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Who: Elizabeth & YOU!
What: Elizabeth's just walking her puppy pit Jack during a lovely sunny snowy day.
When: Day 384
Where: around the city & then to the park!

[Elizabeth is enjoying the snow way too much & so is her new companion. the puppy hops from snow pile to snow pile, tongue hanging cutely out of his mouth. she can't help but follow suit & skip along with him. it's the first time in... well, it is the first time that's been able to enjoy the freedom of having fun in snow with her very own pet. she's not stuck in a tower, watching the snow fall, wishing she could one day be a part of the fun down below.

so here & now Elizabeth is taking full advantage of this day to enjoy it as much as she can. regardless of how silly a nineteen year old girl may look skipping through the snow with a puppy, she sure doesn't care. she's having fun & she's not going to let anything stop her from having it.]
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[As he spots the dog, Turlough pauses, looking at it. It looks small, but it's a puppy, and even he knew that all puppies looked small. But since he was subjected to extremes in doggy sizes on both ends (Rory's bear and Alice's purse dog), he was obscenely curious about this one. So, he walked up to Elizabeth, nodding at her slightly.]

That's a rather rambunctious animal you've got there.
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[Turlough bends down a bit to look at the puppy, before turning back up to Elizabeth.] Do you know how big he'll get?
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That's a proper size for a dog, [Turlough responded, obviously happy with Elizabeth's choice in dogs, as he bends down to scratch the dog on the head.]
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I suppose I do, [Turlough said, with a shrug. He hadn't really thought about pets...but apparently he had a lot of feelings about dogs. So, he must like them.]

I hadn't really thought of it before.
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To be honest, I've probably interacted with more dogs in the past week than I have in the past few years, [he admitted, looking over at Elizabeth.]

It just wasn't something I was thinking of.
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Birds of a feather, I suppose, [Turlough responded, as he stood up.]

I'm Turlough, by the way. Who are you?