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All the Whos down in Whoville...

Who: All the Whoniverse folks, and their plus ones
What: Eight is a bit Christmas crazy, and is inflicting it on his "family".
When: Day 378
Where: Thor 104 (Who House 2)
Rating: PG

A week before, everyone in the Doctors' makeshift "family" is sent a simple message:

Come to Thor 104 in one week's time for a Christmas get-together.
Bring a friend if you like.
No, this is not optional. Don't make me come get you.

When they arrive, they're greeted by a festively decorated house, twinkling lights and all, still covered in snow from the day before. The door is, as usual, unlocked so that everyone can filter in as they please. Once inside, the house is full of the sights, sounds, and scents of a huge family holiday gathering. A fire in the fireplace makes the house warm and cozy, and a decorated tree holds pride of place.

Grab a glass of cider or mulled wine, wander the house, find a conversation to jump into, or get some fresh air in the back garden.

But beware, Eight has been quite liberal with his use of mistletoe. Chances are you'll find yourself under some at some point in the night.

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There is food here. And Turlough is very hungry.

So, before everyone sits down and the proper meal starts, Turlough can be found hovering over the table like a ginger vulture, trying to pinch a parsnip or two to satisfy his hunger without anyone looking. Unfortunately, Turlough is about as stealthy and subtle as a rock to the head and any attempts to sneak a little nibble of food are quite obvious.

Feel free to whap him on the hand with something. He deserves it.
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Fortunately for Turlough, he's managed to nick a bit of parsnip before the Doctor scolds him. Unfortunately, his mouth is full of the parsnip so he can't exactly plead his innocence. There's an uncomfortable pause as Turlough chews and swallows that parsnip, innocent look on his face. He can at least try and find a way to assuage the Doctor (or at least make him stop glaring.)

"I can't help it," he said, as he put his hands in his pockets, partly to show the Doctor that nope, he wasn't going to touch the food anymore. "Everything looks so good."
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"Oh, if you insist," he said with a sigh, as if the Doctor's request was something completely out of line, but he would comply anyway. Still, he couldn't help but peer further into the kitchen, obviously being nosy.

" that plum pudding?"
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"I won't touch the plum pudding," Turlough huffed, rolling his eyes slightly. Despite the fact that he really wants to and it looks delicious, he won't touch it.

"And I suppose I can wait for dinner, if I must."
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Turlough sighed dramatically. "If you insist."

But when Eight turned away, he made another go at the sprouts.
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Turlough is chalking that up as a victory. Grinning at Eight, he popped a sprout in his mouth, chewing happily. "These are delicious, you know," he said, after swallowing.
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He probably deserves it. Two, however, is the wrong Doctor to be doing that sort of thing. Instead, wouldn't you know it, he chooses to look at Turlough, and make sure he knows he's been caught red handed. It very nearly looks like he's going to say something before, out of all the things to do, Two proceeds to pinch some parsnip for himself.

"I think— yes, I honestly think attaching a sign above you might be a bit less obvious than you're being right now." And if that sentence is punctuated by the slowest eating of parsnip, well, watching that is your punishment Turlough. No one's hitting him on the hand or glaring at him, this is what happens when you have a tiny bit of stealth.
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Turlough blushes slightly, fully expected to be reamed out...and then Two nips some parsnip for himself. He's not entirely sure if he should be annoyed, pleased, or both.

"I can be stealthy if I wish," Turlough grumped, as he watched Two eat his parsnip. He was obviously very jealous that nobody was fussing at him. "Besides, my hunger overruled my stealth this time."
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[personal profile] recorders 2014-01-06 10:11 am (UTC)(link)
Both is good, perhaps if you're good he'll sneak some for you out of the goodness of his hearts. Besides, he's hardly going to ream Turlough out when, truth be told, he finds waiting to be a bit of a problem right now as well.

"Undoubtedly, I'm sure you can sneak plenty of things by noses undetected," Two nodded, just barely managing to keep his lips from curling upward. Don't be too jealous, though, it's only through practice and potential inherent Doctor sneakiness that may not be a real thing. "And that's completely understandable. He is being a bit— silly with all of this. Insisting that we wait until everything starts to take even the smallest things."
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"I've never seen him be this silly," Turlough replied, casting a glance over to the Eighth Doctor. "He's very insistent about this whole Christmas business." Something that Turlough still had a hard time wrapping his head around. He hadn't had that many Christmases on Earth and the few that he did have, he spent mostly by himself. This massive celebration was...a bit jarring.