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Who: Turlough and OPEN!
What: Yeah, you know how some people have fun curses where you're younger or you're a fox? Turlough gets the curses where you hallucinate that guy who enlisted you to kill the Doctor. Sucks to be you, buddy.
When: Day 419.
Where: All over, starting in Freyr District and ending up at Hel House.
Rating: PG, probs

Freyr District
[The day starts off with Turlough at the radio station, shuffling through some weather reports, attempting to get a little bit of paperwork done before utterly slacking off, when...he hears something. As if a little voice inside his head. An all too familiar voice that Turlough doesn't want to admit he recognizes.]

Did you hear that? [he asks someone at the radio station.

Five minutes or so later, he hears the voice again, that angry, commanding voice that couldn't possibly be him even though he's certain it is. Leaving the radio building for a moment, Turlough stands smack in the middle of a street in Freyr District, looking around utterly confused, trying to spot any of those idiots from Loki House who might be playing a silly little prank.

All Over
[The walk back from Freyr District to Hel House is not a good walk. For those who say Turlough on the day after the funeral, he's even more jumpy and tense now than he is then. His eyes dart around the area like a rabbit, trying to spot the Doctor before the Black Guardian does. Because he knows for certain now what that voice in his head was: the Black Guardian, the man who had

'I told you, boy,' says the deep voice of what Turlough believes to be the Black Guardian, resounding through his head. 'Kill the Doctor!'

I can't, [Turlough whined, utterly unaware that he had said that in public and that others might be listening.] We've already gotten rid of you once, now go away!

Hel House
[It's been a few hours since he arrived back at Hel House and the incessant badgering hasn't stopped. The constant jeers of the Black Guardian, commanding him to kill the Doctor, attacking Turlough for his uselessness, reminding him that without his help he would never manage to get home, continue to pound into his head, giving him a minor headache as well as an ever-growing crippling sense of worthlessness.

He had to kill the Doctor, whether he wanted to or not.

In one last act of defiance, Turlough picked up the crystal from home, the crystal that he got as a gift at the funeral, the crystal that the Black Guardian had used to contact him, opened the door to his room and attempted to throw it down the hall.

Back in his world, his proper world, any attempt to throw away the crystal was stymied by the Black Guardian himself. But here, oddly enough, the crystal flew out of his hand (a fact which shocked Turlough)....and connected with a nearby vase, hitting it with a crash. Turlough winced, then hurried over to the vase in an attempt to clean it up.

Somebody probably saw it--at least, he was fairly certain somebody had heard it.

[ooc: Turlough is cursed for a day to hallucinate the Black Guardian aka that dude with a bird on his head aka the dude that enlisted him to kill the Doctor. Feel free to ask him why he's staring at a goddamn faucet knob (as that was what the Black Guardian used to communicate with him, see icon).]
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[She's actually just made her rounds of taking her dog out, heeding Jack Frost's advice, of all things. Not to mention, to push herself.

Although she's been doing plenty of that the past few days. She's tired, she hasn't slept much thanks to nightmares and she's such a light sleeper to begin with. Koyuki is young, she's very small, which is why Alice carries her more than she lets her down. She's terrified of her dog getting hurt; it would make Mr. Graham very upset, she thinks.

Alice is making her rounds around the corner where she stops in her trek to notice something that would have been a familiar sight in Rutledge. A man talking himself, but Turlough? That's really not funny, she was only innocently making a joke to herself the other day he was insane for liking wolves. That was it. It is alarming, but sadly all too familiar; after all, Alice was notorious for acting in such way, which is why she's not going to come any closer, clutching her puppy closer to her chest as she gives a soft whine.

This dog is more social than she is.]

Mister Turlough? Are you all right?
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[That jumpy demeanor makes Alice jump as well, coiling back as she keeps an eager Koyuki close to her.]

You seem... on edge.
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[What kind of question is that? Alice eyes him considerably, even taking a step back. He's displaying strange behavior as it is and he's already startled her.]

I would not do it, regardless of the consequences.

[She means it too, despite how simple of an answer it is, Alice is a very stubborn person.]

What on earth compelled you to ask that? What happened?
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I already told you. No one is going to force me to do something I do not want to do or disagree with.

[It sounds childish, but it's actually a rather big deal to her.]

Besides, if you show more resistance, what is the worst that can happen?

[inb4 getting killed]

It's the principal of the matter.
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[Dam it, Turlough, YOU HAD ONE JOB. She's seriously refraining from making a sarcastic comment herself; he's pretty shaken and that makes Alice nervous.

There's no need to disturb Koyuki now who's fallen asleep in her arms.]

Who on earth would want to kill you? By and by, you're a terrible liar.
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You know what they say about curiosity.

[Killed the cat, etc. Especially if they're up a certain queen.

And Alice has no room to talk. The look she gives him is one of absolute scrutiny. She takes a few steps forward, looking right up at him, with a raised eyebrow. She still thinks he's full of it. ANSWER THE QUESTION, YOU BUM.]
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[As is often the case with Four, he's out and about once again. He's never been inclined to sit still for too long, and not even being trapped in one place will change that. In fact, it very nearly makes it worse, given that he's already spent most of a single lifetime doing exactly that. But he supposes there's not much for it save to make do as best he can.

Not that it ever seems to be quite enough, but he's managing, even if he hadn't really expected to run across Turlough again.]

Got rid of whom?
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[That ever present scarf of his would make for a very good way to strangle him, if nothing else. Especially now that there's very little chance he'd be able to get around it through a fascinating quirk of biology.

But Four certainly doesn't know what's going through Turlough's mind, although he's noticed the way he's turned paler yet.]

You know, that really didn't work very well last time we spoke.

[The insistence that it's nothing, he means, although he doesn't quite say so.]
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[It might even work fairly well, too. Especially given that he can't know what's in Turlough's mind. Or rather, could, but won't.]

You know, you might be right. But on the other hand, I'm living in the same place as some of my future. And a little more can't hurt, hmm?
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[Ah. So it's that sort of thing.]

In that case, I'd really rather you didn't. I've had quite enough of that to last me a lifetime, lately.
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You most certainly can!

[Unfortunately, the time it takes him to protest is also time that he isn't dodging Turlough's attempt, and one of the disadvantages of a terribly long scarf is that there's a lot of it to grab.

He's not really looking forward to the idea of being strangled again. Once was more than enough. Of course, even being strangled he can manage to find time to speak, mostly in the hopes that he can distract Turlough long enough to wiggle free.]

Just because someone wants you to kill someone doesn't mean you have to!
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[It's tempting to resist the pull. But that would be counterproductive to getting out of the noose that's being pulled ever tighter. Instead, he steps forward, which gives him just enough slack to get his hands slid into the loop around his neck. A minor reprieve, at the best of time but it does have promise.

He'll just need enough time and space to get scarf off entirely, and that just got a little bit easier, although it'll be his strength against Turlough's.]

Got out of it once?

[Normally he'd ask about the details, but right now there are more important things at hand.]

Then get out of it again. You know it's possible!
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[It is, at least, the first time he's had his scarf used against him. But he's always thought best when it comes down to his life on the line. That and he has no intention of dying to a piece of clothing.]

There's always a way... out.

[The last word comes just as he finally manages to extricate himself from the loops of his own scarf. There'll be no more attempts that way, even if he'll probably go right back to wearing it after all is said and done.]
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[ Now that.

Is worrying. Turlough talking to air. Saying he can't, and that they've already gotten rid of someone ... And with how the gods seem fond of cursing them lately - or seem to be starting to - he has a hunch. ]


[ He marches over, leans in to look closer at Turlough. ]

Who are you talking to ...?
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Because you are talking to someone. I saw it.

[ He reaches out and prods Turlough's forehead. ]

Out with it.
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[ His hands close around Turlough's shoulders. Squeeze. ]

I can help. You know I can.
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[ There's a pause, as he just ... lets that sink in. That's ... The Black Guardian? Here? ]

What? But that's not ... That's not right. How can he be here?

[ It's not that he's doubting Turlough - though it may come out like that - it just doesn't make sense. ]
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Okay. Okay.

[ He lowers his hands, and turns away, scrubbing a hand over his mouth. ]

Okay. Right. Brilliant.
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Not really different from last time then.

[ He waves a hand, and starts pacing. Naturally, he's ready for any possible attack. Turlough's not all that mentally strong.

They ought to work on that, somehow. ]

It's not right. He can't be here. He can't.
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It doesn't make sense! How can they just bring in someone like that? Unless ... Unless.

[ He turns back to Turlough and snaps his fingers. ]

Have you seen him?
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You can't what, Turlough?

[Annie had been about to approach him in order to say hello, but instead she finds herself approaching because she's concerned about the skinny ginger boy she hardly knew.]

Are you alright?
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[personal profile] howstrongiam 2014-03-25 04:56 am (UTC)(link), I guess not.

[Well, now what? Turlough is giving her mixed signals, trying to smile and then nearly biting her head off.]

Is there anything I can do to help? It might help if you told me what's wrong.
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[Annie eyes him in frustration. Vague is not helpful. Still, never let it be said that Annie Sawyer can't improvise.]

Well, um... you could always come hide in the shop for a little while. Or at the least, maybe have a cup of tea and calm down before you jump right out of your skin?
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