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Who: Everyone going to Alfheim
What: The mingle log for A Friend In Need
When: Days 387-390 ( Jan. 12-19 )
Where: Asgard, Alfheim, and the train ride inbetween
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

Day 387 ( Jan. 12/13 )
Before boarding the train around dawn, the leaders of the separate groups should run checks on everyone that's signed up. Natives will help dish out a simple weapon to those without their own that want one, medical supplies to the healers and a simple kit for everyone else, and a simple mask with strict instructions to put them on as soon as the kingdom is within sight. After everyone is geared up and boarded, Odin's spies will set out on horseback first, masks already in place, to clear the path ahead. This gives you a five hour train ride to go over strategies and coordinate with your fellow Travellers and the Asgard natives that have joined the ranks.

As the train crosses the halfway mark between Asgard and Alfheim, the dark black clouds of smoke and ash will sprawl across the horizon and thicken the air, prompting early placement of the gas masks as a precautionary measure. It's a short trip from there, and once the train has stopped, it's time to get to work. The homes and buildings of Alfheim will be in varying states of disarray and ruin, some still burning as the inhabitants and neighbours struggle to douse the flames. Others will be smouldering, successfully saved or otherwise left to burn itself out in the days since the initial attack. There will still be Fire Giants sparsely wreaking havoc amongst the living quarters, but the vast majority of the fighting will have been drawn into the treeline by the Elves to give room for relief efforts and any evacuation attempts. Homes and larger buildings still largely intact will have been turned into temporary hospital rooms or safe houses for the young and incapable of fighting, with the injured laid out anywhere there is room; the dead will be wrapped in sodden sheets in the alleys between buildings until they can be properly buried - if ever they should find the opportunity.

This leaves the Travellers to split up and jump head first into their tasks. The Elves will be pleasantly surprised and immensely grateful for the arrival of aid, but they will not spare much time to gratitude when the battle wages and every second counts. Those fighting will immediately accept the Travellers into their defence, and from there, they will begin to push back against the Giants' forces. At this point, it will be largely defensive combat, an attempt to keep the Giants from moving further into the kingdom and setting more to flames. Surt himself will be present in this, and a vast majority of those that try to stand against him will be met with a heavy hand. Move carefully, Travellers, for there is still fight left in these desperate Giants.

Day 388/389 ( Jan. 14-17 )
By early morning, just as the Sun is beginning to rise, the Travellers will receive some support from their patron deities back in Asgard. For the next two days, they will have their House Powers to give them that extra edge on the battlefield. Another surprise will arrive as well, as the trees themselves seem to move through the battlefield to push back the Giants. The Treepeople will have arrived, many of whom direct their efforts towards the support group to help control the flames while others exact their grief and anger on the enemy forces that still linger around. These beings are the oldest in Yggdrasil, second only to the immortals, and strongly resemble their respective forests, but they are strong and firmly rooted in the Mother's survival.

They will fight alongside the Travellers until they are cut down or the battle is won, which it seems it will be when the flames begin to significantly dwindle nearing sunrise on Day 389. From that point onward, those fighting for Alfheim will rise to the offence and the Giants will begin to fall back as their numbers lessen and their advantage wanes. They will begin fleeing the kingdom, leaving Surt with only his loyalists at his side - and against the might of the Travellers and the Elves emboldened by their allies' support, they few will not be enough to claim the entire kingdom.

Day 390 ( Jan. 18-19 )
The Travellers' House Powers will fade before sunrise, but between the combined strengths of them, the Elves, and the Treepeople, they will still quickly overpower Surt's remaining forces and send them scurrying back to their ruined kingdom of Muspellheim. Surt will leave weary and more furious than ever at his failure, but he knows too that to stand alone would be his downfall. The battle is won, but the damage has been great and there is little time for celebration. The Travellers will be given the most sincere gratitude from the people of Alfheim, and sent back home with packs of food and supplies to patch themselves up before they arrive back in Asgard as the loyal and true allies to Yggdrasil and her children.

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the A Friend In Need plot event! Team sign-ups are over here and it is never too late to join, thought the leadership positions have already been chosen. To plot out a thread with Surt, please comment here. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns! ]
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Day 387, alfheim

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[Somebody who actually knew who Claudia was had told Turlough where to find her. So, sword at his side and gas mask on his face, he walked towards her, nodding at her as he arrived.]

You're Claudia, correct? I'm Turlough. We're working together. [his tone is very matter-of-fact. He's never met this woman before, but she seems capable enough.]
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Re: Day 387, alfheim

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[ Claudia is easy to spot at the moment, as well, with her still-shiny armor and bright hair. She's got her tools out and is making herself useful outside the med tent. There's damaged elven armor all around her, gathered from inside as she visited the wounded. Next stop will be to the still-active soldiers.

At the sound of her name she glances up, then extends a sooty hand in greeting. ]

Hey. Good to meet you -- what's your specialty, Turlough?
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[Running away like a chicken. But, thankfully, he doesn't say it. Taking her hand, he shakes it.]

Honestly, nothing that would help here. My power is body control and I'm rubbish with weapons. So, I suppose it's passing around things? [he joked.]
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[ Claudia smiles, and even if Turlough can't see it behind their gas masks he can hear it in her voice. ]

Dunno, body control could be useful.
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I'll have to find creative applications, [he said, with a little huff.] Apparently, it doesn't work that well on giants.

[that well meaning 'at all'.]
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Passing things it is, then. That counts as support. Also, carrying things... I'll need help dragging all this over to the soldiers when it's repaired, if you don't mind.
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I can easily drag and carry things, [Turlough remarked, with a small chuckle.] Just say when and I'll be an extra pair of hands.
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Until then you can pass tools, if you want. [ She nods towards one of the makeshift seats nearby, for him to pull over and sit with her. ]

Have you ever done this kind of thing before?
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Fighting in a war? Actually, I have. But not like this.
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[ This time when Claudia looks up at Turlough, it's more than just a glance before returning to her work. She lowers her tool (which is a homemade electric soldering iron, if he'd recognize such things) and switches it off, focusing more on the conversation now. ]

What was it like?
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[He pauses for a moment. It's obvious he doesn't want to talk about it that much. But, he needs to, especially considering the circumstances.]

Hard. They don't tell you a lot of things that happen when you go off to war.
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...what things?

[ She's actually curious, and a little concerned. What could they not tell you? People are going to die, that's the big one, right? ]
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How it feels, mostly. I understand it's different for everyone, but seeing someone you know getting killed... [Turlough trailed off, trying to find the words. Eventually, he lamely settled on] It's hard.
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[ It's hard to respond to that. Claudia glances around the camp, suddenly grateful so few people she knows came. ]

I guess I just found the upside to not having many friends in Asgard. Or... any, depending on the day.

[ It's a shitty upside. ]