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All the Whos down in Whoville...

Who: All the Whoniverse folks, and their plus ones
What: Eight is a bit Christmas crazy, and is inflicting it on his "family".
When: Day 378
Where: Thor 104 (Who House 2)
Rating: PG

A week before, everyone in the Doctors' makeshift "family" is sent a simple message:

Come to Thor 104 in one week's time for a Christmas get-together.
Bring a friend if you like.
No, this is not optional. Don't make me come get you.

When they arrive, they're greeted by a festively decorated house, twinkling lights and all, still covered in snow from the day before. The door is, as usual, unlocked so that everyone can filter in as they please. Once inside, the house is full of the sights, sounds, and scents of a huge family holiday gathering. A fire in the fireplace makes the house warm and cozy, and a decorated tree holds pride of place.

Grab a glass of cider or mulled wine, wander the house, find a conversation to jump into, or get some fresh air in the back garden.

But beware, Eight has been quite liberal with his use of mistletoe. Chances are you'll find yourself under some at some point in the night.

(ooc: Prose or action bracket thingies, whichever is fine.)
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Turlough was wearing the gloves that Jamie had gotten him. He had to admit, they were cozy and stylish, but he still had questions about the other man's ulterior motives.

And by that, he's mostly trying to scope out if the TARDIS gossipped to anybody about his conversation with her about the mittens. He honestly didn't know they were normally for children-though, he supposed that did save him from giving out a couple of embarrassing Christmas presents.

He walked over towards Jamie, carefully stepping over most of the mess, wrinkling his nose slightly at the scattered gifts. "Having fun?" he asks, more amused than annoyed.
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When Turlough comes over, Jamie is seemingly engrossed in the contemplation of a small steam train, one that seems to have been made with a clear cover, so that the person looking at it can see the inner workings of the machine while using it. But he glances up quickly enough at the sound of Turlough's voice, giving him a shrug after a moment or two.

"Aye, well, I suppose so." He is, actually, but he figures there's no real need for him to put it exactly that way, not when the other man could probably sort his meaning out well enough. "Oh, I see you got my gloves. Do they fit alright, then? I wasn't so sure on the size.
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"They do," Turlough admitted, as he flexed his fingers as if to show off the gloves. "Though I have to ask, I was talking with someone about needing a pair of gloves, but I don't think I mentioned them to you. How did you know I needed them?"

He paused, then gave a small shrug. "Or, were you simply lucky?"
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"I didn't."

It'd been a lucky guess on Jamie's part, nothing more, and Turlough needn't worry about any confidences having been shared in this case. He set the train down for the moment, then reached over to his pile of items that had actually been sorted.

"I'd figured with all the lasses we know around here we'd both wind up with at least one scarf from one of them," he commented a little dryly, holding up the edge of the hunter green scarf he'd gotten from Charley. "So I thought I'd try and manage something to go along with it. Don't tell me you've not wound up with any scarves?"
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"I did receive a scarf," Turlough admitted, laughing slightly. "I've received a lot of clothes. I have a feeling that our friends don't believe we can survive the cold." He had received scarves, gloves, a coat, the whole nine yards.
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"Aye," Jamie agreed, rolling his eyes. "You'd think they think we're a couple of kids, needing to be bundled up so we'll not freeze to death."

He'd gotten his fair share of clothing, too - although not a coat, exactly, more like a jacket as part of his outfit from Alice. And it wasn't quite the same thing as winter wear, but still, it was close enough as far as he was concerned.

"Could be worse, though. At least they'd not decided to get us those snowsuit things. Or those sweaters like we'd all wound up with the other day."
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At the thought of the sweaters, Turlough wrinkled his nose. "Mine had a sheep on it. I haven't exactly forgiven Loki for that thing."

It was obvious how little he cared about the sweater.
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"A sheep? Aye, well, I don't blame ye for that"

Because really, that was pretty terrible in terms of sweaters. Maybe not as bad as that clown one of Two's, but it was up there anyway.

"Mine had a whole scene on it. A castle, and clouds, and a piper. Claudia'd thought it was a Fair Isle knit but I'm no so sure that it was."
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"Both of you would know more about that than I would," Turlough shrugged, a bit confused. He had no idea what a Fair Isle knit was to begin with.
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"It's a place in Scotland, my home," Jamie supplied helpfully. "A wee little island that's up north."

Not a place he'd visited, but he'd heard of it, at least, which was more than he could say for a lot of other places he'd wound up visiting over the past few years.

"I take you've not been to Scotland, then?"
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"I haven't, no," Turlough admitted, with a frown. His concept of English geography was piss-poor. He knew that Scotland was the one up top with kilts and bagpipes, but that honestly was about it.

"What's Scotland like?"
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"Aye, well, depends on where ye are in it. Up in the Highlands, there's hills and mountains, and if ye don't mind a wee bit of a climb ye can see about ye for miles. In my day, apart from the cities, you'd not have so many people living together as all that, so if ye went to the right place it would just be ye and maybe the heather. Depending on if it was summer or not, mind."

It could be quiet and peaceful, and something that he still missed more than a bit sometimes. The fond expression that appeared on his face was a testament to that, but after a moment he shook himself out of the mood and glanced back over at Turlough.

"I'd imagine there's some things that are different, though, depending on what year you'd wind up there."