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Who: ANYONE going on the infiltration into Thrymheim and EVERYONE inside the city when the caravan returns!
What: The return to Asgard with Freyr’s soul ( meaning: a lot more travelling ).
When: Days 281 - 283 ( June 16 - 21)
Where: Asgard, Thrymheim, and the road inbetween.
Rating: PG-13. Anything that might go higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

[ Days 281 - 282 will be spent travelling again back through the terrain from before. Thiazi's minions will be hot on the caravan's tail, leaving them to messy skirmishes every time there's need to stop or they manage to interrupt the path forward. It won't be unmanageable, but it will be difficult, and though their numbers aren't great, it is strongly advised to clear off as many as possible for proceeding. The sooner you get back to the city, the better.

And not a moment too soon. In the dead of night on Day 282, Asgard's walls will come into view with three figures standing just before it: Thor, Jormungand and Fenrir. The caravan will race past them without pause, and the Travellers will be able to see the gods engaging whatever remaining forces there may be as they pass through the city gates into safety. Anyone healed enough or still within the city is welcome to join them in the fight, but the ones entrusted to the chest's delivery should continue on directly to the castle where Odin is waiting for it.

Travellers inside the city that aren’t getting involved in the fight should feel welcome to help with the caravan’s return. There will be injuries to treat, wagons to mend, horses to calm and attend. The Natives will come out to help as well, creating a general air of movement and bustling about as everyone tries to get things cleared out and settled.

By the sunrise of Day 283, all of Thiazi's tag-alongs will be killed and Odin, Hel, and Heimdall will depart the city through the Gate of Fire. The city will be kept on high alert during their absence, though no one can say for sure where they're going or what they plan to do with Freyr's soul kept securely in that box. Thor, Jormungand and Fenrir stay alert at the southeastern gate while Baldr, Loki and Sigyn guard the north. Several Natives across the entire city will stand vigil in the streets, praying silently to and for their gods’ and everyone’s safe deliverance. Everyone is awake, and yet everything seems terribly still in the silence, like one drop of water waiting to fall.

Evening falls with still no sign of anyone’s return, but around dusk, a heavy vibration will echo through the city, seemingly travelling from north to south and shaking any plant life along the way. Travellers will feel it pulse inside them as it passes, but it will be soundless and harmless, passing otherwise insignificantly. The gods return a few hours after that - but they alone.

Whether or not they were successful remains to be seen . . . ]

[ OOC NOTES: This is the final log of three for the Save Our Souls plot! Please put the day/location in the title of your comment along with [OPEN/CLOSED]. The first log can be found here and the second can be found here. If you would like an NPC in any of your threads, feel free to give us a bump in your direction and let us know if you have any questions! ]
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[Eight drops his hands away from her and into his own lap. They look somewhat like mirror images, sitting side-by-side with their heads down and their hands in their laps.

He can't think of anything to say to her denial, so he keeps quiet until she collected herself enough to ask a question he can answer.]

I arrived later, so I didn't see the attack, but...he got a giant's sword to the belly. I tried to heal him. He even tried to heal himself, but we couldn't stop the bleeding.

And, as you know, we can't regenerate here...
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So when does he come back?

[ Apparently all the denial hasn't gone just yet, because the question - just as quiet and strained, forced out through gritted teeth - comes quickly after his answer. She shuts her mouth abruptly after, pressing a hand to cover it and shaking her head again. ]

He's...he's not gone. You don't just die!

[ ...And there it is. Her voice cracks and raises at the word 'die', and she can't stop the sob that bursts out with the words. ]
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I don't know. That's what I'm worried about. Rose died days ago and she hasn't returned. Surely...surely she should have come back by now.

[His lips press together tightly in a grimace of sympathy for the girl as she begins to sob. Gently, he lays a hand on her back and waits a moment for her to get the worst of it out before he speaks again.]

I assure you, Amy, we can. We're human here, not Time Lords. This isn't our universe. And in the middle of a war...

[He goes quiet for a moment, this time waiting for himself to calm enough to speak again. When he speaks again, his voice is thick with tears he was refusing to shed until he got away from everyone.]

Amy, I'm sorry.
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[ The hand on her back is uncomfortably familiar, the gesture so similar that it rubs raw and she flinches slightly at the contact. It hits a little too close to home with the news he's just delivered, but it's still comfort and she can't help but lean back into the hand a little after a moment. ]

Yeah, a war. Not our war, theirs. Why are we losing people for their war?

[ Her own voice is growing more strained, a bitter anger rising up to try and drown the grief, but in the end it's his tears that snaps her out of that. She's angry, but not at him. Furious really, but it's not his fault. She exhales slowly, shakily, then just shakes her head again before turning sharply to face Eight and wind her arms around his shoulders.

Amy pulls him in for a hug without a second thought, and as soon as she gets her chin on his shoulder and her face out of sight her chest heaves as she really starts to cry.
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[He doesn't resist at all when she grabs hold of him, but just puts his arms around her and lets her cry, his cheek pressed into her hair as he sighs deeply and closes his eyes. It's a desperate struggle not to let her tears spur him on to a bit of weeping of his own.

No, not now. Save it for later, when you can cry out of sight of everyone. For now, just be the Doctor for her.

Eight has no words for her -- none that would be comforting at least -- so he lets her cry herself out, gently petting her back.]

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[ It almost feels like permission to fall apart, and for a little while that's just what she does. Her whole body practically shakes with the effort, and she just lets go.

It can't last forever though, frankly it's exhausting and she just doesn't have it in her. When she's down to just small sniffs, the occasional deep breath of air and even a little hiccup, she drags herself a little away from him and rubs under her eyes with the corner of her sleeve, laughing with clear embarrassment.

Sorry, we've barely met and here I am, ruining your jacket.
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[He releases her and gives her a lopsided grin, then begins fishing in his pockets.]

I should have something...I've got everything else in here, almost literally. Aha!

[With a flourish, he produces a handkerchief and hands it over to her.]

I don't mind, Amy. Really. What else are jackets for?
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[ When he pulls out the handkerchief she laughs again even through the tears, and this time it's not embarrassment so much as genuine amusement. Despite everything, he still managed to make her laugh. If Amy hadn't already been convinced that they were the same man, that much would have done it. ]

Of course you've got one of these in there. [ She shakes her head a little and uses it to dry her cheeks, rolling her eyes even as she does. ]

I'm pretty sure they're not for crying on. If anyone's coat should have gotten that it's Six.
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[He gives her a small, watery chuckle in return.]

You'd be surprised how much I have in there. I used to have several pairs of Ray-Bans once, but they got lost when...C'rizz, Charley and I got overrun by a mob.

[There's a slight pause, then he shakes his head. No time for memories now. There's a companion to console.]

Well, at least you and I agree on that horrible thing. I really don't know what I was thinking. Midlives crisis, or something.

Still...I really don't mind, Amy. Jackets can be wiped down. You needed comforting, and I was here. I may not have been the version of me you'd have preferred, but I hope I sufficed for the moment at least.

[He gives her a gentle smile, halfway hoping her slightly lifted spirits would help lift his own.]
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Several. [ She raises her eyebrows a little at that, surprised, but nods along without comment. She'll totally tease you for that another time, Doctor, when she's not busy mourning the loss of another. ]

Hey, now. I think you do okay. [ She returns the smile, reaching over and pushing his shoulder slightly before shaking her head and shifting to lean her side into his slightly. ] Sufficed is such a non-compliment. I like 'did perfectly'. Or maybe 'excelled'. Lets go with that, huh?
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Yes, well, you know me. [He shrugs a bit.] Pick up a pair, then forget I have them in my pocket, so I pick up another, and so on. Having more than one has proven useful in the past, though, to give to companions if we land on a planet that has more exposure to the sun, or just happens to be very bright in one way or another.

[He smiles and leans right back, quite thoroughly appreciating the compliment.] Well, thank you, Amy. I'm glad I was able to help.

And if anyone comes back, it would be him. I know me, and we Doctors are a stubborn lot.
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Never went to a planet with more exposure to the sun, guess I'll have to add that to the list. [ She frowns for a moment. Considering at this point she doesn't even know if she'll ever see the Doctor again, here or back home, maybe she won't get the chance.

She doesn't say any of that though. It's sad enough without her dwelling on things like that. Instead she just huffs a little and looks at him, more tired than anything else.

You're right. You're so right. If anyone could, anyone at all... [ And okay, it's taken a while but finally she's starting to look a tiny bit hopeful as she reaches over and grabs hold of his hand, shaking it lightly. ] It'd be you.