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Who: ANYONE going on the infiltration into Thrymheim and EVERYONE inside the city when the caravan returns!
What: The return to Asgard with Freyr’s soul ( meaning: a lot more travelling ).
When: Days 281 - 283 ( June 16 - 21)
Where: Asgard, Thrymheim, and the road inbetween.
Rating: PG-13. Anything that might go higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

[ Days 281 - 282 will be spent travelling again back through the terrain from before. Thiazi's minions will be hot on the caravan's tail, leaving them to messy skirmishes every time there's need to stop or they manage to interrupt the path forward. It won't be unmanageable, but it will be difficult, and though their numbers aren't great, it is strongly advised to clear off as many as possible for proceeding. The sooner you get back to the city, the better.

And not a moment too soon. In the dead of night on Day 282, Asgard's walls will come into view with three figures standing just before it: Thor, Jormungand and Fenrir. The caravan will race past them without pause, and the Travellers will be able to see the gods engaging whatever remaining forces there may be as they pass through the city gates into safety. Anyone healed enough or still within the city is welcome to join them in the fight, but the ones entrusted to the chest's delivery should continue on directly to the castle where Odin is waiting for it.

Travellers inside the city that aren’t getting involved in the fight should feel welcome to help with the caravan’s return. There will be injuries to treat, wagons to mend, horses to calm and attend. The Natives will come out to help as well, creating a general air of movement and bustling about as everyone tries to get things cleared out and settled.

By the sunrise of Day 283, all of Thiazi's tag-alongs will be killed and Odin, Hel, and Heimdall will depart the city through the Gate of Fire. The city will be kept on high alert during their absence, though no one can say for sure where they're going or what they plan to do with Freyr's soul kept securely in that box. Thor, Jormungand and Fenrir stay alert at the southeastern gate while Baldr, Loki and Sigyn guard the north. Several Natives across the entire city will stand vigil in the streets, praying silently to and for their gods’ and everyone’s safe deliverance. Everyone is awake, and yet everything seems terribly still in the silence, like one drop of water waiting to fall.

Evening falls with still no sign of anyone’s return, but around dusk, a heavy vibration will echo through the city, seemingly travelling from north to south and shaking any plant life along the way. Travellers will feel it pulse inside them as it passes, but it will be soundless and harmless, passing otherwise insignificantly. The gods return a few hours after that - but they alone.

Whether or not they were successful remains to be seen . . . ]

[ OOC NOTES: This is the final log of three for the Save Our Souls plot! Please put the day/location in the title of your comment along with [OPEN/CLOSED]. The first log can be found here and the second can be found here. If you would like an NPC in any of your threads, feel free to give us a bump in your direction and let us know if you have any questions! ]
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Fenrir || Outside Asgard || OTA

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[He doesn't seem to notice the wagons as they rattle past him and his brother, standing side by side, his gaze fixed on the ice giants in hot pursuit. Fenrir rolls his shoulder as they draw closer, and they seem completely unfazed by the gods at the gate. Closer, closer.

His knees bend slightly, the only warning before he launches himself at the closest one. Fenrir's entire body flickers, skin into rippling fur, dark eyes into bright yellow ones, a bloodied maw in place of his own mouth. The entire scene is too blurry to really make out, like something you'd see out of the corner of your eye. He's definitely in the shape of a man as momentum crashes their bodies to the ground, but he's also... something else, if you look at him just right, something not entirely definable with words. Something with jaws wide enough to close around the giant's entire head, ripping it off in one go.

As Fenrir vaults back to his feet and grabs at a giant's arm, he still looks human. The odd transformation might as well have been a trick of the light, had it not been for the first giant's suddenly missing head.

There's really not enough time to worry about that anyway. Fenrir rips the arm off of the next giant, frowning as he ducks a blow and puts his fist through the creature's chest. There are more- far more, swarming down to meet them, and the wolf god gives a sigh, feet digging into the ground.]

We're going to be at this all day.
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283 - At the Gates

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[Someone wasn't happy. Someone was armed, ready to bear, his eyes full of the light of fire, itching for a fight. Someone was also not out there, alongside the three others beyond the gates, and when one errant giant managed to get through, his displeasure at that fact was expressed with the sound of cracking bones and a guttural cry before the creature fell.

Baldr was seething, left to help manage the defenses behind the gates, to keep the streets ordered and controlled so that nothing could get beyond. It was grunt work. No, worse than that. It was Heimdall's work, and he felt coddled.

But, still, at least he could kill a few giants. That would work the frustration out of his system.]
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Day 282 | Loki district near the castle

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[Not every god's speciality is physical fighting. Some do better behind the scenes, and Loki is one such god. He figures he has enough on his hands with his usual duties that he'd rather not waste his time out fighting if he doesn't have to, so instead he's decided to keep an eye on things from a distance.

He can be found standing on the wall surrounding the castle plaza, alternately peering in the direction of the Gate of Frost or at the various screen floating near him. The screens display the battle and the other two gates, and he seems equally invested in all of them.

He might even be paying such close attention that a sneaky Traveller could surprise him.]
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day 282 | On the wall by the Gate of Frost

[personal profile] asgardsshadow 2013-06-18 08:47 am (UTC)(link)
[hel isn't fighting, not today. the travelers succeeded in bringing freyr back, and that means her part of this work will begin soon. in the meantime, she sits on the wall by the gate of frost and watches the carnage unfold, and her brothers at the heart of it. her posture isn't one of concern, though. no, she looks like she enjoys watching them do their work.

it's a bit of effort to get up onto the ramparts, but for those who wish to spectate, the view is grand]
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282-283 | anywhere and everywhere | open

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[ On the 282nd, as soon as they get back, as soon as they get back into the city, Allen's going to be one of the ones rushing the container carrying Freyr's soul back to the castle. Even if perhaps he was with the defense team (and it is still defense, isn't it). It's hardly like he'll ever be one to let Tyki Mikk out of his sight when there's a soul involved, after all. (Don't think he doesn't think there are ulterior motives at work here.) Beyond being very personally concerned with the safety of such a thing as it is. It's kind of a nerve-wracking thing, after all.

After that, it's right back to find the frontlines. Who could rest with that going on, after all? So you can probably catch a glimpse of a white-haired slender blur darting in and out and braining things with a large shield. Looking for people he recognizes to protect, to stop and try to heal, or trying to help where it looks like someone needs it. Though, at one point...

For a moment, does it look like he jerks and stops a little when one bleeding, nearly dead giant stirs a little at his feet? Yes, and after what seems a moment of rather heavy, heavy hesitation -- he drops to his knees by it to place his hand against its head.

...He might have stopped to heal it. Just enough so it wouldn't die (he hopes), before hurrying along. Not enough so it could fight again, but...

Just enough to save it.

There'd be looking tired since he hasn't slept much the last few days, except whoa, adrenaline.

But come the next day, the 283rd day, and the battle over... Whoever he might have been with, if anyone in particular (probably not), he drifts off by himself with a worn sort of smile. (Funny how he's good at that, like smoke.) And Allen probably meant to go home (well, to the room where he sleeps is more like it), but...

He didn't. Which is why he's wedged up against this wall here, mostly out of sight and blending in like a forgotten heap of something. Save for the thatch of white hair and a brightly gold Timcanpy perched on one knee. And that he's hugging the shield he'd been using the last few days against his chest so he might rest his head against something. (Although he should probably... return it? It's not really his, he didn't even really want it. Maybe -- later... Yeah, later...)

He was just really tired and didn't quite make it back home, alright. Both from using his ability so much, and from the fighting instead of sleeping. And judging from the amount of cuts and bruises that aren't healed and a rather tattered uniform... it's probably mostly the latter. And being too stubborn to really let anyone heal him unless he really needed it.

It's okay. Just let a sleeping dog lie. ]
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Day 282 | Caravan's Return | Closed

[personal profile] key_illusion 2013-06-18 08:45 pm (UTC)(link)
[As soon as the caravan is in the city, ???'s stumbling out of it, trying to get away as fast as possible and return to his room. The crack in his head hasn't affected his memories, thankfully, but his balance is off. There's also a horrible headache that makes it feel like the crack is getting worse, even though he's pretty certain it's not. It's simply painful, and it doesn't help that he's completely drained. Mostly physical and low energies, but he's also noticed that some people didn't return to the caravan.

He doesn't want to dwell on it though. Instead, he's dragging himself through the streets, hood up, and hand pressed against the buildings as he moves. A Teleport array should be around here somewhere...]
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Day 283 midday

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[There were finally back, he while he was exhausted at least he was alive this time around. So he kept his promise at least. He wasn't sure he'd be able to talk or speak anytime soon, his throat felt quite raw and his lungs were still burning for the exertions he put on them. He wasn't giving himself anytime to rest, there was still a chance the enemy could still come at any moment.

So he pushed himself to climb to a roof to watch the entrance. Posed to give any aid if needed. He's so focused it would probably be easy to walk up to behind him.]
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Arriving to the city - OTA

[personal profile] 2cool4guardian 2013-06-19 09:03 pm (UTC)(link)
[He's tired. He's in pain. He's angry, frustrated. He's bleeding.

Bleeding. He isn't supposed to bleed.

Except he is doing so right now. Between that and all the realizations he's had the past few days, Jack isn't exactly a ball of sunshine. Healers will be avoided - in fact, crowds in general will be. He needs his personal space now.

Leaving the wagons behind, he searches for a wall he can rest his body against. Not that he can actually stay standing up for long - little by little he slides down until he's sitting on the floor, finally surrounding to the exhaustion.

After staring at his own blood for a moment, he looks up at the Moon to... speak to it?]

Hope you're happy, this is almost making miss the nightmares.
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Day 282 - 283

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[When the fighting reaches the city in the dead of night on day 282, Jamie is in the thick of it, not at all afraid to throw himself into battle with the weapons he has at his disposal, including his gift of speed. It's proven more useful than he'd thought at first, allowing him to land blows more quickly and avoid others that might have struck him - not all of them, of course, but enough that he's able to hold his own or join up with the others to more effectively take care of the giants.

After the battle, on day 283, he can be found on top of one of the buildings near the site of the battle, looking down at the field where he'd been fighting the night before. He's tired, both from the journey to find Freya and the attack at the gates after, but he can't bring himself to sleep just yet. A long time ago, before his journeys with the Doctor, he was the piper to Clan McLaren, helping to lead his clan into battle. But he would play after, too, for those who'd fallen during the fighting. The gods have seen fit to give him a set of bagpipes, and even though he knows that the travellers that've fallen will come back at some point, there's still something that drives him to pick them up now and go back to what he'd been raised to do.]
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[Day 282 - 283 | Inside Asgard | OPEN]

[personal profile] hadbadays 2013-06-19 11:31 pm (UTC)(link)
[ John stays by the caravans once they come back. It's best to leave the battle to those who have more energy - even if he's running very well on adrenaline here, it's obvious people aren't only needed out there. So he stays to patch people up and help make sure everything is in order.

Once the battle quiets down, he doesn't move at first. It's obvious that it isn't time to relax yet, but he settles by a house wall and stays there for a while, drops his head back and eyes closed. It isn't until later that he starts wandering. There's no way he'll get any proper rest until all of this is well over, so he'll keep himself busy.

That's not to say he feels bad. He feels pretty great, really. It's been a few busy and stressful days and he's enjoyed it as much as one can enjoy a war. Which is a decent bit. The danger of it. Just what the doctor ordered (that is, he ordered for himself), and whatnot. ]
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[Day 282 | Outside Asgard | OPEN]

[personal profile] foodshortage 2013-06-19 11:38 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Uther has a new sword, so, naturally, he needs to test it.

Not that that's the only reason he makes his way out of the gates, of course. He'll be damned before he lets any of those through to harm this city or any of the people in it. Regardless of the gods and the magic and the curses, there are good people who deserve protecting.

So he's there, fighting. A bit on the older side or not, he has a lot of spirit and strength in him still, thank you very much. ]
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Day 282 (at the gate) & Day 283 (out and about) | OTA!

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Day 282

[As much as Eight hates war and bloodshed, the battle reaching Asgard is something of a godsend for him. All the chaos was good to distract him from the tragic turn the trip to find Freya had taken near the end. He lets the shouting, the clash of weapons and the general swirl of action numb the ache in his chest.

His face is stony and grimly determined as he dives into the middle of the fight to drag whoever he can find that is too injured to get themselves out of harms way, completely ignoring his abhorrence towards violence when he fends off one of the giants by smashing the burning lantern he was holding into it's face as it bent down to grab at one of his charges. The combination of glass shards and fire aren't enough to fell the beast, but it is at least enough to get it to back off long enough to drag the injured fighter away.

Carrying/dragging (depending on how well he can pick them up, as he's not a large fellow) the wounded off back through the gate and to a side street, he begins setting up a makeshift triage post, shouting orders at the Natives a little more harshly than intended. He calls for blankets, more lanterns or any other light source they can find, and calls for people to do what they can to set up a barricade to keep the enemy out while he works.

For the rest of the fight, he's in and out of the mass of bodies, dragging away the wounded, healing them just enough to stabilize them, and then back out again. When he has as many wounded as he can handle, he gets down to the task of healing as much as he possibly can, even to the point of exhausting himself.

He wants to exhaust himself. He wants to be so tired he can't think, because thinking would mean he can remember how everything went wrong.]

Day 283

[The cloudy skies are quite fitting for the mood of the day.

Eight doesn't really pay any attention to where he's going. He finds it hard to think about anything, let alone his destination. Before arriving in Asgard, he thought he might have found at least a glimmer of hope after Lucie, Tamsin and Alex died. And then he finds himself thrust into the middle of a war where more good people are cut down. This time, it was Rose and Eleven, and they didn't come back. Didn't someone tell him that the dead had a way of coming back here? Where were they? What right did this world have to leave them dead?

Finally, last night's exertion of nearly healing people to the point of collapse catches up to him and he leans back against the wall of some shop or other -- he doesn't bother to notice which one -- sliding down it until he's sitting with his forehead resting on his knees, trembling hands burying themselves into his hair.

Damned war. Damned STUPID war.]
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282 | 283 (open)

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[Day 282: War]

[The Doctor hasn't spoken to anyone in more than a functional grunt in hours, perhaps days. He disembarks at the gate without a word and immediately extends his shadow into claws from both of his arms, swiping up at the nearest giant with a calculated strike. He stabs quickly and ruthlessly, moving onto the next with little more than a growl.

He goes on like that for hours, accumulating wounds and bathing himself in blood like it's nothing at all. And it really isn't. His only function now is as a tool of war---he'll end it, like before. And the rest of you? He'll keep you on your feet out of necessity.]

You've still got your legs. Go. Come on---

[He offers help, but it's all perfunctory and cold. If he spots an injured person, he'll quickly throw them over his shoulder and haul them to a healer, and he'll save someone, but he's a man of few words with a stone-like gaze. The previously sarcastic and sometimes jovial Doctor is gone, replaced by a killer. That's all he is, all he needs to be.]

[Day 283: Aftermath]
[The next day, the stone starts to crack. Asgard is safe. Fantastic. What's it matter? All he needs for safety and security is his loved one. She's gone. So's his future self, the fool---fighting with nothing left to lose doesn't mean you get stupid about it. The trick is calculating to live long enough to get your revenge, the rest is gravy.

But what revenge is this? It hasn't replaced a thing. His beloved Rose is still dead. The others said she's bounce right back---no sign of her. 'Course. No sign of the older Doctor with a fixation on bowties either. Death is death and that's that, right? No transmat beam this time. And no regeneration either.

He's wrapped his shadow around himself as something of a replacement for his jacket, hiding in a nice little alleyway in Hel district. If anyone can see him through the shadows, they might find a lost and lonely man trembling with rage. He's still a mess of blood and grime, pressing his back against the wall to shut it all out.]

Damn...! Rose...

[He slams his fist into the wall, wincing at the inevitable damage to his hand. For once, his voice wavers pitifully, though it's quiet enough that one would have to be close to hear it.]
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282 (Battlefield) | 283 (Everywhere?) | OTA

[personal profile] goesagainst_thegrain 2013-06-20 05:10 am (UTC)(link)

[If he'd thought the trip back with Rose's death hanging over them all was bad, this... this was so much worse. Pure chaos, the smell of blood and death all around him, screams and battlecries filling the air. Six hates it. He goes out of his way to avoid wars, to do his best to stop them and prevent them, for a reason... he's no fighter. He's not a coward either, but he refuses to deliberately do harm to anyone. He just hopes his other selves and companions are doing the same... he lost sight of all of them within moments of arriving back at Asgard.

At least he knows where Eight is. Lacking anything better to do, he's chosen to drag, carry, or otherwise haul wounded people to the station the healers have set up. The lack of Time Lord strength is annoying, but he makes up for it with sheer stubbornness--and despite certain unkind comments, a goodly portion of his girth is muscle. In any case, it's a relief to see at least one of his other selves doing some good in this madness; Eight appears to be doing much the same as him, and Six really doesn't have the time to chat about just where everyone else is. If Eight even knows.

He wants to do more... wants to help, and it's so frustrating that this is all he can do. He can't reason with anyone, or fix it, or do anything useful beyond getting people to safety as best he can... and he hates it. Hates being so small and insignificant... hates being nothing but another person on the field, to be killed or spared by the whim of fate.]


[Well. He survived, even if his coat didn't. It's tattered and bloody somewhere out there... he doesn't have time to think about it, though. He's looking for anyone he recognizes, determined to find them. Hoping to find them, as many of them as possible... they must have survived the battle, right? He travels with clever people... and his other selves were very clever indeed. So, they'll have survived, of course. Of course.

He'll just keep walking, clothes spattered with blood (some of it is his) but no time to change... the hazards of wearing light colors on a battlefield, really. He can't stop yet, not before he's found the people he's looking for, because the second he does, he's probably going to collapse. It's been too long since he slept, for one...

But he has to find them first.]
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[personal profile] bowdown 2013-06-20 11:36 am (UTC)(link)

[ Condesce had been hurt before and her powers drained, but after Allen healed her and she actually rested (yes, while everyone was fighting. Look at her not giving a shit), the troll is ready for more. Of course.

Before the caravan continues past the walls, Condesce leaves it so she can remain with the rest of the army. Back to action and ready to kill something again, whatever it is.

Per usual the woman doesn't care what she has to face - giants don't even bother her. As long she can gut something, she is more than pleased; her blood is screaming loud for more and she is into it already.

This is the most fun she has had in days, if it wasn't clear by her psychotic laugher. ]


[ at the end, she is once again drained. Condesce uses her powers too much, but it's hard not to when they allow her to get hit and regenerate with ease.

By evening, she is leaning against a wall, smoking a cigar she stole from some native. Sure, she is tired and about to pass out, but she insists on smoking to celebrate her victory. ]
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282 & 283 | open

[personal profile] codenamelegs 2013-06-20 12:44 pm (UTC)(link)
282 - the battle

[ It's not her fight, and if it weren't for a few of the people in the thick of things she would have stayed with the caravans. As it is, those stupid Doctors have to get themselves stuck in the thick of things, and so Amy does too.

She's not half bad with a weapon, either. A little clumsy at first, sure, but she picks up fast. It's a lot easier to learn on the go with adrenaline pumping, after all. She's not a healer, she barely managed CPR with a lot of guidance, but a fighter? That much she can try to help with, at least.

early 283 - around???

[ Amy is exhausted. She's out of practice at fighting for her life, honestly, let alone for others too and it shows. The problem is the adrenaline is still coursing through her, making her hands shake and her eyes dart as her focus changes over quickly. They're safe, she survived, she just needs to find the people important to her.

She's limping a little, cuts are still bleeding and bruises have already started to form. There's a nasty gash high on her cheek and Amy isn't sure if half the blood on her arms belongs to herself or someone else, but she's alive. Now, to find everyone else. First order of business, her Doctors.

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282 - 283. ota.

[personal profile] bloodypocket 2013-06-21 06:50 am (UTC)(link)
[On the last day of battle, Eyes will be focused on placing his efforts into subduing and fooling any of Thiazi's minions using his power of bardic influence. Whether it's to cause feelings of hesitation, cover them in a veil of confusion long enough for someone to finish them off or trick them into fighting a Traveller who wasn't really there, he stays further back than he would have otherwise if any who saw him fight during their last battle with people of Thrymheim could recall. His focus is solely on defense and protecting this time around, and once they reach the gates he doesn't go through them right away. He stays behind to continue fighting and protecting, it wouldn't do to allow someone to come close when they have gotten this far.]

[Once he knows the gods can fell the rest of the minions not long before sunrise on day 283, that's when he at last allows himself to enter the city. He still manages to carry himself upright and poised, but even those who don't know him well will notice the air of tiredness and lack of almost any sleep surrounding him. But he won't turn in to rest yet, because as far as he's concerned the mission is not complete until they hear the go from Odin himself.

He'll be seeking out those he knows, whether they came along to the rescue or stayed behind in the city. All day he will wander among various districts, stopping for a while to rest in the grass of Gefion Park. Though toward daylight's end, without even meaning to, he will be returning to Freyr District and be standing before it's shrine, still waiting for any confirmation.]
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day 283. open.

[personal profile] conquering 2013-06-21 01:46 pm (UTC)(link)
[ they said she must rest but they said a lot of things and morgana was never one to follow orders. she was the woman who entered the city of frost to defend the others while they stole away what was taken from the city; she had fought, she had killed and she had taken an injury. a gash at her side that was slowly healing.

and they said she must rest.

but when the pulse came, at the hour when the sky turned into deep oranges and red, morgana left her bed and stepped outside, feet bare beneath the long gown of burgundy and hair falling down her shoulders.

she must be an odd view, standing in front of a house in thor, eyes focused on the sky as if searching for a signal.

another day is ending. she wondered if this is what victory tastes; incomplete and riddled with questions. ]
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Sam Winchester | Inside The City | Day 281-283 | OTA.

[personal profile] smartwinchester 2013-06-22 12:30 am (UTC)(link)
[Option A: The Fight]

[Sam, despite being weaker than he usually is, is still a skilled person in combat. And he will be defending as many people as possible within reason.

After all, most of his family (both from home and not) was involved in delivering the chest. Sam is going to defend them as much as he can.]

[Option B: The Aftermath]

[Sam will spend the time after the battle resting within New Camelot, but he will be around to check on those he cares about. Feel free to grab him for any attention you need or for information. Or just to say hello.]
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Daphne Allen | Inside The City/Chest Delivery | Day 281-283 | OTA.

[personal profile] marrying 2013-06-22 12:32 am (UTC)(link)
[Option A: The Delivery]

[She has one goal in mind: move Freyr's soul to where it is needed.

She is breathless and tired, but their little team of misfits requires attention, and she is there to give it. Their journey isn't over yet, not by a mile, but it's getting closer. She can feel it.]

[Option B: The Aftermath]

[Exhausted or not, Daphne is still a powerful healer, and she will be in the thick of it after the delivery of the chest to heal those that need it. If you require healing, she will be there, until she eventually passes out to sleep somewhere in the Sigyn hospital. Someone can bring her home after that.]
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various places || OTA

[personal profile] pratentious 2013-06-22 06:17 am (UTC)(link)
day 281 / 282
[ Arthur's leg is wounded and his breath ragged by the time the caravan starts kicking off, but he'll shrug off any attempts to heal him in favour of those more heavily wounded. It's nothing fatal and there are still several of Thiazi's minions in hot pursuit; he's not about to sit idly by and wait for them to sabotage this entire effort.

Instead, the King sets up his crossbows and spare bolts in the back of one of the wagons, tying the fold open to fire shots off into their assailants' ranks. He's a damn good shot, but adrenaline can only win out so much over exhaustion and the shaky path of the wagon's wheels. Feel free to come join him: there are bows to spare and he will welcome any form of company, though suggestions to rest will be met with general grump facing. ]

day 283
[ The sight of the city in wait of news leaves Arthur antsy with pent up energy he doesn't have to spare. A three day wage against near constant threat is enough to see the fall of even the most seasoned of soldiers, and the young King is certainly feeling the ache in his abused body by now.

Still, he can't abide simply sitting by, and restlessness finds him up and about the city looking for any wayward Frost Giants that might've found their way inside, or injured folk that thought it smarter to lay low than trudge the distance to the hospital. There's no saying he'll find either, but he looks anyway, wandering near aimlessly in his anxiety. He can be found virtually anywhere like this, hand curled tightly around the pommel of his sword and eyes battle-frantic wide in seeing nothing.

When the pulse comes, though, he'll cease his wandering to freeze, bracing for attack or an explosion or - absolutely nothing at all. The murmuring of the Natives doesn't help to ease his nerves, but when it's apparent nothing more is coming for them, he'll visibly sag with exhaustion and sink down to the earth, sitting and staring up at the night sky. Come and have a chat while he tries to find the energy to go home. ]
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odin || soul retrieval / revival / return || OTA at the last

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retrieval: closed to the strike team
[ Odin waits outside the castle barrier, standing in poise and grace to hide the fact that this is all extremely experimental and he can't say how any of this will go, if the Travellers will even succeed in stealing Freyr's soul back, let alone whether or not the resurrection spell will function properly. He trusts in the words of the mother because if he doesn't, then his entire existence is for naught - but they are children and this has never been done before.

The Allfather doesn't like leaving the fate of the worlds in the hands of those that can only see as far as their own. But the trade is from one hand to the other; this mission is, of nothing else, proof that they'll have to work together. So he waits, as waiting is all they can do without them. ]

revival: closed to heimdall & hel
[ With Freyr's soul in tow, there's only really one thing left for this whole ordeal. It's been some time since Odin last travelled to the birthplace of the worlds, the closest the immortals can get to Yggdrasil's core, and there is some measure of trepidation in this venture above the last.

If he keeps pushing the boundaries of that which has never before been attempted, will she one day start pushing back?

For better or worse, Odin makes himself known up on Hel's vantage point where she's been watching everything unfold, Heimdall ever faithful at his back. ]

It's time.

return: OTA!
[ Their return is nothing grand or remarkable, really. Odin's suit jacket is gone and his sleeves are rolled up to his elbows, the most dishevelled he's ever appeared in public and even then, if not for the bandage around his right hand, he's still near to prim and proper.

Oh, yes. The bandage. There's no blood to be found on it, mostly because it was a bit unseemly so he cleaned it up on the way here, but it's wrapped tightly enough to outline the missing digit where his forefinger used to be. This one is a wound that will not heal, so there's no point in fussing over it.

He won't make note of it unless asked, though the more pressing question might be why they're walking to the castle rather than porting there as they usually would. The King of Asgard is tired to his core, drained of his magic and his patience both. Anyone is welcome to swing by on his path home; he'll entertain inquiries, but don't push him this time. There isn't much left to spare you. ]