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Who: EVERYONE still in Asgard
What: The Friendly Fire mingle log!
When: Days 402-403 (Feb. 11-14)
Where: Asgard city proper.
Rating: PG-13. Anything higher than that should be taken to a private log, please!

A more in-depth explanation of the event can be found at the link above, with some examples of how powers might backfire! As Yggdrasil's core starts to rot and fester, the immortal beings that reflect her essence are feeling the effects ripple throughout them. This anomaly cripples the gods with the feeling of being wrenched out of their bodies, as though a schism is being driven through their physical being and their souls. The Travelerss tied to these souls will feel the schism manifest in their God Powers going haywire.

Day 402 (Feb 11-12)
A cacophony of screams tears through the city sometime before noon, seeming to originate from somewhere in Asgard's center. The force of the screams manifests physically, rattling through the streets like a gust of wind. The Travelers feel a brief flickering when their connections to their patron deities pauses.

When the connections are re-established just a few seconds later, there may be the unshakable feeling of something being off, even if that feeling is impossible to pinpoint. Immediately following this, all God Powers will be in a state of utter chaos; they will promptly begin to backfire - and badly - in countless and unpredictable ways.

Note: Virtually anything you can think of where their abilities work against them is free game. Powers can activate unintentionally, they can misfire and hit another person or the user themselves. It's free-game. If you aren't certain of whether or not your mishap is plausible, feel free to run it by us in the comments section below!

Also, if you would prefer your character not use their powers at all, this is also okay! But their powers will be corrupted if they are to use them, and they will still have that feeling of being wrong even if they don't.

Day 403 (Feb 13-14)
These power corruptions will continue all throughout the day until around nightfall, when Baldr will have had enough of the torment and will seek to do something about it. He can be seen seemingly floating above the castle as he stands on the invisible barrier and focuses his energy on the broken ties of magic between the gods and their Travellers.

For a solid minute, golden lines of dust that float on the air will be visible criss-crossing, tangling, and otherwise fraying all throughout the city. At the end of the minute, Baldr will give one shout of exertion and every line will abruptly pull taut; the Travellers will feel a tug at their cores, and that feeling of off will vanish. Their powers will return to regular function and Baldr will collapse for some serious R&R inside the castle. What exactly happened and how is uncertain, but as it's the second time to take place, it's about time to start worrying.

[ OOC NOTES: This is the mingle log for the Friendly Fire event! Remember that you any characters opting out of the event must be involved in the Down This Road opt-out event! Please put [OPEN/CLOSED] in the subject of your comment, as well as the time and location. Please respect your fellow players and warn for anything that may be graphic or triggering. Have fun, and let us know if you have any questions! ]
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Turlough | Freyr District | Day 402

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Day 402
[Turlough is at the radio station when he hears the screams. By the time he's made it outside, the off feeling had settled in his stomach, churning and turning, making him worry. Something was wrong. Turning towards a small bird fluttering about the ground, Turlough activates his power, trying to make sure that everything works and maybe to send the bird as a scout towards the screams (because, though he'd never admit it, Turlough's cowardly streak was winning out a bit now.)

And then he freezes, almost like rigor mortis, and falls to the ground with a painful thud. The only thing moving were his eyes, scanning around the street, trying to figure out what happened and how to fix it. Though his expression remains neutral, there's a look of confusion and terror behind his eyes: why couldn't he move?!
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[Luckily for Turlough, Effie lives in Freyr.

Unluckily for Turlough, Effie lives in Freyr.

She's been scoping out buildings for her future business venture (and looking for Katniss, but scoping out buildings is a much better excuse than aimlessly wandering about her district looking for her favorite problem child) when she notices Turlough lying on the ground. She eyes him for a moment before moving closer, almost about to ask what in the living hell he's doing, before Effie notices the look in his eyes.

Something's not right.]

Can you speak?

[As she carefully lowers herself to the ground, ignoring the cold to gently touch his shoulder, shaking him a bit.]

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[As she shakes him, Turlough still remains still, locked into position. When she asks if he can speak, he rolls his eyes, desperate to hide behind sarcasm even if he's stuck in a bodybind. No Effie, he can't talk, don't you think he's call out for help if he could?

His eyes scan the area, trying to see if everything was okay-no blood from the fall, that was good, though his back ached tremendously. He looked back at Effie, confusion rampant in his eyes.

He had no idea what the hell to do.
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[She sends him a withering look at the rolling of the eyes, taking that meaning for precisely what it is, and she frowns down at him.]

... powers have been working a bit oddly. Some people are talking about how the city has been cursed, though with what, I haven't the faintest idea.

[Peeta cut his hand after creating a glass -- Effie hasn't dared try to bring anything to life for fear of her creations strangling her or something, and she's heard horror stories at the hospital of healing gone awry.

Still, judging from Turlough's initial answer to his house, he shouldn't be unable to move, if his power had been of Odin's. He should be trapped in ice or burning himself or something equally ridiculous.

-- Effie narrows her eyes.]

Whatever you were attempting to accomplish, I would do precisely the opposite.
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[It's at this moment that Turlough's powers stop working. In one burst of movement, his body loosens, and he lets out a gasp for air, relaxing as he's removed from the bodybind. Sitting up, he massages the back of his neck, wincing slightly. That hurt.]

You think I don't realize that? [Turlough remarked, stretching slightly. He was horribly stiff.] I can easily survive without using my powers.
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I hardly have sympathy for liars.

[With the tiniest huff as she straightens herself back up onto her feet, dusting her knees off.]
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[At that, Turlough is utterly confused.]

Liars? What do you mean by that?
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[It's not the largest transgression, but still enough to make her miffed -- and Effie sighs before extending a hand to help him up.]

What power do you actually have, Turlough from Odin?

[bc you mos def did not just light yourself on fire or get frostbite]
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[oh. that. whoops. Turlough winces slightly as Effie helps him up.]

It's technically Turlough from Hel. And I have body control. [at least he has the good graces to look sheepish and apologetic.]

I hope you can understand why I lied-it's one of the...creepier powers.
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You sorely underestimate how many "creepy" things I have seen.

[She's had a front row seat to the Hunger Games for the past six of so years. Watching children behead one another is a far more traumatizing thing than body control.]
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You simply don't seem like someone who would deal well with creepy-no offense meant, of course.

[that and Turlough had the biggest complex about his powers for the longest time.]
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I am an Escort for the Hunger Games, Turlough.

[Said quite simply, as if this explained everything.

Which, of course, it does.]
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[Turlough doesn't have the best idea of what the Hunger Games are but, from speaking with Effie, Haymitch and some of the others, he's picking up on it. So, he gives a sympathy wince.]

I keep forgetting.
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It's fine.

[The whole Hunger Games thing isn't, but everything else kinda is.]

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[Well, you know, it's not every day you see someone timber down like a plank of wood. Very impressive. He should definitely get to Freyr more often, seemed like a hell of a fun place to be. Hands in his pockets, the Master debates whether or not to move away and casually avoid having to deal with this or go take a peak and see what's up.

His original idea of just walking away soon died when he notices just who it was. And a fairly amused look came to him as he strolls over. Oh this was brilliant. Slightly disconcerting, considering what just happened, but he wasn't going to question it. Appearing beside Turlough, he gently nudges him with one rather squeaky clean shoe.]
That was a spectacular fall, bravo.
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[Oh joy. The person to discover him in his near catatonic state was the Master. This was just his luck, wasn't it. As he gets nudged, Turlough rolls his eyes at the Master, trying to put as much annoyance and venom in his eyes as possible.

At the least, he looks like a very grumpy plank of wood.
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Are you completely incapable of communication and movement right now? [There's an edge of joyful amusement in his tone as he crouches down beside the fallen man, inspecting him closer. Oh he can see that loathing and he just really doesn't care. Instead, he smirks and playfully pokes the side of his face.] I'm trying to debate how to help you but short of dragging you around, I have no idea. I don't even know where you live.
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[Turlough can't do anything as the Master pokes the side of his face, something which annoys him to death. At his final statement, though, Turlough gives the Master a look that plainly states 'you're an idiot.' He's frozen stiff, not growing plants, having a telepathic meltdown, sprouting wounds or literally frozen. Where does he think he lives? And, at the least, his bracelet is almost barely visible under his shirt-the Master could always check the color of the jewel.]
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[Oh poor thing, he couldn't even swat the pest away as he pokes, prods and generally amuses himself over the stricken man. He knows the general gist of where he lives but, honestly, he doesn't really want to help that much. Nevertheless, he pulls himself upright and dusts off his hands, circling around to his feet.] The least I can do is drag you further into public. Someone has to see you eventually. Or so I hope. Don't worry, though, I won't dump you in a busy road or anything.
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[Again, Turlough rolls his eyes. He has absolutely no reason to trust the Master but...let's be real here, he has no options. So, he settles for sending the Master another death glare and preparing for utter humiliation.]
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[So, seeing someone suddenly stiffen and fall over was not an unusual sight for Kankuro, but usually there was more blood. And something sharp and deadly sticking out of somewhere. The fact this man had done so without either of those two qualifiers made it interesting.

Casually Kankuro walks over, giving the man a curious look as he stands over him. The confusion and terror are easy to read, but Kankuro is just as clueless and really has no pressing reason to try and calm the man down.]

Well, at least you didn't land on your face.
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[Turlough rolls his eyes, mostly because that's the only thing he can do at the moment. Though she's right-it is good he didn't land on his face.

He looks over at the woman, giving her questioning look. Got any idea why this happened?
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[Kankuro easily reads the questioning look.]

I have a basic theory.

[Kankuro shifts to show his arm that he'd been casually keeping out of sight. It looks like the bastard child of the insides of a clock and a puppet, all gears, rods and miscellaneous bits of doohickery.]

Now this happened when I tried to pull out some gears from a sketch right as the screaming happened. Somehow those two things are probably connected. That being said...

[Kankuro wiggles his gear and rod fingers. They make a hair raising clicking sound, not unlike the breaking of many small bones.]

Your problem is probably connected to whatever bullshit power you got buddy.
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[Somehow it's possible for a man trapped in a body-bind to give off the impression of a wince. At least, Turlough manages to look a bit disturbed as he sees Kankuro's gear-fingers. That's so strange. And weird. And horrifying at the same time.

But the problem connecting to his power...if there was some way of suggesting that he was in Hel...ah! The bracelet's gemstone! Turlough looked towards where he knew his bracelet was (on his right wrist, beneath his shirt) hoping that Kankuro would understand what he was doing.
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[Kankuro's painted face splits into a wide grin at the other guys discomfort. At least the arm had a good amount of scare potential behind it. Plus it didn't bleed! Win - Win.

The man made a motion towards his right side with his eyes a few times. Kankuro watched, raising an eyebrow before it hit him. Oh yeah, those bracelets. Apparently the stone color showed what house.]

Ah, your bracelet. Gotcha. Pardon me then.

[Kankuro reaches with his creepy hand and pulls up the man's sleeve to check the bracelet. Red. Huh. So that meant...]

Hel right? [The man cannot answer you Kankuro.] Right. ...I actually have no idea what powers that gives you.