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amelia jessica pond; ([personal profile] codenamelegs) wrote in [community profile] asgardmeridiem 2013-06-22 03:35 pm (UTC)

[ The hand on her back is uncomfortably familiar, the gesture so similar that it rubs raw and she flinches slightly at the contact. It hits a little too close to home with the news he's just delivered, but it's still comfort and she can't help but lean back into the hand a little after a moment. ]

Yeah, a war. Not our war, theirs. Why are we losing people for their war?

[ Her own voice is growing more strained, a bitter anger rising up to try and drown the grief, but in the end it's his tears that snaps her out of that. She's angry, but not at him. Furious really, but it's not his fault. She exhales slowly, shakily, then just shakes her head again before turning sharply to face Eight and wind her arms around his shoulders.

Amy pulls him in for a hug without a second thought, and as soon as she gets her chin on his shoulder and her face out of sight her chest heaves as she really starts to cry.

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