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Home Away From Home; Time & Tea

Who: Ril & Whofolks, mostly. Others welcome if they'd like.
What: Time & Tea; building, stocking, etc.
When: Day/Evenings 355-358
Where: Loki District, p. much anytime, day, evening, afternoon, etc.
Rating: It's working on a tea shop and clinic, how bad could it get? Tack on a thread, note whenever, and go!

Early in the morning, Ril walked the first few boxes over, unlocked the door, and walked into what would become Loki District's tea shop and emergency clinic. It was a touch dusty, a little neglected, but the walls had character. A few buckets sat on the counter where she'd left them the day before, next to citrus scented cleaners, clean rags, and a few scrub brushes. It would be hard work getting this place into shape, but she knew it would be worth it. Snagging a bucket, she splashed cleaner into it, and used the back kitchen and the deep sink to fill it. Once she had it clean, she could start setting up the tables and chairs, but for now, they sat in the back along with the boxes of equipment in the storage room.

Time & Tea. She smiled and shook her head as she plunged the mop into the frothy water and pulled it along to the front. Begin at the back, work to the front, then she'd have a tea break and sit outside on one of the benches while the floor dried. It would be a good, if a little sore, morning. The ovens were clean, as were the walk-in freezers and fridges that she'd quietly stocked with proper ingredients the morning before. Really, it was just a proper top to bottom cleaning, and dragging out all the equipment, making the signs, the menus, setting up the tables, and making sure everything worked satisfactorily. And then there was the length of wooden counter that she wanted to work on to give this place it's proper name. She intended to work that into something beautiful, with carved or etched bits of mathematics, physics, bit of equations for all sorts of things relating to space and time. Because space and time and the gods, for that matter, had given her a sometimes quiet piece of home. A place where her pieces seemed to fit, and though she was bereft of her ship and her wingmate and her people, she found herself needing the folk she had found here. They had become her home, her safety and comfort, just as Time & Tea would become a safe haven for Loki District.

How could she not try to pass on some of this to others?
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Turlough had spent most of his time exploring around, trying to find what was in the city, trying to find good nooks and crannies to sit and read, or just to have some quiet time. As he walked around Loki District, he frowned, looking at the exterior of Time and Tea. He could tell the building was still a bit under construction, but he still wanted to see what was what.

Pushing open the door, he smiled as he noticed Ril mopping the floor. "Working hard, I see," he said, with a smile, as he leaned against the doorframe.
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She had tea ready? Ril was slowly becoming his favorite person here. "I'd love some tea," he said, grin on his face, obviously excited at the prospect of sitting down and having a cup of tea. There were many things about Earth that he didn't like-tea was one of the things he'd grown fond of.

"What is this place?" he said, stepping outside of the doorway, giving the outside another once-over. It was a store, obviously, but one, why was Ril cleaning it and two, what was it going to sell?
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"If it's a tea shop, then you've got a regular customer right here," Turlough said, gesturing to himself. Taking his tea, he took a little sip. Ooh. That was delicious. He took another larger sip, still holding his cup.

"When do you think this place will finally be open?"
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"Well, if you need someone to help paint, give me a ring." After all, he was certain he couldn't mess up painting. It was a simple activity-even he could do it!
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"You'll need a lot of black paint if you want to paint a space mural there," Turlough said, with a frown, as he looked at the wall. "Or, possibly just dark colors in general."
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"Well like I said, give me a call if you need help," Turlough said, tapping at his bracelet. He took another sip of the tea, obviously happy with it.
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"In that case, I hope you don't mind me dropping by often," Turlough said, with a smile. "I'm growing to like this place."
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"It's got hot drinks and food," Turlough said, smirking slightly. "Of course it's a good gathering spot."

He shrugged, as he finished his cup himself. "Though owning a business...that's very enterprising. I'd have never thought of something like that."
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"A good idea," Turlough says, with a nod. "Especially when something happens, people might not be able to get to Sigyn District." It was a peaceful time and he was already thinking of the worst.
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"Here," Turlough said, as he walked over towards Ril. "Let me help you clean up. I'm sure it can't be that hard."
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"You just tell me what to do and I'll do it," Turlough said, with a nod and a smile, as he walks towards Ril.