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[Open] Walking in a winter wonderland

Who: Jack Frost, Jamie McCrimmon, the kids of Asgard and... why not, hey you! Yes, you, over there! Enjoying the cold? Get over here and enjoy it more!
What: Shenanigans while skating. Threadjack and mingle as you wish!
When: Days 397-400 ssshhh i'm not late just backtagging
Where: 'G' the ice rink in the Loki district.
Rating: Err, let's say PG-13 for now in case someone has a dirty mouth (falling on ice and a trolling spirit do that to you).

[After spending a good amount of days in a bad mood thanks to Jade and Rapunzel leaving and Pitch showing up instead (what the hell gods, what kind of exchange is that), Jack is ready to go back to the world and do his thing as the Guardian of Fun. The current cold only helps his mood to get better, and even if he won't admit it, Bunny arriving is also a good thing.

So now, ladies and gentlemen, there's a prankster spirit ready to bother everyone again. He plays nice in front of the kids, of course, and the rink seems to always have a least a bunch of them around, playing with Jack and learning tricks to do on the ice.

But that won't stop Jack from making fun of you while teaching you to skate at the same time. He slides on the ice on his bare feet as if it was nothing, and only puts skates on for speed and the real hard tricks. Then he becomes a figure skater worth of a golden medal, with high jumps, twirling and landing on one leg.

Do you want skating classes? Free ice-cream? Playing hockey? Just skating to relax? Then grab some warm clothes and get in here. But remember! Not complaining about the weather or the owner is kicking you out.]
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[While Turlough still hated the cold, he had found himself liking ice skating more and more. He wasn't fond of most sports-and, to be honest, was confused by a lot of them. But ever since he had fallen on his face multiple times at the winter festival, Turlough had gone to the ice rink more and more, in order to practice and get better...partly to show up Jack, but partly because the more he practiced, the more he realized that he liked this sport.

So, bundled up against the cold with coats and his knitted sheep hat, Turlough's skating around the ice rink. He's able to skate without holding onto the wall but he won't be doing any tricks soon-as shown by Turlough occasionally falling on his face-like right about now.

Grumbling to himself, Turlough (very shakily) gets back up and looks around to see if anyone noticed.
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It was a Christmas present, actually, [Turlough responds, with a bit of a smirk. Fun fact: he has no fashion sense.]

And really, that was the first time I've fallen all day. I think you should be more proud of me.
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Faster than before, [Turlough simply responded, as he continued to skate around the arena.] Though, I'll hardly be in the Winter Olympics any time soon.
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Absolutely not, [said in a tone that implied his opinion was final on that.]
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[There's a pause because what the hell are you smiling about.

And then Turlough realizes that he's floating. And he flips a shit.

What are you doing?! Put me down!
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It's simply that I don't enjoy being levitated without my permission! [You have a huffy annoyed ginger on your hands, Jack. What do?]
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It's a "no, Jack, put me down!"

[and commence more flailing. Maybe if he just tries to angle himself a different way he can grab onto something...despite the fact that he's in the middle of an ice rink.]
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[He hates you so much right now.]

This wasn't even funny in the first place, you know!
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No, I simply don't want to be lifted in the air.

[and then whoops, he's lying face down on the ice. It takes a while and Turlough's movements are like a baby deer trying to learn how to walk, but eventually he manages to push himself back on his feet, giving Jack a smirk as he does so.]
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And I do like to fly, but in spaceships and planes-not by myself.

[he IS boring, Jack. he's a massive boring grump.]
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But you can do things like walk around, have a drink and get there faster.
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And I'm certain you get bugs in your teeth.
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I'd rather it not happen in the first place.