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What: The Winter Holidays event mingle.
When: Days 373/374 ( Dec. 17-20 )
Where: all across the city.
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

[ With the help of the natives, a few Travellers will be decorating the entire city in various lights and ornaments that represent several different holidays on Day 373. To make it even sweeter, the Rise of the Guardians cast asked the gods to help deliver presents to all of the Travellers and will be running around delivering these gifts all night.

On Day 374, Travellers will not only wake up to find their presents but in every district, they'll find food, feasts, drinks (eggnog), decorations, caroling, each welcome house covered in lights that blink according to music, and at the end of the day, there'll be a fireworks display right over the heart of the city. It's all fun and games until someone gets a snowball in the face, and then it's all out war. Have fun celebrating each other's traditions! ]

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the player event, the Winter Holidays, going up late because we don't usually make logs for player events like these and because I just got back home for the hols, sorry about that! The OOC plotting post is here and the IC plotting post is here. If you don't want to thread out being asked to help out, feel free to say that one of the RotG cast members roped your character into helping decorate, or that they just decided to join in of their own volition at any point. Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] in your comment title along with the day/location. Let us or the RotG cast know if you have any questions! ]
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374, open!

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[Turlough may or may not be aware that the eggnog is spiked. All he knows is that there are drinks and he needs to do something. Taking one of the glasses, he raised it up, smirking slightly.]

To Thor, [he said, with a nod.] The god who got us all out of that mirror mess a while ago.

[He took the drink and chugged it, only realizing this drink was spiked as he finished drinking it all. Turning to the person next to him, he gave the empty glass an appreciative glance.] Did yours have a 'kick' as well?
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A bit, yeah.

[Clara's nose is wrinkled up and she looks down at her glass in distaste. Really, she's more or less nose wrinkling at a toast that has anything to do with that mirror experience that was just so lovely for her, but is glad the eggnog is here to scowl at so no one will ever be the wiser.]

It's not all that bad, though. Could always be worse.

[She shrugs, still looking a little displeased as she takes a long drink.]
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[Fun fact: Turlough has no idea how eggnog tastes. So naturally, he assumes that spiking it is part of the process. And it really wasn't that bad. Turlough grabs another glass, sniffs it experimentally to make sure that it has alcohol, and takes another sip of it.]

I actually like it, [he responded, with a small smile.] Not all Earth traditions are rubbish, I suppose.
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No, not all of them are.

[She smirks a bit, and looks up at him as he takes on a second glass.]

Careful, you don't wanna end up stumbling your way home. Take it slow with that, would you?

[This is said right before she chugs down the remainder of her own glass, and finds a place to set it aside. And hey, a second helping won't hurt anything.]
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I fairly certain I can hold my alcohol, [Turlough says, scoffing slightly. He took another sip, grinning as he did.]

Enjoying the festival?
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I'm glad the Doctor and Jamie insisted I come, yeah. It's better than sitting up and moping in my room, any day.

[She gives a roll of her eyes, as if moping is actually a bad thing, and takes a long sip of her eggnog.]

And if you can hold your alcohol, I'm holding you responsible for making sure I make it home in one piece.
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[Turlough couldn't help but laugh at Clara's comment. He shook his head slightly, obviously amused.]

I'm sure I can get both of us home safely. Or, at least, I can get both of us to my home, as I'm not entirely sure where you live-with the Doctor, I'm assuming?
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You'd be assuming correctly. And congratulations on being entirely forward, Turlough. If you had tried harder, you might've made me blush.

[Teasing, she offers him a wink before gesturing toward him in a cheers motion with her glass.]
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[Turlough raised his glass in cheers also, smirking at Clara.]

I suppose I'll have to try harder next time.