23 February 2015 @ 04:17 pm
What: Endgame mini-events
When: post-endgame and onward
Where: anywhere in Yggdrasil
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to an open log, please!

DAY 578 ( MAR. 1/2 )
The Grey Sickness is officially declared gone and Asgard begins tearing down its walls.

DAY 580 ( MAR. 5/6 )
Honir permanently opens the portal for travel between canon worlds and Yggdrasil. Henceforth, any character can come and go as they please.

DAY 583 ( MAR. 11/12 )
Frigg gives any willing Travellers the ability to redesign the earth through expressions of emotion or art. Asgard has a huge tree-planting party with blessed water to encourage faster growth.

DAY 585 ( MAR. 15/16 )
Small councils are formed with Travellers at the head of them to begin rebuilding the new kingdoms around the world.

DAY 590 ( MAR. 25/26 )
New Giants are born neutral of any bias for people to bring into the world with the Lokis as their Kings.

Everything is awesome.

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21 February 2015 @ 11:52 am
What: the Endgame mingle log
When: Days 574-576 ( Feb. 21-26 )
Where: inside Asgard and above Ginnungagap
Rating: PG-13. Anything above this should be taken to a private log, please!

Day 574 ( Feb. 21/22 )
A black sun rises over a red sky. The air is dry and acrid.
  • The army marches onward to Ginnungagap.
  • A group of messengers is sent to bring Surt a request for audience. They do not return.
  • Inside
  • Natives pray and sing hymns as they wait for news.

  • Day 575 ( Feb. 23/24 )
    The sky begins to rain acidic, exposed flammable objects catching ablaze or rotting in seconds. Minor earthquakes split the earth.
  • One of the messengers is returned beaten.
  • Battle ensues. The army almost defeats the Fire Giant rebels.
  • Surt arrives to call a ceasefire and return the other messengers.
  • Inside
  • The Communication Center directs all available hands to the god temples to activate the runic arrays with their force of will. Natives join in sharing the burden of sacrifice.
  • A white glow begins to build.

  • Day 576 ( Feb. 25/26 )
    The Mermaids send a storm built above Mimisbrunnr to shower across the lands and combat the tainted rain with pure spiritual water. A white shimmer meets the raindrops all across the globe.
  • The gods are summoned back to Asgard and leave the audience with Surt in the hands of the Travellers.
  • Surt claims he did not order the battle of yesterday. Some do not believe him, and others beg for a chance to hear him out.
  • The diplomatic meeting continues, but Surt seems under the impression he holds the high hand.
  • Before battle can break out, a blinding white light interrupts them.
  • Inside
  • The gods are summoned to the center of their runes to pour their own lifeforce into it alongside the citizens'.
  • The white light builds to consume Asgard and bursts into the sky to cover all of Yggdrasil.

  • A few things happen at once:
    • In the first second of being blinded by white light, Travellers are given visions of the Tree whole and healthy. They feel the press of lips to their foreheads and a lyrical "Thank you" in their souls.
    • Time is momentarily suspended. Day and night pass like the beat of hummingbird's wings. The seasons cycle through faster than a heartbeat before settling on spring.
    • The red sky is completely erased and the sun burns white for five days. Looking upon it grants brief visions of canon conflict resolutions.
    • Magma rises up to fill in the cracks in the ground. The geography of the world shifts and settles in a closer proximity.
    • Surt is returned to infancy as a sign of the World Tree's renewal of life, giving the gods a chance to raise the Giants to live in harmony instead of discord. Basically this happens. The Fire Giants surrender out of confusion.
    • Frigg awakens and goes around showering the Travellers in adoration, gratitude, and assurances that all worlds, including those unravelled previously, are thriving heartily.

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    15 November 2014 @ 06:02 am
    Who: Everyone going to Thrymheim following Thor's announcement.
    What: Bringing the battle to a much weakened Thiazi's front door.
    When: Days 540-543 (November 14-21)
    Where: To and from Thrymheim.
    Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please.

    Day 540/Nov 14-15 )

    Day 541/Nov 16-17 )

    Day 542/Nov 18-19 )

    Day 543/Nov 20-21 )

    [ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the With a Whimper event! Thor and Thiazi will be available for interaction in specifically marked threads, but if you want them somewhere else, let me know and I will do my best! Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the time/location of your character in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions! The ASGARD portion of this event log can be found HERE. ]
    12 November 2014 @ 10:53 pm
    Who: The Doctor and Altaïr
    What: Eleven comes seeking answers that a Master Assassin doesn't typically want to give
    When: Some time between the Fear Itself event and Thor's latest announcement
    Where: The library in Odin

    Which one's which? )
    04 November 2014 @ 12:05 pm
    Who: Eight ([personal profile] beforethewar) and Eleven ([personal profile] comeonthensexy)
    What: Ril has died, and Eight originally goes to tell Eleven, then decides that's a good time to talk to him about their awkward relationship situation, because he has the best timing.
    When: Backdated to 530
    Where: Who House #1 (Thor 103)
    Rating: PG-13 at the most

    ...things can be damned complicated )
    21 October 2014 @ 07:26 pm
    What: the Fear Itself mingle log
    When: Day 528-531 ( Oct. 21-28 )
    Where: all across the city!
    Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

    Day 528 ( Oct. 21/22 )
    Not wasting a moment, Odin, Hel, and Heimdall will set out for Ginnungagap once again before dawn and the other gods will stand vigil at the city gates. The natives will filter into the streets, curious for all that news of Tyr's very existence is eye-opening for them and reverent for the prospect of a new deity among them. They will pass around candles to any that want one to hold lit for their patrons until the sunlight is high enough to blow the flames out, and then they will mill around seeking comfort in anyone around them, whether to give it or receive it in this strange time between hope and grieving.

    By noon, a great rumbling will crackle across the sky like the beginnings of thunder, despite the thinly clouded skies. The air will grow heavy and acrid, almost choking to breathe, as a pressure builds across the city and across the land. Just as it begins to reach painful levels, the rumbling will finally crack as one stroke of lightning spiderwebs to fill the entire sky, backlit by the distant sound of a woman shrieking in pain or anger or agony. The scream dies down just as the light fades and the sky shifts back into blue, the clouds scattered and the pressure lifted. Either the storm has past, or it has just begun; there's no telling for now.

    A few hours after that, a strong wave will wash over the city, rustling plants and loose materials, and the Travellers will feel their hearts pounding once too hard, near painfully as though they've just received a severe fright. It's similar to what happened when Freyr was resurrected, but stronger and twisted into something uncomfortable, almost nauseating. The feeling will pass in the next heartbeat and just before sundown, the three gods will return from their voyage to Ginnungagap; this time, bandages will be wrapped around Odin's head and covering his left eye, and his right middle finger will be missing to the knuckle, same as his left index when they returned from resurrecting Freyr. They will make way directly to the castle and the other gods will filter in behind them, so be sure to grab them quickly if you have any desire to speak to them before the coming storm.

    By dusk, the Travellers will begin to feel a creeping sense of paranoia, as though there's someone watching them from nearby and flickering out of sight just before they can turn around to catch them in the act. Over the course of the evening, the paranoia will bud into a headache and an itch at the back of their minds, like a thought they can't shake but can't reach either. By twilight, they will start to hear indistinct whispers not unlike the start of the Dream a Little Dream event, but the name of this game is hallucinations.

    This first night will begin with auditory hallucinations: as the Travellers attempt to prepare for sleep ( or after long enough of not sleeping ), the whispering a will morph into crisp, clear voices that might sound as though they're speaking over your shoulder or from behind the couch or maybe it's simply inside your head. The voices can be male or female, familiar or stranger, one or a dozen, it doesn't really matter. What matters is what they say. For this stage of the curse, you will hear these voices speaking your character's fear(s) aloud, almost taunting or goading in the clear spelling of them. The auditory hallucinations will not cease at any point throughout the night and may continue on throughout the rest of the event as you please!

    Day 529 ( Oct. 23/24 )
    Morning brings no relief from the strange sounds, and as the Travellers go about their day, the curse will evolve into visual hallucinations. They will imagine seeing the very thing(s) they fear happening right before their eyes, despite the fact that no such thing is happening at all. It will be like a waking dream, wherein they are conscious and aware but perceiving a different reality built around their innermost fears coming into fruition. Other characters and NPCs can be involved in these hallucinations, but they will not actually be happening; physical contact or very strong words might be able to snap someone out of their visions, or they might further fuel it. Feel free to play around with this. These hallucinations can happen as frequently / last for as long or as short / cycle between fears as you'd like, and can continue to happen until the end of the event.

    The general paranoia and unease will continue to grow and the day will pass under constant headaches, like an unceasing pressure inside their heads that follows them around and flares up during any hallucinations. They will begin to feel uncomfortable in their own skin, almost dysphoric with the vague impression that something is wrong and that they themselves might just be the very thing that doesn't fit. Paired with the hallucinations of their fears coming to life, tensions will be running high and even the natives will be affected, keeping to themselves until whatever this is might pass.

    Day 530 ( Oct. 25/26 )
    By this day, the curse will advance to physical hallucinations. What this means is that your character's fear(s) will begin to manifest in real time, no longer a trick of the imagination but a tangible embodiment of their deep rooted fears. They will be able to interact with their imagined reality, and the hallucinations will interact right back; those witnessing your character's hallucinating will only see the character talking to air, but coming in physical contact with them will absorb them into the hallucination as well. This can be a means of breaking through the episode, or further fueling the delusion.

    At this stage, the hallucinations will take on a strength of their own, and they will play to your character's fear(s) to try and draw them deeper into the delusion. They will try to convince you that this is reality, that there is no escape, and that you will end your days shrouded in this fear. These hallucinations can kill your character! They are physical, which means that even if other people can't see them, your character will very much feel the weight of them if they attack or draw you into them.

    Day 531 ( Oct. 27/28 )
    For the last day of this event, the curse will all come together to result in catatonic hallucinations. This stage is simple: your character will be awake but inert, incapable of moving or seeing past their delusions. They will be forced to watch their fears overwhelm them without any means of snapping out of it by themselves. If your character succumbs to this level of the curse, the only way to break the hallucination will be for someone else to talk them out of it. Again, more on this in the plot notes, as this curse is fairly complicated!

    While the majority of the city is either comatose or fighting off ghosts, another wave of energy will pass through the city exactly as it had at the start of the event just before sundown. Plantlife will violently begin blooming, leaves and petals bursting into the wind and carrying across the entire city - and immediately afterwards, they will wither within seconds, shrivelling up and dying on the spot. Vines will rapidly start encroaching across the sides of buildings and across yards, thick tendrils attempting to overtake any available soil and the area around it. Rain will pick up as the city starts to feel lost beneath the general theme of decay, and as the sun is setting, a new face will be seen walking through the Gate of Fire.

    Vines will sprout from his footsteps as he sweeps slowly into the city as though in a daze, the storm following him and increasing in strength the further he comes into the city. Travellers can attempt to approach him, but he will be wholly non-responsive, and the pressure in their heads from the curse's headaches will increase the closer they get to him until it becomes debilitating within arm's length.

    His path will head in the direction of the castle, but before he makes even halfway there, Loki will be seen running through the streets ( followed closely behind by Thor and Heimdall ) directly towards the new arrival. He will not stop for anything, and anyone in the vicinity at the time can see him use the full force of his running start to punch this frightful stranger in the face. The blow will send him flying a few fair feet, where he will lay prone and unconscious; at this point, the curse will stop, and the three gods will drag the body into the castle without a word. Explanations will have to wait For now, there's some cleaning up to do.

    [ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the Fear Itself event! NPCs will be available for interaction on the first day in the log header below. Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the time/location of your character in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions! ]
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    Who: EVERYONE going to Utgard to gather supplies or get curse-drunk
    What: the All In This Together mingle log
    When: Days 521-522 ( Oct. 7-10 )
    Where: Asgard, Utgard, and the road between
    Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

    Day 521 ( Oct. 7/8 )
    Early in the morning, a large caravan will be preparing to make way to Utgard for the biggest supply haul Asgard's seen in many many years. The city has been hurting under the shortages and there's a lot to make up for, so the natives will happily and gratefully enlist the assistance of any of the Travellers willing to go with them. The Supplies Coordinators in particular will be organising the wagons by demand, assigning each one with a specific task to make sure that everything they need is purchased. This will take a few hours of coordination and accepting assignments, so work together to form groups and hop onboard for a two-day trip to Utgard.

    It's a half-day ride, and the going will be somewhat rough. The ice demolition only cleared enough of the blockade to allow travel; they couldn't get rid of the ice in its entirety, so the caravan will be moving through a long hallway of rough, jagged black ice. It will chill the air, unsettle the horses as well as the natives themselves, and in the eerie silence, the Travellers might be able to hear more indistinct whispering that seems to surround them as they move onward. Touching the ice is still dangerous, so be careful and hold tight until you reach the other side.

    Before you can even get started on their mission for supplies, however, the caravan will arrive to find Utgard alive with explosive celebration. The Utgard natives are ceaselessly grateful for the clearing of the ice, and will greet the caravan with bright lights, banners, streamers, confetti, and countless other decorations littering the streets with joviality. As the Travellers step out of their wagons, the natives will be handing them handmade trinkets of gratitude - necklaces, bracelets, masks, even silly hats or capes. These items can be themed in any way you want them to be, or you can have an amalgamated costume of a dozen different things, as the natives won't be any means of conservative in the gifts they shower upon the Travellers.

    Among those gifts are booths of free food and drink lining the streets. Be cautious of one in particular, though: the natives seem to favour a certain drink that comes in an endless variety of colours and moves in glowing swirls within their glasses like living galaxies in motion. These drinks will taste different for everyone, calling to mind their favourite flavours that might change from sip to sip, but the effects will be the same. About a half hour after the first drink, people will begin to feel light and bubbly, like the beginnings of being drunk even though the drink itself isn't actually alcoholic in nature, but it will quickly devolve into tactile inclinations ( wanting to touch everything and everyone ) as well as a little bit of character impressions. The partiers will find themselves entranced by bits and pieces of their costumes and start emulating them, acting out the part of whichever character ( or characters! ) they're dressed as.

    The curse will wear off as soon as the affected goes to sleep, but the celebration of the Travellers and the reuniting of Asgard and Utgard will go into the early hours of the morning. Everyone will be given a room to stay in in one of Utgard's finer hotels if they manage to make it up to their room!

    Day 522 ( Oct. 9/10 )
    The next day, businesses will be opening up as the streets are being cleaned of the previous day's festivities. Operating will be sluggish, however, as even the natives are recovering from the evening. Loud noises and the bright sun will be horribly offensive and sales might even be eased along by any offers of helping ease the aches and pains of the nightlong celebration. It'll be slow going gathering all of the necessary supplies, but once it's all packed into the caravan, the Asgard natives will insist upon leaving as soon as possible. Not that they didn't enjoy the festivities, but - well. All good things in moderation, and they still have a long ride back through the black ice channel. Take plenty of water with you!

    [ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the All In This Together event! Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the time and location in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions! ]
    23 September 2014 @ 04:36 pm
    Who: EVERYONE going on the Mimisbrunnr trip
    What: the Dude, Where's my Soul? mingle log
    When: Days 514-516 ( Sept. 23-28 )
    Where: Salt Side and Deep City
    Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

    Day 514 ( Sept. 23/24 )
    An NPC post will go up explaining the new information the gods have collected and the purpose of this mission. Any willing Travellers will be invited to go on this excursion to Deep City; as it's an allied territory, they will be able to take the train and reach the oceanside kingdom by early evening.

    However, upon arrival to the native village of Salt Side, it will be immediately apparent that things on the coast are not as peaceful and calm as they once were. With the collapse of Yggdrasil, the entire worldscape has been changing, and the ocean has not been immune. From the looks of it, Salt Side was recently hit with a tsunami and the native humans and elves are only halfway through rebuilding their once boisterous community. The nearby water is still restless and overactive, lapping aggressively at the coast though it isn't threatening to overflow at the moment.

    When the Lady of the Sea comes to receive the Travellers, she will be generally standoffish and cold. The mermaids believed their kingdom to be free of Ragnarok's graces, deep below the ocean surface as they are, but time has proven otherwise and they aren't pleased about it. She will warn them that the ocean is not pleased and that they must wait until morning to make their venture into Mimisbrunnr, unless they'd like to try their luck with the ocean's newfound darkness.

    They'll be given food and shelter in one of the native buildings for the night, where the natives will be weary and some may even be frightened; when asked, they'll say that it isn't safe and it's best the Travellers be on with their business quickly. Curiouser and curiouser ...

    Day 515 ( Sept. 25/26 )
    With the sun high in the sky and bidding safer tidings, Ran will give each of the Travellers a hemp necklace that will allow them to breathe, speak, and move freely in the water. She will remind them again to tread carefully, lest they provoke the depths of the water; what exactly this means isn't clear yet, but the mermaids will not be pleasant or friendly as they guide the Travellers to the bottom of Mimisbrunnr and the entrance to the sacred cave. The impression is clear: the sooner they leave, the better.

    Detailed information of what they'll see can be found here, only the serenity of the ocean floor will be lost to eerie silence and a near tangible tension. The Sea Serpent is nowhere to be seen - for now. Once inside the caves, the Travellers will feel a gradually building pressure and a distant ringing in their ears, not strong enough to be painful but distinct enough to make itself known. The air will be cold and still, and though they will be able to breathe freely, it may leave some with a vague aching - sadness, maybe, or pain.

    When they reach their destination, the voice that graces them within their chests and their minds is lyrical, but no longer warm and gentle. It is cold and tired, and speaks without words:
    The Travellers will be able to ask a single question, either individually or as a group, and they will receive a single answer before the pressure will increase to near-painful and they will feel an urgent ushering to leave.

    Past the cavern's entrance, the Travellers will immediately see that the ocean has violently burst into life. It has grown darker significantly, and the water stirs in small pockets of whirlpools and currents threatening to pull any that come too close into the whirlpool of Mimisbrunnr. The mermaids will be frantic, some abandoning their mission to assist the Travellers while the rest desperately work to drag them back to the surface. Those that lose their grip on the mermaids or get caught in a current will drown within seconds, so hold tight and pray for deliverance.

    Closer to the surface, it will be easier to see what's causing the ocean's disturbance: the massive Sea Serpent is agitated and crashing through the waters almost haphazardly, whipping things about with its enormous tail and charging forward blindly. Anyone too close to it may be clipped and dragged back to the ocean floor with no hopes of reaching the surface. On the coast, the Travellers will find the natives and the mermaids in a panic as the waves begin to climb over Salt Side once more.

    As per the player poll, the Travellers will overall pool their efforts into attempting to save the Sea Serpent from its bid for destruction. For this part of the battle, it will mostly entail trying to get everyone out of the water safely, staying on the defensive against the raging water and the haphazard lashing out of the Serpent's body, and getting all of the Travellers and natives alike to bunker down for the night. As the option was offered and quite a few were onboard for it, it might also be prudent for a few of the Travellers to attempt contacting their gods for backup! For now, though, it's best to shield yourself against the tides before attempting to wade in unprepared.

    Day 516 ( Sept. 27/28 )
    The Serpent's raging continues through the night, leaving the shore a mess by the time the sun rises - but reinforcements will arrive in the form of a band of human and elven natives lead by the god Jormungand. The Travellers will have to work together with each other and their allies to accomplish a single goal: chase the Sea Serpent onto the land.

    They'll each be given new hemp necklaces to allow them to work underwater again, and they will have to band tightly together to keep from being swept away by the currents and the Serpent's thrashing. Those remaining on land can grab the Serpent's attention by attacking directly and pulling back to designated vantage points, where the natives will have as much rope and netting laid out to attempt a sort of capture. Jormungand will join in the fighting, donning the form of his own slightly smaller serpent, but he will need the Travellers to work with him to see this task into completion!

    It'll take the better half of the day, but eventually, they will succeed in dragging the Serpent onto shore and securing it down. It will continue to thrash and struggle, but it will come accompanied with a miserable keening that couldn't be heard over the thundering of the waves during the battle. Closer inspection will show a cascade of open wounds along the Serpent's sides, burns and gashes and rocks embedded in its flesh; the changing of the ocean's surface affected all its inhabitants, not just the mermaids, and the Sea Serpent's agitation comes as a direct result of distress and pain both.

    The Travellers will have to work together with the elves to heal the creature of its wounds, and throughout the process, its struggling will die down into grateful compliance. The mermaids will remind them all that the Serpent is not meant to live on land and that they must work quickly to return it to its home, so anyone not assisting in the healing process can still help out by dousing the Serpent's body in seawater to keep it cool and wet. It'll be a huge project, so work together and work fast!

    By the time the sun has set, the Serpent will be nearly entirely healed, and it will take one great sweep out from under the nets ( almost as though it could have done so the entire time … ) before crashing back into the ocean and disappearing into its depths. The ocean surface will be still and tranquil for the first time in many days, and the natives will be profoundly grateful. Even the mermaids will be inspired, taking the scant few minutes they can don their human forms to thank the Travellers with elaborate jewelry made of decorative shells and precious gems, all strung together with the same hemp that allowed them free movement beneath the water. These gifts won't work in the same manner, but they will protect them from being soaked in rain or flooding, making them a useful piece of armour to have on hand during times of need.

    Ran will give the Travellers her final thanks and tell Jormungand to inform the King of the Mermaids' full alliance with Asgard; as they have shown mercy and respect for the ocean and her children, when the time comes, they will gladly fight beside the gods and their Travellers.

    [ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the Dude, Where's My Soul? event. To plot out interactation with any of the NPCS ( Ran, Jormungand, or the voice in Mimisbrunnr ), feel free to snag the NPC handler or one of the mods and we'll get you connected. Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the time and location in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions! ]
    18 September 2014 @ 09:29 pm
    Who: The Eleventh Doctor, various castmates and CR and people aka you
    What: Eleven is cursed! And very different.
    When: Day 511 to 513
    Where: All over
    Rating: PG for now, will update as needed

    ((OOC: The actual action will be in threads below. If you want to do something feel free to contact me! AIM @ thetossedone, [plurk.com profile] Tossino or just PM this journal. There will eventually be an open thread or two with scenarios for you to throw your muse at, I hope, but we'll see if I think of any today or not.

    Or you could just make up your own scenario! I'll roll with it if I can, and poke you if I can't.))
    11 September 2014 @ 10:16 am
    What: the Little Pig, Little Pig mingle log
    When: Days 508-509 ( Sept. 11-14 )
    Where: all across the city!
    Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

    Day 508 ( Sept. 11/12 )
    Towards sundown, a sudden windstorm will pick up within the city walls, not strong enough to lift large objects but enough to send open doors rattling and possibly blow over any unsecured carts. Two dead animals will fall from seemingly nowhere into the Sigyn district: dragons, from the looks of it, but the colour bleeds from them like ink alongside real blood. They were Drawn to Life to seek out the real dragons in Yggdrasil, and seconds after their abrupt appearance, a red one will come crashing into the city walls - literally.

    Debris will tumble into the city as its massive claws dig into the stonework and it will bark out its anger, saying "The audacity of such pathetic creatures, to involve my kin in your petty affairs. Perhaps it is high time you submit to your fate". The words can be heard clearly regardless of where you might be in the city, and after it has spoken, it will immediately begin attacking. Breathing fire into the city, beating its wings to send strong gusts of wind through the streets, and outright making grabs at people and animals as it flies over the city, this dragon is not pleased and aims to do some damage.

    Fortunately, the attack won't last much longer than a couple of hours, as a second blue dragon appears barrelling into the first one. This new dragon can be heard telling the first to cool its jets to no avail; they'll continue to grapple with each other over the city, leaving Asgard to deal with the odd gust of wind or burst of fire as collateral damage.

    As per the player poll, the Travellers will largely be attempting to help the second dragon wrangle the first. Though the House Powers will not work directly on the dragons ( one couldn't, say, Charm the dragon or use Fire Magic to manipulate the dragon's flames ), working together to combine the various Powers, runic arrays, and potions will assist in at least pushing back against the dragon until it's backed into a corner. Please continue to use this post to plot with each other on how to approach this!

    There was also a decent amount of votes towards simply bunkering down during the struggle, so the Emergency Response Team, the Military, Medics, and any other available hands should try working together to help get the natives and any Travellers not involving themselves in the fighting to safety. There will be fires to extinguish, layers of debris to avoid and move through, and most importantly, Longtoothed Reinhares to carry to safety!

    Both efforts will be largely a success, with the unruly dragon being caught and the damage to the city kept at a relative minimum. Near to the end of the struggle, a third and final bronze dragon will arrive to give one booming roar that echoes across the city and rattles windows in their frames; in the dragon tongue, it is simply 'Enough'. From there, all three dragons will take residence in Gefion Park and tell the Travellers to return to them tomorrow morning.

    Day 509 ( Sept. 13/14 )
    The summit with the dragons will be largely peaceful, as the Travellers elected for the least offensive measures possible. The red dragon will be tame under the scorn of its kin, embarrassed for being caught by mortals and humbled by the presence of an elder. The bronze dragon will lead the discussion by commending the Travellers' efforts and inviting them to speak their bid for alliance in the war; their messages were received, but they still need convinced. This will basically function as a Q&A with the dragons, so there will be a top-level thread for interactions with each of them as the Travellers try to sway them to their side.

    [ OOC NOTES: This is the event conclusion and mingle log for the Little Pig, Little Pig event! We will be attempting to NPC the dragons for you, but please do pay in mind that our time is limited and we may keep threads short just to make sure everyone that wants one gets a chance to interact with the dragons. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance! Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the time and location in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions! ]
    Who: Ezio, the Assassin fam, and anyone else!
    What: Ezio went on a canon update and wakes up to be the ripe age of 52 :V
    When: Day 501-502
    Where: All around!
    Rating: There's feels and family, it'll be low.

    I wonder if I have changed. )
    03 September 2014 @ 01:43 pm
    Who: Maribelle, Tohru Adachi, Seimei Aoyagi, The Fourth Doctor, Soushi Miketsukami, Kirigiri Kyouko, and Naoto Shirogane. Also, any questioning volunteers, witnesses, and people who want to meet and talk after!
    What: The questioning begins.
    When: D504, morning - afternoon
    Where: Everyday Sunshine in the Sigyn District
    Rating: G for now.

    They were ready. They'd discussed their process earlier, gathered ideas and chosen their partners, and now it was time to properly get to work. They'd all arrived at the Everyday Sunshine building bright and early, and after placing a sign-in sheet for the volunteers, went into their assigned spaces. Each volunteer was allowed a witness, if they so chose, and there were breaks scheduled at regular intervals so that those with special abilities could rest and recharge as much as possible.

    Now, all they had to do was wait.

    Room 1: Adachi and Maribelle [OPEN]
    Room 2: Seimei and Soushi [OPEN]
    Room 3: The Fourth Doctor [OPEN]
    Room 4: Kirigiri and Naoto [OPEN]
    After: The Sigyn District [OPEN]

    [ooc: Everyone is available for questioning in their individual threads. Volunteers can go in a thread of their own by responding to a comment by the investigators so they don't have to thread hop. Also, please try to spread out volunteers between the questioners, so we have less chance of power drain. Thanks! ♥]
    01 September 2014 @ 09:55 am
    Who: Clementine, Open
    What: Clem wakes up after a couple days asleep for a canon update. Spoilers for Season 2, Episode 5
    When: Day 504
    Where: Starting from Thor District with the Who house and wandering out from there.
    Rating: Gonna go with like, M? Simply through talk of violence and death.

    I never said I wanted to go back..... )
    18 August 2014 @ 11:55 am
    Who: EVERYONE going on the Muspellheim excursion
    What: the Down the Rabbit Hole mingle log
    When: Days 498-501 ( Aug. 18-25 )
    Where: Asgard, Muspellheim, and the road inbetween!
    Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

    Day 498 ( Aug. 18/19 )
    Late last night ( Day 497 / Aug. 17 ), the Military, Supplies Coordinators, and Strike Team will a received a ping to their bracelets to inform them of the mission and tell them to prepare with heat resistant clothing as well as any scavenging gear they might need. Given their objectives, those going on the trip will leave early in the morning on Day 498 ( Aug. 18/19 ), taking with them only a few horses for any supplies they might gather. They'll need to be swift and discreet, as the Fire King won't take kindly to his enemies traipsing about his home.

    Day 499 ( Aug. 20/21 )
    Travelling towards Surt's kingdom will take the Travellers through the wastelands that were once a sprawling forest, now downtrodden and marshy after the flood that wiped out entire villages and species. Take heart, though, as moving through this area will show sparse signs of growth making its attempts to reclaim the land from the waters that have since drained into the soil.

    They won't have time to linger, though, as Muspellheim is a two days' trip and they'll be trying to shorten it as much as possible. The moment the Travellers break the treeline of the forest into rocky terrain, they will be able to see the haze of the Fire kingdom in the distance. Its great volcano is still bursting at the seams, with smoke making the distant desert into a darkened abyss broken only by the occasional flash of red as yet another geiser of fire breaks the earth's surface. The air will quickly become dry and oppressive heat will bear down on them the closer they come to the heart of the kingdom.

    The envoy will successfully make it into Fire Giant territory with relatively little obstruction, but be careful as you spread out through the area. The desert is unstable, a vast majority of the buildings and homes that once filled the land destroyed by fire or collapse. The rivers of lava that flow throughout the land overflow and reclaimed several areas, leaving some encased in hard obsidian while others are still bubbling with the liquid flame. The ground might crack open with bursts of hot air or molten lava firing upwards in a deathly fountain.

    Worse still, there might be a few stubborn Fire Giants that refused to leave their home lingering about, and they will attack on sight as desperate and crazed victims of their lost territory. Scavenge what you can, but it's best not to linger too much in one place.

    Day 500 ( Aug. 22/23 )
    After wrestling their way through the fiery kingdom, those on the Strike Team and any that follow them will finally come upon the Fire King's castle. The lower levels will take extreme caution to navigate, as Surt built this castle as a monument to his superiority over all things, including the land itself; the largest river of lava flowing from Muspellheim's heart travelled through here, and its eruption saw the river rising to consume most of the castle grounds. This area will continue to move and bubble with the continuous flow of lava that has not ceased pouring from the mouth of the volcano.

    Once inside, the castle will be in varying states of destruction and ruin, largely from the natural disaster itself but partially from the haste to abandon the place. If any of the Supplies Coordinators came up this way, they will be able to find crude weaponry and some valuable metals that might be useful in crafting armour or other various things the Engineers might be interested in.

    The Strike Team will have to work their way up to the very centre of the castle, where they will be nearest to the mouth of the volcano and the most dangerous possible location within Muspellheim. This is Surt's throne room, where most of his rule and spells will have taken place. They're welcome to explore any artifacts he might have left laying around, but the most important thing they will find here is a distinct lack of lingering magic. Odin will have told them to look for anything unnatural, such as whispering voices or signs of magical disturbance, but the only thing they'll find out of place here is the volcano's insistence upon chasing them out.

    In fact, after their short day and a half of exploring Muspellheim's ruins, the volcano will once again have a massive eruption that sends lava rocketing out over the land. The Travellers will have to fight their way back to the relative safety of the border, and quickly; anyone left behind will be a lost cause.

    Day 501 ( Aug. 24/25 )
    Singed and exhausted, the Travellers will make way back to Asgard with seemingly little in the way of anything useful from their excursion, but the gods will be most eager to hear of their experience. Arriving late into the evening, the Supplies Coordinators should meet with the Engineers with their spoils while the Medics see to any of the injured and the Strike Team meets with the gods in the castle. The lack of magical disturbance in Surt's throne room can mean only one thing: someone intentionally sent them in the wrong direction. Now time, supplies, and lives have been given to what ended up being a false lead.

    Whoever has misled them must be found. And soon.

    [ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the Down the Rabbit Hole event! Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the time and location in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions! ]
    04 August 2014 @ 06:26 am
    Who: The Ninth Doctor and open.
    What: The Doctor's trying to get his head set back on straight, but it's an ongoing process.
    When: Day 489.
    Where: Gefion Park and the Great Library.
    Rating: PG-13.

    I have no reason to run )
    31 July 2014 @ 09:39 am
    Who: Spike & you!
    What: Training day cue the music.
    When: 487 and beyond basically
    Where: The Arena/outside the Arena/Thor district
    Rating: PG-13 for fighty i'd guess

    i'll wait a thousand years just to see you smile again )
    22 July 2014 @ 11:40 pm
    Who: Jamie and whoever wants to find him
    What: Trying to come to terms with his best friend being gone
    When: Day 482
    Where: Gefion Park
    Rating: PG-13 to be safe.
    Notes: Prose or brackets are fine as usual. General warning for a very unhappy Scotsman, will update if needed.

    He'd been hoping he'd been wrong. )
    13 July 2014 @ 12:55 pm
    Who: Ianto Jones, Clara Oswald, The Eleventh Doctor
    What: Ianto is not acting like himself at work at all...
    When: D478 (2 in-game days after Jack's disappearance)
    Where: Dark Haven Books
    Rating: PG-13?

    Ianto is doing his best to pretend that everything is as it should be )
    07 July 2014 @ 10:49 am
    Who: Everyone!
    What: The mingle log for Part One of the Christmas in July event.
    When: Days 475-477 (July 7-12)
    Where: Anywhere in the city!
    Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

    (July 7-12/Days 475-477)

    Days 475-477 (July 7-11)
    Day 475 begins with a strange and unseasonable cold snap. The sunrise does little to fight the thin, harmless layer of frost that covers the city, and fat gray clouds crowd the skies by noon. Snow will fall heavily (but intermittently) over the course of the next three days, leading to high snow drifts and buildings that strain under the weight of the snowfall. Most of the Natives seem unsettled, regarding it as an omen, but the city's children seem to be glad for the change. They sled around the streets with little regard for their own safety - or the safety of the pedestrians around them. Any who leave the city will find that the temperature slowly normalizes the further one gets from Asgard, leveling out to normal about a half mile from it.

    Day 477 (July 12)
    When the city's clocks strike eleven PM on the night of the third consecutive snowday, the temperature makes a harsh dive as a violent snowstorm blows in without warning. It leaves little physical damage on the city, but hard pellets of sleet and hail mix with the snow. The precipitation is so heavy that visibility is practically nonexistent, and the wind blows hard enough to overturn mailboxes and tables. At precisely midnight, the electricity in all apartments and homes in the cities seems to flicker for a split second. The storm dies abruptly, and all is still.

    [ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the first half of the Christmas in July plot event. Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the date and location in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions, and have fun! ]
    04 July 2014 @ 03:19 pm
    Who: Any/all strike team members
    What: Training/mingling/SNACKS
    When: Day 473-474
    Where: The Citadel

    Getting to know all about youuuuuu )