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Who: Rose Tyler and a few unfortunate friends.
What: Rose is going to be doing the attacking this time. Ely wanted a change.
When: Numerous points throughout the BMR phase 3.
Where: All over.
Rating: PG, but with chances of rising to R. Will update.

[ Everyone is feeling the effects of whatever is happening in the city. Rose is no exception. ]

[ ooc; if you'd like to be attacked, message me on plurk or shoot me a PM! I am definitely open to plenty of attacks! ]

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[Eight has been pretty much all over the place, finding little hiding places all over the city to protect everyone from whatever he might do once his brain got too fatigued to stay alert and aware. One by one his hiding places were starting to get destroyed, however. The Library, one of the rooms of the Comfort House nobody was using...and he had no idea if he'd done it. He still doesn't. They are large targets after all.

This time, he wakes sometime mid-afternoon from this day's fugue and stares down at the dry, brown-red streaks on his hands. What happened this time?

He looks around to find out where he is this time -- the Dark Carnival apparently -- and his eyes fall on Rose.

No. No, she can't get near him. It's not safe.]

Rose, don't come any closer, please.
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[That single heart clenches in his chest and his face is a mask of hurt.]

Yes, damn it, I'm human, and still not used to it. I don't know what I'd to do you if you came too close with this madness in my brain. Being human, I need sleep, and none of us are getting I'm afr--

Please, Rose. Don't.

[He takes more steps back from her.]
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[He backs up another step, and finds himself colliding with a nearby fence. Back pressed tight to the fence, he closed his eyes, balling his hands into fists at his sides to get them to stop shaking.

When he opens her eyes again, his gaze go to the darting tongue and he snaps his eyes closed again. Yes, her words are distracting, but the tongue doesn't help. He is a human man right now after all.]

Y-yes, but not...not until I get myself under some sort of control.

[His voice rises in pitch and comes out as a desperate plea.]

Rose, please.
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[He likes it just a little too much. That's the problem.]


[Eight holds up his hands which are streaked with blood.]

I lose my concentration or go into a trance-like state, and I have no idea what I'll do. I can't...I just can't.

[His hands suddenly snap out and grab her by the shoulders, his blue eyes burning with desperation and an intense need to get her to understand.]

You're not safe around me!
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[His head connecting with the wooden fence gives a nice, satisfying crack. Eight blinks several times to chase the stars away and stares at Rose in woozy confusion.]

...Rose? Rose, snap out of it.
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[Being only three inches taller than her, the height difference is not as bad as it seems. There's less leverage than if he'd been her height, but far more than if she'd been trying to strangle any of the other Doctors who are all over six feet tall. Poor little Eight is not nearly as lucky.

He sucks in a wheezing breath, oh-so-gently wrapping his fingers around her wrists.]

Rose. Rose, wake up.

[He is taking extra care, terrified that if he uses too much force, he'll lose that tenuous control he has over himself. He can't hurt her. He can't. He'd rather risk dying.

His fingers squeeze tighter on her wrists and tries to pull her hands away, croaking out painfully.]

ROSE. Wake. UP!
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[Eight's lungs burn with the struggle for air, and with the final squeeze, his throat closes completely, leaving him unable to speak let alone breathe.

Then blinding pain flashes across his skull as it is slammed again and again into the fence post. He barely notices the warm trickle of blood down the back of his neck.

When she lets him go, his body slides down the fence to fall in a crumpled heap, only able to moan softly in response to her words.]

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[Sleep. Sleep might actually be a think that can happen now. It's so tempting just to close his eyes and drift off into that elusive rest.

No, no sleeping, Doctor. Sleep now, and you might not wake up again. Or, at least, you'll wake up with Hel being very annoyed with you. And the TARDIS will bite you again.

He forces himself to stay conscious, and his eyes flutter open. His hand goes to the back of his head, and he stares at it with only vague awareness of the blood coating his fingers.

When she speaks, he turns his head to look up at her, not quite able to focus properly on her face.]


[The voice comes out in a hoarse whisper, his throat still sore from being choked.]
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Stayin' 'wake. Yes.

[His eyes focus just a bit more on her face and he tries to give her a smile.]

Yes, ma'am.

[He reaches out his hand, then remembers the blood and pulls it back.]

What 'bout you? You 'wake now?
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[When she takes his hand, he grips it as tight as he dares without jostling himself too much and making the pounding in his head worse. She is not going to run away.

The corners of his eyes crinkle as he grins weakly, looking a little chagrined.]

Error of judgment on my part, I s'pose. You're...very strong.

I...think I'm alright. Don't feel like getting up just yet, though. Head's pounding.

[He hisses in pain as he adjusts his body so he's no longer in quite an awkward position anymore, then moves his other hand so that he's holding her hand in both of his.]

It isn't you doing this. I know it isn't.
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[It takes him longer than he likes to find some rudimentary medical supplies and head over to the Dark Carnival, and Hel is farther from Thor than he likes, too. By the time he arrives, he's rather out of breath--but at least he's here.]


[He spots her, and his older self, before they can reply, and comes hurrying over to them, despite his gasps for breath and without any regard for whether Rose was still dangerous.

Kneeling down, he takes a moment to assess the situation. This doesn't look good... but it could be worse. Eight appears to be awake, for one.]

Doctor, can you hear me?

[He's leaning forward as he asks, trying to get a look at the back of Eight's head, though he doesn't touch just yet.]
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[He's about to respond to Rose's half-formed statement when Six appears. Oh, good. He won't have to try to tend to it himself, or drag himself to the hospital.]

'Course I can. She didn't deafen me.

[Eight leans his head forward a little to help Six get a good look at it, and groans as the movement starts a whole new round of pounding in his head. His eyes close briefly, but only to get the spinning to stop.]

Rose thought my head and the fence post should be intimately acquainted.

[His tone is light, trying to tease the guilt out of her. He knows she didn't mean it. It's the darkness that has fallen over the city in the last week. She'd never hurt him intentionally. That's one thing he's certain of.]
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/jumps over Rose, whoops

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Keep still. [It comes out rather waspish, and the 'you idiot' is blatantly implied. His tone softens almost immediately, though, to one almost as light as Eight's when he speaks again.] Hmmm, I suppose I should be grateful, then... she only wanted to knock me down a few times.

[And well, punch him. But anyway. It's not like it's her fault.

He feels at the back of Eight's head as gently as he can, checking for anything that might indicate his head is really broken, not just bloody.]

Can you tell me where you are?

[Checking to make sure he's just stunned, not mentally compromised. He'll check for concussion in a minute, too.]

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