01 December 2014 @ 12:25 am
Who: Jamie and anyone
What: Keeping busy to avoid thinking - and talking - about things that have happened.
When: Day 548
Where: Anywhere in the city, except the Who houses
Rating: PG-13 to be on the safe side
Warnings: Talk of death, possibly other things, will update if needed.

Avoidance probably isn't the answer...but right now, it seems like a good idea. )
15 November 2014 @ 06:02 am
Who: Everyone going to Thrymheim following Thor's announcement.
What: Bringing the battle to a much weakened Thiazi's front door.
When: Days 540-543 (November 14-21)
Where: To and from Thrymheim.
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please.

Day 540/Nov 14-15 )

Day 541/Nov 16-17 )

Day 542/Nov 18-19 )

Day 543/Nov 20-21 )

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the With a Whimper event! Thor and Thiazi will be available for interaction in specifically marked threads, but if you want them somewhere else, let me know and I will do my best! Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the time/location of your character in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions! The ASGARD portion of this event log can be found HERE. ]
04 November 2014 @ 12:05 pm
Who: Eight ([personal profile] beforethewar) and Eleven ([personal profile] comeonthensexy)
What: Ril has died, and Eight originally goes to tell Eleven, then decides that's a good time to talk to him about their awkward relationship situation, because he has the best timing.
When: Backdated to 530
Where: Who House #1 (Thor 103)
Rating: PG-13 at the most

...things can be damned complicated )
21 October 2014 @ 07:26 pm
What: the Fear Itself mingle log
When: Day 528-531 ( Oct. 21-28 )
Where: all across the city!
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

Day 528 ( Oct. 21/22 )
Not wasting a moment, Odin, Hel, and Heimdall will set out for Ginnungagap once again before dawn and the other gods will stand vigil at the city gates. The natives will filter into the streets, curious for all that news of Tyr's very existence is eye-opening for them and reverent for the prospect of a new deity among them. They will pass around candles to any that want one to hold lit for their patrons until the sunlight is high enough to blow the flames out, and then they will mill around seeking comfort in anyone around them, whether to give it or receive it in this strange time between hope and grieving.

By noon, a great rumbling will crackle across the sky like the beginnings of thunder, despite the thinly clouded skies. The air will grow heavy and acrid, almost choking to breathe, as a pressure builds across the city and across the land. Just as it begins to reach painful levels, the rumbling will finally crack as one stroke of lightning spiderwebs to fill the entire sky, backlit by the distant sound of a woman shrieking in pain or anger or agony. The scream dies down just as the light fades and the sky shifts back into blue, the clouds scattered and the pressure lifted. Either the storm has past, or it has just begun; there's no telling for now.

A few hours after that, a strong wave will wash over the city, rustling plants and loose materials, and the Travellers will feel their hearts pounding once too hard, near painfully as though they've just received a severe fright. It's similar to what happened when Freyr was resurrected, but stronger and twisted into something uncomfortable, almost nauseating. The feeling will pass in the next heartbeat and just before sundown, the three gods will return from their voyage to Ginnungagap; this time, bandages will be wrapped around Odin's head and covering his left eye, and his right middle finger will be missing to the knuckle, same as his left index when they returned from resurrecting Freyr. They will make way directly to the castle and the other gods will filter in behind them, so be sure to grab them quickly if you have any desire to speak to them before the coming storm.

By dusk, the Travellers will begin to feel a creeping sense of paranoia, as though there's someone watching them from nearby and flickering out of sight just before they can turn around to catch them in the act. Over the course of the evening, the paranoia will bud into a headache and an itch at the back of their minds, like a thought they can't shake but can't reach either. By twilight, they will start to hear indistinct whispers not unlike the start of the Dream a Little Dream event, but the name of this game is hallucinations.

This first night will begin with auditory hallucinations: as the Travellers attempt to prepare for sleep ( or after long enough of not sleeping ), the whispering a will morph into crisp, clear voices that might sound as though they're speaking over your shoulder or from behind the couch or maybe it's simply inside your head. The voices can be male or female, familiar or stranger, one or a dozen, it doesn't really matter. What matters is what they say. For this stage of the curse, you will hear these voices speaking your character's fear(s) aloud, almost taunting or goading in the clear spelling of them. The auditory hallucinations will not cease at any point throughout the night and may continue on throughout the rest of the event as you please!

Day 529 ( Oct. 23/24 )
Morning brings no relief from the strange sounds, and as the Travellers go about their day, the curse will evolve into visual hallucinations. They will imagine seeing the very thing(s) they fear happening right before their eyes, despite the fact that no such thing is happening at all. It will be like a waking dream, wherein they are conscious and aware but perceiving a different reality built around their innermost fears coming into fruition. Other characters and NPCs can be involved in these hallucinations, but they will not actually be happening; physical contact or very strong words might be able to snap someone out of their visions, or they might further fuel it. Feel free to play around with this. These hallucinations can happen as frequently / last for as long or as short / cycle between fears as you'd like, and can continue to happen until the end of the event.

The general paranoia and unease will continue to grow and the day will pass under constant headaches, like an unceasing pressure inside their heads that follows them around and flares up during any hallucinations. They will begin to feel uncomfortable in their own skin, almost dysphoric with the vague impression that something is wrong and that they themselves might just be the very thing that doesn't fit. Paired with the hallucinations of their fears coming to life, tensions will be running high and even the natives will be affected, keeping to themselves until whatever this is might pass.

Day 530 ( Oct. 25/26 )
By this day, the curse will advance to physical hallucinations. What this means is that your character's fear(s) will begin to manifest in real time, no longer a trick of the imagination but a tangible embodiment of their deep rooted fears. They will be able to interact with their imagined reality, and the hallucinations will interact right back; those witnessing your character's hallucinating will only see the character talking to air, but coming in physical contact with them will absorb them into the hallucination as well. This can be a means of breaking through the episode, or further fueling the delusion.

At this stage, the hallucinations will take on a strength of their own, and they will play to your character's fear(s) to try and draw them deeper into the delusion. They will try to convince you that this is reality, that there is no escape, and that you will end your days shrouded in this fear. These hallucinations can kill your character! They are physical, which means that even if other people can't see them, your character will very much feel the weight of them if they attack or draw you into them.

Day 531 ( Oct. 27/28 )
For the last day of this event, the curse will all come together to result in catatonic hallucinations. This stage is simple: your character will be awake but inert, incapable of moving or seeing past their delusions. They will be forced to watch their fears overwhelm them without any means of snapping out of it by themselves. If your character succumbs to this level of the curse, the only way to break the hallucination will be for someone else to talk them out of it. Again, more on this in the plot notes, as this curse is fairly complicated!

While the majority of the city is either comatose or fighting off ghosts, another wave of energy will pass through the city exactly as it had at the start of the event just before sundown. Plantlife will violently begin blooming, leaves and petals bursting into the wind and carrying across the entire city - and immediately afterwards, they will wither within seconds, shrivelling up and dying on the spot. Vines will rapidly start encroaching across the sides of buildings and across yards, thick tendrils attempting to overtake any available soil and the area around it. Rain will pick up as the city starts to feel lost beneath the general theme of decay, and as the sun is setting, a new face will be seen walking through the Gate of Fire.

Vines will sprout from his footsteps as he sweeps slowly into the city as though in a daze, the storm following him and increasing in strength the further he comes into the city. Travellers can attempt to approach him, but he will be wholly non-responsive, and the pressure in their heads from the curse's headaches will increase the closer they get to him until it becomes debilitating within arm's length.

His path will head in the direction of the castle, but before he makes even halfway there, Loki will be seen running through the streets ( followed closely behind by Thor and Heimdall ) directly towards the new arrival. He will not stop for anything, and anyone in the vicinity at the time can see him use the full force of his running start to punch this frightful stranger in the face. The blow will send him flying a few fair feet, where he will lay prone and unconscious; at this point, the curse will stop, and the three gods will drag the body into the castle without a word. Explanations will have to wait For now, there's some cleaning up to do.

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the Fear Itself event! NPCs will be available for interaction on the first day in the log header below. Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the time/location of your character in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions! ]
12 August 2014 @ 01:39 pm
Who: Newbies and anyone who wishes to greet them!
What: Getting used to the city
When: Days 495 and forward.
Where: Anywhere in town!
Rating: PG-13 tops! If it gets worse, move to a private log please.

[ Please include your location and the IC day (ex. Day 43 - this can be found in the schedule) in your top-level comment or your subject line when starting a thread! It can be any welcome hall, major attraction, or just out an about in any district. For newbies making a top-level thread, you may include your character's name/canon/house in your subject line if you'd like, to make housemates easy to find! :) If a God is needed or wanted, please ping the mods and depending on availability we might be able to throw them in where asked.

Also, keep an eye on the event schedule for August. If you're ICly introing during an event, make sure you take that into account. Thank you!

Have fun! ]
02 August 2014 @ 09:25 am
Who:    Ril & [OPEN]
What:   Ril wakes up after being asleep for an extended time. Naturally, she goes for a walk.
When:  D848 Sunset
Where: Thor to Loki District or the Park
Rating:  PG-13?

after the long sleep is done )
01 August 2014 @ 09:33 pm
Who: Ianto Jones & Jack Harkness (with a cameo from the Eighth Doctor)
What: Ianto has spent the last two weeks looking for Jack. Finally, finally, he finds him.
When: Day 487, evening
Where: Various places in the Odin district, Ianto & Jack's house, Odin 109
Rating: PG-13? Will update if necessary

Ianto Jones felt as though he'd been living in a nightmare. )
15 July 2014 @ 02:05 am
Who: Everyone!
What: The mingle log for Part Two of the Christmas in July event.
When: Days 478-479 (July 13-16th)
Where: Anywhere in the city!
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

Days 478-479 (July 13-16th)

Day 478 (July 14)
Following a network post announcing an impending attack by ice giants and Thiazi's declaration to the city, the fight begins when a small swarm of pixies descends upon the city, no more than eight inches tall and the definition of "glass cannons." They create chaos however they can: shaking snow onto people, carrying off weapons, and attacking directly if approached without an easy exit. Their teeth are curved like fangs and razor-sharp.

While the pixies stir the city up, the frost giants begin to load the golems up into the catapults. Two by two, the massive ice creatures come crashing - literally - into the city. They land hard and inaccurately, as the engineers' defenses on the city walls keep the giants from approaching too quickly, and some golems seem to be damaged already by the same defenses as they land. The pixies seem to lose interest around sunset (though you may find one or two hidden and sleeping in a snowbank if you look hard enough - they'll attack aggressively if woken), but the fights with the golems continue well into the night, until all in the city are dispatched. Where the pixies turn into snow, the golems transform into large hunks of ice after they are killed.

Day 479 (July 15-16)
At sunrise, the pixies ascend from their hiding places and scatter, doing their best to break into homes to attack people directly. Today, anyone who finds himself bitten will begin to feel and act strangely.

Ice golems continue to come crashing into the city throughout the morning. All of the original ones slain, Thiazi begins creating more on the spot: while they may be more numerous, they are weaker, and many have odd physical defects. Some are missing arms, and others have extra heads. Following an attack by the strike team, the number itself will begin to thin considerably as one of the catapults is damaged and the other is destroyed completely.

Just before sunset, Thiazi delivers a final message and makes a hasty retreat with her entourage of frost giants. The spell responsible for the odd weather breaks the moment that she passes the threshold a half mile out, and all remaining pixies and golems in the city immediately, mid-action, turn to snow and ice.

By midnight, the city is thawed completely.

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the second half of the Christmas in July plot event. More in-depth details about what's going on can be found in that link! Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the date and location in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions, and have fun! ]
07 July 2014 @ 10:49 am
Who: Everyone!
What: The mingle log for Part One of the Christmas in July event.
When: Days 475-477 (July 7-12)
Where: Anywhere in the city!
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

(July 7-12/Days 475-477)

Days 475-477 (July 7-11)
Day 475 begins with a strange and unseasonable cold snap. The sunrise does little to fight the thin, harmless layer of frost that covers the city, and fat gray clouds crowd the skies by noon. Snow will fall heavily (but intermittently) over the course of the next three days, leading to high snow drifts and buildings that strain under the weight of the snowfall. Most of the Natives seem unsettled, regarding it as an omen, but the city's children seem to be glad for the change. They sled around the streets with little regard for their own safety - or the safety of the pedestrians around them. Any who leave the city will find that the temperature slowly normalizes the further one gets from Asgard, leveling out to normal about a half mile from it.

Day 477 (July 12)
When the city's clocks strike eleven PM on the night of the third consecutive snowday, the temperature makes a harsh dive as a violent snowstorm blows in without warning. It leaves little physical damage on the city, but hard pellets of sleet and hail mix with the snow. The precipitation is so heavy that visibility is practically nonexistent, and the wind blows hard enough to overturn mailboxes and tables. At precisely midnight, the electricity in all apartments and homes in the cities seems to flicker for a split second. The storm dies abruptly, and all is still.

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the first half of the Christmas in July plot event. Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the date and location in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions, and have fun! ]
10 June 2014 @ 02:49 pm
What: the Good God, Y'all mingle log.
When: Days 461-462 ( June 9-12 )
Where: the castle courtyard
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

Day 461 ( June 9/10 )
When the Travellers wake up, they will find a message sent to every bracelet in the city:
As per the agreement between the gods and their Travellers, all persons within Asgard are humbly requested at the castle courtyard for enlistment in the Holy City's war efforts. Every individual is invited to find their resolve and seek out their purpose; this is the final stand in Ragnarok, and your help is needed now more than ever.

Enlistment is mandatory! Please see your local officials for more information.
A friendly if not a touch formal invitation to what will essentially be Asgard's job fair! A mandatory job fair. This is why we can't have nice things.

The castle courtyard and the streets leading into it will be crowded with bustling natives and several booths, not uncommon in appearance to the many festivals they've had over the last two years. This time, however, there is no music or celebration to be had. Everyone is hard at work organising their efforts for the war and doing their level best to assist in the transition.

Day 462 ( June 11/12 )
The fair will continue for two days, to give everyone time to get down there and make their decisions. Anyone that hasn't signed up by the end of this day will be visited at home by a city rep and a few guards that will politely ask them to register for a group and weaponry if they plan to carry it. Refusal will land them in jail for the day, where they will still be politely asked to please, seriously, just pick something. Anything. Uncle Odin wants you.

At the end of the fair, there will be food and drinks to thank the Travellers for their support and cooperation. Throughout the entirety of the event and for the rest of their stay, the natives will be more reverent and grateful than ever than the Travellers have chosen to stay and fight at their side. They will do anything they can to help them win this war; this evening will be one of camaraderie and appreciation for the past, present, and future sacrifices to save the World Tree.

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the Good God, Y'all event. Remember that all characters must be signed up for at least one group by June 12. Information on the currently established groups can be found here; sign-ups are in the comments section on the same post. Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the time/location in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions! ]
25 May 2014 @ 09:10 pm
Both halves of the plot event will be joining in this week, so we're going to slap both summaries in here. Pay close attention to the dates and the summaries of what new effects are popping up!

Week Five: Days 453-456 / May 24-31
Day 453 ( May 24/25 ):
    When they finally breach the surface of Ginnungagap back into those open plains, the Travellers may very well find themselves faced with a higher number of Fire Giants. Movement in the kingdom has not gone unnoticed, and in this time of war, any opportunity to strike is a good one. Once again, the Travellers may have to sneak and fight their way out of Ginnungagap and back into Asgard. At the very least, the fresh air outside of the canyon will lessen the pull of the compulsion, though it will linger as a buried thought in the back of their minds and may worsen again if they retreat from the Giants into Ginnungagap's relative safety.

    The nightmares will begin to worsen: stretching over longer periods of time, becoming harder to wake from, the pain and fear lingering into the waking hours. They will become more vivid as well, bringing to mind images of natural disasters, war, anything destructive ravaging a land that may or may not resemble your own home world. Whether or not it is exactly your canon universe or a vague world that closely resembles it is up to you; they cannot, however, dream of other canon universes being destroyed. These dreams will be easier to remember, though whatever it is in faint memory or stark detail is up to you.

Day 455 ( May 28/29 ):
    Finally returned to the city, the Travellers will find the state of affairs in chaos. Travellers are missing, others are forgetting each other and themselves, and most of all - those that ventured with them into Ginnungagap only to find their deaths will be wandering the streets as spirits, some of which will not be so pleased to see them. These effects may begin to take place in the returning explorers as well, which you can read up about here.

    Over time, as they are cut off from the realm of the living yet unable to pass into the realm of the dead, the ghosts inhabiting the streets of Asgard may grow restless and agitated. They can gradually start to feel the effects of being displaced from their body and disconnect from their physical existence. The intrusive thoughts of 'why can't they hear me' or 'why won't anyone help me' may start to drive them towards anger or resentment for their current situation. Their energies will be fading and fraying the longer they're caught in this netherworld, pushing them into the makings of a malevolent spirit. However you'd like this to manifest is entirely up to you! But over time, being trapped in the veil may very well drive your character to madness.

Day 456 ( May 30/31 ):
    The very last day of this event, these things will reach an overlapping chaos until its conclusion at the strike of midnight. Regardless of whether your character is alive or dead, awake or asleep, in the city or still missing, all Travellers and natives will share one collective dream. Those that were present for the Bad Moon Rising event may recognise it somewhat; they will find themselves in a wide open space, walking on cold, flat dirt with the faint outline of a grand tree in the distance surrounded by flickering lights.

    As they move in any given direction, the ground will begin to crack and split, smoke rising from the surface and the smell of burning wood entering their lungs. The tree will gradually come closer into view, a towering mass of limbs and leaves that stretches across the entirety of your sight as you approach it - but the burning of the ground worsens with each step, and those flickering lights beside the tree are open flames that lick and lash at the tree. The leaves will begin to catch and the flame will spread. The smoke will thicken to near-choking, and just as the heat rises to a near painful point, a familiar voice to some will boom throughout the clearing with a single message:
    "It won't stop. This is the end."
    As the flame swells to engulf the tree and your character both, everyone will simultaneously wake from the dream.

    After this point, everyone will be returned to normal. All memories will be restored, all lost Travellers will return to the city, and the deceased will be resurrected through the castle as per usual.

MAIN PLOT: Weeks One & Two || Weeks Three & Four
OPT-OUT PLOT: Weeks One & Two || Weeks Three & Four

[ OOC NOTES: This is the final mingle log for both of May's events! Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the time and location in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions! ]
Yggdrasil's collapse is reaching a fever pitch and bringing the decay right into the heart of Asgard. Those that remain in the Holy City for this month will struggle with disappearances, memory loss, memory gain, and other various horrible things. Every week will introduce a new feature for you guys to play with, and by the last week, all four will be occurring at random in one major clusterfuck centering around the idea of collapse.

Week Three: Days 446-449 / May 11-17
    Day 446 ( May 10/11 )
    By this day, the memory loss will begin to worsen and start affecting canon memories as well. Your character may remember seeing their castmate in Asgard, but may not recall knowing them from home. They might lose memories of their childhood, or forget why it is they wanted to get back there. What exactly they forget is entirely up to you, but the recollection of their canon will become hazy if not outright blank.

    This memory loss is not permanent and can return at random, either immediately or gradually, at any point throughout the month.

    Starting during the past week, ghosts began appearing throughout Asgard's streets. The Travellers that have died during the opt-out event will return to Asgard as spectres that cannot speak, touch, or otherwise influence anything around them. Their spirits will be trapped between this world and the next; the living Travellers in Asgard will be able to see them, but they will not be able to hear anything the ghosts might say. Any Travellers inside Asgard that die will join them on the other side of the veil to be trapped there for the time being. These ghosts will continue to appear throughout the month as more of their company fall in Ginnungagap.

    Week Four: Days 450-452 / May 18-23
    • Day 450 ( May 18/19 ): Travellers begin having terrifying and painful nightmares whenever they fall asleep. These dreams are short-lived, easy to wake from, and immediately forgotten upon waking.
    • The volunteer opportunity for new characters takes place during this week. Sign-ups are by email and must be received by May 17.


[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the WEEKS THREE AND FOUR of the Something Ominous plot event! Remember that your character will be part of this event unless they signed up for the opt-out event by the deadline. Please put your character's location in the title, as well as either OPEN or CLOSED. The event fast facts are listed above, but for more details, please head on over to the full rundown HERE. If you have any questions, please let us know, and have fun! The link to the Weeks Three & Four Something Significant log can be found HERE.

SPECIAL NOTE: As of the power expansion plot, bracelets will work outside of the city along with god powers. Characters WILL be able to communicate with those outside of the city of Asgard, as long as the party has his or her bracelet on him. ]
24 April 2014 @ 10:25 pm
Who: Joffrey Baratheon, The Eighth Doctor, Effie Trinket
Where: Joffrey's suite
When: Day 438
Spoilers for A Storm of Swords/Game of Thrones Season 4 follow )
21 April 2014 @ 05:26 pm
What: the Almost Useful mingle log
When: Day 437 ( Apr. 22/23 )
Where: all across the city
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

Day 437 ( Apr. 22/23 )
After giving some consideration to the nature of their bonds with their patron deities, Sam Winchester posts to the network supposing a theory: if the gods can feed magic into the Travellers to give them their House Powers, perhaps, then, the Travellers can feed magic back into the gods. They have been under great duress both with Odin's collapse and the most recent disasters in the kingdom, even the smallest bit of a boost may make a difference.

Using the same runes from Draco's magic expansion plot, Travellers will be advised to draw the personalised god runes for their patron deity somewhere on their bodies in runic ink, anywhere it might not be disrupted or broken. For the duration of this day, every time the Travellers use any form of magic - be it House Powers or other runic magic - the god rune will glow faintly in the colour of their patron. The energy they pour into their magic will travel along the bond to their god and give them something of an energy shot, just the slightest lift in their strength and energy.

However, performing this transfer comes at a cost. The more magic performed, the more the Travellers will be drained of their own energy in a nearly euphoric way. The exhaustion will come in a vague sense of warmth and affection ( as it is, after all, the spirit of the Mother that gives the gods their magic ), as the need for a nice cup of their favourite cocoa, or perhaps a comfortable nap in the sunlight, or maybe even a profession of love.

Yes, we're giving you an aphrodesiac curse. As the Travellers grow more and more tired, they will grow more and more inclined to cuddle up with someone or something they care about and sleep off the exhaustion. This is generally harmless and will not be an extreme; it will not create feelings of love where there are none and it will not encourage them to do the nasty or anything like that. It's more simplistic than that, a base sort of love that comes in simple touches or a spoken word of love.

Anyone participating in this event is more than welcome to vary up the way this manifests in their characters, but by the end of the day, all Travellers using the transfer will be taking a collective nap for a few hours. When they wake, the euphoric effects will be gone and the god runes will no longer be active. Fingers crossed no one came across them cuddling with their best friend!

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the Almost Useful special event! Remember that your character can only use the rune for their patron god. Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the time/location of your character in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions! ]
14 April 2014 @ 10:04 am
Who: ANYONE opting out of the latter half of the LOCUSTS! plot event.
What: the mingle log for The Soothesayers’ Silence
When: Days 433-435 ( Apr. 14-19 )
Where: Asgard, Mirror Lake, and the journey between
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!
Day 433 ( Apr. 14/15 )
Those of you that were around for the Nature and Nurture event may see a few familiar faces amidst the refugees. Most of the Asgardian hippies will have died in the flood, but the Loljesker's warnings were heard by enough to help them escape the worst of it. They will be tired, grieving, but most of all, they will be panicked. They will speak of the mirror's collapse, the loss of reflection, and a deep rooted emptiness. Their babblings will make little sense to most anyone, but they are adamant in their confused distress, causing quite the commotion until one of the gods come to settle affairs. Freyr will listen closely to their words and decipher the messages lost within their despair.
The Loljesker warned them of something happening to Mirror Lake, and all was lost to the waters.
What exactly this means in plain terms, however, is a mystery. The young god will discuss matters with his sister before bringing it to the Prince Regent, and they will all three agree that perhaps a trip out to the Lake is in order. Any Travellers able and willing to go on a bit of a journey will be given instructions on how to reach Mirror Lake from Asgard. Pack an overnight kit for this one, as it will take some time to wade through the flood-ravaged land. The first day's travel will be fairly uneventful, largely spent sloughing through mud and collapsed woods. As soon as they come across a dry enough clearing, they should lay down their pallets for the night and do their best to keep warm.

Day 434 ( Apr. 16/17 )
As they continue on in early morning, their path will take them past the hippie camp that is now only strips of fabric and scattered belongings; the Loljesker's forest is near completely uprooted, and no tittering will be heard throughout the entirety of the Travellers' walk past this grim scene. Several hours after that, when the sun is already beginning to make its way down to the horizon, they will come across a vast expanse of nothing. They are not lost, however; they followed Freyr and Freya's instructions to the tee. It's simply as the frenzied Asgardians foretold, Mirror Lake is completely gone.
In its place is a seemingly bottomless pit that stretches several hundred feet across - the exact diameter of Mirror Lake. Peering into the sinkhole, the Travellers will find only an endless darkness and an empty silence. The Lake, as most things in this world, held a very unique magic that would show one's true reflection, speaking of truths otherwise lost to the nether. If a Traveller had looked into its waters, they would have seen themselves staring back but in the backdrop of their home world, their true place in the threads of existence. Now, however, there is only darkness.
It will almost be compelling to give the emptiness your attention, a sort of magnetic drag towards the edges of the sinkhole. Staring into the depths for too long will bring bone-creeping chill and a profound sense of loss, as though something very precious to them had been taken - though what, exactly, is not clear. If one happened to slip from the brink as they are lured to the darkness, however, things might become a bit more clear.
Falling into the sinkhole will kill your character. Death will not be immediate, though. The Lake speaks of truths lost to the nether; the fall will seem endless, as though suspended in time and place despite the distinct feeling of a drop, and down here, you will not be alone. Those that fall in will be given waking visions of home, just as they would've in the waters, but now there is darkness swallowing the light. They will see their worlds in ruin, burning in wildfire or ravaged by warfare, torn apart by plagues and disasters or simply collapsing into itself like a folding house of cards. Whatever form it takes, these visions will be nightmarish glimpses of the complete destruction of their home world. It will last no longer than five minutes in reality, but to the Traveller experiencing it, it may feel like hours or even days during which they fall into nothing. At its end, they will wake in the castle by the standard means of resurrection, and they will remember every second of their fall.
Back on the surface, once the Travellers have tired of being sapped of warmth and happiness and hearing their fallen friends' screams, they will opt not to linger in this madness for longer than is necessary to agree there is no hope for salvaging this area. They will head right back the way they came, making camp in the hippies' ruins for the night to think on their experiences.

Day 435 ( Apr. 18/19 )
The trip back to Asgard will be equally uneventful, though their numbers are fewer and the ground more solid from the drying water. By their return, the refugee camps will have been built just outside of Asgard's gates and natives will be attempting to find a means of living in these dire times. If the Travellers seek out the hippies to speak to them of their discovery, they will find their mellow friends lost too deeply into their own minds for conversation. Reflecting on oneself for two long can very well lead to madness. Better, perhaps, to simply forget what they saw ...

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the Soothesayers’ Silence opt-out event! As a reminder, all deaths during this event count towards your death consequences. Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the time/location of your character in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions! ]
10 April 2014 @ 05:23 pm
What: the LOCUSTS! mingle log
When: Days 431-434 ( Apr. 10-17 )
Where: all across the city
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

Day 431 ( Apr. 10/11 )
Any early risers that head outdoors as the sun is rising will find a somewhat strange sight: hundreds of earthworms, scattered all across any available loose earth, squirming around on the ground. What caused them all to dig their way to the surface isn't clear just yet, but they aren't the only creatures behaving a bit strangely today.

Just as the sun breaks the horizon around 7AM, a single stag will come charging through the city coming from the north and heading straight through the Gate of Frost. Mere minutes after that, a whole herd of deer will follow his lead and stampede their way south without care for anyone or anything that might get in their way. Smaller animals like wolves, foxes, rabbits, and the likes will follow at their feet, birds flying overhead in great flocks - all headed the same direction. Any pets or animals within the city will be irritable and anxious, some trying to escape and follow the same path outside and away from Asgard.

In the midst of the mass exodus, the bracelet's SOS function will blare loudly as one of the gods summons the Travellers to the castle.

The Travellers will have less than an hour to get themselves to the heart of the city where natives will already be ushering people indoors with a nervous calm. The whole of the city will be rushing their way through the barrier, and it will be made obvious fairly early on that not everyone can fit inside the castle. Jockey for a safe position and keep a strong hold on your loved ones so that you don't get separated in the chaos, but be fast about it.

After that hour mark, a wave of water will come crashing through the city from the north, flooding the streets at a height of approximately 10ft / 300cm. Anyone not within the castle barrier by that point will either drown or be swept away in a violent current that will carry send their bodies into whatever solid objects might stand in their way. Those safely within the barrier will see Heimdall at the front gate with his hands raised as though pressed against an invisible wall; if they look closely, they will be able to make out all city structures glowing with a faint shimmer - either royal blue, pale green, or amber - before their view is obscured by the water pounding against the barrier. The dome over the castle will be made visible by the flood encapsulating it as it washes anything that wasn't rooted down through the streets. It will be an awesome sight, though grim enough, as nature takes its course through the city.

The flooding will continue for several hours, during which time the Travellers will be largely left to their own devices as they wait out the worst of it. Sigyn, Freyr, and Freya will be going around with castle maids to make sure that no one in harmed and to try to keep people relatively calm. Hel, Fenrir, and Jormungand will be doing their level best to intimidate people into compliance by coordinating the immediate relief efforts that will take place as soon as they are able to leave. This means that, for the few hours it takes for the flood to die down, the castle will be largely unmonitored as the gods try to minimise the damage.

After the worst of the flooding passes, the residents of Asgard will be free to return to their homes. There will still be a foot of water to wade through, but it will be slow moving and relatively harmless. Thanks to Thor, Baldr, and Loki's protection spells, all buildings will still be structurally sound, if not wholly intact. Glass panes may be shattered and wooden doors may be splintered; anything that wasn't firmly tied down may be displaced somewhere down the road or otherwise destroyed. But for the most part, the damage is minimal. Now just to do something about this pesky water ...

Day 432 ( Apr. 12/13 )
By now, the floodwater has lowered to a scant inch or two, leaving the city streets littered with debris but otherwise safe for travel. Natives will be setting up booths to help coordinate the return of lost possessions or missing pets, reporting any property damage, and recovering any bodies of those that might not've made it to the castle in time. Travellers are welcome and encouraged to assist in the relief efforts. There will be district clean-up sign-ups below, but these are not mandatory to get involved, they're more of a way to see who will be in your district to make plotting easier.

Later in the day, while everyone is still trying to rid the streets of the lingering water and put everything back to rights, the first survivors of the flood will begin trickling into the waterlogged city. Outlying villages and encampments were destroyed in the disaster and are now seeking refuge with their gods in the capitol. Despite the stress Asgard is already under with the supply shortage and the damage from the flood, the Prince Regent will not deny his citizens the aid they require and will welcome them into the city until they can revive the land to health.

Days 433-434 ( Apr. 14-17 )
Relief efforts will now be split into two different areas: recovering the city and creating space for the new arrivals. The natives will need help setting up temporary housing, like filtering families into unused housing and setting up tents for the remaining numbers. They will need to ration out food and general camping supplies, and when Asgard is currently in a supply shortage, making ends meet will be a bit of a struggle. We would really love to see some player created groups banding together to do this! Things like donation collections or fostering an NPC or anything at all, you guys should work together to help facilitate the arrival of these refugees and their temporary(?) stay within the city. There are some player projects already up here if you’d like to take a look and get involved!

On the other side of relief efforts will be cleaning up the streets, boarding up broken windows, things like that. Sigyn will be working to rebuild the wall and could use some assistance in not only construction but the magic of her barrier as well. More player coordination here will help put things back to rights, so if your character has an idea of what they can do to help, please comment below to start up some relief projects! It'll basically be two days of everyone trying to dig themselves out of the mess and get settled again.

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the LOCUSTS! event. All of the gods ( except Odin and Frigg, naturally ) will be out and about during the first day of this event, so if you’d like to plot with any of them, please contact either the NPC handler or the mods and we’ll help facilitate some plotting for you. As a reminder, all deaths during this event count towards your death consequences. Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the time/location of your character in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions! ]
05 April 2014 @ 06:59 pm
Who: Newbies and anyone who wishes to greet them!
What: Getting used to the city
When: Days 429 and forward.
Where: Anywhere in town!
Rating: PG-13 tops! If it gets worse, move to a private log please.

[Please include your location and the IC day (ex. Day 429 - this can be found in the schedule) in your top-level comment or your subject line when starting a thread! It can be any welcome hall, major attraction, or just out an about in any district. For newbies making a top-level thread, you may include your character's name/canon/house in your subject line if you'd like, to make housemates easy to find! :) If a God is needed or wanted, please ping the mods and depending on availability we might be able to throw them in where asked.

Also, keep an eye on the event schedule for April! If you're ICly introing during an event, make sure you take that into account. Thank you!

Have fun!]
Who: Anyone who wants in on it!
What: The school is on fire.
When: Days 420 around sundown and after.
Where: The school in Odin's district.
Rating: We'll see!

The sun is slowly going down and Barty Crouch jr is in Odin's district, as he's been every day for a good while though, since he first realized how easily Will Graham fell into habits. The difference is that today he isn't headed to the cafe they always meet at right away. Instead he stands leaning against a wall, ever now and then glancing at the school and waiting for a sign. He has placed the mirror - a present from Albus Dumbledore himself - in just the right position fixed it to the corner of a building and waited for the sun to hit the reflective surface at the right angle.

Dumbledore had talked of smoke and mirrors and now Barty had found the right tinder. He waits until he can see smoke, faintly but there. It would be another hour, he suspects, maybe even more before the fire spreads far enough to be noticed. But it would burn, of that he had no doubt.

It is starting to get dark when he takes the mirror back, making sure to remain unseen, and he heads down the road to meet Will. He doesn't know if anyone is still in the building he just set on fire, he doesn't much care either way. The flames would rise high and Severus Snape would feel the heat.

[OOC Notes: I purposefully set this up like an event log, so just like for them, feel free to make a header comment detailing what your character is doing at any given time. If you want to do any more last minute plotting, head on over to the plotting post! Also, here is the IC post with some of what led up to this if you want to read up and/or still tag in! I backtag forever. Slowly.

If your character has been near/around/in the school before the fire started and would thus be a suspect and/or suspect other people he or she has seen, you can play that part out here too!

Times: Before the fire, during the fire, right after the fire. ...duh.
Places: The parts of the schools that will be affected are: The library, the auditorium and several classrooms as well as Evy's office.
Obviously you can also have your character be outside the school or in the hallways or any unaffected part if they want to use the chaos to, I don't know, mess up Snape's office a little.

I just ask that no one saw Barty do what he did, so we can have more fun with various suspicions cast about.]
17 March 2014 @ 08:16 pm
Who: The Eighth Doctor and anyone who comes across him and wants to know why he's been gone
What: Eight returns from his self-imposed exile in Utgard
When: Day 419
Where: All over the place along the long walk from the Gate of Fog to his house in Thor
Rating: PG13 at the most?

And a rock feels no pain )
What: The Putting the "Fun" Back Into Funeral/Thistle Do Nicely Holes Event Mingle Log
When: Days 415-416 (March 9-12)
Where: all across the city!
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

Day 415 (Mar. 9/10)
Not long after the message from the gods on the bracelets, all NPC shops in town will begin shutting down. It is late evening when the city's Natives begin heading toward Gefion Park, some alone, some clustered in small groups, but it seems like citizens of Asgard of all ages are headed that way. It is just before sunset when all of the gods and several thousand natives will stand grouped around the shore of the park's lake. Thor, looking oddly somber, will move to stand on a small podium, voice tight but magically amplified. His posture is straight, head held high, and he will cut a striking image as he speaks with a firm and magically amplified voice:

"We may be the gods of this realm, but we would be nothing without both of you: our people, and our visitors. Even in times of darkness, we mustn't allow ourselves to forget how brightly our lights can shine. In times of weakness and exhaustion, we only need cling to the memory of how strong we truly are. We will fight for the lost, and we will fight for each other. Until my father returns, I will act in his stead. We will continue to move ahead, if only because there is too much to lose if we don't. Salvation is within our grasp, and I will do everything I can to make sure we attain it."

Here Thor will clear his throat, pausing just long enough to wonder how apparent it is that Freyr wrote most of this speech.

"But now I invite you to lay your offerings into the longboats, offerings to the Natives of this world that have lost their lives in this war. Their sacrifices were not in vain, nor shall they be forgotten. In their names, we shall fight for Asgard, and for every world represented here, and for the countless that aren't."

The moment that the newly crowned Prince Regent stops speaking, Natives will place clothes and food and other trinkets inside the boat. Any Traveller with offerings will be given the chance to lay them in the boat then, before Hel sends it off to the center of the lake. It will stall there before bursting into bright flame. Smaller, match-sized flames will light all across the lake, one for every native soul that has left Asgard for Niflheim in the last two years, and they will not extinguish even in the light rainfall that begins into the evening.

After the flames are lit, however, the natives will be opening several dozen casks of different wines, meads, and ales. There will be bottles of harder liquors passed around and glasses given freely to anyone within arm's reach of a native. Time for a bonfire in the park! Anything is free game for this: there will be dancing, eating, body painting, the weaving of flowers into people's hair or into crowns, pretty much anything that is loose and vaguely intimate. The only thing that remains undisturbed is the lake, where the fires burn ceaselessly above the water. This is their farewell; they will drink, tell stories, and laugh their way all through the night.

Day 416 ( Mar. 11/12 )
The next morning, most of the natives will still be in the park, making sure none of that pesky alcohol remains in those barrels. They will take this second day to relax and clean up the park while they continue to drink, singing hymns and generally lending a hand to one another. Where yesterday was a big party, this is more like communal R&R. About halfway through the day, flowers of all types imaginable will begin to sprout from the ground. Many of them will sing along with the Native's hymns of remembrance, though they will linger after.

This is actually our Holes event for the month of March! These flowers will not just sprout at Gefion Park, however! When they first appear on Day 416, they will actually spring up just about everywhere, dirt or not. They may appear on a table, off a wall, or rooted in someone's freshly prepared sandwich. The flowers not in dirt will wilt after about a day. Following their first appearance, these flowers will continue to grow in the city anywhere flowers can grow.

Back at the party, however, everyone is on equal footing and gathered to respect their loved ones. For the time being, nothing else really matters.

They'll go back to their regularly scheduled monotony by sundown, the boat of offerings finally removed from the lake, though the candlelight flames will remain throughout the night and disappear by sunrise. In thanks for their support and continued sacrifice, the Travellers will find one gift from home in their rooms at midnight.

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the Putting the "Fun" Back in "Funeral" event AND for the Holes event. More information on this month's Holes event is located HERE. If you haven't had your character's GIFT FROM HOME approved yet, please make sure to do so here!

Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] in the title of your comment, along with the time and location. Let us know if you have any questions! ]