03 March 2015 @ 10:08 pm
Who: The Assassins and friends
What: Promotions and a party
When: Day 601
Where: A Needle in a Haystack

Goodnight and joy be with you all )
23 February 2015 @ 04:17 pm
What: Endgame mini-events
When: post-endgame and onward
Where: anywhere in Yggdrasil
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to an open log, please!

DAY 578 ( MAR. 1/2 )
The Grey Sickness is officially declared gone and Asgard begins tearing down its walls.

DAY 580 ( MAR. 5/6 )
Honir permanently opens the portal for travel between canon worlds and Yggdrasil. Henceforth, any character can come and go as they please.

DAY 583 ( MAR. 11/12 )
Frigg gives any willing Travellers the ability to redesign the earth through expressions of emotion or art. Asgard has a huge tree-planting party with blessed water to encourage faster growth.

DAY 585 ( MAR. 15/16 )
Small councils are formed with Travellers at the head of them to begin rebuilding the new kingdoms around the world.

DAY 590 ( MAR. 25/26 )
New Giants are born neutral of any bias for people to bring into the world with the Lokis as their Kings.

Everything is awesome.

[ OOC NOTES: This is a general catch-all for playing out any endgame mini-events. You can feel free to make your own headers, create your own events, or post your own logs elsewhere as you please. Let me know if you have any questions! ]
21 February 2015 @ 11:52 am
What: the Endgame mingle log
When: Days 574-576 ( Feb. 21-26 )
Where: inside Asgard and above Ginnungagap
Rating: PG-13. Anything above this should be taken to a private log, please!

Day 574 ( Feb. 21/22 )
A black sun rises over a red sky. The air is dry and acrid.
  • The army marches onward to Ginnungagap.
  • A group of messengers is sent to bring Surt a request for audience. They do not return.
  • Inside
  • Natives pray and sing hymns as they wait for news.

  • Day 575 ( Feb. 23/24 )
    The sky begins to rain acidic, exposed flammable objects catching ablaze or rotting in seconds. Minor earthquakes split the earth.
  • One of the messengers is returned beaten.
  • Battle ensues. The army almost defeats the Fire Giant rebels.
  • Surt arrives to call a ceasefire and return the other messengers.
  • Inside
  • The Communication Center directs all available hands to the god temples to activate the runic arrays with their force of will. Natives join in sharing the burden of sacrifice.
  • A white glow begins to build.

  • Day 576 ( Feb. 25/26 )
    The Mermaids send a storm built above Mimisbrunnr to shower across the lands and combat the tainted rain with pure spiritual water. A white shimmer meets the raindrops all across the globe.
  • The gods are summoned back to Asgard and leave the audience with Surt in the hands of the Travellers.
  • Surt claims he did not order the battle of yesterday. Some do not believe him, and others beg for a chance to hear him out.
  • The diplomatic meeting continues, but Surt seems under the impression he holds the high hand.
  • Before battle can break out, a blinding white light interrupts them.
  • Inside
  • The gods are summoned to the center of their runes to pour their own lifeforce into it alongside the citizens'.
  • The white light builds to consume Asgard and bursts into the sky to cover all of Yggdrasil.

  • A few things happen at once:
    • In the first second of being blinded by white light, Travellers are given visions of the Tree whole and healthy. They feel the press of lips to their foreheads and a lyrical "Thank you" in their souls.
    • Time is momentarily suspended. Day and night pass like the beat of hummingbird's wings. The seasons cycle through faster than a heartbeat before settling on spring.
    • The red sky is completely erased and the sun burns white for five days. Looking upon it grants brief visions of canon conflict resolutions.
    • Magma rises up to fill in the cracks in the ground. The geography of the world shifts and settles in a closer proximity.
    • Surt is returned to infancy as a sign of the World Tree's renewal of life, giving the gods a chance to raise the Giants to live in harmony instead of discord. Basically this happens. The Fire Giants surrender out of confusion.
    • Frigg awakens and goes around showering the Travellers in adoration, gratitude, and assurances that all worlds, including those unravelled previously, are thriving heartily.

    [ OOC NOTES: this is the final mingle log for the endgame plot event. Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] in the title of your comment along with the time and location. Let us know if you have any questions! ]
    07 February 2015 @ 08:05 pm
    What: Mingle log for the E.T. Phone Home event.
    When: Days 561-568 (Jan 30-Feb 10)
    Where: All over the city.
    Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

    PLOT EVENT: E.T. Phone Home Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 (Jan 27-Feb 10/Days 561-568)
  • Day 561-562 (Jan 27-29): The network begins glitching out again, and powers begin arbitrarily "shorting out" for a few seconds at a time. The gods look like they could use a caffeine IV.

  • Day 563 (Jan 30-31): Small tremors begin again in the city. Starting now, all animals - wild or domesticated - seem perpetually unsettled and nervous. The three dragons land again in the park.

  • Day 564 (Feb 1-2): The gods will send A MESSAGE to all Travelers through the bracelets with a plea: help us stop the end.

  • Day 565-566 (Feb 3-6): The magic malfunctions in the city worsen. The network might display old messages or be unreliable when listing names of Travelers in the city. People may get brief echoes of their old, original powers, or feel pains from injuries from home long since healed.

  • Day 567 (Feb 7-8): Yggdrasil reaches out again, trying to help the Travelers figure out a way to clear the static and listen to Her clearly.

  • Day 568 (Feb 9-10): Powers and the network stabilize. Mimir invites some Travelers to Vanaheim to dig through once closed libraries. He will also try to encourage discussion and ideas on how to save the World Tree.
  • [ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the E.T. Phone Home event, and more details about it can be found at that link! A FEW IMPORTANT NOTES: Keep in mind that your character may be involved in both this log and the one involving the attack on Surt's encampment, which is located HERE. Also, the OOC discussion post referenced in the original event run-down is located HERE, and feel free to use it as much as you'd like if you'd like to get your character involved in the playout of endgame!

    Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] along with the time/location in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions! ]
    06 February 2015 @ 10:36 am
    Who: Clementine, Open
    When: D565
    Where: Thor paid housing, the school or clinic.
    Rating: PG-13 I guess? Talk of gunshot wounds at least.

    But where are you to hide? )
    01 February 2015 @ 07:20 pm
    Who: The P4 Stooges (Soojes?)
    What: One way to repair strained friendships is to sit down together and calmly talk things out. Another way is face-punching. Let's flip a coin.
    When: D563 morning, after the tremors
    Where: Awkwardly at the front of Everyday Sunshine
    Rating: PG-13 for manpain.

    and you return with the next and the first one's gone )
    19 January 2015 @ 11:00 pm
    Who: Desmond Miles, Yusuf Tazim
    What: Golem crafting!
    When: Backdated to D570
    Where: Outside the walls of Asgard, near the Svartalfheim camp
    Rating: PG, maybe language

    a chance of some safe haven )
    14 January 2015 @ 09:38 pm
    Who: Hizumi Mizushiro, Ayumu Narumi, and Eyes Rutherford.
    What: Three guys and a cat get on a ferris wheel, two guys, a cat, and a puppy get off.
    When: Day 569
    Where: Hel District's magical carnival of fun and wonder.
    Rating: PG at worst for some language maybe?

    It's bad enough that his nephew insisted on coming, but was bringing the cat necessary too? )
    Who: Killua Zoldyck
    What: Killua realizes Gon has gone home, for better or for worse.
    When: Day 567
    Where: Gefion Park
    Rating: PG-13 - some violence, possibly language

    I was left to my own devices )
    11 January 2015 @ 11:44 pm
    Who: Sam and Asuka
    What: Dinner and a somewhat important talk.
    When: D565
    Where: One of the nicer restaurants open as the battles with Surt loom closer
    Rating: PG at most

    Read more... )
    11 January 2015 @ 01:14 pm
    Who: Kanji and whoever wants to talk - open to all!
    What: Life has to go on. Featuring training, crafting, and general dorkiness.
    When: D565
    Where: Various locations around the city.
    Rating: PG, possibly PG-13 if Kanji's vocabulary has anything to do with it. Will amend this if necessary.

    1: Citadel )

    2: Gefion Park )

    3: Open )
    27 December 2014 @ 04:22 pm
    Who: Everyone!
    What: The event mingle for the Into the Fire event.
    When: Days 561-563.
    Where: Everywhere. Literally.
    Rating: PG-13 tops! If it gets worse, move to a private log please.

    DAY 561 (Dec 27)
    On the night of Day 561, Travelers in Asgard may find themselves going home while they sleep, though perhaps not on the sort of terms that they're used to. They will find their feet planted firmly on the ground in their home worlds with all memories of Asgard in tact, but they will be completely unable to interact with anyone or anything. It will be almost like they have been thrust into a very realistic holographic recreation of what was happening in their world whenever they were brought to Asgard.

    They may stay for a few minutes or for up to a few hours, and may appear anywhere in their world, and as stated before will be unable to actually interact in any capacity.

    DAY 562 (Dec 28-29)
    Starting on Day 562, a touch to any Longtoothed Reinhare will no longer bring just visions of your home or loved ones. Your character may begin seeing people and places that or she has no way of recognizing. That night, when they sleep, they may "appear" in a world that does not belong to them alongside the person it does belong to.. Just as before, they will not be able to interact with or affect the environment. A character visiting the dreamlike impression of another person's canon will not be able to get more than fifteen feet away from his or her "host" before waking abruptly.

    DAY 563 (Dec 30-31)
    On Day 563, characters may find themselves mentally slipping into other worlds whenever their eyes are shut without the need of a "host" at all. On this day, the locations won't be limited to just the worlds of people currently in the city. The canons of any character who has ever been in game are fair game on this day and night. Some people may even find themselves drifting through parts of the world of Asgard as it currently is: dwarves working hard in the mountains, the merfolk living at peace, the remains of the frost giants wandering aimlessly in the ruins of Thrymheim.

    [ This is the mingle log for the Into the Fire event. Please include your location and the IC day in your top-level comment or your subject line when starting a thread! ]
    15 December 2014 @ 08:50 pm
    Who: EVERYONE who isn't a killjoy, and quite possibly some characters who are.
    What: A very, very open mingle for snowfights and snowfight-related shenanigans, as laid out here!
    When: D555 afternoon, in the middle of the winter celebrations
    Where: EVERYWHERE. Or at least everywhere where there's still snow, which is most everywhere.
    Rating: PG-13

    And that shout goes, 'Alright! Ready, set -' )
    15 December 2014 @ 02:39 pm
    Who: Everyone!
    What: The event mingle for the And A Happy New Year event.
    When: Days 555-557
    Where: Anywhere in town!
    Rating: PG-13 tops! If it gets worse, move to a private log please.

    DAY 555 (Dec 14-15)
    As the last of the black ice is cleared from the city - and the last of its natives wake from their gray slumber - a cautious winter celebration begins. The city itself opens its doors wide to the allied forces still camped outside it and the natives invite the Travelers to observe the beginning of Winter and the approach of the end of the Asgardian year with them.

    The day begins with what seems like a typical party in the streets. There is food, music, and an attitude of general warmth and hope from the Natives that hasn't been quite so present in a long time. It will be interrupted in the early afternoon by a snowball fight that starts in one sector of the city and quickly snowballs out of control. For a few hours, the city itself will become a veritable warzone, with most of the city's native children and adults alike getting in on the fight! Watch your back and take no prisoners. (NOTE: Please check THIS LINK for player plot information about the snowball fight!)

    DAY 556 (Dec 16-17)
    Day 556 sees a brief return to old - and maybe familiar - tricks. The festivities continue on outside, but some Travelers throughout the course of the day may find themselves influenced by magical impulse… all in the name of good holiday fun, of course.

    The effects of these miniature curses will last anywhere between ten minutes and an hour and happen spontaneously, and most of them are echoes of similar curses that have been laid upon the city before. Travelers may find themselves:
    • Unable to lie or actively compelled to blurt truths, consequences be damned
    • Only able to communicate in poetry or song
    • Given a nagging urge to (sincerely!) compliment anyone they come across
    • Compelled to just hold hands with whoever they're near
    • Caught under sprigs of magic mistletoe that seem to appear at arbitrary times at equally arbitrary places (though they can either be kissed or just wait a few minutes for it to disappear again)

    Your character can be affected by as many and as often as you'd like, but none of them are mandatory. To reward the Travelers for putting up with that silliness one final time, they will find in their rooms that night a basket of chocolate, a horrendously ugly Christmas sweater, and one item from home. The item can be anything that fits within the game's technological and magical rules! If you'd like your character to receive something, please just drop a comment HERE to get it approved.

    DAY 557 (Dec 18-19)
    Day 557 marks the final day of celebration. That evening, twinkling, magical fairy lights will cover the edges of buildings and the branches of trees all over the city. There are light displays of amazing proportion all over the city, and the Welcome Halls are done up in entirely their signature color. the Travelers will be invited into the castle again for a ball much like the one last year. Thor will announce the end of curfew and tell everyone to party hard, because the hunt for both Surt and a way to heal the World Tree will begin after this.

    The party will last until midnight, when everyone will be shuffled out into the courtyard for a brilliant fireworks display. It represents both the victory over Thiazi and the hope that the celebration of this coming new year will not be the last.

    [ This is the mingle log for the And A Happy New Year event. Please include your location and the IC day in your top-level comment or your subject line when starting a thread! ]
    13 December 2014 @ 06:00 pm
    Who: Loras & Riley, and you!
    What: Birthday Party for Riley!!
    When: Day 555
    Where: Loras & Renly's house, and the outside area!
    Rating: Should be nothing above PG I don't think.

    Also, make your own threads, feel free to mingle! I'll put up a couple starters, but othrewise go wild.

    To you! )
    Who: Eyes Rutherford, Hizumi Mizushiro, Ayumu Narumi, and whoever catches them in the act.
    What: Two little brothers keep overexerting themselves trying to stick together, so the obvious solution is to rent a place without their knowledge. Logic!
    When: d. 552
    Where: Sigyn #104, their lovely new residence.
    Rating: PG I believe, the devilbloods aren't actually going to try to kill each other, right...?!

    now who will be the one to use all the hot water? )
    Who: Maglor, Elrond, Kevin, Alice and anyone else who wants to visit
    When: After the battle! Consider this an open post for December
    Where: The house in Sigyn~
    Rating: PG at this point! Probably not much worse than discussions of blood and gore.

    Maglor always wants a drink =p )
    02 December 2014 @ 12:00 am
    Who: Killua, Gon, and anyone who wants to come visit!
    What: The boys have decided to get an apartment together and have just recently moved in. Any friends who may come looking for them would have gotten a message with the address, so... Housewarming shenanigans welcome!
    When: Day 548 and/or 549
    Where: Loki Apartments, #103
    Rating: PG at most?

    Haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door? )
    01 December 2014 @ 12:25 am
    Who: Jamie and anyone
    What: Keeping busy to avoid thinking - and talking - about things that have happened.
    When: Day 548
    Where: Anywhere in the city, except the Who houses
    Rating: PG-13 to be on the safe side
    Warnings: Talk of death, possibly other things, will update if needed.

    Avoidance probably isn't the answer...but right now, it seems like a good idea. )
    28 November 2014 @ 07:40 pm
    Who: Everyone!
    What: The event mingle for the Friends, Indeed event.
    When: Day 546 & 547
    Where: Anywhere in town!
    Rating: PG-13 tops! If it gets worse, move to a private log please.

    DAY 546 (Nov 26-27)
    A message will arrive at the gates that more reinforcements from other cities are on the way. The death of the Frost Giants' queen has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the world -- not in small because it also means that the prophecy following Ragnarok can no longer happen as foretold. Unable to sit back and rely on fate now, groups of varying sizes from all over begin to arrive. First come scholars and medics from Vanaheim, followed by a ragtag but enthusiastic militia from Salt Side and other nearby villages, followed still by a military force of gruff and grumpy dwarves from Svartalfheim bringing with them a vast and diverse array of weapons to share.

    They set up their semi-permanent camps outside the gates of the city - though many of them can be frequently found inside of the city too, and for the most part these new allies seem ready to learn about and contribute to whatever resources Asgard and its Travelers have already. Everyone in the camp seems to be prepared to stay there until the war for Yggdrasil is over, and especially so now: it's anyone's guess how Surt will react with Thiazi now permanently out of play.

    DAY 547 (Nov 28-29)
    On the morning of Day 547, every character with a bracelet will receive an invite from Freyr to come the courtyard of the castle at nightfall. The ice will be completely cleared from it, and a few magically tended bonfires will provide a gentle, radiating heat that keeps most of the area comfortably warm. As some of the castle's maids pass out snacks and hot cocoa in warm mugs, he will give a short speech to and then makes a small request of those who arrive.

    [ This is the mingle log for the Friends, Indeed event. Please include your location and the IC day in your top-level comment or your subject line when starting a thread! ]