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Who: Newbies and anyone who wishes to greet them!
What: Getting used to the city
When: Days 397 and forward
Where: Anywhere in town!
Rating: PG-13 tops! If it gets worse, move to a private log please.

[Please include your location and the IC day (ex. Day 397 - this can be found in the schedule) in your top-level comment or your subject line when starting a thread! It can be any welcome hall, major attraction, or just out an about in any district. For newbies making a top-level thread, you may include your character's name/canon/house in your subject line if you'd like, to make housemates easy to find! :) If a God is needed or wanted, please ping the mods and depending on availability we might be able to throw them in where asked.

Also, keep an eye on the event schedule for February! If you're ICly introing during an event, make sure you take that into account. Thank you!

Have fun!]
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[Turlough, on the other hand, is taking to rain like a cat takes to a garden hose: badly. He's sulking and grumpy, burrowing in his raincoat like a small animal in its hole and...someone outside of the castle is laughing at the rain. Turlough can't help but stare at the man, giving him a look that plainly implies 'you're insane.'

He walks up to Jason, shaking his head at the man.
] I've never seen someone this happy for rain before.
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[ Well, at least Jason's got the good grace to look suitably abashed for his display of euphoria. Just that okay, yeah, Atlantis has rain too - but it's not the same as this, the cold wet miserable familiarity that reminds him of growing up.

This never lasts, though. You give it a bit and he'll be just as grumpy about it as the next guy. Maybe it's an English thing - you hate it when it's there, and god knows it's nearly always there. But all the same, you miss it when it's gone. ]

Sorry. [ He rubs the back of his head a bit, still grinning. ] Just - haven't seen rain like this in a while.
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Where are you from, the desert?

[His tone is curious, more than anything, despite the fact that Turlough seems dead-set on burying himself as deep in the raincoat as possible.]
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Uh... [ The question, while totally understandable, visibly catches him a bit off guard. For most people this would be an easy one. Not, it seems, if your fate is to be a Hero For Hire for any universe capable of snatching you from the last one. ]

... Sort of? I mean - yeah, uh - the last place I was at was sort of a desert city. But before that it was more... like this. I was just thinking it's nice to see it again...

[ With some awkward folding, unfolding and finally refolding of his arms as he becomes more and more aware of his own hardly appropriate state of dress. It's just been easier in Atlantis to go without the tunic most of the time - of course it'd be a time he's not wearing it that he'd find himself somewhere that's so far looking a lot less sunny. ]

Oh - Jason. [ Along with his name he offers a smile and his hand. Which... hopefully will go down better than the first thing he did last time this happened. Though on a scale of one to try to poke a two-headed dragon, a handshake does seem to be on the safer side as far as ideas go. ]
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[Jason isn't the only one who's becoming more aware of his state of dress-Turlough's eyes linger on Jason's abs for far too long before he realizes what he's doing and looks back up at the man's face. A+ job being subtle, buddy.

As Jason offers his hand, Turlough takes and shakes it, nodding at the man as he does so.
] Turlough. Pleasure to meet you, Jason.

[But there was something in the man's words that interested him. "The last place I was"...did that mean Jason was a traveler as well? Of course, Turlough had an idea that this man's travels were a bit more mundane than his (how little he knew.)]

If the last place you were at was a desert city, then where're you from originally?
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[ The thing about Jason is, he's a bit of an odd one in this way. He'll walk around topless, brazen as you like, but the second he remembers that that's something other people do actually notice sometimes he goes all bashful. Like now. Does rain make it less obvious when you blush? At least a little bit? He'll pretend it does, for his own sake, as he fails miserably at pretending he didn't notice that.

Still, at least the handshake works like it's meant to. You never really know what's going to offend people in strange new worlds. All it takes is nicking somebody's sacrificial offering to have for dinner and suddenly everyone's throwing curses around and somebody's a werewolf and things just spin way out of control. ]

Uh... England? [ He offers with an awkward sort of laugh - not meaning to deride or imply that that should have been obvious, but like he's not quite sure himself. ] I was born in Atlantis, but my father took me to another world when I was a baby... [ And that's all he explains for a moment. Gauging reaction. If this man - understandably - thinks he's totally lost it after that, it's safer just to keep the rest to himself. ]
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[Turlough's eyes brighten up a bit when he hears 'England' but then gets more confused when he hears 'Atlantis.' What? Atlantis doesn't exist. At least, he was fairly certain that Atlantis didn't exist. (He'd have to ask the Doctor about that.)

Still, different worlds and all that. Turlough is taking the news of Jason being from Atlantis remarkably well. After all, he's an alien himself.

I've never heard of someone from Atlantis before. What's it like?