own."
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"I would say genetic modification is becoming a lot more popular, but it's never been my cup of tea. I'd much rather change dresses than change whiskers."

Besides -- in a practical sense, it was easier to bond with tributes when you didn't look like an entirely different species.

Not that Effie ever bonded with her tributes, of course.
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"You would just need the right surgeon."

It was said dismissively.

"Most everyone in the Capitol has a favorite."
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"It's a part of life, in the Capitol -- I suppose it would be difficult to grasp to someone who has never been there before. It's quite astonishing, seeing it for the first time."

She gently prodded the olive in her glass with a manicured finger, amused.

"The children from District 12 are blown away every year."
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"I suppose you still could, after we've all figured out how to escape. The Capitol is a beautiful city to behold. There's absolutely nothing else like it in Panem."

She considered that for a moment.

"Though you seem less shocked by the entire notion of world traveling than the rest of us. What's your secret?"
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"Have you."

By the tone, Effie didn't necessarily believe him -- but then again, they were in a new world, at the moment.

Anything was possible, really.