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All the Whos down in Whoville...

Who: All the Whoniverse folks, and their plus ones
What: Eight is a bit Christmas crazy, and is inflicting it on his "family".
When: Day 378
Where: Thor 104 (Who House 2)
Rating: PG

A week before, everyone in the Doctors' makeshift "family" is sent a simple message:

Come to Thor 104 in one week's time for a Christmas get-together.
Bring a friend if you like.
No, this is not optional. Don't make me come get you.

When they arrive, they're greeted by a festively decorated house, twinkling lights and all, still covered in snow from the day before. The door is, as usual, unlocked so that everyone can filter in as they please. Once inside, the house is full of the sights, sounds, and scents of a huge family holiday gathering. A fire in the fireplace makes the house warm and cozy, and a decorated tree holds pride of place.

Grab a glass of cider or mulled wine, wander the house, find a conversation to jump into, or get some fresh air in the back garden.

But beware, Eight has been quite liberal with his use of mistletoe. Chances are you'll find yourself under some at some point in the night.

(ooc: Prose or action bracket thingies, whichever is fine.)
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Turlough does not have experience with dealing with this many people. And so, after a bit of schmoozing, talking to people, the obligatory 'Happy Christmas!' to everybody and what not, he makes his way outside for a bit of fresh air. He's still wearing his school uniform, but he's actually wearing a coat for once.

He's looking for a bit of time for himself-which naturally means that he's ripe for being bothered. At the moment, Turlough is by the rose bushes, looking them around, occasionally leaning down to smell one-and definitely pricking his fingers a few times.
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[ Sorry, dude, you're getting an extremely enthusiastic hug and peck on the cheek from the lady of the house - and her sparkly new accessory - who is very glad you're here ]

Sorry I didn't get a chance to greet you properly, I'm absolutely useless in the kitchen but I thought I'd try to help anyway... best I don't after all, I think. How are you?
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[He's a good sport, taking the hug and the kiss with stride. And then, like a parrot, Turlough's eyes are almost instantly drawn to Charley's ring.]

Oh, I'm great. It's nice to be here with everybody else.

[and then, he gives Charley a coy little smirky smile.]

Now, let me see that ring-who's the lucky man?
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Sarah Jane happened to catch him pricking his finger at one point, "Do you need some plasters? I think I might have some with me! Or I can go look in the house."

She moved over by Turlough, inspecting his hand, before noticing the roses, "These are quite beautiful, aren't they?"
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"They really are," Turlough murmured, smiling at the roses. They were quite pretty. "But no, I don't need any plasters. I just nicked myself, nothing serious."
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She nodded, "I used to like to garden when I was a little girl, I used to have all my fingers bandaged one time from all the cuts!" She laughed.

"Are you enjoying yourself this holiday? I'm still sort of confused, not being here very long, that is."
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"I am," Turlough admitted, with a small smile. And truth be told, he really is. It's nice to be around others for a while. "It's a lovely break from what the city generally gives us." aka death and destruction.
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"Oh! What do you mean by that?" She leans forward slightly, rather curious what he meant what the city 'generally gave'.

"Do bad things happen here? I've heard a story or two about 'curses' but have yet to notice anything yet."
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"Bad things happen here in spades," he remarked, frowning. "A while ago, some people were pulled into an alternate dimension, while giants rampaged through the town."
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"Sounds like another day with the Doctor, if you ask me." She offers a laugh, but realizes maybe that wasn't the most appropriate response.

"I mean, it does sound dangerous and it is a touch nerve-wrecking! Have... Has anyone been killed?" She means that in all honestly, though this wasn't the best time or place to be bringing up such dark topics.
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"Oh, plenty of times!" Turlough lightly said. It was then that he realized that without context, he sounded completely horrible. So, blushing slightly, he added,

"Ah, people come back to life here, though. Nobody stays dead."
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"Like a supernatural spirit or actually living/breathing back alive like you and me?"

She was shocked to hear such a thing, but still very much interested in hearing this. "This place is so strange!"
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"Actually living and breathing," Turlough said, with a sigh and a shake of his head. "Strange is putting it mildly."
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"I haven't seen anything like this place before. It's really difficult to wrap my mind around it. Almost literally." Sarah huffed, still lost in thought after his reply.

"I suppose nothing makes sense anymore and I came from just a simple background that is no more since meeting the Doctor."
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"Let me guess," Turlough said, a wry smile on his face. "Earth, sometime during the twentieth century? He does have a habit of picking up people from that point."
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"Well, yes, I am from that time period." Her brows knitted together in a confused expression. She wasn't sure how to interpret his question and whether he meant well or not with it.

"Is that a bad thing?"
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"Oh no, of course not," Turlough said, with a wry smile. "After all, I was picked up from that time period also."