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What: Travellers returning from Vanaheim to find their friends picking up the pieces after the end of the Bad Moon Rising plot.
When: Day 334 ( Sept. 30 - Oct. 1 )
Where: all around the city!
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a separate log, please!

[ OOC NOTES: That's it. That's the log.

This is the mingle log for characters returning from Vanaheim to find their friends that witnessed the mayhem in Asgard. Remember that there will be apples trees all across the city again, this time bearing luminescent golden fruit. A short message will appear on each character's bracelet: Eat the Fruit of Clarity. The apples will clean up the last of Thiazi's black magic. Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] in the title of your comment. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. This concludes both month-long plots, thanks for playing with us! ]
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All over the city | Open!

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[Eight tries to stay out of the way, skirting the edges like a ghost. He does what he can to help while simultaneously trying to keep out of the way of the natives. With his memory now intact, he knows the terrible blow they suffered at his hands.

Being cleansed of Thiazi's control didn't do much to stave off the nightmares and the visions. The only difference now is that they are real. Very, very real.

Rose had scolded him about his guilt, but he's the Doctor. Guilt just came with the package.]
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[No matter if he was in hiding, if he was avoiding everyone ever - the TARDIS would find him. Would always find her thief in the aftermath of something so terrible. Because she couldn't leave him alone. Could never do such a thing.]

[There is definitely concern in her for them, especially those she left behind. And trying not to let herself feel guilty for allowing them to stay. She can't always protect, no matter how much she wants to.]

[Since seeing the city in ruin wasn't even the worst part about this. Buildings could be rebuilt, trust regained. It was the guilt that was what worried her the most. So much so that she barely even recognizes people in her frantic search of the city. Which is exactly why she barrels straight into Eight without realizing it.]

Terribly sorry. [Comes out mumbled.]
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[He has his head down and doesn't notice the person about to collide with him until it's too late and he lets out a little "oof" of surprise.]

No, no, I wasn't looking where I was--

[The words die in his throat as he looks up to stare at the TARDIS. Suddenly, he doesn't know what to say. It happened again. He'd been controlled and made to do things that made him sick to his stomach. Except this time it was worse than hitting Charley while thinking he was Zagreus. Torture and death weighed on him this time. Blood that he would never, ever be able to wash away.

Finally he manages to croak out a greeting.]

Hello, old girl.
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[It takes her a minute to realize that it's him, too lost in her worry to pull herself out right away. When she does the TARDIS reaches up to run her fingers over his face as if memorizing it by touch alone.]

[Even seeing him alive isn't enough to lift the weight that's settled over her heart. Not when he looks older than she left him.]

[She doesn't ask if he's alright because it's clear that he's not - the TARDIS knew he wouldn't be when she saw the state of the city.]

My thief. My beautiful thief. [Because even in his sorrow, in his guilt the Doctor was always beautiful to her.]
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[His eyes flutter closed when her hands touch his face, and her words make his throat tighten. He has a momentary thought that she should go so she didn't have to see him like this, but he immediately recognizes this as a stupid idea. She's his TARDIS. She's been with him at his worst before.

Instead, he leans in and wraps his arms around her, finally, finally letting his grief out of it's cage. Face buried in her shoulder, his body begins to shake with great, wracking sobs.]
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[She's the only one who's seen every piece of him. The strays caught glimpses but none of them have been witnessed to all of him. To see those moments of immense guilt, intense anger, impossible loneliness. He never had to hide anything from her because she accepted it.]

[Just like now. The TARDIS doesn't pull back or try to console him, she just lets him get it out while wrapping her arms around him tightly in return. When she speaks it's in a language so few will understand.]

I'm here.
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[It takes a long while before he can get any semblance of control over himself. However, he still can't let go of her, or lift his head. Instead, keeps his head on her shoulder as he speaks back to her in that same language.]

It happened again. Again!
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[Because it's him and it's her, she doesn't need him to elaborate on what "it" is. She knows. Someone got into his head, took him over and used him to hurt people. The TARDIS lifts one hand to his head.]

You are not immune to such things. You alone are not responsible for what was done. You cannot take back what has been lost - all that matters is what you do from this point on. If you let your guilt consume you, let it hinder your actions then she has truly won.
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[He continues to cling to her, his small, leather-clad frame still shaking with the force of his emotions.]

I know...I know...

I just-- it shouldn't be like this. Why can't I be immune? I'm the Doctor. I'm supposed to be helping innocents, not slaughtering them.

[As intelligent as the Doctor is, he can sometimes be very much like a little boy emotionally.]
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[She doesn't mind. In fact, she needs it. Needs to hold him close.]

Being the Doctor doesn't mean you get to be immune. You've chosen the harder path. More difficult than the Master or the Rani, even more difficult than any other Time Lord. You chose to be different.
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I know...yes, you're right. I just wish I could always be the one to save people. How can anyone trust me now, even if it wasn't me? Surely she can just control me again?
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If she can control you she can control anyone. How is anyone supposed to trust anyone else? [It's a rhetorical question.] We just have to have faith. To have understanding that it could have happened to anyone.

You know people. Can see if they have the potential to be great, that's why you only take the best. Those people trust you - a stranger they just met who says he can travel through time and space in a box that's not really a box.

[She pauses and leans back enough in an attempt to look at his face.] They trust you because you're simply you. There's nothing more you need to do than be true to yourself.
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[He nods slowly.]

You're right, of course.

You know...I'm not sure how any of us would cope if you weren't here. Think of all the foolishness we'd get up to.
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[The smile she gives him is a sad one.]

You'd be rubbish without me. Can't leave you alone for a minute.
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[He kisses her forehead gently.]

We are. Asgard would probably be a crater without you keeping us in line. One Doctor stuck in one place is bad enough.
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[She touches his face with a hand. It'll be a while before she sees it properly smile.]

Can't have you destroying a city because you're bored, can I? [They both know that's not the reason why it'd be a hole in the ground but it's better than the truth.]
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[It will get easier, bit by bit.]

No, not at all. A bored Doctor is a bad thing.

[He cups his hand over hers. He really, really doesn't know what he would have done without her here. And frankly, he doesn't want to ever find out.]
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[It takes a long time to heal, even then old wounds still ache.]

That's why I do attempt to keep you busy.

[He would have found someone else to comfort him - because that's what he does. But she does like being the one to do it.]