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Who: Newbies and anyone who wishes to greet them!
What: Getting used to the city
When: Days 411 and forward.
Where: Anywhere in town!
Rating: PG-13 tops! If it gets worse, move to a private log please.

[Please include your location and the IC day (ex. Day 411 - this can be found in the schedule) in your top-level comment or your subject line when starting a thread! It can be any welcome hall, major attraction, or just out an about in any district. For newbies making a top-level thread, you may include your character's name/canon/house in your subject line if you'd like, to make housemates easy to find! :) If a God is needed or wanted, please ping the mods and depending on availability we might be able to throw them in where asked.

Also, keep an eye on the event schedule for February! If you're ICly introing during an event, make sure you take that into account. Thank you!

Have fun!]
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[Turlough had been wandering, when he spotted Darcy, looking confused and annoyed, wandering through the district.]

New arrival? [he said, with a little smirk, as he walked up to her, nodding as he approached.]
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[She offers the man a small smile.]

Is it that obvious? [She laughs.] I'm Darcy.
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Turlough, [he responds, offering Darcy a hand to shake.] And really, once you realize that there's at least one confused new person wandering around the city, you start to look for more.
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Nice to meet you. [she shakes the offered hand.] Sounds like a horrible game of I Spy... I take it there are new people showing up on a pretty regular basis?
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At least once a month, [he remarked, with a small shrug.] It depends, though.
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[Her eyebrows raise at his words and the question slips out before she can think about whether or not she really wants to know.] Depends on what?
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Well, sometimes people arrive staggered, but other times they all arrive in one or two days. [He shrugged, looking over at Darcy.]

I wish I could say why it was, but it simply happens that way.
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Huh... That's really weird.

[a beat.]

Which house do you belong to?
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Hel, [he responded with a little smile, to try and reassure Darcy that no, he wasn't that creepy, he just was stuck in an unfortunate house.]

And yourself?
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[She responds with a similar smile, not all that pleased at her house assignment either.]

I'm in Loki. Do you know how it's picked which house we end up in?
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I think it depends. With Hel...I know it's partly because we've experienced death in our lives. Or, at least, moreso than most. I don't entirely know about Loki, though.
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Huh... Interesting... [She thinks for a moment.]I'm guessing then that due to my awesome sense of humor and it being the house of the Trickster god it kind of makes sense that I'd be there. Although the Loki I know isn't that funny.
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You've met the gods before? [he asks, obviously confused.]
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Ummmm.... Sort of? I know a few of the gods from the other Asgard- not this one... Although they're here as well - Thor and Loki, though Loki was more an indirect knowing since he was busy trying to take over the world/having a temper tantrum all over New Mexico and New York... Thor's pretty awesome though - my Thor at least.

It's kinda weird and works best if you just don't think about it.
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Thor from this Asgard is pretty...ah, "awesome" as well. [with his British accent and general stuffy demeanor, it feels REALLY WEIRD now that Turlough said 'awesome'.] The Loki in Asgard I haven't talked with much.
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Huh... Well I'm glad to hear this Thor is okay - I feel like my Thor wouldn't tolerate a douche nozzle sharing his name. Loki, on the other hand, I will do my best to avoid - this world's or mine.

How long have you been here?
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Oh, months, [Turlough remarked, with a long-suffering sigh.] I've been here for at least three months, and yet there are people here who've been here at least three times longer than me.
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Holy crap... [months... she was having a hard time imagining anyone being here that long or longer...]

Any tips for the newbie?
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As a matter of fact, I do have one. Start saving up your money. If you're stuck with an unbearable flatmate like I am, eventually you'll want to move out.
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I imagine I'll probably end up with Jane or someone else from my world - crash on the couch or floor until I get money figured out. I would prefer to not stay in my district for too long.
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Smart thinking, [he responds, with a wry little grin.]
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[She smiles.] Which, speaking of, I should try and track her down so I can get that lined up... It's been awhile since I've had to crash on a couch, but I can deal with it.